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"When I leant to read a good book, I ivrtte one." 

In urging the graduates of Goucher College to write books and magazine 
articles, Dr. Edgar Johnson Goodspeed, of the University of Chicago, used the 
above quotation in his address, 

"Adventures with Books" 

at their Commencement at the Lyric, Baltimore, Md., 

June 4, 1934 

Compiled and edited by 


Daughter of Ozelah M. Linthicum, mar. Chas. W. Jones of J. 

1111 Edmondson Avenue 

Baltimore, Md. 




'If you ever calcli the fever of Genealogy, you it'tH never be cured." 

— Dr. Thomas E. Sears. 


A record of some descendants of 


transported from England or Wales, 

bv Capt. Edward Selby, prior to 

July 23, 1658 

Old Settlers of Maryland, Liber Q, Folio 71 
Settled on South River, Md., was a member of Friends Meeting 
at West River, later a member of All Hallows Parish Church, 
in which the birth of many of his children and grandchildren, 
and his own death are recorded. 

"A good and free housekeeper in his lifetime." 

—Rector of All Hallows P. E. Church in 1701. 






Duncan (with Hcnkle) 









Jacob (Jacobs) 

Lewis (and Yewell) 











SwEETSER (with Roger Williams) 



Welles, Wells 

Williams, Roger (with Sweetser) 

Yewell (with Lewis) 

Ziegler (with Henkle) 

COATS OF ARMS— Thirty-One 
Families : 

Adams Jacob (Jacobs) 

Arnold Lee 

Badger Leeke 

Bafeman Odell 

Benson Philipps 

Chappell Rice (with Thomas) 

Cheyney Robinson 

Clagett Shipley 

Crisp Skirven 


Edwards Springer 

Hammond Stockett 

Henkle Terry 

Hodges Thomas — Rice 

Hopkins Welles, Wells 



Peruse these pages if thou ivouldst see, 
The ffroii-lh of the centuries in you and me, 
Steadfast and earnest, ivith heart set true, 
And mind that leaps to action due. 

The door stands open ivide, — 
Herein ice gaze at our kinsfolk dear, 
Those of today and those of yesteryear. 
Ourselves the incarnation real 
Of their sternness of purpose and high ideal, 
IV e inherit their urcje to otercome, 
And hope and joy of life's full sum. 

The door stands open tvide. 

Life is a neticork of marvelous design, 
fVrought in a pattern, intricate, divine/ 
1934 —M. P. B. 

Were the object of this writing the recalling of the period of old 
Colonial days in its newly found freedom, the pre- or post-Revolutionary 
days, with its broadening outlook upon life, or the Antibellum days of 
crinoline, furbelows and stateliness, of the leisure-taking, pleasure-loving, 
home-guarding lives of our forefathers, of the lure of living on the old 
manorial estates, of increasing beauty in architecture and fine furniture- 
building, the theme being worthy of the most facile pen, the result should 
be a delightful narrative. 

But this work deals with people, their names, whom married, their 
descendants, and dates. Staunch hearts rode the waves, and tackled new 
problems in the new world, and here in Maryland, they found a country 
conducive to health, home and happiness. 

The cradle of the Linthicum family was in Anne Arundel County, 
the land of flowers, Anne "Arannel" strawberries, green trees and grasses, 
waving grain, and all manner of fruits and vegetables. We can well 
understand the inspiration of the poet who wrote "Maryland, My 

From this entrancing environment, descendants have gone to nearly 
every state in the Union. They have blessed the new home, as they them- 
selves have developed with the new life encountered. Thirty-three hundred 
names of descendants of Thomas Linthicum, Sr., including those married, 
are here given ; more than that number could still be preserved if other 
names could be procured. 

Among the descendants of Thomas Linthicum, Sr., are many prom- 
inent families ; — the names in the text being indexed. For further study, by 
reason of intermarriage, a section of Allied Families has been added, from 
which some branch of the Linthicum family is descended, or otherwise 
connected. The individual names in this department are not listed m the 
Index, though one may be made later. 

That you may find a long-sought ancestor within these pages, and that 
you will send the compiler the names of those whose birth entitles them 
to a place in this enrollment, this volume is sent forth to fill what is 
tliought to be a long-felt want. 

Matilda P. Badger. 

1111 Edmondson Avenue, Baltimore, Md. 
December 15, 1934. 


In an criilcavor to connect with the Engh'sh or Welsh family, Mr. Hill 

C. Linrhicum secured from his English <j;encalo<jist the following names 

spelleel in a similar st\le to tliat fmind in American early records: — 

A. D. 1558-78 L\nsecomhe, John, brings suit at law against Bartholomow 

Haylcs concerning Snitterton manor. Derbyshire. 

1601 A man or woman named Linchcombe was married at 

Amersham in Buckinghamshire. 
1707 The will of John Lincicombe of New Windsor, Berks, 

gent., was proved this year. 
It is probable that Welshmen by the name of Linthicum had come into 
England, resided there and intermarried with the people of that land for 
a number of years ; so that when Thomas came to United States he was 
an Englishman of Welsh extraction. Note the dates and shires above: — 
1558, 1578, 1601, 1707 and Derby, Buckingham, and Berks. 


"Linthicum is a very pretty name when you see it written." 

— Miss Randa, Alba, Mn. 

Lin, a waterfall or rushing stream — iilynn, a torrent. 

Th. a suffix as seventh or health, or ti (thi) means "the place of." 

Comb, as the last s\llable is spelled in many old records, the crest of 
a wave, or a valley between hills or mountains; as Wales is mountainous, 
the waters of a lin usually run, sometimes rush, down steep declivities, 

Linthicum, the place at which the rushing stream or lin throws off a 
spray or comb. 

Different spellings of Linthicum in old records: 

















































(Paul Wilstach's 



Tidewater Md.) 






. Linsocom (Fa 





M.l. Hist. 


, Sept. 





Acknowledgement of important information is gratefully made to: 
Charles F. Linthicum, now deceased, for the use of his extensive correspondence. 
Several descendants of Archibald Linthicum: 

B. F. Linthicum of Romney, VV. Va. 

Dora Linthicum, Decatur, 111. 
Hezekiah L. Shipley's record. 
Daniel Linthicum of Atlanta. 
Slaughter Linthicum of Atlanta. 
Hill C. Linthicum of Durham, N. C. 
Annie Robinson Corkran. 

Elma Pitcher Ryan, May Springer Escavaille. 
Annie Louise Fretwell Taylor. 

Mary Delmah Brown Linthicum and daughter Mary Delmah. 
Elizabeth Linthicum who died at the age of 90 years. 
Fannie L. Hales, Dimple Cupp Adams of Mo. 
Ora W. Lesh of Indianapolis. 
Velma Brooks of Eastern Shore, Md. 
Mrs. William F. Thacher of Philadelphia. 
Sallie L. Yewell, Jacksonville, Fla. 
George Linthicum, Julia Ducker Sears. 
Frank C. Linthicum, Gladys Higgins Hammond. 
Nannie B. P. Linthicum, Annapolis, Md. 
Matilda Dare Hopkins. 
Virginia Addison Alford, and Laura Tj'dings Garcelon for access to the Family 

Tree of Rev. Cyrus N. Robinson ; to many for assistance in securing family 

groups in their branches; to Warfield's Founders, Brumbaugh's Maryland 

F(ecords, Vols. I and II. 
Wm. M. Marine's British Invasion of Maryland. 
Harry Wright Newman's Anne Arundel Gentry. 
Charles Hodges Benson. 

Hopkins (and Thomas) Records by J. Montgomery Seaver. 
Encyclopedia Heraldica, Berry. 

Burke's Peerage, General Armory and Landed Gentry. 
Colonial Families of U. S., by N. O. Rhoades. 

Wells and Allied Families, printed privately for Catherine J. and Frances J. Welles. 
Yeatman's History of the House of Arundel. 
Thomas Book, by Dr. L. B. Thomas. 
Maryland Archives. 
Frank H. Stockett's Pamphlet. 
West River Quaker Records. 
Maryland Historical Society for the use of their Parish Records and Mss. including 

Wilson Miles Carey's, to Family Bibles and to 
Joshua S. Linthicum, d., and son A. Howell of Linthicum Heights, Md. 

The sending of accurate records, of individuals or families, giving names 
with or without dates, extending this record, will be greatly appreciated. 

17th May, 1699—21 Jan., 1701 

Vol. 2 Md. Calendar of Wills— Jane Baldwin Cotton 
To son Hczekiah d\\clling: planation Acres 

Margarets Fields 280 

Hedge Park 94 

Lintichom's Stop 50 

Lintichom's Lot 70 

Laid out for Jeremiah Haslings 200 694 

To son Thomas and hrs Morley Grey 150 

Davis's Rest 200 350 

To dau. Marv, wife of Richard Snowden and hrs personalty 

(£100 stg.) 
To dau. Jane, wife of Thomas Rutland and hrs. 
Chance, laid out for Wm. Frizzell 100 

Jesse's Inheritance 75 

Jesse's Search 39 214 

To grand-child Hezekiah Linthicum Clark personalty 

(£50 stg.) at 21 vrs. of age 

Wife Jane extx. and residuary legatee. 
Test: Jas. Saunders, Jno. Gresham, Jane Coster, Rebecca Saunders, 

Wm. Harman, Margaret Cosland. 

II. 159. 


Lib. 15, Fol. 301, Leonard Wayman, Sr., of Anne Arundel, Service 1675. 
Lib. 18, Fol. 128, John Jacob, Sr., of A. A. Co., Service 1665. 
Lib. 2, Fol. 74, Richard Cheyney. Immigrated 1658. 

Charity Cheyney wife of Richard. Immigrated 1650. 

All Hallows Parish Church is located south of South River, on the 
Davidsonville Road, Md. 

Some of the other Parish Records used are St. Anne's, Annapolis, St. 
Margaret's, St. James', and the Eastern Shore, Md., Records. 

Margaret's Fields, the dwelling plantation of Thomas Linthicum, Sr., 
is located near the mouth of South River, south side. 

To son Hezekiah dw. plantation viz. Margaret's Fields 280 A near 
mouth of South River, and Hedge Park 94 A on Harwood's Creek, Rhode 
River, bordering on Margaret's Fields, Linthicum's Stop 50 A -{-, Lin- 
thicum's Lot 70 A and Haslings 200 A, s. s. South River. 

50 A Lincicomb's Stop, surv. 1676 8/19 s. s. South River at a marked 
tree of Margaret's Fields. 

70 A Lincicomb's Lott, surv. 1678 1/15 n. s. 3 Island Bay, at ye 
head of a great Bond. 

LIBER No. 15, FOLIO 484 

Tho: Lincccombe's Patent 

''Lincccombc Stopp' 50 acres 

Charles etc. To all persons to whom these presents shall come Greeting 

in our Lord God Everlasting, know Vee that we for and in consideration 

that Thomas Lincecombe of Anne Arundel County in our said Province 
of Maryland hath due unto him fifty acres of land within our said 'Prov- 
ince by assignment from George Yate the assignee of Richard Hill part 
of a Warrant for four hundred ninety-one acres, granted to the said Hill 
the one and thirtyeth day of May 1676 as appears upon record and upon 
such Conditions and Terms as are expressed in the Conditions of Planta- 
tions of our late father Cecilius of noble memory under his greater Seale 
at Armes bearing date at London the second day of July Anno Domini 
1649 with such alterations as in them is made by his declaration bearing 
date the two and twentyeth day of September Anno Domini 1658, ar.a 
remaining upon record in our said Province of Maryland do hereby grant 
unto him the said Thomas Lincecombe all that parcell of land called 
"Lincecombe Stopp" lying in the said County on the South side of South 

Beginning at a bounded Poplar being a bounded tree of the land of 
the said Lincecombe called Margaretts Feilds, and running South fifty 
perches, to the land of Adam Delapp then with said Delaps line to the 
said land called Margaretts Feilds then with the said lands to the first 

Containing and now laid out for fifty acres of land, more or less, 
together with all rights profits and benefits thereunto belonging Royal 
Mines Excepted. 

To Have and to Hold the same unto him the said Thomas Lincecombe 
his heirs and assigns forever. 

To be holden of us and our heirs as of our Manor of Ann Arundell, 
in free and common soccage by fealty only for all manner of services 
Yielding and Paying therefore yearly unto us and our heirs at our receipt 
at our City of Saint Marys at the b.vo most usual feasts in the year viz: 
the feast of the Annunciation of the Blessed Virgin Mary and at the 
feast of St. Michael the Arch Angell by even and equal portions the rent 
of two shillings Sterling in silver or gold and for a fine upon every 
alienation of the said land or any part or parcel thereof one whole years 
rent in silver or gold or the full value thereof in such commodities as we 
and our heirs or such officer or officers appointed by us or our heirs from 
time to time to collect and receive the same shall accept in discharge 
thereof at the choice of us or our heirs or such officer or officers as 
aforesaid — 

Provided that if the said Thomas Lincecomb his heirs or assigns shall 
not pay unto us or our heirs or such officer or officers as aforesaid the said 
sum for a fine before such alienation and enter the said alienation upon 
record either in the Provincial Court or in the County Court where the 
said parcel of land lyeth within one month next after such alienation the 
said alienation shall be void and of none effect. 

Given at our Citv of St. Marys under the great seal of our said 
Province of Maryland the fourth day of July in the second year of our 
Dominion over our said Province Anno Domini 1677. 

Witness our trusty and well beloved Thomas Notely Esq'r our Lieu- 
tenant General and Ciiief Governour of our said Province of Maryland. 


Generation I — Only Thomas Linthicum, Sr. 

Generation 11 — A, B. C, D. and E, combined as Gen. II-A. 
Generation III — a, h, c, d, c, f, y;. h, i, j, Ic, 1, combined as Gen. III-a,etc. 
Generation IV — 1, 2, 3. 4. 5, 6, 7, and 8, combined as Gen. IV-6, etc. 
Generation V — A, B, C, etc. (Drop the word Generation here and 

from this point to the end.) 

Generation VI — 1, 2, 3, 4, etc. 
Generation VII — a, b, c. d, e, f, g, etc. 

Generation VIII— (1), (2), (3), etc. 
Generation IX — Simply IX-1, IX-2, etc. 
Generation X — X-1, X-2, etc. 
Generation XI — XI-1, XI -2, etc. 


Includes a Tale of the Chesapeake Bay and a dozen Rivers and more. 

1 Thomas Linthicum, Sr., had land and lived on South River. 

2 Thomas Linthicum, Jr., had land and lived on Patuxent River. 

3 Member of Friends Meeting on West River. 

4 Hezekiah of Thos., Sr., married a lady from Rhode (Rhodes) River. 

5 Revolutionary soldiers and some living in Frederick Co., on Potomac 

6 Abner, Sr., came to live on Patapsco River. 

7 Hezekiah, son of Abner, Sr., married a lady from Magothy River. 

8 Harriet J\L Johnson lived on Severn River, and Margaret Hodges 
lives on Severn River. 

9 Some descendants of Gen. IV-6, Frances, and Gen. IV-7, Richard, 
on the Choptank River. 

10 Descendants of Frederick lived on Monocacy River, Octorora River, 
and Linganore River. 

Jones' History of Dorchester Co., Md., refers to Linthicum's (sons 
of Richard, son of Francis) ship-yard at Church Creek (not far from 
Chesapeake Bay) as one of only two yards in the County where vessels 
were then extensively built. 


"A little ring 
Encompasses our lives, 
And many generations 
Link the rings of theirs, 
Thus forming a chain 
That is ivithout end." 

— Goethe. 

Gen. I Thomas Linthicum, Sr., (name written Linscombe in list), 
b. about 1640 in England or Wales, transported by Capt. 
Edward Selbv to Maryland, prior to Julv 23, 1658, buried 
Nov. 12, 1701. Will, May 17, 1699. Prob. Jan. 31. 1701. 
By will at his death, he disposed of over 1200 acres of land. 
Married Jane . 

Children of Thomas axd Jane Linthicum 

Gen. II-A Hezekiah, mar. Oct. 5, 1697, Milcah Francis b. Nov. 14, 
1666, d. Dec. 22, 1721, dau. of Thomas and Ruth Francis 
of Rhodes River. Issue later. 

Gen. II-B Mary mar. Richard Sno\vden III. before 1688. 

Gen. II-C Jane mar. Thomas Rutland, Sr. Descendants lived at South 
River and in Annapolis, Md. 

Gen. II-D Thomas, Jr., mar. June 22, 1698, 

Deborah Wayman (sometimes Weyman) daughter of Leon- 
ard, Sr., and Dorcas Wayman. Deborah received 100 A of 
"Happy choyce" by will from her father. Issue later. 
In will, Thomas, Sr. wills to grandson Hezekiah Linthi- 
cum Clark £50 to be paid him upon becoming of age of 
21 years. 

The names of kinsmen, Richard Snowden and Thomas 
Clark, are given as guardians of the three sons of Hezekiah 
and Milcah (Francis) L., these sons to be free at 15. Will 
June 14, 1721-22, of Hezekiah Linthicum. The name of 
Richard Linthicum is affixed as witness to will of Morris 
Lloyd in Charles County in 1694. As no other Linthicum 
than Thomas is in Old Settlers' list, Richard may be a son 
of Thomas, Sr., dying before death of Thomas in 1701, as 
his name is not mentioned in will. 

Children of Hezekiah and Milcah (Francis) Linthicum 

Gen. Ill-a Mary b. Jan. 20, 1700, mar. Nov. 13, 1716, Edmond Way- 
man, son of Leonard and Dorcas W. 


Gen. IV-1 Hezekiah Wayman d. Jan. 13, 1747. 

Gen. IV-2 Ann Wayman, d. Oct. 26, 1750. 

Gen. IV-3 Mary Wayman d. July 7, 1756. 

Gen. IV-4 Edmond Wayman d. July 24, 1761. 


Gen. TV-5 Tohn Wavman d. July 9, 1765. 

Gen. Ill-b Francis, Sr.. h. Sept. 29, 1709. hap. Sept. 12, 1722, d. 1765, 
mar. Oct. 15, 1732, *Eleanor Williams, dau. of Richard, Sr., 
and Eleanor (Stockett) Williams. Issue later. 

Gen. lll-c Thomas Francis Linthicum, Sr., b. Feb. 23, 1716. (Will 
Aug. 24, 1790— Feb. 10, 1807). Bap. May 22, 1722, mar. 
^Elizabeth Williams, also dau. of Richard, Sr., and Eleanor 
(Stockett) Williams who deeded to her for self and son 
Richard Linthicum 57 A Hickory Hills and Franklin's 
Enlargement. Ch. 

Gen. IV-1 Richard b. Feb. 9, 1745-6. 

Gen. IV-2 Thomas Francis, Jr., mar. Sec page 78. 

Gen. ni-d Hczekiah d. s. p. The 400 A of Duvall's Range left him 
by his father went to Thomas Francis above. 
*Eleanor Stockett was the grand-daughter of Capt. Thomas 
Stockett, Sr., b. 1625 (?), will April 23-May 4, 1671, who 
mar. Mary Wells, dau. of Richard (J. P.) of Herring Cr., 
A. A. Co.', Md., will June 20-Aug. 31, 1667, and Frances, 
his wife. Their son, Thomas Stockett, Ji"-, b. April 17, 
1667, will Oct. 13-Dec. 8, 1732, mar. March 12, 1689, 
(1) Mary Sprigg, b. 16 — , d. Jan. 27, 1694, dau. of Thomas 
Sprigg and Eleanor Nuthall his wife, by whom he had two 
children, Thomas HI, and Eleanor Stockett. Thomas HI, 
mar. Elizabeth Noble, dau. of Joseph and Mary Noble, by 
whom he had Thomas IV (who had three sons), Mary 
Elizabeth Stockett mar. Nov. 10, 1771, Samuel Harwood, 
son of Capt. Richard Harwood and Ann Watkins, his wife, 
and Thomas Noble Stockett, b. July 12. 1747, d. May 16, 
1802, mar. Nov. 13, 1770, Mary Harwood dau. of Capt. 
Richard and Ann above. Thomas Noble and Mary (Har- 
wood) Stockett had ten children, one of whom was Joseph 
Noble Stockett who mar. Sophia Watkins. Eleanor Stockett 
b. Dec. 8, 1693, mar. Feb. 14, 1709, Richard Williams, Sr., 
b. 1684, will April 2-Sept. 13, 1768, son of Joseph Williams 
of Calvert Co., b. 1660(?); will Sept. 24, 1692-Mar. 11, 
1693, and (1st) wife. Joseph's (2nd) wife, whom he mar. 
1692, was Edith Cromwell. 
See Stockett, A. F. 

Children of Fran'cis, Sr., and Eleanor 

Gen. IV 1 Francis, Jr., b. May 28, 1734, living in 1797; mar. Jan. 28, 
1755, Mary Mayo. In Revolutionary War, 5th ]\ld. Regi- 
ment. Disch. 1780. Issue later. 

Gen. I\'-2 Milcah b. Nov. 21, 1735, mar. Thomas Wayman. Issue 

Gen. lV-3 Eleanor b. Feb. 23, 1737-8. 

Gen. IV-4 Thomas b. Aug. 29, 1743. 

Grn. IV-5 Marv b. lulv 15, 1746. 


Gen. IV-6 Frances Linthicum b. Nov. 30, 1749 in Maryland, d. May 
4, 1806, in Guilfo'rd Co., N. C, mar. cir. Jan. 1768, Daniel 
Sherwood, III. son of Daniel, Jr., and Elizabeth (Rice) Sher- 
wood, b. May 20, 1749, in Talbot Co.. Maryland; d. May 
18, 1838, in Guilford Co., N. C. Daniel, III, mar. (2nd) 

Rachel , who survived him. Will of Daniel filed in 

Greensboro, N. C. Issue later. See A. F. 

Gen. IV-7 Richard b. April 12, 1752, mar. Nov. 25, 1778, Mary Lee 
whose mother was Willoughby. Lived on Eastern Shore, 
Md. Issue later. 

Gen. IV-8 Jane b. April 22, 1755. 

Children of Francis, Jr., and Mary (Mayo) Linthicum 

A Joseph b. Oct. 19, 1759. 

1 John b. 1780, received from grand-father Francis May 21, 1797, 
155 A my dwelling plantation Margaret's Fields. Hasling (Hast- 
ings) and Turkey Ft. 25 A. 

2 Marv from grand-father Francis 75 A part of Margaret's Fields. 
B Eleanor 'Tuly 24, 1761. 

C Thomas July 23, 1763, from father Francis, 1787, 1794 A, Hedges 

Park and Margaret Fields. Issue later. 
D Sarah Sept. 4, 1763, from father Francis, April 20, 1787, 47 A, 

E Richard Oct. 8, 1767, from father Francis, April 27, 1787, 53 A, 

Hedge Park. 
F Anne Feb. 13, 1777, Wm. Johnson. 
G John June 24. 1779, from father Francis, April 11, 1794, 50 A, 

Hedge Park, d. s. p. Nov. 1, 1803 Will. 
H Joshua mar. May 24, 1800, Elizabeth Beard, from father Francis, 

May 19, 1794, 135 A, Hasling. near Jub's Cove. Issue later. 

Had seven children. The eldest of whom was 

1 Stephen, grandfather of Mrs. Minnie Duvall, d. 

"To eldest son Stephen all my r' est consisting of 135 A of Has- 
ling, described in deed 5-9-1794, from my fa. Francis Linthi- 
cum." Issue later. 

Descendants of Francis, Jr., and Mary 

Children of H. Joshua mar. May 9, 1800, Elizabeth Beard 
by Rev. Nicholas Lane 

1 Stephen b. about 1801, mar. Margaret Johns Lee. They resided 
and he died on South River, Md., Sept. 15, 1829. 

2 Richard Beard L. mar. Amelia Linthicum, dau. of his distant 
cousin, John, Jr. 

3 Sarah Ann mar. Stewart Robinson as his 2nd wife. 

4 John b, 1803, d. s. p. 

5 Mary b Mav 14, 1806. 

Children of \ Stephen and Margaret (Lee) Linthicum. 

a. Elizabeth Ann b. Feb. 21, 1825, mar. Wm. Hall Jurney. 


b. Stephen Lee b. Jan. 26, 1828. mar. Sarah Elizabeth Shcrbert. 
Thcv resided and he died at Galesville, West River, A. A. 
Co.,'Md.. Aug. 6, 18%. 

Children of Stephen Lee and Sarah E. (Sherbert) Linthicum 

(1) Alice Minnie b. lune 20, 1858, mar. Richard Clarke 
Duvall, d. 

(2) Helen _May L. b. April 28, 1858, mar. Wm. Henry 

(3) Mar-aret Jane b. Sept. 5. 1860. 

(4) Ella Minerva b. Oct. 26, 1862, mar. Rev. Wiltz Ray- 
mond Stricklen, d. 

IX-1 Maud Linthicum Stricklen b. Aug. 26, 1887, mar, 

Richard William Gallon. 
Richard William Gallon is son of John from New Castle, 
on Tyne, England. John is son of William who inher- 
ited from his brother John. John mar. Edith A. Chew. 
His father, William Gallon, returned to England. 

Children of John and Edith (A. Chew) Gallon) : 
Esther Chew Gallon. 

Richard William Gallon b. Jan. 11, 1886. 
Children of Maud (Stricklen) and Richard Wil- 
liam Gallon. 

X-1 Maud Wilson Gallon b. Aug. 3, 1911. 

X-2 Edith Linthicum Gallon b. Jan. 1, 1914. 

X-3 Elizabeth Chew Gallon b. Feb. 8, 1917. 

X-4 Richard William Gallon, Jr., b. July 29, 1919. 

X-5 Frances Virginia Gallon b. Aug. 10, 1921. 

X-6 John Stricklen (Jack) Gallon b. Aug. 15, 1922. 

(5) Sarah Elizabeth b. Mav 23, 1855, d. Nov. 1931, mar. 
David Porter Smith, Jr., d. April 27, 1933. 

IX-1 Wilson Porter Smith b. May 23, 1892. 

IX-2 David Percival Smith, business man of New 
York, b. Tune 10, 1896. 

IX-3 Eleanor King Smith b. Dec. 21. 1902, mar. Ed- 
ward Wade who came from England, 1910. 

(6) Stephen Joseph b. April 1, 1869, mar. Susanah James 
Knell, dau. of Henry. No children. 

(7) Harry Jurnc}- Linthicum b. Aug. 6. 1872, d. 

(8) John Henry Linthicum b. Dec. 28, 1873, mar. Ella 
Lavania Ball. 

IX-1 Walter Noble Linthicum, radio and concert 
singer, h. May 3, 1894, mar. Mary Bowerman. 
X-1 Anne Hf/llingsworth Linthicum, b. April 26, 

X-2 Jane Linthicum b. Dec. 11, 1920. 

(9) James Emory Linthicum b. Dec. 28, 1873, d. . 

John Henry and James Emory Linthicum were twins. 




Francis, Jr., and Mary 

Children of Thomas b. 1763, and Rebecca (Tucker) 

C Thomas. Sr., b. July 23. 1763. mar. July 6. 1787, Rebecca Tucker, 
and died 1860 in Hardin Co., Kentucky, at the residence of his 
daughter, Rebecca Lane. 

1 Polly mar. Thomas Howard. 

2 Rebecca mar. Lane. 

3 Thomas, Jr. 

4 Nancy Ann b. May 1, 1802, in Anne Arundel Co., Md., mar. 

( 1 ) Joseph Irwin. 

a. Daughter who died at thirteen years of age. 

(2) William Hibbs. 

b. Irwin Hibbs b. 1828. 

(3) Mar. Nov. 1, 1832, Geo. Washington Miller, in Columbus, 
Indiana, b. about 1796. d. Nov. 27, 1865. Nancy Ann d. 
April 27. 1899, in Kirksville, Mo., victim of a cyclone. 
Children of third marriage: 

c. James Thomas Miller. James and William, twins. 

d. William Robert Miller. 

e. Elizabeth Irwin Miller. 

f. George Edwin Miller. 

g. Mary Jane Miller b. Feb. 4, 1844, mar. Feb. 1, 1869, 
John T. Henderson. 

(1) Dr. Georgia Ann Henderson b. Mar. 15, 1870, mar. 

(1) Carter; mar. (2) Steunenburg. 

c. James Thomas Miller b. Sept. 25, 1833. in Nineveh 
Township, Johnson Co., Indiana ; d. Nov. 26, 1908, Kirks- 
ville, Mo.; mar. Ian, 29, 1860. bv Rev. Isaac D. Sidwell, 
Charlotte Collins, b. March 27, 1835, d. March 2. 1903. 
Children : 

(1) Eva Miller b. Nov. 13. 1860. 

(2) George C. Miller b. Mar. 17, 1863, d. , mar. 

Ian. 18, 1905. Anna Ora Pollock. 

(3) Edwin S. Miller b. June 8. 1866. 

(4) Forest Birdie Miller. 

(5) R. M. Miller. 

(1) Eva Miller b. Nov. 13, 1860; d. Tan. 20, 1933, 
Kirksville, Mo.; mar. (1) Aug. 25, 1878. William 

IX-1 Effie Vestal b. Aug. 17. 1879. in Putnam 
Co., Mo.; mar. Sept. 27, 1899, J. W. Bark- 
X-1 Malcolm Clemens Barklev b. Feb. 3, 1901. 
X-2 Geo. Wm. Barkley b. Sept. 30, 1906. 
.V X-3 James Woodrow Barkley b. July 7, 1912. 


mar. (2) Nov. 15, 1882. John W. Cupp, b. April 13, 1850; 
d. Feb. 19, 1933. 

Children of John W. and Eva M. V. Cupp. 
IX-2 Carl C. Cupp b. Sept. 11. 1883. 
IX-3 George Edwin Cupp b. April 28, 1885, d. 

Dec. 27, 1891. 
IX-4 Dimple Cupp b. Nov. 20, 1887. Adair Co., 

Mo.; mar. Sept. 15, 1908. C. Wallace Adams 

at Kirksville. Mo. Children: 
X-1 Eleanor Jane Adams b. July 3, 1917, at 

Kirksville, Mo., d. Feb. 22, 1930, same place. 
X-2 Zelma Frances Adams b. April 11, 1923, 

Kirksville, Mo. 
IX-5 Gail H. Cupp b. Tan. 3, 1892, d. Oct. 12, 




(An Eastern Shore, Md., family) 

A Eleanor Wayman b. Aug. 6, 1752. 

B Francis Wavman b. Feb. 11, 1753. 

C Edmond Wayman b. Mar. 3, 1757. 

Oct. 10, 1782, Thomas. Edward and Francis Weyman (so spelled) 

made a contract for "building and rigen the schooner 'Two brothers' " 

in Talbot Co., costing £271. Names of men working on this vessel 

were : 

Thomas Winterbottom Woolman Dawson 

William Sinklcar Richard Linthicum 

Samuel Ball Daniel Winterbottom 

B Francis, mar. 

1 Thomas Linthicum Wayman. Sr.. mar. 

(1) Sallie Larrimore. 

(2) Mrs. Lucretia Ball, widow. 

a. Thomas Linthicum Wayman. Jr., mar. Margaret Ann 
Bridges. (1) Thomas L. Wayman, III, d. u. 

b. John Wayman, Sr., mar. Helen Bridges. Issue later. 

c. Susan (Sudie) d. u. 

d. Annie Wayman mar. John W. Harrison, Sr. Issue later. 

e. Milcah Frances Wayman mar. about 1782 Samuel Wall 
Ncavitt, Sr. Town below St. Michael's named for him. 

(1) Julia Ann (Juju) Neavitt mar. Robert Ball Had- 
daway, descended from Ball of Virginia. 

IX-1 Annabelle mar. (1) as 2nd wife of S. Clay 
Camper d., mar. (2) as 2nd wife of Hadda- 
way Leonard. 

(2) Nannie (Ninnie) Neavitt mar. Adam Camper, her 
first cousin. 

f. Wayman mar. Samuel Bridges. Issue later. 


Children of Nannie (Neavitt) and Adam Camper, above. 

IX-1 Samuel Clay Camper of A. 

IX-2 Daisy Camper d. u. 

IX-3 Thomasine Camper mar. Clarence Hadda- 
way. One child : 

X-1 Ned Haddaway. 

IX-4 Norris Camper d. eleven years of age. 

IX-5 Lou Camper mar. Albert Haddaway. 

IX-6 Mary Frances Camper mar. Frank Rigby. 

X-1 Mary Rigby. 

X-2 Francis Rigby. 

IX-7 Nannie Camper mar. Edwin Jones. 

X-1 Edwin Earle Jones b. 1927. 

IX-8 Julia Camper mar. Earle Soulsby. 

IX-9, -10 Died in infancy. 

(3) Thomas (Buck), (twin to Nannie), Neavitt mar. 
Caroline Mortimer. One child: 

IX-1 Louise Neavitt. 

(4) Josephine Neavitt mar. Clay Camper, bro. to Adam 
Camper, above. 

IX-1 Florence Camper mar. Geo. C. Neunam. 
IX-2 Myrtle Camper d. u. 

(5) Samuel Wall Neavitt, Jr., (Ditton) b. May 23, 
1866, d. July 1, 1932; mar. Jan. 15, 1907, Anna 
Graves, nee Badger, (sister of Dr. Augustine Penn- 
ington Badger, pg. 70), with one child, 

IX-1 John Frederick Graves, mar. Ethel Beaumont, 
X-1 Dorothy Janet Graves. 

John Wayman, Sr., mar. Helen Bridges. 

( 1 ) Lillian Wayman mar. Charles Haddaway. 

IX-1 Helen Wayman Haddaway mar. Franklin 

X-1 Francis Haddaway. 

X-2 Wayman Haddaway. 

X-3 Son (Crow-bill). 

X-4 Raymond Haddaway. 

X-5 Charles Haddaway. ^ 

IX-2 Thomas Haddaway, youth. 

(2) Blanche mar. Frank Neunam. 

IX-1 Emma Neunam mar. Greeley Ball. 

X-1 Irvin Ball. 
IX-2 Edith Neunam. 
IX-3 William Neunam. 

(3) John Wayman, Jr., (Bud) mar. Matilda McQuay. 
IX-1 Ida Wayman mar. Jerome Lister. 

IX-2 Lillian Wayman mar. Habbert Jones. 
IX-3 John Wayman, III. 
IX-4 Robert Wayman. 


IX-5 Svisan Wavinaii mar. Alfred Ball. 

X-1 Julian Ball. 
IX-6 Julian \Va\man. 
IX-7 Helen ^^^ayl■nan. 
lX-8 Peir_\ Waynian. 
IX-9 Ann Wayman. 
(J. Annie Wa_\man mar. John W. Harrison, Sr. 
(1) John \V. Harrison, Jr.. mar. Mary Ball. 

lX-1 Lucretia Harrison mar. Edward Neavitt, Jr. 
X-1 Anna Lucretia Neavitt. 
X-2 Mary Joyce Neavitt. 
IX-2 Gladys Harrison mar.Wm. E. Jones, Jr. 
X-1 Mary Virginia Jones d. 
IX-3 Annabelle Harrison mar. Roland Bridges. 
X-1 Lawrence Harrison Bridges. 
X-2 Mary Virginia Bridges. 
X-3 Gloria Ann Bridges. 

f. Wayman mur. Samuel Bridges, brother of Margaret 

Ann (Bridges) Wayman. 

(1) Josephine Bridges mar. Jesse Delehay. 

I X-1 Jessie Delehay mar. Jack Lemmon. 

X-1 Lucille Lemmon. 

I X-2 Wayman Delehay mar. Grace Anderson. 

X-1 Dorothv Delehay. 

X-2 (Boy.)" Delehay. 

IX-3 John Delehay mar. TuU. 

(2) Thomasine Bridges mar. Gibson. 

I X-1 Myra Gibson, unmar. 

I X-2 Lida Gibson mar. Brown Pardee. 
X-1 (Bov.) Pardee. 
X-2 (Boy.) Pardee. 

(3) John Bridges. 

(4) Howard Bridges mar. Annie Steligman. 
IX-1 Greta Bridges mar. 

IX-2 (Daughter.) Bridges mar. . 

(5) Louise Bridges mar. David Pritchett. 
IX-1 Belle Pritchett mar. Cecil Pollett. 

X-1 Tcssie Pollett. 
X-2 David Pollett. 

(6) Birdie Bridges. 

r^RwcFs (Ivixi iiicum) AND Daxill Shiirwood, III. 

A Thomas Sherwood b. Oct. 30, 1768. No record. 

B Hugh Sherwood b. Mar. 8, 1770, mar. Rebecca Field. (See record 

C Elizabeth Sherwood mar. William Swaim of Guilford Co., N. C. 



D Eleanor Sherwood mar. Jeremiah Field of Guilford Co. 

1 Joseph Field. 

2 Benjamin Field. 

3 John Field. 

4 Ruth Field. 

5 Jane Field. 

6 Mary Field. 

7 Elizabeth Field. 

8 Rachel Field. 

9 Tabitha Field. 

10 Jeremiah Field. 

1 1 William Field. 

E Daniel Sherwood, IV, b. 1779, d. 1850, mar. Mary Thompson, came 
to Indiana in 1818. 

1 Thompson Sherwood mar. Elizabeth Smith. 

2 Daniel Sherwood, V, mar. Ann Smith, Sept. 26, 1833. 

3 Jesse Sherwood mar. (1) Peggy Peckhiser, and (2) Polly Kester. 

4 Kissey Sherwood mar. Alexander May, Dec. 6, 1821. 

5 Frances Simmons Sherwood. 

6 Mary Patten Sherwood. 

7 Nancy Sherwood mar. John Cathcart, Nov. 23,1839. 

8 Elizabeth Sherwood mar. Abraham Hardin, Mar. 15, 1852. 

F Benjamin Sherwood b. Aug. 21, 1783, d. 1865 in Marion Co., Iowa, 
near Attica; mar. in 1804, Sally Swaim, dau. of Michael and Sally 
(Worthington) Swaim of Guilford Co., N. C, b. Sept. 29, 1787. 

1 Elizabeth Sherwood b. Mar. 11, 1805. d. Mar. 22, 1842, mar. 
John Hedrick. Descendants mostly in Washington, D. C. 

2 John Sherwood b. Sept. 27, 1806, d. July 5, 1855, in Livonia, 
Washington Co., Ind. 

3 Mary Sherwood b. Nov. 29, 1808, d. Dec. 29, 1848, mar. John 
Wood. Went to Iowa. 

4 Daniel Sherwood of B., b. Aug. 22, 1810, d. Julv 6, 1834. 

5 Eleanor Sherwood b. May 25, 1812, d. Mar. 29, 1854, mar. 
William Hopkins in N. C. 

6 Sally Sherwood b. May 23, 1814, d. Nov. 28, 1879. mar. Jacob 
Setser. Lived in Ashe Co., N. C. 

7 Michael Sherwood b. Jan. 16, 1816, mar. Miriah Thomas ip 
1851, in N. C. Was an officer in Confederate Army. Died 1865. 

a. Benjamin Sherwood. 

b. Mary Lyndon Sherwood. 

c. Thomas Sherwood of Greensboro, N. C. 

d. Anna Noble Sherwood. 

e. Laura Sherwood mar. Ellington. 

f. Michael Sherwood, Jr. 

8 Fanny Sherwood b. Dec. 5, 1817, d. in N. C, mar. John Mc- 

9 Dr. Benjamin Franklin Sherwood, b. Oct. 22, 1819, d. in Marion 
Co., Iowa, mar^, Sarah Haywood, sister of Henry Haywood. 

10 Martha Worthington Sherwood b. in Wilkes Co., N. C, July 


16, 1821, came with parents to Montgomery Co., Ind., mar. 
Henry Haywood, d. Jan. 21. 1877. 

a. ^^'illiam Haywood d. y. 

b. Thomas Haywood. 

c. Isaac Haywood, d. v. 

d. Curtis Dunn Havwood. d. July 23, 18Q3. 

e. Enoch Francis Havwood. 

f. Rufus Haywood d. Jan. 22, 1885. 

g. George Price Haywood, prominent man of Lafayette, Ind. 
h. Sarah Ha\\\ood mar. Henry Quigle; lived in Crawfordsville, 


j. IMary Haywood mar. Hodgin ; lives in Illinois. 

k. Martha Haywood d. aged 3 yrs. 

1. Rev. Benjamin Sherwood Havwood, minister in M. E. Church. 

11 Enoch R. Sherwood b. Dec. 1823, d. June 6, 1860 

a. Joe Benjamin Sherwood of Oklahoma. 

b. Martha Sherwood mar. Herford of Fresno, Cal. 

12 William Lynthycum Sherwood b. Dec. 24, 1825. d. Jan. 21, 1878, 
at Viola, Iowa. 

a. Wilma Sherwood mar. James Pitkin. 

13 Caroline Sherwood b. Jan. 15, 1829, d. Feb. 8, 1890, mar. George 

a. George William Andrews of Smith Co., Kansas. 

b. Sarah Jane Andrews mar. Thomas Divire, Central City, Iowa. 

c. Aley Edith Andrews mar. Samuel N. Parsons of Marion, Iowa. 

G Priscilla (dau. of Daniel and Frances) Sherwood mar. Michael 

Swaim, of Greensboro, N. C. on Feb. 24, 1804. 
H John Sherwood of Guilford Co., N. C, mar. . 

1 Daniel Sherwcod of J., mar. Annie Whittington, Apr. 5, 1859. 

B Hugh Sherwood, second son of Daniel and Frances (Linthicum) 
Sherwood, b. Mar. 8, 1770, mar. Rebecca, dau. of William and Lvdia 
Field of Guilford Co., N. C, about 1790-1. They came to Wash- 
ington Co., near Hardinsburg, Ind., in 1817. Hugh d. Nov. 17, 
1846, and from will hied at Salem, Ind, we have his children. 

1 William Sherwood mar. Nancy Wilson, Dec. 27, 1813. 

2 Mary Sherwood mar. Ira Richardson. No family. 

3 Daniel Sherwood mar. Delilah Copeland. 

4 Francis Sherwood d. at age 18 yrs. 

5 Jeremiah Sherwood mar. Sarah Alrod, I\Iar. 27, 1823; Methodist 
minister in Texas. Buried Mt. Zion near Millwood, Texas. 

a. Rebecca Sherwood mar. Wm. Brinkley, Rockwell, Texas. 

b. Jonathan Sherwood mar. Becca . Lived in Western 


c. John Wesley Sherwood lived near Millwood. Texas. 

d. Rev. Thomas Sher\vood, Methodist minister, 
f. Rev. Jeremiah Field Sherwood. 

e. William H. Sherwood, Collins Co., Texas. 

6 Jonathan Sherwood mar. Keziah Elrod, Mar. 10, 1825, moved to 
Lafayette, Ind. 


Labitha Sherwood b. Sept. 3, 1807, in N. C, mar. Rev. James 
King in Washington Co., Ind., Sept. 29, 1825, son of Rev. Ben- 
jamin and Martha (Haywood) King. They moved to New 
Albany, Ind., in 1848, and Indianapolis in 1861. Labitha King 
d. Dec. 18, 1893, life long Methodists. 

a. Martha King b. June 22, 1827, mar. Robert Harned. 

(1) Lizzie Harned b. Feb. 16, 1861, mar. Silas Y. Gillan of 
Milwaukee, Wis. 

IX-1 Robert Gillan b. 1881, d. May 1882. 
IX-2 Silas Lee Gillan b. Apr. 1883, mar. Emily Crosby, 
1908, in Minneapolis. Live 230 Webb Drive, 
Glendale, Cal. 
X-1 Margaret Gillan d. y. 
X-2 Lee Crosby Gillan b. 1911. 
X-3 Emily Gillan b. 1912. 

X-4 Adalaide Gillan. Emily and Adalaide, twins. 
X-5 Mary Jane Gillan. 
IX-3 Jean Gillan b. 1884, mar. Harry Jacobson. Live 
in Nebraska. 
X-1 W^allace Jacobson b. Apr. 15, 1914. 
X-2 Elizabeth Jacobson b. Sept. 29, 1915. 
X-3 Robert Jacobson b. Nov. 1, 1916. 
X-4 Richard Jacobson b. Jan. 9, 1919. 
X-5 Delma Jacobson b. May 7, 1923. 
IX-4 Paul Gillan b. July 22, 1887, mar. Marian Ward, 

June 1916; live in Milwaukee, Wis. 
IX-5 Robert Gillan b. Jan. 1893, d. Apr. 1908. 

b. W^eslev King, Jr., b. Mav 15, 1829, d. Feb. 23, 1847. 

c. Rebecca King b. Dec. 22, 1831, d. Sept. 17, 1832. 

d. Frances King b. Aug. 12, 1833, d. 1855, mar. James Long. 
No family. 

e. William King b. July 20, 1835. No family. 

f. Lydia King, b. Aug. 9, 1837, d. Sept. 19, 1856, mar. William 
Harned. No family. 

g. Lavinia King b. Jan. 1, 1840, d. Feb. 6, 1929, mar. John A. 
Wilkins of Indianapolis, son of John and Eleanor (Brouse) 
Wilkins, Sept. 19, 1865. 

(1) Ora Wilkins b. July 25, 1866, mar. June 15, 1892, 
Charles Perry Lesh, son of Dr. Daniel and Charlotte 
(Perry) Lesh, of Indianapolis, Ind. 

IX-1 ' Charlotte Lesh b. Apr. 1, 1893, mar. Sept. 6. 
1924, in Indianapolis, to Royer K. Coats, son of 
' John and Elizabeth (Royer) Coats. 

X-1 Rover Kenneth Coats, Jr., b. Aug. 10, 1925. 
X-2 Ora Elizabeth Coats b. July 10, 1928. 
IX-2 Perry Wilkins Lesh b. Mar. 24. 1896, mar. 
Sept. 3, 1921, Mary Hoke, dau. of J. Fred and 
Katharine (Cushman) Hoke, of Indianapolis. 
X-1 Charles Perry Lesh b. Oct. 31, 1923. 


X-2 Fred Hoke Lesh b. Feb. 3. 1826. 
IX-3 Helen Lavinia Lesb b. May 13, 1897, in Indian- 
apolis, Ind., mar. June 15, 1922, in Indianapolis 
to Dr. Leon G. Zerfas, son of William and Bertha 
(Maish) Zerfas of West Newton, Ind. 

X-1 Charles Perry Zerfas b. Boston, Mass., Apr. 2, 

X-2 Eleanor Zerfas b. Oct. 15. 1926, d. Oct. 1926. 

(2) Edgar Wilkins b. Jan. 19, 1868, d. Jan. 29, 1883. 

(3) Albert Wilkins b. June 21, 1871, mar. Elizabeth Miller 
of St. Louis, Mo. 

IX-1 Paul Wilkins of Chicago, 111. 

IX-2 Harrv Wilkins of Terre Haute, Ind. 

IX-3 Wilma Wilkins of Terre Haute, Ind. 

(4) Eleanor Wilkins b. Sept. 19, 1873, d. Dec. 1873. 

(5) Harley Wilkins b. July 26, 1877, d. Mar. 6, 1929. 
No family. 

h. Marv King b. Jan. 1, 1842. No family. 

j. Sarah King b. Jan. 1, 1842. No family. Mary and Sarah, 

k. James Haywood King b. Nov. 21, 1845. d. Dec. 3, 1909. 

No family. 
1. Alice Labitha King b. Oct. 3, 1853, d. July 1854. 

8 Lydia Sherwood (dau. of Hugh and Rebecca Sherwood) mar. 
Benjamin King, brother of Rev. James King. 

a. Rebecca King mar. Crawford Glossos of Manhattan, Kansas. 

b. James King. 

c. Labitha King mar. Corder Stone. 

d. Benjamin King, killed. 

e. Emily King mar. Scott Housekeeper. 

f. Martha King mar. Walter Van Dusen. 

g. Wesley King mar. Lydia Sherwood, 
h. George King, d. y. 

j. Caroline King mar John Stcen. 

9 Thomas Sherwood mar. Elizabeth Eldridge. 

a. Rebecca Sherwood mar. Holmes. Clay Center. Kan. 

b. Mar>' Sherwood mar. Bishop. Clay Center, Kan. 

c. Elizabeth Sherwood mar. Carson. Clay Center, Kan. 

d. Anna Sherwood mar. Bugbee. Clay Center, Kan. 

e. Rachel Sherwood. 

f. John Sherwood. 


Richard, b. April 12, 1752, and Mar^- (Lee) Lixthicum 

J>ivcd mostly in Dorchester and Talbot Counties, (Eastern Shore), Md. 
A Richard, Jr.. b. May 12. 1780, d. 1854, mar. Jan. 27, 1803, Char- 
lotte Seward. 
B William b. Oct. 1781, mar. Bromwell. Was commissioned 



Captain Sept. 21, 1813. 3rd Co., 2nd Battalion, 48th (Jones) Regi- 
ment, Dorchester Co. Militia. 

C Elizabeth b. July 22, 1783. mar. Wm. Pattison. 

D Rachel b. Dec. 14, 1785, mar. Joseph Stewart. 

E Francis b. Oct. 18, 1787, mar. Jones. 

F Thomas b. Mar. 29, 1790, mar. Jan. 6, 1813, Nancv Harrington. 

G Samuel b. Sept. 12, 1792, mar. Jan. 30, 1820, Ala'faire Breerwood 
(Brerewood) b. Sept. 1, 1818 or 20; d. May 26, 1849. 

H Mary b. Oct. 19, 1794, mar. C. Jones. 

J Zachariah b. Oct. 19, 1797, mar. Jan. 30, 1824, Henrietta Busiec 
Children of A Richard, Jr., b. 1780, and Charlotte (Seward) L. 

1 Richard, HI, mar. 

a. Dr. Richard, IV. 

b. Percy. 

c. Daughter. 

2 Tasiah b. 1819, d. April 1, 1895, mar. Sarah Dixon. 

a. B. T. b. 1856, d. 1921. mar. 1890, Mary Greene. 

b. Carrie b. 1858, d. 1921, mar. Walter Harrison, no children. 
Children of B. T- <'^nd Mary (Greene) Linthicum. 

(1) Charlie b. 'l891, mar. 1923, Hazel Wool ford. 

(2) Josiah Francis Linthicum b. 1892, mar. 1918, Clara 
Louise Brooks; has sister Velma Brooks. 

IX-1 Benjamin Josiah b.l921. 

(3) William b. 1893, mar. 1924, Rosalie Woalford. 

(4) Henry D., Sr., b. 1895. mar. 1915, Elizabeth Richardson. 
IX-1 ' Henry D., Jr., b. 1916. 

IX-2 Sarah b. 1919. 
IX-3 John b. 1921. 
IX-4 Jean b. 1922. 
IX-5 Elizabeth b. 1923. 

(5) Benjamin James Linthicum b. 1900, d. 1919 overseas, 
brought home and buried at Old Trinity Church, Church 
Creek, Md. 

(6) Thomas b. 1901, mar. 1922, Agnes Tyler. 
IX-1 Marv Greene b. 1923. 

IX-2 Thomas b. 1927. 
IX-3 Shirley Jean b. 1928. 
IX-4 William b. 1929. 
IX-5 P^arl b. 1931. 
IX-6 Cynthia b. 1933. 

(7) Richard Linthicum of B. J., b. 1903, mar. 1924, Lulu 

IX-1 Richard, Jr., b. 1925. 
IX-2 Margaret Lulu b. 1930. 

(8) Philip b. 1905, mar. 1926. Rebecca Lecompt. 
Children of F Thomas Linthicum and Nancy (Harrington) Linthi- 
cum, dau. of John and Sarah Harrington. 

1 Francis Linthicum, mar. Feb. 15, 1842, his cousin Sarah Ann 

24 GESF..1I.0GY Of THr: f.IMlIlCVM / 

Harrinjiton. dan. of his mother's hrothcr, Joliii narn'iifzton, Jr., 
and his wife, Sarali Huhhanl. The father of Jolin, Jr., and 
Nanc\- Harrin<2:t(in was John Harrin<.Tton. Sr., h. 1704, mar. 
Eli/.ahcth Jones. 

a. Thomas Linthicuni mar. I'^lhi . 

( 1 ) Grace d. u. 

(2) Ah'ce mar. Dr. G. J. Grempler, Sr. 
IX-1 Dr. G. J. Grempler, Jr. (dentist). 

b. IMary Elizabeth Linthicum mar. Wm. flartlovc. 
(1) Frances Hartlo\e mar. Lambdin. 

c. Sarah Linthicum mar. Henry Cook, Sr. 

( 1 ) Eva Cook. 

(2) Francis Cook. 

(3) Rufus Cook, d. 1934. 

(4) Henry Cook, Jr. 

d. Zipporah LinthlcvuTi mar. TIenr}- ^Vheeler. 
(1) Dr. Arthur Wheeler, (dentist). 

c. Susie Linthicum d. u. 
G Samuel was a private in Captain Thomas Woolford's Company 48th 
(Jones) Regiment, Dorchester Co., I\L'liria. ^Var of 1812, entered 
on duty April 17, 1814; discharged Feb. 9, 1815. 
Children of Samuel L. and Alafairc Breerwood: 

1 Susan Adelaide b. , mar. Richard Linthicum. d. 

2 Zacharlah Washington b. Mar. 20, 1822, mar. Sarali Elizabeth 
Collins, d. May 31, 1886. 

3 Hester Ann b. , mar. James Richardson, d. 

Children of Zachariah W. L. and Sarah E. Collins: 

a. Rebecca Collins L. b. Sept. 12, 1858, mar. Dr. John D. Fiske 
April 26. 1882, d. Aug. 15, 1908. 

b. Samuel b. June 24, 1860, mar. Nov. 7, 1890, Elizabeth G. 
Graham, lived in Norfolk. 

c. Daniel b. Feb. 18, 1862. mar. May 7. 1890, Anne Elizabeth 
Storey, lived in Atlanta, but for over fifteen years has been 
living in San Francisco, Calif. Only one child. 

(1) Muriel Elizabeth b. July 1, 1894, mar. an arm\- man 
who \\as tran>^f erred several years ago (about 1929 or 
1930) to Fort Benning, near Ccdumbus, Ga. 

Children of ]. Zachariali b. 1797, and Henrietta (Busick) Linthicum: 
1 Levin Lee L. b. Jan. 30, 1833, mar. (1) in 1853, Matilda 
Jones; (2) in 1881, Irene Elizabeth Richardson. 

a. Wm. Wood Linthicum b. April ^\ 1854; mar. (1) Kate 
Seward; (2) Nannie Wilson. 

( 1 ) Clarence d. 

(2) Lee d. 

(3) Allan mar. 

b. Mvrtle Elizabeth b. 1890, mar. in 1913. Benjamin Harrison 

(1) Elizabeth Bramble b. 1916. 

(2) Harrison Bramble. 


2 James b. 1838, unmar. f 

3 Jeremiah b. July 9, 1856, d. Sept. 1898, mar. 1862, Sarah Jane 

a. Emma Z. b. Feb. 1, 1863, d. Feb. 1932, mar. in 1883. Thos. 

(1) Reese Williams b. 1884, mar. Olive Brannock, No 

(2) Raymond Williams b. in 1885, mar, Colley Newbury. 
IX-1 Mildred Williams. 

IX-2 Hanna Williams. 
IX-3 Lillian Williams. 

(3) Purnell Williams b. 1887, mar. Beulah Shipley. 
IX-1 Evelvn Williams. 

IX-2 Dorothy Williams. 

(4) Miriam Williams b. in 1890, mar. Wm. Lewis. No 

(5) Anna Williams b. in 1895, mar. Herbert Mills. 
IX-1 Marie Mills. 

IX-2 Thomas Mills. 

b. Mary L. b. Feb. 2, 1866, never mar. 

c. James W. b. P>b. 17, 1868, mar. Florence Jones. 

( 1 ) Juliet mar. Robert Strobel. 
IX-1 Elizabeth Strobel. 

(2) Willard, not mar. 

(3) Alvin mar. Louise Hubbard, no children. 

(4) Louetta mar. Michael Oconnor. 

(5) Sarah mar. O. L. Lutz. Have children. 
IX — Perhaps four. 

(6) Helen. 

d. Wm. Alvin Linthicum b. April 9, 1871. d. Aug. 19, 1919; 
mar. in 1900, Ella Brooks. 

(1) Infant b. 1901. d. 1901. 

(2) Louise b. 1902. mar. in 1926 to Charlie Bromwell, Jr. 
IX-1 Robert Bromwell. 

(3) Brooks S. b. Mar. 23. 1910. 

(4) Elizabeth b. 1907-1910. 

(5) Natalie b. Sept. 2, 1912, d. June 10, 1913. 

e. Samuel W. b. Oct. 31, 1873, mar. in 1904, Ethel Dawson. 

(1) Sarah b. 1909. 

(2) Dawson b. 1916. 

f. Sallie J. b. May 28, 1876, mar. in 1898, Purnell Asplen. 

(1) Harold Asplen b. Aug. 1900, mar. Eleanor Dashield. 
No children. 

(2) Grafton Asplen b. Feb. 1902, mar. Threasa (Theresa) 
Shenton. No children. 

(3) William Asplen b. Mar. 1905, unmar. 

(4) Charlotta Asplen b. May 1904, unmar. 

(5) Herbert Asplen b. Sept. 1907, unmar. 

(6) Hamilton Asplen b. Aug. 1909, mar. 


IX-1 Muriel Asplon b. 1^.>0. 
(7) L;iura Asplen b. 1^14, mar. Nowbrav Danon. 
lX-1 Jane Dayton b. Feb.. l^^l. " 
S. Edwin b. Au^. lo. 1S7*^. mar. Oct. 1^20, Louise Shipley. 
Sarah Ehzabeth k Ms.. 2^. 1840. mar. ISdo. John Jones, " 

a. Maliss.1 Jones mar. John Richardson. 

(^ 1 ) Fred Richardson mar. Nellie . 

lX-1 Child. 

(2) Charlie Richardson mar. Holland. 

(3") Vesta Richardson died in infancy. 

b. Handtord Jones mar. Sarah Fitzhu^h. 

(P L^TH Jones mar. Mary Colson. Xo children. 
{2) Lillian Jones mar. James Brummet. 

c. John Jones mar. Salley Smith. 

lX-1 Daisy Jones. 

d. Samuel Jones mar. Bessie Robins^in. 

e. Sarah Jones mar. Frank Vickers. 

(1) Riland Vickers mar. Inez Alair. 

(2) Reba Vickers mar. Howard Jones. 
lX-1 Lois Jones. 

lX-2 Howard Jones, Jr. 

(3) Rue Vickers mar. Emma Wheatly. No children. 

(4) Lilv Vickers mar. Harold Delaha. 
t. Lee Jones unmar. 

g. Annie Jones mar. Wm. Stew-art. No children. 

h. Katie Jones mar. Walter Harris^TTi. 

Henrietta Polk Linthicum b. July 11. 1S44. mar. 1S6S, Demetrius 

Whitnev Newberrv. 

a. Nora Newberrv b. IS:*^, mar. William Nield. April 4. lS'H-5. 
il) Belle Nield b. Tulv 14. 18*^5. mar. Morlinc B. Sudler. 
(2^ Eveh-n Whitney Nield b. April 2^. 1S«^:. mar. 1^20, 

Wm. A. Thomas from Enirland. 

lX-1 Elizabeth Thomas b. Tulv 23. l'^21. 

IX-2 William b. Tune 1. l'^24. 

(3) Wm. Huirh Nield. Sr.. b. Sept. 20. IS'^S, mar. Dec. 1O20. 
Pauline Spencer. 

IX-1 K.itherine Nield b. Feb. 13. 1^22. d. 1*330. 
IX-2 Wm. Huch Nield, Tr., b. 1*326. 
IX-3 Viniinia Nield b. fan.. 1*324. 

(4) Arthur Nield b. Nov. I'W, mar. Sept. 1*32:. Frances 

IX-1 William Nield b. 1'330. 

(5) Thelma Newberr} N :"  b. July, 1'302. mar. Emerson 

IX-1 Tohn Emerson Saurhott b. Apr.. 1^2S. 
IX-2 Robert S.iurhoft. b. 1«331. 

b. Elmer Newberry b. 1S71. mar. Gertrude . No children. 

c. Eliza Newberry b. 1S73. mar. John Weber. No children. 

d. Edith Newberrv b. 1S7^. mar. Thomx^ Jones. 


(1) Ruth Jones. 

(2) Mildred Jones d. 

(3) Edith Jones. 

(4) Thomas Jones, Jr. 

(5) Woodrow Jones. 

e. Guy Ncwherry b. 1881, mar. Sadie Clark. 

(1) Frances Newberry. 

(2) Maud Hunter Newberry. 

(3) Mildred Newberry. 

f. Maud Newberry, unmar. 

6 Mary Rachel b. Nov. 10, 1847, mar. March 24, 1868, James Bell. 

a. Minnie Bell, d. in infancy. 

b. Winnie Bell mar. 1907, Erna Stevenson. 

(1) Howard Stevenson b. 1909. 

(2) luncst Stevenson b. Oct., 1910. 

(3) Georji;ia Stevenson b. May, 1915. 

(4) Eva Stevenson b. 1919. 

c. Eva Bell mar. 1901, [ulian VVoolford. 

(1) Hooper Woolford b. 1902. 

(2) Mabel Woolford b. 1904. 

(3) Annetta Woolford b. 1906. 

(4) Earl Woolford b. 1907. 

(5) Apies Woolford b. 1912. 

d. Samuel Bell mar. Sept., 1898, Mattie Spicer. 

(1) James Bell b. 1899, d. 1899. 

(2) Spicer Bell b. April, 1902, mar. 1926, Frances Slacum. 
IX-1 lean Bell b. 1930. 

(3) Elizabeth Bell b. 1911. 

(4) Annette Bell b. 1913. 

e. Everett Bell mar. Elizabeth Jones. 

(1) May Bell. 

(2) Herman Bell. 

(3) Mary Bell, 

(4) Tames Bell. 

(5) Russel Bell. 

(6) Alton Bell. 

7 Mary Etta b. 1842, d. in infancy. 


Mary Linthicum mar. previous to 1688 Richard Snowden, HI, son 
of Richard, Jr., and Elizabeth (Grosse) Snowden, who were mar. pre- 
vious to 1675, when they appeared as man and wife to inherit a portion 
of the estate of the father of Elizabeth, Roger Grosse. 

Richard, Jr., was the son of the sea captain, Richard Snowden, Sr., 
who settled in Maryland, and who, tradition says, was Major Richard 
Snowden of Wales, who held a commission under Cromwell. 


In 1670, Richard Siioudoii bought of (ico. Yatc a tract of Iron ore 
land on South River. In lOSO he was granted Robin Hood's Forest, a 
tract of 10,500 acres; in 1688, he bought lands of Wm. Parker, near 
West River. He was living in 1704. 

Child of ]\Iar\- (LInthicum) and Richard Snowden, III. 
Gen. 111-a Richard, "iV, mar. 3rd month 19, 1709. 

(1) Elizabeth Cole, d. 1713, dau. of Wm. and Elizabeth 
(Sparrow) Cole. 
Gen. IV-1 Elizabeth Snowden mar. John Thomas. 

Gen. IV^-2 Mary Snowden mar. Samuel Thomas, Jr. These two were 
sons of Samuel Thomas, Sr., and Mary (Hutchins) Thomas. 
Gen. IV-3 Deborah Snowden mar. James Brooke. 

mar. (2) Elizabeth Thomas, dau. of Samuel, Sr., and Mary 
(Hutchins) Thomas, 10th month, 19, 1717. She d. 
1775, her will proved Aug. 9, 1 775. Liber W. F. No. 1, 
Fol. 407. 
Gen. IV-4 Richard Snowden, V, b. in 1719-20, mar. about Oct. 3. 1748, 
Elizabeth, only dau. of John and Miriam Crowley, of Prince 
George's Co, Md., and d. s. p. March 18, 1750; will proved 
April 11, 1753. Liber D. D. No. 7. 
Gen. IV-5 Thomas Snowden b. cir. 1722. resided Prince George's Co., 
Md., mar. Mary, dau. of Henry Wright and Elizabeth 
Sprigg, dau. of Col. Edward Sprigg. 
A Henry Snowden d. s. p. 

B Richard Snowden, of Thomas, mar. Eliza, dau. of 
Thomas, Jr., and Ann Rutland. Eliza mar. (2nd) 
Orme, and d. in 1775; her first husband d. leav- 
ing an only dau. 

1 Mary Snowden b. Aug. 28, 1770, brought up at 
her uncle. Major Thomas Snowden's residence. 
Montpelier. She mar. John Chew Thomas. 
C Major lliomas Snowden, Jr., b. in 1751, was a Capt. 
in the Rev. Army, and commissioned March 18, 1776; 
Second Major of the Twenty-fifth Battalion of Militia, 
Prince George's Co., Md., mar. Ann, dau. of Colonel 
Henry and Ann (Dorsey) Ridgely, a great heiress, and 
d. in 1803; his wife d. on Good Friday of 1834. 
Gen. IV-6 Ann Snowden mar. Henr\ Wright Crabb. 
A Richard Crabb. 
B Elizabeth Crabb mar. March 29, 1771, William, son of 

Samuel Robertson. 
C Jeremiah Crabb mar. Elizabeth Griffith. 
D Ralph Crabb. 
E John Crabb. 
Gen. I\'-7 Margaret Snowden mar. John Contee. 

A Elizabeth Contee mar. James Keith. 
B Jean Contee. 

C Richard Contee mar. Elizabeth Sanders. 
D Ann Contee mar. Denis Magruder. 



Gen. IV-8 Samuel Snowdcn, Sr.. b. in 1728, in Nov. 1774, was a mem- 
ber of Prince George's Co. Committee to carry into execu- 
tion the association of the Continental Congress. 
He mar. Elizabeth, dau. of Philip and Ann (Chew) Thomas, 
and d. June 27, 1801. His wife had died Jan. 30, 1790. 

A Richard Snowden. of Sam., Sr. 

B Ann Snowden mar. Richard Hopkins, ancestors of 
Matilda Dare Hopkins. 

C Elizabeth Snowden. 

D Philip Snowden mar. Dec. 1, 1791, Patience, dau. of 
Jos. Honkins at Sandy Spring Meeting House (Friends). 
She d. Oct. 16. 1822. 

E Mary Snowden mar. Jos. Cowman. 

F Samuel, Jr., b. in 1766, d. May 26, 1823, mar. Dec. 1, 
1 796, Elizabeth, dau. of John Cowman of A. A. Co., Md. 

G Henrietta Snowden mar. Oct. 14, 1804. Gerard Hopkins. 

H Sarah Snowden mar. Dr. EHsha Hopkins, See A. F. 

J John b. in 1774, d. Jan. 26. 1790. 

A Line of ancestry from B Ann, above. 

B Ann Snowden mar. Richard Hopkins, ninth child of 
Gerrard, HI, b. 1709, and Mary Hall, his wife. 
1 Samuel Snowden Hopkins mar. Harriet Ann Now- 

a. James Lambert Hopkins mar. Matilda Ann Hop- 
kins, his cousin. 

( 1 ) Samuel Snowden Hopkins of J. L. mar. 
Elizabeth Matilda Linthicum. 
IX-1 Matilda Dare Hopkins and sisters 
and brothers (under Ensign John 

Gen. IV-9 Elizabeth Snov.-den mar. Joseph Cowman. 

Gen. IV-10 John, youngest son of Richard Snowden, IV, and Elizabeth 
(Thomas) Snowden. inherited Birmingham Manor; mar. at 
the age of forty. Rachel, dau. of Richard Hopkins. 

A Richard Philip Snowden. 

B Anna Maria b. 1787, mar. Jos. R. Hopkins, and d. 
March 27, 1864. 

C Gerard Hopkins Snowden b. April 27, 1788, mar. . 

1 John, only son, b. Nov. 11, 1827, d. July 7, 1828. 
D John T. Snowden. 

E Margaret Snowden mar. Hopkins. 

F Rezin Hammond Snowden b. Sept. 8, 1796. 
G Rachel Snowden mar. Judge John S. Tyson. 




(Partial List of Descendants) 

A ALiry Thomas m:ir. Samuel Thomas of Pliilip of Samuel, Sr., and 
IVLarv Hutchins. 

1 Ann Thomas mar. Thomas Russell. 

2 Philip Thomas d. s. p. 

3 Samuel Thomas, Jr.. d. inf. 

4 Richard Snowden Thomas, d. 1814, resided at Perry P(jint, 
Susquehanna River, mar. 1784. Mary Mifflin; had 12 children. 

5 John Chew Thomas h. 1764, resided at Fairland, A. A. Co., 
Md. Representative in Congress 1799-1801 ; mar. 1788, Mary, 
dau. and heiress of Richard and Eliza (Rutland, gr.-dau. of 
Jane (Linthicum) Rutland) Snowden. 

a. John Chew Thomas. Jr., b. at Fairland, Sept. 22, 1803. d. 
Aug. 29, 1862, mar. Mar. 2, 1848, Jane Lawrence Buckley. 

(1) Dr. Lawrence Buckley Thomas, author of Thomas 
Book, b. Dec. 6. 1848, mar. Oct. 11, 1882, Marv Berry 
McCobb, who d. s. p. Nov. 16, 1884. 

(2) Julia Thomas b. Mar. 1850, mar. Oct. 14, 1789. James 
Valentine Wagner. 

IX-1 Effingham Bucklev Wagner b. Oct. 22, 1883. 
TX-2 Edgar Wagner b. Mar. 25, 1887. 
IX-3 Julian T. Wagner b. Apr. 9, 1894. 

(3) Walter Wood Thomas b. June 11, 1852, mar. Mary 
Ellicott, d. s. p., June 9, 1889. 

B Elizabeth Thomas mar. Feb. 16, 1758, (as 3rd w.) Johns Hopkins, 
Sr., b. Oct. 30, 1720, ninth and youngest child of Gerrard, Jr., and 
Margaret (Johns) Hopkins. 

1 Ezekiel Hopkins and 

2 Johns Hopkins, Jr., being bv 1st and 2nd wives respectively. 
See A. F. " ' 

3 Samuel Hopkins, Sr., b. Feb. 3. 1759, mar. Aug. 1792, LLmnali, 
dau. of Josepli and Hannah (Jones) Janney, and d. Feb. 9, 1814; 
parents of Johns Hopkins b. May 19, 1795, who left nearly 
$7,000,000 to establish University and Hospital in Baltimore, and 
gave ?il,000,000 to relatives. Tlie University was opened Oct. 
3, 1876; the Hospital, May 7. 1889. 

4 Philip Hopkins b. Sept. 24, 1760, d. July 25, 1814, mar. March 
21, 1787, Mary, dau. of Isaiah Boone. 

5 Dr. Richard S. Hopkins; issue to follow. 

6 Mary Hopkin> mar. Samuel Peach. 

7 IVIargrit Hopkins mar. Jesse T\'Son. 

8 Gerard T. Hopkins mar. Doroth\-, dau. of Roger anil ALary 
Brooke: partial list to follow. 

9 Elizabeth Hopkins mar. John Janney. 


10 Evan Hopkins mar. Elizabeth, dau. of Joseph and Elizabeth 

1 1 Ann Hopkins mar. Thomas Shrieves. 

12 Rachel Hopkins b. Sept. 7, 1777, mar. Robert Hough of Penna. 

13 William Hopkins. 

3 Samuel Hopkins, Sr., b. Feb. 3, 1759, d. 1814, and Hannah 
(Janney) Hopkins. 

a. Joseph Janney Hopkins b. 1793, mar. E. Schofield. 

(1) Gerard Hopkins mar. 1874, Emily R. Snowden of Md. 
IX-1 Joseph Hopkins. 

IX-2 Blanche Hopkins. 

(2) Louis N. Hopkins. 

(3) Joseph Hopkins. 

(4) Samuel Hopkins mar. 1877, Martha Smith of Baltimore. 

b. Johns Hopkins, b. May 19, 1795, d. 1873, left funds to estab- 
lish University and Hospital to be called by his name. 

c. Eliza Hopkins mar. Nathaniel Crenshaw of Virginia. 

d. Sarah Hopkins mar. Richard M. Janney of Md. 

( 1 ) John Hopkins Janney mar. . 

IX-1 Lena Janney. 

IX-2 Richard Janney. 
IX-3 Johns Janney. 

(2) Samuel M. Janney mar. E. Hall. 
IX-1 Mary Janney. 

IX-2 Johns Janney of S. 
IX-3 Sarah Janney. 

(3) Jane Janney mar. Francis White. 

(4) Hannah Janney. 

(5) Margaret Janney mar. Joseph Elliott. 

e. Samuel Hopkins, Jr., mar. Lavinia Jolliffe. 

( 1 ) John Hopkins. 

(2) Ella Hopkins. 

(3) Dr. Arundel Hopkins. 

(4) Mahlon Hopkins. 

f. Margaret Hopkins mar. Miles White. 

(1) Dr. Elias White. 

(2) Francis White mar. Jane Janney. 
IX-1 Miles White. 

IX-2 Sarah White. 

IX-3 Richard White. 
5 Dr. Richard S. Hopkins b. 1762, graduated from the University 
of Penn., 1785, and d. 1835, mar. Hannah Hammond; had seven 
sons and two daughters, last son named Septimus. 


\^. Septimus Hopkiiif mar. IVIary . 

( 1 ) Rezin Hopkins. 

(2) Frances Hopkins. 

(3) Aubrey Hopkins (boy). 

(4) Mary Hopkins. 
(5^ Irene Hopkins. 
(6) Laura Hopkins. 

(1) Rezin Hopkins mar. Elizabeth Ann Craggs; had 8 ch. 
IX-1 Cordela Hopkins mar. Prof. Oscar Anthony. 
X-1 Donald Anthony. 
X-2 Margaret Anthony. 

IX-2 George Craggs Hopkins mar. Eva . 

X-1 George Craggs Hopkins, Jr. 
IX-3 Joseph Henry Hopkins mar. Zula Lee Hyatt. 

X-1 Bettie Lou Hopkins. 
IX-4 Mary Ann Craggs Hopkins mar. Robert Crisp 
Benson, son of Basil Byron Benson and Leah 

(Pumphrey of Thos.) Benson. See A. F.  

X-1 Harold Hopkins Benson b. Nov. 2. 1909. 
X-2 Mary Kathryn Benson b. Sept. 6, 1913, mar. 
June 6, 1934, Melvin Amos Pittman. 
IX-5 Sarah Elizabeth (Bessie) Hopkins b. Sept. 6, 
1886, mar. Wm. N. Crisp; see pg. 72. 
X-1 Elizabeth Hopkins Crisp b. March 26. 1919. 
X-2 William Shipley Crisp b. April 24, 1921. 

IX-6 Charles Rezin Hopkins mar. Florence . No 

IX-7 James Edward Hopkins mar. Elizabeth King. 
X-1 Rezin Hopkins. 
X-2 Phyllis Hopkins. 
X-3 Margaret Hopkins. 
X-4 Cordela Hopkins. 
X-5 Janet Hopkins. 
IX-8 Josephine Edna Hopkins mar. Robert Clark, 
X-1 Roberta Clark. 
8 Gerard T. Hopkins. Sr., d. 1834, mar. Dorothy Brooke. 

a. Gerard T. Hopkins. Jr., b. 1815. mar. Elizabeth Coates. 

(1) Frank N. Hopkins mar. Frances Moore. 

(2) Bessie Hopkins. 

(3) Johns Hopkins. 

(4) Gerard Hopkins. 

(5) Roger B. Hopkins. 

(6) Annie Hopkins mar. 17S3, P^.\an Poultncy. 

b. Margaret Hopkins b. 1817. mar. Meredith Jollilfe. 

(1) Thomas Tolliftc. 

(2) A dau. Jolliffe. 

c. Mary Hopkins b. 1797, mar. Benjamin P. Moore. 

















Jane Li'nthicum mar. Jan. 13, 1695, Thomas Rutland, Sr., b. 1664, 
bur. Dec. 14, 1731, of South River. Will Nov. 18, 1731-Dec. 24, 1731 
(Liber C. C. No. 3, Folio 471). 

Gen. Ill-a Mary Rutland b. 17—, bur. Jan. 19, 1721-2, mar. Jan. 30, 

1717, Thomas Sappington, Sr., bur. Feb. 8, 1721-2. 

Thomas Sappington, Jr., bapt. Jan. 19, 1721-2. 

Elizabeth Rutland b. Feb. 26, 1707, d. Mar. 12, 1707. 

Ann Rutland b. 17 — , mar. Leonard Wayman, Jr. 

Thomas Rutland, Jr., b. 1703, mar. Ann Dorsey, and d. 

before Feb. 1774. 

Thomas Rutland, III, mar. Ann, made will 1790 (Liber J. 

G. No. 1, Fol. 181), apparently d. s. p. 

Eliza Rutland mar. Richard Snowden. 

In will of father, Thomas, Jr., is to be advised by Richard 


Thomas to receive 200 A of Rutland's Discovery, and 400 A 

of Rutland's Purchase Enlarged. 
Gen. Ill-e Elizabeth Rutland b. 17 — , mar. Jan. 12, 1730, Stephen 

Stewart, Sr., b. Dec. 28, 1699, son of Robert, (son of David, 

Sr., b. 1616 in Scotland), and Susan (Watts) Stewart, mar. 

Jan. 26, 1699. See A. F. — Thomas and Stewart. 

Other children of David, Sr., are David, Jr., Charles, and 

James Stewart, mar. July 21, 1710, Rachel Wichall. 

Elizabeth was to receive 200 A of Rutland's Purchase En- 
Gen. IV-1 Stephen Stewart, Jr., b. about 1731, probably d. i. 

Stephen Stewart, Sr., Will Tan. 28, 1742, prob. Feb. 25, 

1742, mar. (2nd) Dec. 1734, Elizabeth Ward. 
Gen. IV-2 Edward Stewart. 
Gen. IV-3 Stephen Stewart, became prominent in Revolutionary War. 

Thomas, Jr., and Deborah (Wayman) Linthicum 

Eleven recorded. 

Gen. Ill-a Dorcas b. Aug. 15, 1700, mar. Feb. 4, 1719, Francis 

Gen. IV-1 John Hardesty b. Jan. 29, 1727. 
Gen. IV-2 Robert Hardesty b. Oct. 23, 1730. 
Gen. Ill-b Thomas, III, b. Sept. 28, 1701, mar. April 28, 1724, Sarah 

Burton, dau. of Joseph. 
Gen. III-c Mary b. Sept. 29, 1703, mar. Oct. 6, 1724, John Fowler. 

34 GEMl.lLUGY 01' THE I.!.\ TIllCUM 

Gen. Ill-d Leonard b. Oct. 5. 1705, mar.; wife bur. Mar, 6. 1731. 
Ck'u. III-c Ueborali b. Sept. 11, 1707, mar. Jan. 26, 1727, Jolin Jones, 

b. Mar. 12, 1693, in parish of All Hallows, South River, 

son of Wm. and Alice Jones. 
Gen. Ill-f Gideon b. Feb. 15, 17 — , mar. before 1737, Tnne, (wid. of 

fohn Ford), d. 1770. 
Gen. Ill- Ann b. May 11, 17—. 
Gen. lll-h Flizabeth b. Aug. 30, 17—. 
Gen. Ill-j Ruth b. Feb. 5, 17 — , mar. Orrick, was one of nearest of 

kin, with Mary Fowler, at time (;f settling estate of her 

bro., Hezckiah. 
Gen. Ill-k Edmund b. Mar. 30, 17 — , d. 1764, mar. Elizabeth. 
Gen. 1\'-1 Thomas. 
Gen. lV-2 Edmund, Jr. 
Gen. III-l Hczekiah, school-master, b. Nov. 7, 1723, d. 1767, mar. 

about 1750, Sarah Bateman, b. 1713, d. 1778, dau. of 

Henry and Sarah (Powell) Bateman. See page 50. 

Thomas, III, axd Sarah (Bi'rtox') Lixthicum 

Gen. IV-1 Thomas, IV, b. June 1, 1725; April 8, 1799 will; d. s. p. 

Gen. IV-2 Toseph b. April 30, 1727. 

Gen. IV-3 Burton b. 173—; will, 1778-Jan. 14, 1782, all to wife, d.s. p. 
mar. ]\Iilcah Linthicum. 

Gen. IV-4 Hezekiah of Thomas, III, mar. Lydia Andrews. 

Gen. IV-5 Deborah died spinster 1803, naming brother Hezekiah as 
sole heir. 

Gen. IV-6 Zachariah b. 1735, d. 1808, mar. (1) Sarah Prather; (2) 
Mary Ann Clegatt (Clagett), license obtained Nov. 1, 1803, 
buried Aug. 12, 1806. No children by 2nd mar. 
At the beginning of the Revolutionary War, Zachariah, of 
Sugar Loaf Hundred, was appointed to promote subscrip- 
tions for the raising of $1333, the quota of Frederick Co., 
for arms and ammunition. ( Scharf's History of ^Vestern 
Md., Vol. 2, pg. 175.) (From Newman's A. A. Gentry.) 

Gen. IV-7 lane, spinster. 

Gen. IV-8 Asael. 


Gen. Ill-a Hezekiah Clark and 'Fhomas Clark were baptized Mar. 

21, 1718. 

Hezekiah Clark and Elizabeth Burton were married Apr. 

21, 1719. 
Gen. IV-1 Marv Clark b. Feb. 21, 1723. 
Gen. IV-2 Sarah Clark b. Apr. 29, 1731. 



Zachariah and Sarah (Prather) Linthicum 

His will was made Jan. 26, 1805, probated June 14, 1809. Recorded 
in Book F, page 197, of Land Records of Montgomery Co., Md. Among 
other lands bequeathed in his will was what is known as "Resurvey on 
Wolf Pit, part of Pig Pen, part of Partnership, part of Friend in Need, 
part of Good Luck, part of Mt. Airy, part of Vienna, part of Resurvey 
on Mitchell's Range, part of Baker's Chance," etc. 

Zachariah b. in Anne Arundel Co., All Hallows Parish, Md., 1735; 
d. in Montgomery Co., Md., 1808. He removed to the Lower 
District of Frederick Co., with his parents, 1760; mar. 

(1) 1757, Sarah Prather, b. 1738, d. in Montgomery Co., Md., 1797. 
Sarah Prather was the dau. of John Prather, of Montgomery Co., 
b. 1715, d. Funeral Nov. 3, 1796, in Montgomery Co., Md.; mar. 
1735, Rachel Odele,(Odell) b. 1717 in Prince George's Co., Md., d. 
1784, in Montgomery Co., Md. 

John Prather took the patriot's oath, March term, 1778, Court 
Record, 1771-1781. 

Zachariah was executor of will of John Prather. Will, Sept. 8, 1795; 
Probated No. 19, 1796; three children, Thomas Prather, Sarah Lin- 
thicum and Mary Duvall, Liber C. pg. 313. 

Revolutionary service of Zachariah Linthicum of Montgomery Co., 
Md.: "Unpublished Revolutionary Records of Maryland, Mont- 
gomerv Co. Militia Battalion, No. 29, 2nd Company, Sept. 21, 
1777, Recorded Maryland Historical Society, Baltimore, Md." (From 
Mrs. Margaret Roberts Hodges, d., Genealogist, Annapolis, Md.) 
Also in 2nd Co. Middle Battalion and in Class No. 1, 3rd Co. Vol. 
1-a, Montgomery Co. Militia. 
Zachariah mar. 

(2) Ann Clegatt (Clagett), Funeral Aug. 12, 1806. 


Zachariah and Sarah 

A John b. 1770, mar. Priscilla Magruder. Issue to follow. (2nd?) 

Anne Seeders in 1804 (?). 
B Thomas Prather, Sr., b. July 20, 1771, d. June 8, 1850, mar. April 2, 

1798, Nancy Williams b. Mar. 23, 1776, d. Sept. 27, 1843. 

Both John and Thomas moved to Kentucky. Issue later. 
C Hezekiah b. 1773 mar. (1) Mary Hickman; (2) Mary Oliver. 

Issue pg. 40. 
D Frederick b. 1774, d. 1836, mar. (1) Rachel Mackelfresh (McEl- 

fresh), license Dec. 1, 1801; (2) Betsy (Elizabeth) Mackelfresh, 

license Oct. 6, 1809. Issue pg. 41. 
E Elizabeth b. 1775, mar. 1799, John Magruder. 


F Sarah h. 1777. mar. Dec. 2. 1802. William IVIackelfresh, in Mont- 
gomery Co. 

G Alary b. 1778, mar. 1799, James Magruder. 

A John and Priscilla (Magruder) Linthicum, and 2nd, Anne Seeders 
"(?) in 1804. 

1 Edward. 

2 Otho. 

These two founded Linthicum Institute in Washington, D. C. 
One was a druggist, in Georgetown, D. C. ; the other, a hardware 

3 Rufus Linthicum, Sr., b. about 1810 in Va.. d. in 1864 in Bards- 
town, Ky. ; when seventeen years of age, in 1827, mar. 

( 1 ) Eliza Antliony. 

a. Dr. Daniel Anthony Linthicum. 

b. William Linthicum. 

c. Rufus Linthicum, Jr. 

d. Susan Linthicum. 

(2) Mrs. Sarah Vermillion. 

e. Dr. Edward, of Evansville, Indiana, was knighted by German 
Emperor for distinguished services in the Balkans. 

f. Otho of Rufus. 

g. Saunders. 
h. Betty. 

j. Nova. 

k. Sallie. 

All living except Saunders L. in 1914. 

a. Dr. Daniel Anthony Linthicum was b. June 15, 1826, in 
Bardstown, Ky.. d. Aug., 1899, in Helena. Ark.; mar. Phoebe 
Clay Johnson, b. Apr. 29, 1892, in Davis Co., Ky. ; now 
(1914) living with grandson, D. A. L. in Los Angeles, Cal. 
She is the dau. of Pascal Johnson, b. in Amelia Co., Va., in 1793. 
and who d. about 1857, and Carrie Glover d. Mar. 4, 1841. 
Children of Pascal and Carrie (Glover) Johnson were Phoebe 
Clay Linthicum, Lovenia Miller, Virginia Miller and Mar\- 
Louise Miller of Madisonville, Va. Pascal Johnson's mother 
was Phoebe Clay of Va., d. 1793. 

Dr. Daniel A. L. practiced medicine in Kentucky until break- 
ing out of Civil War; became chief surgeon in Patrick Cley- 
bourne's Division of Chickamauga. During the war he was 
taken prisoner but his uncle. Edward, living in Georgetown 
secured an exchange for him from President Lincoln. At 
close of war practised two more years in Kentucky, and in 
1867 moved to Helena, Arkansas, and continued in the prac- 
tice of medicine; and was for vears President of the Arkansas 
Medical Society, President of the Tri-State Medical Society, 
and \\as prominent in the American Medical Society. 
Children of Daniel A. and Phoebe (Johnson) Linthicum: 

(1) Blanche b. Dec. 12. 1849, d. u. "in 1870. 

(2) Herman b. June 14, 1850, d. 1854. 



(3) Dr. Theodric Clay Linthicum b. Mar. 25, 1852; grad- 

iTVrA i^iate of schools of Medicine and Pharmacy in St. Louis, 

Co- 'V'^t^ ^ Philadelphia, Cincinnati and Louisville; was successful in 

T -MJ 2- f t^^^^r *'?/ prJictice of medicine in Helena, Arkansas, until 1901, 

'2--^ when his health failed; moved first to Texas, then to 

' Los Angeles, Calif., living there in 1914; mar. Dec. 18, 

1877, Louisa Butler Stirling at Helena, Ark. 
IX-1 Daniel Anthony Linthicum only child of T. C, 
mar. Dec. 18, 1900, Loulie Martin, dau. of the 
late Thos. B. Martin of Little Rock, Ark. ; Daniel 
and Loulie M. Linthicum living with son at Los 
Angeles (1914). 
X-1 Theodric Clav Linthicum onlv child, b. Oct. 1, 

B Thomas Prather Linthicum, Sr.. emigrated from Montgomerv Co., 
Md., to Bardstown. Kv.. in 1800, b. July 20. 1771, d. June 8," 1859, 
mar. April 2, 1793, Anne (Nancy) Williams, b. Mar. 23, 1776. d. 
Sept. 27, 1843. dau. of Charles and Anne (Beckwith) Williams. This 
Charles was the son of Joseph and Prudence Williams who emi- 
grated from Wales to Prince George's Co.. Md. 
Anne Beckwith (above) was the dau of Basil Beckwith b. April 9, 
1703, d. 1780, mar. Oct. 7, 1741, Volinda Claggett, d. Apr. 17, 1798. 
Volinda Claggett was the dau. of John Claggett b. 1683, and his 
wife, Volinda Sollars. John Claggett was the son of Captain 
Thomas Clagett, Gent., b. 1649, and wife, Mary Hooper (w. of 
Richard), who was Commissioner, Calvert Co., Md.. 1680; Coroner, 
1683; Captain of Calvert Co. Militia 1683. In 1689 he signed the 
declaration and address of the Protestant of Calvert. W. Md.; died 
in Calvert Co., 1703. Capt. Thomas Clagett was born in England, 
son of Edward ( .'') Clagett and Margaret Adams, whose brother, 
Hejir)' Adams, came to Massachusetts Colony and became ancestor 
of two Presidents, John Adams and John Quincy Adams. 

Children of Thomas and Nancy (Williams) Linthicum. 

1 Thcrmas Prather Linthicum, Jr., mar. Elizabeth Malone. 
a. Josephine mar. M. Kay of Bardstown, Ky. 

2 Chas. Williams L. b. Apr. 24, 1813, at Bardstown, Ky., removed 
to Blandville, Ballard Co., Ky., in 1839, and later to Milburn, 
Ky., then in Ballard Co., but now Carlisle Co., Ky. ; d. Apr., 
1866, buried in Blandville Cemetery. 

mar. (1) Dec. 13, 1832, Mary Eliza Slaughter b. June 5, 1819, 

at Bardstown, Kv., who d. 1852. 
a. Sarah b. Mav 12, 1834', d. Aug., 1886. 
mar. (1) in 1853, Quint Thomas, Sr. 

(1) Mary Thomas. (2) Jennie Thomas. (3) Quint Thomas, Jr. 
mar. (2) in 1871, Thomas Stanley. 

(4) William Stanle)'. (5) Edward Stanley. 


h. Thomas Prather Linthicum, of Chas. Wms., b. June 9, 
1836. d. Oct. 17, 1890, mar. Jan. 0, 1866, Mary Eliza Pol- 
lock, h. Nov. 12, d. Mar. 7, 1029. 

"An amiable father here lies at rest 
As ever God with his image blest; 
The friend of man, the friend of truth, 
The friend of age, the guide of youth." 

— From tombstone of Thomas P. Linthicum of 

Chas. Wms., Wickliffe, Ky. 

c. Cademus Benjamin b. Mar. 12, 1838, d. 1895, at St. Louis, 
Mo.; mar. 1868, Frances Pritchett. 

(1) Sallic. 

(2) Charles. 

(3) Henry. 

(4) Mattie. 

(5) Elsie. 

d. Margaret b. June 15, 1841, d. March 22, 1911, mar. 1864, 
Clay Johnson. 

( 1 ) Robert Johnson. 

(2) Lillie Jolinson. 

(3) Henry Johnson. 

(4) Alice Johnson. 

(5) Anna Johnson. 

(6) George Johnson. 

e. Marv Taylor' Linthicum b. Aug. 10, 1843, d. 1856. 

f. Slaughter b. Dec. 8, 1845, d. Mar. 10, 1920, mar. 1868, 
Lavinia Turk. 

(1) Ode. 

(2) Anna. 

(3) Mamie. 

(4) Wallace. 
Chas. W. L. 

mar. (2) in 1854, Phoeby Coil who d. in short time. No children. 
(3) in 1855, Pauline Childs, of Blandville, Ky. 

g. Susan b. 1855, d. in 1882 in Texas; mar. 1875, William Finch. 

(1 ) Mamie Finch. 

(2) Laura Fincli. 

r3) William Finch, Jr.. (Billy), 
h. Nan b. 1856, d. u. 1884. 
j. John b. Tan. 10, 1859. still living at Bardwell, Ky. ; mar. 

May 19, 1883, Norwood Thomas. 

(1) Nobbie (girl) b. Nov. 10, 1885. 

(2) Charles b. Dec. 8, 1887. 

k. Kate b. 1863, d. 1901, mar. 1885, Jess Bishop. 

(1) Ellen Bishop b. 1886. 

(2) Pauline Bishop b. 1889. 

After death of Chas. Wms. L., widow mar. (2) Watson, lived to 
he quite aged, then burned to death along with her house and 
furnishings in 1904 or 6. 


3 John d. in infancy, 

4 Ann b. Feb. 1794, d. 1858, mar. Dec. 25, 1810, Wm. Kendrick. 

5 Volinda Claggett Linthicum b. Dec. 22, 1795, d. Dec. 24, 1859, 
mar. July 7, 1812, Henry Lewis, b. Dec. 3, 1789, d. Apr. 25, 
1864. See A. F. 

a. Sarah Eliza Lexyis b. June 12, 1820. d. July 7, 1890, mar. 
Tan. 28, 1836, Major Harrison Yewell, b. Nov. 10, 1811, d. 
Aug. 8, 1885. 

(1) Joseph Henry Yewell b. Feb. 6, 1837, d. Jan. 26, 1864, 
mar. Nov. 9, 1858, Lucy Ellen Nail or Nalle, b. Feb. 19, 
1835, d. Aug. 20, 1919. 

IX-1 Sallie Lavinia Yewell b. Aug. 20, 1859, living in 
Jacksonville, Florida, 1934. 

6 Sarah mar. Robert Abell. 

7 Ruth mar. Francis Nail. 

8 Priscilla mar. Oliver Howard. 

9 Adelfa mar. Marmaduke Berkley. 

10 Mary mar. Stephen Cameron of Louisiana. 

1 1 Angelina mar. Young. 

] 2 Lois mar. Boyle. 

13 Elizabeth mar. Foreman. 

14 Missouri d. u. at age of eighteen years. 

b. Children of Thomas Prather and Mary Eliza (Pollock) L. of 
Wickliffe, Kentucky. 

(1) Hattie Florence b. Nov. 11, 1868, d. July 26, 1893, 
mar. Apr. 20, 1893, C. M. Rudolph. No children. 

(2) Charles Presley Linthicum b. May 24, 1870, d. Sept. 
22, 1934, mar. Feb. 8, 1899, Ruby Ives, of Olney, Mo. 
Removed to Oklahoma City, Okla., in 1911 with wife 
and dau. 

IX-1 Theresa Boone L. b. Nov. 27, 1906, at Wickliffe, 

(3) Slaughter b. Jan. 31, 1872, at Blandville, Ballard Co., 
Ky., mar. April 18, 1900, Willie Vance Gray, b. Dec. 6, 
1877, only dau. of General and Mrs. J. W. Gray of 
Greenville, S. C. Slaughter and Willie (V. G.) L., liv- 
ing in Atlanta, Ga., 1934. 

IX-1 Thomas Gray L. b. June 13, 1902, at Louisville, 
Ky., still a bachelor. Now located at Greens- 
boro, N. C, with the Continental Ins. Co. 
IX-2 Nancy Elizabeth b. Dec. 8, 1903, at Atlanta, Ga., 
mar. June 7, 1926, Thomas Cobb Hull of At- 
lanta, Ga., b. May 17, 1899. 
X-1 Nancy Gray Hull b. Aug. 21, 1927. 
X-2 Thomas Cobb Hull, Jr., b. Oct. 12, 1928, d. Jan. 

19, 1930. 
X-3 Marion Slaughter Hull b. Nov. 14, 1930. 
IX-3 Laurie Kinkaid Linthicum b. Aug. 13, 1905, at 
Atlanta, Ga. Single. 


IX-4 Willie Vance Slaughter Linthicum b. Nov. 3, 
1907, at Atlanta, Ga. Single. 

(4) Sarah Frances b. Sept. 24. 1S74. d. Nov. 3, 1907, mar. 
Dec. 15, 1002, S. R. Penn. b. 1843, near WicklifFe, Ky., 
d. on Tiilv 13, 1910. in Wickliffe. A la\\-ver-farmer. 
IX-1 "Oit/ler Penn (bov) b. Sept. 5, 1904, d. Jan. 11, 


(5) :\rarv Lavinia (IMollie) b. Jan. 23. 1876. mar. (Ij Hec. 
28. I8'15, Wm. Lee Andrews of Wickliffe, Kv.. b. at 
Cedar Hill, Tenn., Aug. 4, 1872, d. Mav 8, 1908. 
IX-1 Carmen L. Andrews b. Sept. 16. 1896, mar. Feb. 

22. 1917, Tames K. Dobbs ot Atlanta, Ga. 
X-1 Marv Louise Dobbs b. Sept. 1, 1^18. 
X-2 Tames K. Dobbs. Jr., b. i:»ec. 2, 1920. 
IX-2 Thomas Lee Andrews b. April 25, 1898. d. Sept. 

28, 1899. 
IX-3 Charles Grav Andrews b. Mav 10. 1^01, mar. 
Sept. 11, 1920, Pearl Bradv of Atlanta, Ga. 
X-1 Chas. G. Andrews, Tr., b. Feb. 7, 1923. d. Feb. 

17, 1923. 
X-2 Mary Lmi Andrews b. Dec. 30, 1923. Both 
above children born at Chattanooga. Tenn. 
IX-4 Rubv Andrews b. March 11, 1903, mar. C. N. 
Guttcnberger, army man. 
X-1 Marv Kimbrough Guttenbergcr b. Sept. 27, 1924, 
at Chattanooga, Tenn. 
IX-5 Mary Andrews b. Jan. 15, 1905, mar. P. A. 
Branch of Atlanta, both now of Kansas City, Mo. 
IX-6 Willie Lee Andrews. Tr.. b. Nov. 15. 1906, d. 
Feb., 1907. 

Mary L. Andrews remarried (2) Sept. 20, 1926. 
David W. Anderson of Palmetto, Fla., where 
thev now reside. 1933. 

(6) lohnnie Etta b. Tune 6. 1880. living; mar. Feb. 10, 1924. 
Chas. Aldred b. Nov. 30, 1877. No children. 

C Hezekiah Linthicum mar. (1) Mary Piickman. Montgomery Co.. 
Oct. 25, 1801. (license obtained); (2) Mary Oliver and lived in 
Poolesville, Md. 
Children of Tlezekiali and Marv (Oliver) Linthicum. 

1 John. 

2 Th()mas Fletchall I>. 

3 Sarah. 

2 Thomas Fletchall T/.. Sr., mar. Catherine Rhinecker. Children. 
eleven. Raised famil\- in Pt)whatan, Md. 

a. John T. mar. Martina Ma_\dn (/f Martinsburg, W. Va. 

b. William Oliver I/, dau. I>otta Linthicum, actress. "She is one 
of the m(;st be;uitlful \\(imen I have ever met." — C. F. L. 

c. Harman Reck mar. Mar\ C. Hill b. in Frederick or Tcf^^rson, 





d. Hezekiah of T. F. 

e. Thomas F., Jr. 

f. Alfred. 

g. Sarah, nurse, lived at Clifton Place, Baltimore, 
h. Frances mar. Wm. B. Asten ; lived in Washington, D. C. 

k. Hattie. 

1. Girl. . 

a. John T. and Martina. 

( 1 ) Jesse Haydn L. mar. Roberta Clark. 

IX-1 Jesse Allison L. mar. Edna Foster. 
X-1 Edna Marjorie. 
IX-2 Wilmer Haddaway L. mar. Olga Allen. 
X-1 Wilmer Haddaway L., Jr. 
X-2 Barbara Allen L. 
c. Harman Reck Linthicum and Marj^ 

(1) Mollie C. b. in Columbus, Ohio. 

(2) Frank b. in Zanesville, Ohio, mar. Mary Ann Jackson, 
of Baltimore, Md. 

IX-1 Clarence A. 

IX-2 Hugh J. 

IX-3 Frank Harman Linthicum. 

IX-4 Rosa Gertrude. 

D Frederick and (1) Rachel McElfresh (Mackelfresh) ; (2) Elizabeth 
(Betsy) McElfresh (Mackelfresh). See pg. 35. 

1 Philip b. about 1802, d. 1856, mar. 1823, Eleanor McElfresh 

2 Lydia b.l804, mar. Jones. 

3 Eleanor b. 1806, mar. Neil Burgess. 

The first three ciiildren of Frederick by ( 1 ) wife, the last six 
by (2) wife. 

4 John Hamilton Smith Linthicum (eldest child by second wife), 
b. Mar. 2, 1812, d. 1896, mar. Julia Ann Garrott. Issue later. 

5 Frederick, Jr., b. Oct. 1826, mar. (1) Hannah Garrott; (2) 
Lizzie Hodges. 

a. Bradley b. 1851. 

b. Garrott Davis L. b. 1856, mar. HilHary. 

c. George Frederick b, 1856, mar. Tabler. 

d. Charles Waters L. b. 1858. Eldest child by second wife. 

e. Kate b. 1859, d. u. 

f. Annie Lizzie b. 1852. 

g. Robert Hodges L. b. 1865. 
h. Jennie Mary b. 1867. 

j. Walter Reese L. b. 1868, mar. Nettie Rice, 
k. Ella Matilda b. 1872. 
1. Lizzie Frances b. 1856. 

6 Otho Norris L. b. 1833, d. 1870, mar. Sarah Wright, 
a. Wm. M. L. b. 1856. 


h. Florence Ik'ttic b. 1856, mar. Frank Layton. 
( 1 ) Raymond Ridgely Layton. 

(2) Grace Louise Layton. 

(3) Francis Marion Lavton. 

c. Sarah Eleanor b. 1860. mar. Dr. J. P. Saffold, Wash., D. C. 

d. Otho Lee L. b. 1862. 

e. Neil E. L. 

f. Joseph H. L. 

7 Thomas, of F., d. u. 

8 Ann mar. Wm. Beall. 

a. Charles Beall b. 1852. 

b. Samuel S. Beall b. 1854, in Va. 

c. Tames I. Beall b. 185^, mar. Hattie Miller . 

d. Elizabeth Beall b. 1853. mar. Driver. 

e. ]\Larv Beall b. 1855, mar. Driver. 

f. Ann Rachel Beall b. 1858, mar. Rev. Foot. 

g. Hannah Beall b. 1857, mar. Richard Burdett. 

9 Elizabeth d. u. 

1 Philip and Eleanor (McElfresh) Linthicum. 

a. Charles, killed on R. R. 

b. John went to ALirtinsburg, W. Va. 

c. Hamilton Smith L., Sr. 

d. Philip, Jr. 

e. George W. b. 1840. 

f. William, killed on R. R. 

g. Edward, 
h. Fannie. 

j. Rachel Eleanor d. u. Sept. 1923. 

k. Carrie Belle b. Oct. 1846, d. Jan. 10, 1919. 

b. John Linthicum d. May 25, 1892. Wife, Eliza (Heelen) 
Linthicum d. Jan. 28, 1906. This couple had eleven sons 
and one daughter; six sons and the dau. are listed below. 
Most other children died in infancy or when very young. 

(1) Charles Linthicum d. Dec. 28, 1905. 

(2) Frank Linthicum, unmar., d. Apr. 4, 1910. 

(3) Bernard Linthicum. 

(4) Edward Linthicum, d. Feb. 1. 1918, result accident B.&O. 

train while on duty. Mar. Jenny Coyle , d. about 

seven \cars ago. Two sons: 

IX-1 Roy Linthicum mar. Gertrude Moran. Two 

children, son and daughter. 
IX-2 Edward Linthicum, unmar., d. 

(5) Leonard Linthicum, b. Oct. 12, 1873, d. May 8. 1^31, 
mar. Clara Church, Oct. 9, 1902, (living). Four children. 
IX-1 ALidcline Linthicum, b. May 15, 1904, mar. Reg- 
inald Walsh Aug. 28, 1^22.' One son. 

X-1 John Bernard Walsh b. July 3, 1924. 


TX-2 Elsie Linthicum, b. Sept. 15, 1906. 
IX-3 Bernard Linthicum, b. May 19, 1908. 
IX-4 Mary Linthicum b. June 19, 1924. 

(6) Joseph Linthicum d. Sept. 12, 1922, mar. Lottie Youtz, 
d. Feb. 13, 1929. Three children. 

IX-1 Genevieve Linthicum mar. George Walters, two 

IX-2 lilleanor Linthicum. 
IX-3 John Linthicum mar. Geraldine Hunt, one dau. 

(7) Lelia Mav Linthicum b. Mav 12, 1879, d. March 24, 
1928, mar. to William Pfarr, Dec. 6, 1906, (living). 
Seven children : 

IX-1 Anna Louise Pfarr, b. Oct. 21, 1907, mar. to 

Charles Sheppard, Dec. 24. 1928. 
IX-2 Marv Eliza Pfarr, b. Sept. 28, 1909. mar. to 

Leo W. Kerns, Oct. 28, 1930. One daughter. 
X-1 Frances Ann Kerns b. Feb. 4, 1932. 
IX-3 Elizabeth Mav Pfarr b. Nov. 16, 1911. 
IX-4 Gertrude Theresa Pfarr b. Nov. 11, 1913. 
IX-5 Genevieve Cecelia Pfarr b. June 6, 1916. 
IX-6 Lelia Katherine Pfarr b. June 30, 1918. 
IX-7 Frances Burnadette Pfarr b. June 4, 1920. 
All the children of John Linthicum are deceased. 

c. Hamilton Smith Linthicum, Sr., of Hyattstown, Md., mar. 
Apr. 13, 1858. Sophronia Galliher of Libertytown, Md., b. 
1834, d. 1929, aged over 95 years. 

(1) Richard Linthicum. b. Mar. 30, 1859, d. 1934, in Wash- 
ington, D. C. ; early went West, and mar. Mary Alice 
Van de Venter of Denver. Col. 

IX-1 Earl Bradlev Linthicum b. March 30, 1884, d. 

May, 1930, mar. Vergil . 

X-1 Lois Elizabeth Linthicum b. 1915. 
X-2 Marian Jane b. 1919. 

(2) Edwin Linthicum b. March, 1861, d. u. 1889. 

(3) Benjamin F. b. Oct. 28, 1863, d. 1931, mar. Charlotte 
E. Cooper. 

IX-1 David Franklin Linthicum b. Dec. 15, 1886, mar. 
June 14, 1911, Louise Augustus Butts. 
X-1 Louise Elizabeth b. Sept. 14, 1915. 
X-2 Ruth Mason Linthicum b. July 9, 1918. 

(4) Hamilton Smith Linthicum, Jr., b. March 20, 1867, 

e. George W. Linthicum b. 1840, mar. Catherine Tacy Webb 
in 1860; Catherine d. June 11, 1911. Geo. W. d. Jan. 18 

(1) Eleanor Elizabeth (Nellie). 

(2) Cora Kennedy Linthicum. 


(3) Edwin Ernest lyinthicum, President of the National Cast 
Iron Pipe Co., Birmingham, Ala. 

(1) Nellie h. Tune 26, 1862, mar. 1879, (1) Tames Hunt. 
He d. in 1886. 

IX-1 Geo. James Hunt h. Ian. 23, 1880. 
IX-2 Artie Eleanor Hunt h. Oct. 6, 1885. 
mar. (2) Oct. 15. 1899. Mark H. Trimmier. 

IX-3 Katherinc Cora Trimmier h. Tune 28, 1900, d. 
Aug. 15, 1917. 

(2) Cora Kennedy Linthicum b. Nov. 16. 1863, mar. (1) 
Arthur H. Gray. He d. July 30, 1885. 

IX-1 Kennedy Gray. 
IX-2 Eleanor Gray. 
IX-3 Arthur Gray d. i. 
mar. (2) Charles A. Gray. 

lX-4 Harry Lamar Gray. 
IX-5 Inez Gray. 
IX-6 Edrie Gray. 

(3) Edwin Ernest I^inthicum h. Oct. 6, 1866, mar. Clara 
Mae Staffraegen. 

IX-1 Helen Mae. 
IX-2 Katherine. 
IX-3 Infant, d. 
k. Carrie Belle mar. 1873, Dr. Thomas S. Davis, d. Nov., 1920. 

(1) Mary Genevieve Davis b. Mar. 17, 1874, mar. Dec. 18. 
1895, Roy Gardner, b. Nov. 25, 1874; brother of Susan 
(Gardner) Warner, pg. 65. 

IX-1 Frank Allen Gardner, Sr., b. Nov. 11, 1899, mar. 
Jan. 19, 1922, Alta Norris, b. Tan. 19, 1900. 
X-1 Frank Allen Gardner, Jr., b. Jan. 21, 1924. 
X-2 Dorothy Gene Gardner b. Feb. 6, 1933. 
IX-2 Genevieve Gardner b. April 5, 1903, mar, Sept. 
17, 1919, Oscar Toy, b. Tulv 12, 1894. 
X-1 Mary Kathrvn fov b. April 15. 1921. 
X-2 Eleanor Joy b. March 20, 1923. 
IX-3 Catherine Davis Gardner b. 1905, mar. 1921, 
John Joy. b. March 18, 1904. 
X-1 Tack Gardner Toy b. June 27, 1922. 
X-2 Thomas Edward Joy b. May 7, 1926. 
IX-4 Tlujmas Davis Gardner b. Tan. 4, 1907, mar. May 
17, 1928, Frances Saxten', b. March 25. 1912- 

(2) Carrie Eleanor Davis b. 1880. mar. 1898, (1) Richard 

Estep. b. , d. 1920; (2) Francis B. Sappington, 

mar. 1926. No children. 

4 Jdhn Hamilton Smith Linthicum and Julia Ann Garrott. Eldest 
child of Frederick by second wife, 
a. \Vm. Thomas L. b. 1833, mar. Sarah Ellen Crawford of 

Ijamsville. Md. 

(1) Annie Elizabeth L. h. 1858, d. inf. 



(2) Martha Sophronia b. 1860, mar. Rev. Daniel E. Moylan. 
IX-1 Mabel M. Moylan b. 1893, mar. 1923, Richard 

L. Elliott, Sr. 
X-1 Richard Louis Elliott, Jr., b. 1924. 
X-2 Charles Moylan Elliott b. 1927. 

These two boys are members of C. A. R. through 

Zacliariah Linthicum, their ancestor. 
IX-2 Judge Charles E. Movlan, of the Appeal Tax 

Court, b. 1897, mar. 1924, Mildred Wheeler. 
X-1 Charles E. Movlan, Jr., b. 1930. 
X-2 Infant; bov b. Feb. 21, 1934. 

(3) Chas. Frederick, of Wm. T., b. July 7, 1862, d. Jan. 22, 
1926, mar. 1888. Sara Snvder. 

IX-1 Dr. Fred Hamilton L. b. 1891, mar. 1920, Eu- 
genia Elliott of Wilkes Barre, Pa.; now living in 
Los Angeles, Calif. 
X-1 Frederick. 
X-2 Eugenia. 
X-3 Steven. 
IX-2 Margaret b. 1899. mar. Dec. 27, 1921, Wm. 
Henrv Wearn, Jr., of Charlotte, N. C. 
X-1 Wm." Henry Wearn, III, (Billy). 

(4) Wilbur Somerficld Linthicum b. 1865, mar. 1888, Claire 

IX-1 Wilba Claire Linthicum b. 1891. mar. Albert J. 

(5) Edward Garrott L. b. 1866, mar. (1) Mrs. Windsor, 
sister-in-law <jf Mrs. Jacob (Windsor) Kessler, pg. 75; 
and (2), 1897, Gertrude Dronenburg of Ijamsville, Md. 

Edward Garrott L. was b. at old homestead near Thurmont, 
Md., killed on R. R. Children all by (2) wife. 

IX-1 Merle d. in infancy. 

IX-2 Erie b. at Urbana, six miles from Frederick, Md., 

mar. (1) Elsie Hanson. 

X-1 Albert b. 1920. 

X-2 Elaine b. 1922. 

mar. (2) Mabel Blizzard d. 

X-3 Wilbur of E. 

IX-3 Wilbur, of E. G.. d. in infancy. 

IX-4 Gladys mar. Nelson Myers. 

X-1 Infant, d. 

X-2 Nelson, Jr. 

X-3 June. 

(6) Ollie Dorsev L., girl, b. 1868, d. 1900, mar. Philip T- 

IX-1 Charles Gehb d. inf. 

(7) James Warren L. b. 1870, killed near Sykesville, 1903; 
mar. 1896, Eleanor Bowen. 

IX-1 Robert mar. . 


(8) llcM-bcrr Wilson I., h. 1S72. d. 1030. mar. Laura Vinson. 

IX-1 Howard M. mar. . 

I X-2 Alwyn mar. . 

I X-.3 Warren d. inf. 
IX-4 Lcrov mar. . 

IX-5 Anna F.Iizp.hpth 

h. Tames Garrott L. h. 1834. mar. Mar\- Wilson. 
"( 1 ) Dr. John Wehsrer L. 

c. John Warren L. b. 1S36, d. 1017, mar. Sarah Tlendrv, d. 
1002. Issue later. 

d. Chas. Frederick, of Jolin 11. S. T... b. Dec. 1838, d. u. Chap- 
lain in Confederate Armv. Adjutant-General to the Army 
of Northern Virginia. Killed in second battle of Cold Har- 
bor. June 3, 1864. 

c. Nicholas d. u. 

f. Zacharias d. u. 

fl. Hamilton Francis L. b. 1840. 

h. Martha EhVabeth b. 1844, mar. John F. Howard Kinq:. 

(1) Julia Helen Kint; b. 1874, mar. "Wm. Upton Rowman. 

(2) Carrie Frances King b. 1876, mar. Feverdy M. Purdum. 

(3) Refjinald Wilson Kinjr b. 1878. mar. Ida May Grimes. 

(4) Mary Lorena Kinjr b. 1880, mar. (1st) Luther G. 
King; (2nd) Herbert Smith. 

(5) Myrtle Estelle King b. 1883, mar. Wm. Ernest Watkins. 

(6) Maude Edna King b. 1886, mar. . 

j. Annie Maiy b. 1846. mar. Joel H. Wolfe, son of George and 
Polly Ann (Dayis) Wolfe. Home established at Comus, 
Montgomery Co., Md. 

(1) Garrott Dayis Wolfe b. 1866. mar. 1888. Lillie Cecil. 

(2) George Maurice Wolfe b. 1868. mar. Frances Beall. 

(3) Myrtle Mayfleld Wolfe b. 1872. single. 

(4) Myra Hanna Wolfe b. 1874. mar. Aqullla R. Walker. 

(5) Mary Frances Wolfe b. 1870. mar. James R. Nutter. 
A fuller account of descendants of Annie Mary (Linthiciun^ 
and Joel H. ^Volfe will be found on pg. 47. 

k. Julia Ann b. 1850, mar. Noah Watkins. 

"(1) Garrott Webster Watkins b. 1872. mar. Mulllnix. 

(2) Leah Jane Watkins b. 1874, mar. Iglehart. 

(3) Herbert Hamilton Watkins b. 1876. d. 1880. 

(4) Mary Ara Watkins b. 1878. mar. Frank King. 

(5) Nora Watkins b. 1880. mar. Charlie Barber. 

(6) Bessie Watkins b. 1880, d. Inf. Nora and Bessie, twins. 

(7) Tohn L. Clark Watkins b. 1881. mar. . 

(8) Clinton Cleveland Watkins b. 1883. d. 1011. 

(9) Arthur L. Watkins b. 1885. mar. Esther Luhn. 

(10) Maude Ethel Wr.tklns b. 1886, mar. Edgar Davis. 

(11) Raymond RIdgHy Watkins b. 1888, mar. Nellie Cos- 

(12) Grace Louise Watkins b. 1801, mar. Ralph Buttcrwick. 


(13) Frances Marion Watkins b. 1895, mar. Philip Brown, 
c. John Warren Linthicum b. 1836, d. 1917, at Kemptown, Md. 
mar. Sarah Amanda Hendr3\ d. 1902, dau. of Charles and 
Eleanor (Burgee) Hendry. (Sarah had four sisters — Mrs. 
Addison. Mrs. Williams. Mrs. English. Mrs. Shipley.) 

(1) Mary Eleanor b. Jan. 30, 1867, mar. Wm. Kindley 
Davis. _ 
IX-1 Edith M. Davis mar. Wm. P. Kilmain. 

IX-2 Verna Louise Davis, single. 

IX-3 Warren George Davis mar. Hazel Madora Best. 

X-1 Verna Mae Davis b. June 25, 1918. 

X-2 Warren Earle Davis b. Nov. 18, 1920. 

X-3 Ruth Eleanor b. Nov. 15, 1923. 

(2) Charles Hamilton Linthicum. Sr., b. July 12, 1868, d. 
1916, mar. Osie Burgee, d. cir. 1914, dau. of Mile and 
Elizabeth (Lawson) Burgee. 

IX-1 Winston Linthicum volunteered in the Navy, 
1913; he was drowned a few months afterwards 
In foreign waters. 

IX-2 Charles Hamilton Linthicum, Jr., mar. Sophia 
Carlisle; they have two children. 

(3) . d. inf. 

(4) Burwell (Burrel) Hendrv Linthicum b. 1873, widower. 

(5) Julia Gertrude b. 1875, d. 1894.^ 

(6) Tames Garrott Lint]iicum b. Dec. 7, 1877, single. 

(7) Thomas S. Linthicum b. 1880, mar. 1902, Elizabeth 

IX-1 Marv mar. J. C. Corkran. 

(8) Stannie F. Linthicum b. 1887, mar. Joe Donaldson. 
IX-1 Lillian A. Donaldson mar. Wm. Schroeder. 

Of the children of John Warren and Sarah (Hendry) Lin- 
thicum, (D Mary Eleanor and (2) Charles H. L., Sr., were 
born at the Hendrv Estate. All the other children of same, 
including Thomas S. L.'s dau., Mary, (mar. J. C. Corkran), 
were born at the Linthicum home near Urbana, Md. 
j. Annie Mary (Linthicum) and Joel H. Wolfe. 
(1) Garrott Davis Wolfe mar. Lillie Cecil. 

IX-1 Tohn Linthicum Wolfe b. 1889, mar. Nettie Bell. 
X-1 Tohn Kavanaugh Wolfe b. 1914. 
X-2 Ethel Louise Wolfe b. 1918. 
X-3 Ralph Elmer Wolfe b. 1921. 
IX-2 Tanie Wolfe b. 1891, d. 1893. 

IX-3 Mvra Estell Wolfe b. , mar. Robert Walker. 

X-1 Samuel Hamilton Walker b. 1914. 
X-2 Robert Custis Walker t. 1916. 
X-3 Richard Walker b. 1919. 
IX-4 Lillian Gertrude Wolfe b. 1895, mar. Ed. Harry. 
X-1 Marv Elizabeth Harrv b. 1923. 
X-2 Edward Brooke Harry b. 1924. 


X-3 John Bernard Harrv b. 1928. 
IX-5 Pauline Wolfe h. 1899, mar. Kenneth Allen. 

X-1 Dona Allen b. 1924. 

X-2 Lillian Allen b. 1926. 

X-3 Sarah Jane Allen b. 1927. 

X-4 Margaret Allen b. 1928. 
IX-6 Cecil Wolfe b. 1903, mar. Peirc M. Bealsr. 

X-1 Earnestine Bealer b. 1924. 
IX-7 Garrett Walker Wolfe b. 1898, mar. Mercer 

IX-8 Charles Lewis Wolfe b. 1907. 

(2) George Maurice Wolfe and Mary Frances (Bcall) 

I X-1 Tames Newton Wolfe b. 1897, d. 1898. 
IX-2 Marv Frances Wolfe b. 1903. 
I X-3 Margaret Beall Wolfe b. 1905. mar. Rei?ord 
X-1 Limes Refford Aldrich b. 1931. 

(3) Myrtie Mayf^eld Wolfe b. 1872. single. 

(4) Mvra Hannah Wolfe b. 1874, mar. Aquilla Ridgewav 

IX-1 Helen Mav Walker b. 1904, mar. Herman W. 

IX-2 Margaret Ridgeway Walker b. 1909, mar. Lesley 

Tames Grace. 
I X-3 Annie Mary Walker b. 1916. 

(5) Mary Frances Wolfe b. 1879, mar. James R. Nutter. 
IX-1 Marv Margaret Nutter b. 1913. 

IX-2 Tames Wolfe Nutter b. 1918, d. 1919. Six weeks 

Edmund and Terrell Linthicum 

Gen. IV-2 Edmund from Maryland mar. about 1764 (1) Terrell, 

Buckingham Co., Va. 

May be son of Gen. Ill-k, Edmund, Sr., b. about 1718, d. 
about 1764, son of Thomas Linthicum, Jr. and Deborah, mar. 
Elizabeth, who had two sons recorded: Gen. IV-1 Thomas, 
and Gen. IV-2 Edmund, Jr., b. about 1745 (or 1734). 

Children of Edmund and Terrell 

(Another descendant makes these dates later which, if correct, would 
preclude this Edmund from being the same who married Meribah 
Reeves, pg. 49. 

A Thomas b. 1765. 

B Bvrd b. 1766. '/ 

C Edward b. 1767. 

D Tnhn Terrell b. 1768. 

K William b. 1772. 



F Henry b. 1776, mar. . 

1 John Floyd L. b. 1830, mar. Annie Frances Peterson, 
a. Florence E., San Francisco, Calif. 

2 Henrv Wise L. b. 1837. mar. . 

3 William Edward b. 1840, d. u. 

All born in Buckingham Co., Va., now Appomattox Co. 
D John Terrell Linthicum mar. 1816, Frances Glenn Dabney, dau. of 
John Dabnev, Prince Edward Co., Va. 
'l Robert b. 1817. 

2 Wm. Henry b. Nov. 28, 1818. 

3 Cornelius b. 1820. 

4 Mary Ann b. June 30, 1824, mar. Joseph Phelps. 

2 Wm. Henry Linthicum mar. April 17, 1852. Susan Anne Carter, 
dau. of Rawley Williamson Carter, Pittsylvania Co., Va. 

a. Rawley Dabney Linthicum b. Jan. 4, 1853, d. Nov. 20, 1911. 

b. George Williamson Linthicum b. June 11, 1855, d. Feb. 19, 

c. May Belle b. June 22, 1858, d. June 22, 1859. 

d. Hill Carter Linthicum b. April 8, 1860. Issue later. 

e. Ida Susan b. , mar. Nov. 8. 1889, E. L. Smith. 

f. Henrv Thomas Linthicum b. Mar. 29, 1863, d. Sept. 21, 1911. 

g. Tohn Edward b. Feb. 20, 1868. d. Julv 17, 1868. 

d. Hill Carter Linthicum mar. (1) July 30, 1883, Elizabeth 
Freeborn of Stratford, Ontario, Can., at Henderson, N. C, 
who d. Mar. 8, 1905; and (2) June 17, 1908, Josie S. Clark, 
Henderson, N. C. 

(1) Susan Anne b. Aug. 9, 1884, mar. . 

(2) Henry Colvin Linthicum b. June 17, 1886. 

(3) Lerov Freeborn Linthicum b. Jan. 8. 1885. 

(2) Henry Colvin Linthicum mar. June 10, 1905, Catherine 
M. Hartsook at Roanoke, Va. 
IX-1 Edward Dale Linthicum b. Oct. 3, 1909. 
IX-2 Diana Skipwith Linthicum b. Jan. 4. 1912. 

' . , GEN. IV-2 

Edmond axd Meribah (Reeves) Linthicum 

Edmond Linthicum of Md. and N. C. (?), d. 1815 at Millville, 
N. J. Inventory recorded there, mar. (2?) Sept. 20, 1783, Meribah 
Reeves, dau. of Joseph (and Jane), of William, of Walter Reeves, who 
mar. (2) Ann Howell. 
A Ann mar. Thomas Broadwater. 
B Elizabeth mar. James ( ?) Chattin, New York. 

C Joseph mar. Susan . 

D William, bachelor. 

E Jane mar. Lieut. George Wm. Kincaid, Pa. Militia, War of 1812. 

1 Thomas Kincaid mar. Sarah Borden of Bordentown, N. J. 

2 Jason Kincaid lived in Bridgeton, N. J,, died bachelor. 


3 Ellen Kincaid mar. George Hoover, old French Huguenot Huber, 
who went to the Palatinate in "bloody Mary's" time. 

a. Meribah Hoover d. in infancy. 

b. Joseph Hoover. 

c. Ann Maria Hoover d. u. 

d. Jacob Hoover mar. Harriet Hann, Millville, N. J. 

e. T^nc Kincaid Hoover, d. u. 

f. 'Ellen (Ella) Hoover mar. Wm. F. Thacher, Pa. Issue later. 

g. Rachel Elizabeth Hoover d.. mar. (1) William Reilly; (2?) 
Lynsted Gates. 

h. Carrie Chattin Hoover mar. Walter Bushell (English) of 
Conn., who was a Baptist missionary to Burmah for 41 years, 
now dec. She went to Burmah, India, as a bride, living now 

j. Elizabeth Hoover mar, George Tucker McCullv, Paterson, 
N. J. 

k. Grace Hoover d. in infancy. 

f. Ellen (Hoover) and Wm. F. Thacher. 

(1) George Hoover Thacher d. 1930, mar. Clara Wilkins, 
Phila., Pa. 

IX-1 John Wilkins Thacher, Sr., mar. Evalyn Lathbury, 
Phila.. Pa. 
X-1 John Wilkins Thacher, Jr. 
X-2 Margaret (Peggy) Thacher. 

(2) Franklin William Thacher, Sr., mar, Catharine Levin, 
Edgewater Park. 

IX-1 Catharine Wallace Thacher mar. Benjamin Bar- 

nett, Phila. 
IX-2 Frances Thacher. 
IX-3 Franklin Wm. Thacher, Jr. 
IX-4 John Hoover Thacher. 
IX-5 Helen Thacher. 

(3) Nella Thacher mar. (1) Colin Cameron, Penn.; mar. 
(2) William C. Longstreth, Haverford, Pa. 

IX-1 Wm. Thacher Longstreth. 
IX-2 Frank Hoover Longstreth. 
h. Carrie (Chattin) Hoover and Walter Bushell, missionary. 

(1) Florence Bushell (bov) d. u. 

(2) Arthur Bushell. 

(3) Mabel Bushell. 

(4) Gladys Bushell. 

(5) Grace Bushell. . 

GEN. III-l • ' 

Hezkki.vh Linthicum, b. 1723, and Sarah. 
(See page 34.) 

Hezckiah b. Nov. 7, 1723, d. 1767. mar. about 1750. Sarah Bateman, 
b. 1713, d. 1778, dau. of Henry and Sarah (Powell) Bateman. 


Gen. IV-1 Rachel b. about 1751, d. previous to her father's death in 

Gen. IV-2 Elizabeth b. about 1753, mar. Wm. Bateman. Pg. 51. 
Gen. IV-3 John, Sr., b. between 1751 and 1755, administered on 

mother's estate, 1778, had no wife at that time; mar. Anne, 

dau. of Edward and Anne Edwards. Pg. 52. 
Gen. IV-4 Archibald b. previous to 1757, mar. Nancy Leeke (Leek or 

Lake), became head of W. Va. branch of family. See pg. 

Gen. IV-5 Rev. Slingsby b. 1758, d. June 1848, mar. (1) Mary Griffith, 

see pg. 57; (2) Mrs. Dorsey, wid. of John. 
Gen. IV-6 Abner b. July 7. 1763, d. Feb. 8, 1848, mar. (1) Jan. 13, 

1791, *Rachel Jacob (Jacobs) ; mar. (2) Dec. 2, 1828, Mrs. 

Elizabeth (Sanderson) Pitcher, b. Dec. 10, 1790, d. Feb. 4, 

1832. See pg. 60. 
Gen. IV-7 Margaret. 
Gen. IV-8 Amasa b. 1765, d. 1823, mar. Jan. 10, 1792, (1) Sarah 

Cromwell; mar. Oct. 13, 1799, (2) Rachel Johnson. See 

pg. 74. 
* Rachel Jacob was a daughter of Richard, Jr., (and Hannah Asburn- 
ham ?) of Richard, Sr., and Hannah (Howard) Jacob, who was the 
gr.-dau. of Cornelius Howard, who was commissioned Ensign under Cap- 
tain Thos. Besson (Arch, ni-444). Burgess March 27, 1671, until end 
of session Feb. 14, 1676 (Arch. II-2-39), J. P., June 6, 1679 (Arch. XV, 
pg. 253).— Will of Capt. Cornelius, Oct. 16, 1680. See Howard and 
Jacob, A. F. 


Elizabeth (Linthicum) and William Bateman 

Gen. IV-2 Elizabeth Linthicum mar. Wm. Bateman. 
A Elizabeth Bateman died unmarried. 
B William, Jr., mar. . 

1 Judge Alfred Bateman, of the Bench of Baltimore and Harford 
County, had granddaughter, ( 1 ) Julia of Belair. 
C Amzi Bateman mar. Catherine Schaef¥er Evans, and was in War 

of 1812. 

1 Elizabeth Linthicum Bateman died unmarried. 

2 Henry Evans Bateman mar. Arianne Hopkins of Easton, Md., 
was State Comptroller 1853, U. S. Auditor of Treasury under 
Buchanan, during his administration and holding official position 
of great trust later. 

a. Wilfred Bateman was Sec. of State under Gov. John Walter 
Smith of Md. 

3 Hezekiah Linthicum Bateman mar. Sydney Parker of London. 
They lived in London and Paris the greater part of his life, their 
sons and daughters marrying in those countries in which these 
cities are located. 

4 Catherine Linthicum Bateman mar. John Hall, a famous archi- 
tect of California; they have lived in that state since marriage. 


5 Marf2;aret Evans Tv. Batcman mar. Frederick Tomlinson of Ken- 
tuckj-, Md., and Pa. 

a. Amzi B. Tomlinson died two years of age. 

b. John Henry Tomlinson d. 12 \ears of age (drowned). 

c. Benjamin Price Tomlinson d. of typhoid fever when 21 years 
a\d. Benjamin and Robert, twins. 

d. Robert Burns Tomlinson mar. Martha Read, niece of Noah 

( 1 ) Daughter. Tomlinson mar. Browning. 

IX-1 Son. Browning, graduate of Peabody, ac- 
complished organist of New York. 

(2) Mattie Tomlinson mar. George Litchfield of LInthicum 
Heights, Md. 

(3) Margaret Tomlinson mar. Buckingham. 

(4) Benjamin Price Tomlinson of R. B. 
(5), (6)", (7), 

(8) Four other children, Tomlinson, died unmarried, 
e. Helen Augusta Tomlinson b. 1844, d. Aug. 22, 1933, mar. 
Col. John J. Bradshaw of Union Army of Civil War. 

f. Annie Tomlinson d. when 6 months of age. 

g. Virginia Tomlinson d. unmarried. Virginia and Annie, twins, 
h. Elizabeth Tomlinson mar. George Hopwood. 

j. Arianne Tomlinson d. in infancy. 

k. Henry (Harry) Bateman Tomlinson d. 9 yrs. of age. 

1. Mollie Tomlinson. 

e. Children of Helen A. and Col. John J. Bradshaw. 

(1) Helen Augusta Bradshaw d. cir. 1929, mar. Otho Scott 
Lee of Belair Bar, d. cir. 1925. 

IX-1 Margaret Bateman Lee mar. James A. Lee, Sr. 

X-1 James Augustus Lee, Jr. 
IX-2 Robert Bryarly Lee. 

(2) Dr. Clarence Bradshaw of Washington, D. C, unmar. 

(3) Reyburn Bateman Bradshaw mar. Lillian F. Peterson. 
IX-1 Reyburn Bateman Bradsha\\-, Jr., d. unmar. 1929. 

ExsiGx John Linthicum, Sr., and Anne (Edwards) L. 

Both of Linthicum's Walks 

On April 23, 1781, John Linthicum, Sr., was commissioned an 
Ensign of Capt. V^achel Gaither's Co., of the Severn Battalion of Militia. 
Md. Archives, Vol. 45. Pg. 411. 

Children: (Not a full list) 
A Hezekiah. 
B John. Jr.. b. 1780, mar. Feb. 2, 1805. Elizabeth White. 

1 Amelia mar. Richard Beard Linthicum, her distant cousin, son of 
Joshua and Elizabeth (Beard) Linthicum, pg. 13. 

a. Amelia. 

b. John. 



c. Annie mar. Brook Meade of Baltimore, Md. 

2 Dr. Theodore, mar. ( 1 ) Rachel Hodgkin of Calvert Co., Md. ; 
(2) Lucretia Higgins of A. A. Co., Aunt of Gladys Higgins 

Hammond. Children of 1st wife: 

a. Emma. 

b. Elizabeth (Betty) White Linthicum, unmar. 

c. Rachel, unmar. 

d. Theodore b. 1847, mar. Georgeanna Mitchell. 

e. Matilda Dare Linthicum mar. Dr. Wm. Gover Williams. 

( 1 ) Caroline Williams unmar., keeps house for the family of 
her brother-in-law, Zachariah Duvall. 

(2) Bessie (Elizabeth) Williams unmar., living in Annap- 
olis, Md. 

(3) Bertha Williams, d., mar. Zachariah Duvall, who has a 
brother, James D. 

IX-1 Gladys Duvall mar. 
IX-2 William Duvall mar. 
IX-3 Osborne Duvall. 

(4) William Williams mar. Louise Cecil. 
IX-1 Williams. 

IX-2 Williams. 

Children of 2nd wife: 

f. John (Dr. Jack) d. u. 

g. Estelle d. u. 

h. Died in infancy, 
j. Died in infancy. 

3 Benjamin d. s. p. 

4 John, III, b. 1814, mar. Ann Matilda Dare of Calvert Co., Md. 
Inherited home place of his father. 

a. Ella d. u. 

b. Rosa White Linthicum mar. Robert A. Young of Gaithers- 
burg, Md. 

(1) Rachel Dare Young d. March, 1933, mar. Dr. Carlton 

(2) Robert Linthicum Young unmar. 

c. Elizabeth Matilda d. about 1923, mar. Samuel Snowden Hop- 
kins, of J. L. Seven children : 5 daus. and 2 sons. See pg. 29 
for Snowden ancestry; A. F. for Hopkins ancestry. 

(1) Matilda Dare Hopkins unmar. 

(2) Alice McPherson Hopkins mar. Dr. Frederick Flynn of 
New York. 

(3) Amelia Linthicum Hopkins unmar. 

(4) Emily Somervell Hopkins unmar. 

(5) James Snowden Hopkins mar. Louise Le Bouf of W. 
Orange, N. J. 

(6) Nancy Par ran Hopkins unmar. 

(7) Cadwalader Edwards Hopkins unmar. 

d. Mary Ida d. u. Nov. 5, 1933. 

e. Nannie Bourne Parran Linthicum unmar. 


f. Cadwaladcr Edwards Linthicvim d. 1020, mar. Drefus of New 
York, was resident there. 

g. Amelia mar. her first cousin, Dr. Theodore Olin Linthicum, 
who died at Bowling Green; widow now living at Fredericks- 
burg, \'^a. Children given under Dr. Theodore Olin Linthi- 

5 Mathias d. u. Nov. 1880, aged 60 (plus) years; at death of hh 
brother, John, III, and Ann Matilda (Dare), raised their seven 

6 Noah d. s. p. 

7 Thomas b. 1821, mar. May 28, 1846, Eliabeth Ann Bealmear, 
(Bealmere, Baelmer, Bealmer, Balmer) b. 1825. Children, nine. 

a. Leonidas b. IVIarch 18. 1847, d. Sept. 24, 1866. 

b. Theresa b. Dec. 22, 1848, mar. Arthur MuUikin, of Prince 
George's Co. ; they lived in Baltimore. Children, three. 

( 1 ) Carrie Mullikin mar. Turner, live near St. Ste- 
phen's Ch., A. A. Co., Md. 

(2) Lillian Mullikin mar. Raymond Waggoner. She died, 
he married again. Child of 1st wife: 

IX-1 Son. Living out west. 

(3) Thomas Linthicum ]\Iullikin li\ing in Baltimore. 

c. Thomas Francis Linthicum b. Oct. 11, 1850, d. Feb. 18. 1921, 
mar. Jan. 28. 1880, Margaret Emilv Beall, b. May 12, 1855, 
d. Jan. 3, 1921. Children, four. 

(1) Elizabeth Hopkins Linthicum mar. Nov. 22, 1905, Capt. 
George Latimer Evans, son of Geo. H. and Mary (Pratt 

Latimer) Evans. Children, two. 

IX-1 Margaret Beall Evans b. Aug. 7, 1907 (in 

Hyattsville, Md.). R. N., graduated from Sibley 

Memorial Hospital and took post-graduate course 

Polyclinic, N. Y. 
LX-2 Mary Elizabeth Evans b. June 20, 1911, in 

Hyattsville, Md.. studied at Corcoran Art School, 

now^ specializing in vocal music. 

(2) Cora Kent Linthicum b. Nov. 17, 1883, d. ]\Lay 2, 1908. 

(3) George Thomas Linthicum b. Oct. 1. 1887. mar. Mary 
Cecil Hopkins, dau. of John and Mary (Hyde) Hopkins. 
Children: three girls. Live in Roland Park, Baltimore. 
IX-1 Mary Hyde Linthicum b. Aug. 1921. 

IX-2 Catherine Hopkins Linthicum b. July, 1924. 
IX-3 Emily Bird Linthicum b. July, 1^24. Catherine 
and Emilv are twins. 

(4) DcTuglas Linthicum b. Nov. 4, 1891, mar. Dec. 17, 1913, 
Marv Elizabeth Ireland. Children: one. 

IX-l' Ann Kent Linthicum b. Tan. 13,1925. 

d. Elizabeth Ann b. March 15. 1853. d. Julv 28, 1853. 

e. Virginia b. Aug. 5, 1854, d. Sept. 5, 1855. 

f. Charles Millard b. Jan. 16, 1856, mar.; both d.; children liv- 
ing in Baltimore. 


Mathias b. March 25, 1858, d. Sept. 1859. 
Dr. Theodore Olin Linthicum b. Oct. 3, 1860, d. Oct. 11, 
1901. Mar. his cousin, Amelia, dau. of John, III, and Ann 
Matilda (Dare) Linthicum. Children: four. 

( 1 ) Anna Amelia mar. Charles Dabney Snead, Lynchburg, 

(2) Matilda Fulton Linthicum d. at 12 yrs. of age. 

(3) Bealmere Dare Linthicum mar. Dr. Howard Masters 
of Richmond, Va. 

(4) T. Olin Linthicum mar. Betty Saunders, Charlestown, 
W. Va. 

John Wesley b. Sept. 1863, mar. (1) Annie , d. ; mar. 

(2) , now living in Hyattsville or somewhere in Prince 

George's Co., Md. 
Children by 1st wife: 

(1) Amelia d. 

(2) Marguerite. 

Archibald Linthicum 

(See Page 51.) 

Gen. IV-4 Archibald (preacher, M. E. Church, also carpenter and 
farmer, b. previous to 1757, Montgomery Co. Militia, Revo- 
lutionary War, 7th Co., 29th Lower Battalion, No. 27 in 
1780 Vol. -a, mar. Nancy Leeke (or Lake), Jan. 28, 1783, 
in A. A. Co., Md. Signed oath of allegiance, Montgomery 
Co., 1778. Vol. 3, pg. 913. 

A Hezekiah b. about 1783, mar. Mary Pearson. Issue later. 

B Joseph b. 1784 in W. Va., mar. Millie Thompson. 
1 John D. mar. Lucy Cartwright. 

a. Emeline Rosetta Linthicum, eldest child, b. Quincy, 111., 1853, 
mar. Dr. A. A. Whipple in 1911. 

b. John Charles L. b. 1859. 
C Margaret mar. Elijah Lyons. 

D Nancy mar. Joseph Clutter. Descendant mar. Noah T. Linthicum, 
became parents of Charles Clarence Linthicum, prominent patent 
lawyer, and attorney in Chicago for large corporations. 

E Sallie d. in infancy. 

A Hezekiah mar. Mary Pearson. 

1 William b. about 1802, died in Hardy Co., W. Va., probably mar. 
and left children. 

2 John b. about 1804, was mar., probably had children, died in 
county around Romney, W. Va. 

3 Archibald b. 1805, mar. Jane Crompton. and lived in Moores- 
ville, Ind., d. in Missouri likely. 

a. Daughter. Miss Randa of Alba, Mo. 


4 Ann. 

5 Fesse d. unmar. in Mexican War. 

b Joel (youngest) b. Oct. 20, 1810. Hampshire Co., W. Va. ; mar. 
lane Harwick Davis, b. Oct. 15, 1805, mar. on the 18th day of 
Feb.. 1830. See records of MoorcHeld, Hardy Co., W. Va. 

a. John Presley L . b. Dec. 26, 1830, d. July 15, 1857. 

b. Elijah Craven L. b. Oct. 25, 1832, mar. Sarah Hammack; 
living at Council Blufif, Iowa. 

c. William Evret b. Sept. 15, 1834, mar. Harriett Hammock; 
both d., children living in Decatur, 111. 

d. James Wesley L. b. April 22, 1839, mar. Miss . 

t. Samuel Alexander L. b. Mar. 25,1841, mar. Miss Foster. 

Both d. 

( 1 ) Have a son in Plainville, III. 

f. Joseph Morgan L. b. Sept. 10, 1843, mar. Elizabeth Hyder, 
and living, in 1912. in Keyser, W. Va. 

g. Mary Jane was b. Sept. 14, 1845, mar. Frank Maloney in 
this county. Both d. Left several children. 

h. Benjamin Franklin L. born Nov. 6, 1847, mar. Rebecca 
Poland ; both living in Romney, W. Va. 

(1) Charles W. Linthicum b. 1883, mar. Amelia Bcckman. 
No children. 

(2) Anna Belle Linthicum b. 1884, mar. Emery Hale. No ch. 

(3) Kathrvn Linthicum b. 1892. mar. Charles W. Nevitt. 
IX-1 ' Ruth Virginia b. 1915, d. Oct. 5. 1932. killed by 

auto in Chicago, her home, 
j. Margaret Maranda L. b. Nov. 6, 1849, mar. Joseph Poling. 

Both living in Romney. W. Va. 
c. William E. came from W. Va. in the fall of 1854. He lived 

in Macon Co., III.; d. Dec. 25, 1891. Children of Wm. E. L. 

(1) Toel S. b. in Macon Co., III., 1857. 
iX-1 Dora. 

(2) Abe J. born in Macon Co., III.. 1860 (or 66). 

(3) M. C. Linthicum. 

(4) Charles. 

(5) Rachel A. Linthicum Goubs. 

(6) Jennie Linthicum Crum. 

(7) Sue Linthicum Lebo. 

(8) Rose L. Robson. 

(9) Lillie L. Blaylock. 

Fraxk Linthtcum of Los 
(Likely line of Archibald) 

Joseph b. 1787 or previous, d. about 18(?). mar. (2) Clark. 

1 Sarah Ann mar. J. C. Badger d., living in 1911, Fort Scott, Kan. 



2 John. 

3 David. 

4 William. 

5 James. 

6 Noah. 

7 Archibald. 

8 Hezekiah. 

9 Isaac. 

10 Thomas b. about 1830, mar, Lavinia Parccll. 
Children of Thomas and Lavinia, 
a. Frank b. 1860, mar. (1) Kate Showalter, d. 1884. 

(1) Pearl b, 1883, mar. J. N. Merwin. 
IX-1 Layman Merwin b. 1901. 
IX-2 Wilda Merwin b. 1905. 
IX-3 Dale Merwin b. 1908. 

(2) Clyde b. 1884, mar, Anna Berrel. 
IX-1 Clifford b, 1911. 

IX-2 Eugene b. 1912. 
Frank mar. (2) 1886, Cora Quinn. 

(3) Claud F. b. 1888, mar. Bertha Cammon, and lived in 
Monett, Mo. 

(4) Wynona b. 1893, mar. H. E. Woolry. 
IX-1 Max Woolry b. 1912. 

Think above Joseph is son of Archibald and Nancy (Leek) Lin- 

Rev. Slingsby Linthicum born 1758, died June 28, 1848. 

In 1806, Rev, Slingsby Linthicum, with Nicholas B, Warfield, Wm. 
Ridgely of Wm., Vachel Burgess, John Johnson, Nicholas Meriweather, 
Thomas W. Howard of Thos., and Allen Green, all being trustees for 
the Society of Methodists, purchased land in Anne Arundel County from 
Walter Worthington for the purpose of erecting a meeting house. 

Rev. Slingsby mar. (1) Mary Griffith, dau, of Charles and Anne 
(Davidge) Griffith; (2) Widow Dorsey; no children. 
A Lot b. March 3, 1784, lived in Nealsville, Montgomery Co., Md.; 

mar. (1) 1811, Catherine Warfield, daughter of Vachel, son of 

Benjamin and Rebekah Warfield. 

1 Vachel W. b. Nov. 15, 1815, mar. Oct, 20, 1837, Mary Jane 

a. Daughter married Tom Hunt. 

2 Lloyd W. b. July 3, 1817, mar, Ellen Jones, sister of Aquilla 
Jones, dau. of John and Ann (Waters) Jones, and grand-dau. 
of Richard Waters of Revolutionary fame. 

a. John Jones Linthicum. 

b. Elizabeth Linthicum mar, Clarke living at Gary, How- 
ard Co., Md. 


c. Catherine (2nd) wife of Wm. Claggett Dorsey. 

3 Sarah Rebecca b. April 22, 1812, mar. Nace Waters (Ignatius). 

4 Mary mar. (1st) on Ma_\- 3, 1S42. Mercer Brown; and (2nd) 
Ignatius AVaters. 

Lot mar. (2) Ann, daugiiter of Col. \V\itkins, of Revolutionary fame. 

5 Gassawa\ W^atkins Linthicum. 

6 Charles. 

7 Ruth Ann b. Sept. 13, 1822, mar. Dr. Roberts, established in Mo. 

8 Eliza d. unmai. 

9 Harriet mar. Wm. Nichols, a druggist of Baltimore. 
B Joshua. 

C Charles Griffith Linthicum b. ALarch 10, 1788, mar. (1) license Apr. 
15, 1810, Fred. Co., Louisa, dau. of Reuben and Sarah (Dorsey) 

Meriweather; mar. (2) . 

Children by first wife: 

1 Mary Louise. 

2 Dr. Charles Govans L., "Kcntuckv Charles," mar. Marv J. 

a. George mar. Margaret Whitaker. 

( 1 ) Walter mar. Sadie Shaw. 

IX-1 Helen mar. James Fitzpatrick. Two daus. 
X-1 Edna Fitzpatrick. 
X-2 Clara Fitzpatrick. 

(2) Clara, single. 

(3) George Emory L. mar. Minna Schlendorf. 

b. Margaret mar. Dr. Albert T. Chambers. 

c. Emma mar. Wright. 

d. Mary mar. Hiram Warfield. Ten children. 

(1) Harrv W. 

(2) Charles W. 

(3) Marv W. 

(4) Ida W. 

(5) Helen W. 

(6) Marshall W. 

(7) Leray W. 

(8) Lawrence W. 

(9) Catherine W. 
(10) Vera W. 

e. Charles mar. . ; d. 

(1) William. 

(2) Charles, Jr. 

f. Bernard. 

g. Katie mar. James M. Coleman, 
h. Cora mar. Charles M. Forrest. 

D Wesley b. Feb. 16, 1792, mar. (1) IVLary, dau. of Reuben and Sarah 
(Dorsey) Meriweather; (2) ALihala Frost. 
1 Henrietta mar. Washington Gaither, whose mother was a Shipley. 

a. Samuel Gaither. 

1). Ruth Gaither. 


c. Sallie (Sarah) Gaither. 

d. Washington Gaither who was killed at the battle of Gettys- 
burg (Confederate) d. unmar. 

2 Amanda mar. Hon. John S. Watkins. 

a. Daughter mar. Richard Owings. 

b. Daughter mar. John Bracco. 

3 Joshua, of W.. mar. Mayonia Waters, a descendant of the Mayos. 

a. Joshua, Jr., of Annapolis, Md., mar. dau. of Judge White of 

(1) Maude. 

(2) Louise. 

b. Annie mar. Capt. Duvall, nephew of Johns Hopkins. 

c. Edith d. u. 

d. Charles W. mar. Louise Levering. 

(1) Chas. Miller Linthicum mar. . 

IX-1 Louise Levering Linthicum. 
IX-2 Catherine Keyser Linthicum. 

(2) George Shepherd Linthicum. 

(3) Catherine Frick Linthicum. 

(4) Garland Linthicum. 

e. Dr. Thomas Linthicum of Savage, Md. 

f. Mayonia. 

4 Thomas d. unmar. 

5 George Washington mar. Mary Louisa Clarke. Children later. 

6 Slingsby mar. Caroline Virginia Spears. Children later. 

7 Chas. Griffith, of Wesley, mar. Louisiana Clay Linthicum (line 
given under daughter of Richard of Abner). 

8 Dr. Hezekiah d. single, of spinal meningitis; only sick two or 
three days, walked across floor, and died. 

9 Edwin mar. , lady of Ellicott City. 

5 Children of George Washington and Marv Louisa Clarke, 

a. Amanda mar. Banks, Roxbury Mills. 

b. Mary Elizabeth mar. Stephen Boone Dorsey. 
(1) Lenore mar. Wm. E. Talbott. 

IX-1 Dorothv Talbott. 
IX-2 Edward Talbott. 
IX-3 Wm. Gaither Talbott. 

c. Rose mar. Forsythe. 

d. Frances mar. Allen. 

e. Margaret mar. Rev. Frank Tyler, a minister in M. E. S. 
Conference; lived in Charlestown, W. Va., now at Rockville, 

f. Bradley, mar. widow. 

g. Clarke mar. widow's dau. Both Bradley and Clarke living 
in Texas. 

6 Children of Slingsby and Caroline Virginia Spears. 

a. Margaret. 

b. Gertrude d. May. ]'531. mar. Geo. C. Addison. 

(1) George Mitchell Addison mar. Maude Ferris. 


IX-1 Geo. Mitchell Addison, Jr. 

(2) Lewis Addison mar. Nettie Schacffer. 
IX-1 Louis Addison. 

LX-2 Vera Netta Addison. 

(3) Herbert Addison mar. Margaret Moore. No children. 

(4) Margaret Virginia Addison mar. Alford. 

c. Mary mar. Robey. 

d. Wesley. 

e. Edgar. 

f. Lee. 

g. Florence, 
h. Virginia, 
j. Grace, 
k. Laura. 

E Rev. Hezekiah b. 1794. d. Oct. 30. 1871, mar. Ann Dorsey. 

1 Ellen Scoville d. unmar. 1^11. 

2 John Wesley mar. Mary Sibbin, d. June 23, 1904. 

a. Elizabeth (Betty). 

b. Mamie. 

3 William Slingsbv d. Feb. 6, 1902. 

4 Elizabeth b. 1828, d. unmar. 1918, aged 90 years. 

5 Marv Lucinda d. unmar. Sept. 12, 1908. 

6 Tames H. mar. Marv Hardin, Feb. 19, 1903. 

7 Andrew A. d. July 29. 1896, mar. Gaither. 

a. Thomas. 

b. Elizabeth (Lizzie). 

c. Annie. 

8 Dorsev mar. Mar'/ Lambdin. 
F Elisha b. Aug. 3. 1796. 

G Sarah Griffith Linthicum b. April 16, 1790. d. unmar. 

H Eliza Beall Linthicum b. Apr. 28. 1798. mar. McNew. (Eliza 

lived with Abner, Sr., and raised Sarah Linthicum who mar. Wm. 

Shipley) . 

1 Marietta McNew. 

2 Alverda McNew. 

J Matilda b. Aug. 17. 1801, mar. Wright of Louisville, Ky. 


Abxer Linthicum 

Abner was Captain of the 22nd Regiment. A. A. Co.. Md., in 1809, 
and was a member of the State Legislature for some vears after the War 
of 1812. Qualified T- P. Tan. 16, 1812. Liber W.'S. G. No. 1. Folio 
272 (War of 1812). 

Gen. lV-6 .Abner Linthicum nnd (1) Rachel Jacob, see A. F. ; (2nd 
wife^ Mrs. Elizabeth (Sanderson) Pitcher, only child, 
A Amasa b. Nov. 11, 1791, d. unmar. Sept. 9, 1810. 




B Richard b. July 22, 1793, d. Oct. 15, 1842, the day following the 
explosion of the ship Medora in Baltimore Harbor by which he re- 
ceived a fatal injury. 

Mar. (1) Feb. 29,' 1816, Ann Robinson b. Jan. 9, 1797, d. June 3, 
1837; mar. (2) Mar. 8, 1838, Susan C. Lockerman. Children, 
pg. 61 and A. F. 

C Abner, Jr., b. Mav 18. 1796, d. Sept. 28. 1845, mar. (1) Tan. 3, 
1820, Rachel Stewart, b. April 4, 1800, d. Mav 28, 1839; mar. (2) 
Mar. 28, 1842. Marv Brian. Children, pg. 62. 

D William b. Mar. 21. 1798. d. Aug. 27. 1866. mar. Nov. 20. 1823, 
Elizabeth (Betsy) Sweetser, b. Aug. 23, 1800. d. Dec. 22, 1875; a 
descendant of Roger and Mary (Barnard) Williams. See page 
63 and A. F. 

E Archibald b. Mar. 20, 1800, d. Mar. 23, 1800; buried at Chestnut 

F Hezekiah b. June 15, 1801, d. June 1, 1891, mar. April 20, 1825, 
Matilda Phillips, b. 1809, d. 1881. daughter of Paul and Henrietta 
(Maria Williams) Phillips, b. 1767 (Saint Anne's, Annapolis). 
Children pg. 67. 

G Thomas b. Oct. 12. 1804. d. Oct. 4. 1822. 

H Sarah b. Dec. 5, 1809, d. Dec. 5, 1882, mar. Jan. 4, 1829. Wm. 
Shipley, son of Richard and Ann Shipley. Children, pg. 72. Richard 
died 1806. Ann mar. Geo. Harman. by whom she had six children. 
A. F. 

J Eugenia Sanderson L. h. Feb. 17. 1831, d. Feb. 20. 1834. 

Elizabeth Sanderson (above) was born Dec. 10, 1790 in Hull, Eng- 
land, d. Feb. 4, 1832, in A. A. Co.. Md. Mar. (1) Jan. 10, 1810, 

Thomas Pitcher. Jr.. b. Mav 17. 1784. in London, England, d. Oct. 10, 

1819. Parents had other children living in America. See A. F. (2) 

Dec. 2. 1828. Gen. IV-6, Abner Linthicum, Sr. 

Children by first marriage: 

A Olivia Milvina Cromwell Pitcher b. Jan. 30, 1811, mar. Rev. Wm. 

1 Olivia Sexsmith mar. Jacob Llewellyn, have three or four 
daughters and live in Missouri. 

B Martha Ann Pitcher b. Feb. 9. 1813. d. June 4, 1839. 

C Thomas Church Pitcher b. Dec. 10, 1814. mar. Ann Sweetser Lin- 
thicum. Issue pg. 66. 

D William Sanderson Pitcher b. Feb. 2, 1816, d. May 18, 1823. 

E Jeams Pitcher b. May 18, 1819. 

B Richard mar. (1) Ann Robinson; (2) Susan C. Lockerman. 
Children all by first wife: 

1 Rachel Jacob L. b. 1817. mar. Wm. Corkran. Baltimore. 
Children, eleven; but three living, 1913. 

a. Richard Linthicum Corkran mar. Ellen Virginia Mercer, Ky. 

b. Annie Robinson Corkran d. unmar. 

c. Louisiana Virginia Corkran mar. Edmund Janes Kenney, Phil- 


(1) ^Vm. Corkran Kenncy mnr. Bessie Thomas. 
IX-1 I'Almund 'I'homas Kennev. 
2 Kli/ahcth Ann Brll LinthJcum h. 1822. d. unmar. Nov. 28, 1^01. 
^ Louisiana Clay Liiithicum mar. a cousin. Charles Griffith Linthi- 
cum, Sr., son of D-Wesley. Had ten children; seven died in 
infancy. Three sons lived and married. 

a. Charles G. Linthicr.m, Jr., mar. Lillie Brosina. 

(1) Charles G. Linthicum, III. 

(2) Lillie Linthicum. 

b. Albert Howard Linthicum mar. Ella W. Melia of Howard 
Co., Md. 

(1) Albert Howard L.. Jr. 

(2) Anna Louise Linthicum. 

c. Frank Corkran Linthicum mar. (1) Lula Carr, PToward Co., 
no children; (2) Louise Hopper, no children. 

4 Anna Robinson I>inthicum d. unmar. 

5 d. in infancy. 

6 d. in infancy. 

The following: poem appeared in the newspaper at the time of the 
marria<:e of Ahner T>inthicum, Sr.. and IVIrs. Elizabeth Pitcher, Dee. 2, 

"They sav that Love is the heyday of Youth, 
And Braut\- the only Bewitcher; 
But that is not so, for just look above, 
A Statesman has married a Pitcher." 

Children of C. Abner T^inthicum. Jr.,* and (1st w.) Rachel Stewart, dau. 
of Charles Stewart (son of David) and Hannah (RobiHson of Chas.) 
his wife.t (2nd w.) Mary Brian, b. 1808, d. 1892. 

*In ^^ ill of Abner Linthicum, Jr., he leaves to his eldest son, Thales 
Abner, seven slaves and his entire interest in Gwynn's Falls Brid2;e. 
And to his dau., IVLaria Brian, Leaf's Forest, on which she was then 
residins;. He and his wife gave a small portion of this place for the 
building of Holly Run Associate Methodist Church, soon afterward 
called Methodist Protestant Chiirch. — 1828. 

tWill of Charles Stewart: "To dau. Rachel Linthiciun. Leaf's Forest, 
bo't of Benj. Forrester, Apr. 30, 1821. and two negroes." 

1 Thales Abner, Sr., b. Oct. 31, 1832, lawyer, d. June 28, 1880; 
mar. Emma Stockett Alexander in 1860. 

a. Stewart Bryan Linthicum b. 1861, d. in Portland, Oregon. 
1911, lawyer; mar. . 

( 1 ) Alexander Linthicum single. 

(2) Lom'se Wilson Linthicum single. 

b. Ella mar. Dr. Llenry J. Berkley. 

fl) ]\L'U'garet Harwood Stockett Berkley, d. u. 

c. Thales Abner, Jr., lawyer, d. u. 1914. 

d. Margaret d. u. 

2 Lames Solon Stewart L., lawyer, b. 1828. d. 1875, mar. 1854, 
Sarah Clemena Carr, b. 1826, d. 1895. Children: three. 


a. Armanella Robinson L. mar. (1) Scharf ; (2) D. Mere- 
dith Reese. 

b. Rachel Virginia mar. 1877, Wm. Martinsby Boyd. 

(1) Solon Linthicum Boyd. 

(2) Thales Stewart Boyd. Lieut. -Commander, U. S. N., re- 
tired, mar. Lillian Martin, Annapolis, Md. 

(3) Carvilla Brian Boyd. 

c. Mary mar. Robert M. Craig. 

3 Hannah Maria S. L. mar. Joseph Merryman Brian, Sr. 

a. Joseph Merryman Brian, Jr., mar. Bessie Stine. 

(1) Joseph Merryman Brian, III, mar. Bessie Boone. 

IX-1 Joseph Merrvman Brian, IV., grad. at Johns 
Hopkins U., June 12, 1934. 

(2) Margaret Brian mar. John P. Baer, d. 
IX-1 Elizabeth Baer. 

b. Carvilla Brian mar. Oregon Benson, son of Joseph and Su- 
sannah (Kelly) Benson. See A. F. 

(1) Carville Benson d., mar. . Had children. 

(2) Edith Benson d., mar. Helfrich. Had children. 

4 Thomas Taslovres Robinson Linthicum. 

5 Mary Virginia mar. Rev. Eli Yates Reese, Editor of Methodist 

a. Florence Reese mar. 1872, Henry Brune Bowie. 
( 1 ) Carlton Bowie. 

b. Mary Reese d. unmar, 

c. Tamsie Reese mar. 1891, John B. Bramble. 

d. EH Yates Reese, Jr. 

6 Augusta (only child of second wife) mar. Wm. Grubb Marshall. 

a. Wm. Edward Marshall. 

b. Albert Abner Marshall. 

D Children of Wm. and Elizabeth (Sweetser) Linthicum. 

1 Sweetser Linthicum, Sr., b. Sept. 10, 1824, d. Mar. 29, 1905; 
mar. Mar. 4. 1847, Laura E. Smith b. Jan. 18, 1829, d. Aug. 
13, 1910. Children, pg. 64. 

2 Ann Sweetser Linthicum b. Tulv 20, 1826, d. — ; mar. (1) Thos. 
Church Pitcher, b. Dec. 10. "1814. Issue pg. 66. (2) Win- 
penny. No children, 

3 William Abner b. Apr. 13, 1828, d. 1916; mar. Feb. 8, 1853, 
Elizabeth Mullikin, dau. of Mortimer Mullikin who had a 
brother, Benjamin Oscar Mullikin. Children, pg. 66. See A. F. 

4 Dr. Asa Shinn Linthicum b. Feb. 4, 1831, d. , mar. (1) 

June 30, 1857, Ella Conoway; (2) Aug. 1, 1866, Nettie Crane. 
No children. 

5 Samuel Sweetser Linthicum, of Wm., b. Feb. 19, 1833, d. ; 

mar, Mary Ann Walker, aunt of Hamilton and Nannie Walker. 
Children pg. 66. 

6 Eleanor b. Feb. 22, 1835, d. Jan. 20, 1911, mar. (1) Henry H. 
Thomas. Issue pg. 66. (2) Mordecai Smith. No children. 

,1 7 Mary Elizabeth b. April 23, 1837, mar. Wm. Brian. 


8 Victoria b. Dec. 23, 1840, d. u. Aug. 11, 1857. 

1 Children of Sweetser, Sr., and Laura E. (Smith) Linthicum. 

a. Elizabeth Valeria b. Dec. 17, 1847. d. Jan. 5, 1934, mar. Mar. 
9. 1869 to Joseph Kcllv Benson, son of Joseph and Susannah 
(Kelly) Benson. See A. F. 

( 1 ) Sweetser Linthicum Benson mar. Eudora Lautenbaugh. 
IX-1 Helen Benson. 

IX-2 Lucille Benson. 
IX-3 Robert Benson. 

(2) Mary (May) Susanna Benson mar. Enoch Harlan, Sr., 

IX-1 Helen Harlan. 
IX-2 Enoch Harlan. Jr. 
IX-3 Edgar Harlan. 

IX-4 Joseph Harlan. Edgar and Joseph studying law 
in father's office. 

(3) Dr. Charles Edgar Benson mar. . Has children. 

(4) George McGaw Benson mar. Edith Garrett. 
IX-1 Edith Benson. 

(5) Joseph Mahlon Linthicum Benson, mar. . 

IX-1 Benson (dau.). 

IX-2 Benson (dau.). 

IX-3 Benson (dau.). 

b. lames Smith Linthicum b. Sept. 19, 1850, d. June, 1912, 
mar. June 2, 1874, Sarah (Sallie) McClelland. 

(1) Blanche McClelland Linthicum mar. Dr. L. H. Crapp. 

(2) Mary mar. John West. 

IX-l' Olive West, mar. (1) Paul Doer; (2) James 
X-1 Blanche Doer. 

c. Annie Sweetser Linthicum b. Dec. 17, 1853, mar. Sept. 24, 

1874, Richard Luther Shipley, son of Wm. and Sarah (Lin- 
thicum) Shipley. Children: see issue under Shipley, pg. 73. 

d. William b. Oct. 16, 1856. d. Feb. 24. 1934, mar. Oct. 26, 
1881. Adele Knight, d. 1931. 

(1) Elizabeth Valeria. 

(2) Laura E. . . 

(3) Thomas. 

(4) William C. mar. Helen McCafiFrey. 

(5) Walter, U. S. Consul at Vienna, unmar. 

(6) Margaret mar. 

(7) Annie. 

(8) Sada. 

(9) Seth. 

e. Asa Shinn Linthicum, Sr., born Noy. 28, 1859, d. Jan. 4, 

1897, mar. lola Geneva Benson, dau. of Joseph and Susannah 
(Kelly) Benson. 

(1) Joseph Benson Linthicum mar. Agnes Virginia Kahler. 
iX-1 Joseph b. 1925, d. 1932. 



IX-2 Virginia b. 1930. 

(2) Asa Shinn, Jr., b. , d. u. 

After death of A. S. L., Sr., lola Benson Linthicum mar. (2) 
as his (2nd) wife. Peter Stevens, for over sixty years clerk 
of the higher Courts of Md. See A. F. 

f. Sweetser Linthicum, Jr., b. July 4, 1862, mar. Nov. 20, 1888, 
Sarah Crisp, dau. of Grafton and Alverda (Shipley) Crisp. 

( 1 ) Louise Linthicum. 

(2) Eleanor Linthicum mar. Lieutenant WoodrufiF. 

g. Victoria b. April 17. 1S65. d. April 11, 1867. 

h. Hon. John Charles b. Nov. 26. 1867, d. 1932, mar. (1) 
Eugenia Mav Biden, Nov. 28. 1893; (2) Helen A. Clarke, 
Mar. 9, 1898. 

Hon. John Charles for many years a member of Congress and 
secured the adoption of the Star-Spangled Banner as the 
National Anthem. He presented the pen used by President 
Hoover in signing this measure at exercises at City Hall 
Plaza, Baltimore, June 14. 1931. to Mrs. Reuben Ross Hollo- 
way, of the Society of the War of 1812. 

j. Dr. George Milton Linthicum, b. Aug. 17, 1870, mar. Apr. 
12, 1898, Lillian Noyes Howland. A prominent surgeon; 
professor of physiology and proctology, Baltimore Medical 
Collcee, 1895-97; vice-president, Medical and Chirurgical 
Faculty, 1908-09; president, 1909-10; with National Guard, 
Mexican Border, 1916; lieutenant-colonel. Medical Corps, 
United States Army and Commanding Officer at Base Hospi- 
tal No. 113, at Savenay, France, during World War, 1917-19. 
Ref.: Colonial Families. Vol. 2, 1934. 

( 1 ) Howland mar. . 

X-1 Howland. 

(2) Lillian d., mar. Edgar Stroebel. 

X-1 Lillian Stroebel. 
k. Seth Hance Linthicum b. July 26, 1873, mar. Nov. 1912, 
Mary Matilda Perkins, a descendant of Isaac Allerton, a 
Mayflower pilgrim, also of Huguenot descent. See A. F. 

(1) Dorothy Perkins Linthicum mar. Aug. 3, 1932, Rev. 
Paul Farwell Warner, missionary to Japan, son of Rev. 
Luther F. and Susan (Gardner) Warner. See pg. 44. 

(2) Laura b. 1917. 

(3) Seth H., Jr., b. 1920. 

(4) Milton b. 1923. 

1. Wade Hampton Linthicum b. Feb. 14, 1876, mar. April 11, 
1900, Marv Delmah Brown, b. Nov. 15, 1880. See pg. 71. 

(1) Sweetser b. Feb. 27, 1906. 

(2) Matilda Phillips b. Aug. 14, 1909, mar. Lieutenant 
Luster A. Vickrev. 

IX-1 Luster Azil Vickrey, Jr., b. Feb. 15, 1931. 

(3) Mary Delmah (Mary Del.) b. June 30, 1912. 


2 Children of Ann Swectscr (Linthicvim) and Thomas Church 
Pitcher. From pgs. 61 and 63. 

a. James Monroe Pitcher mar. Margaret Keys. 

(1) Maud Pitcher mar. Herman Gohlinghorst as (2) wife. 

(2) Thomas Pitcher of J. M. 

(3) Hayes Pitcher. 

(4) Annie Williamson Pitcher d. u. 

b. Philip Porus Pitcher d. 1008. mar. Mary Ann Pumphrey, d. 
1909, dau. of Nathan. 

(1) Thomas Church Pitcher d. u. 

(2) Nathan Pumphrey Pitcher d. u. 

(3) Elma Estelle Pitcher mar. Wm. R. Ryan. 

c. Henry (Harry) Pitcher mar. Louise Pitzer. 

(1) Viola Pitcher mar. Dr. Magucna, dentist, Martinsburg, 
W. Va. 

(2) Ethel Pitcher mar. . 

d. Martha Olivia (Ollie) Pitcher mar. R. Walter Fleet, Math- 
ews C. H., Va. 

(1) Calvin Lee Fleet mar. Lucille Walker. 

(2) Walter Howard Fleet mar. Allie Edwards. 
IX-1 Thelma Pitcher Fleet. 

(3) Olivia Fleet mar. (1) Glasscock; (2) Robert Miller. 
IX-1 Battelle Glasscock, 

e. Wm. Pitcher mar. Ella Jackson. 

(1) Raymond Pitcher. 

(2) Son. Pitcher, of Wm. 

(3) Beulah Pitcher mar. Samuel Thomas. 

(4) Blanche Pitcher. 

(5) Lillian Pitcher mar. Fuller Fleet. 

3 Children of Wm. A. and Elizabeth (Mullikin) Linthicum. 

a. Mortimer Mullikin d. , mar. Sadie Keene. No children. 

b. Samuel Sweetser Linthicum, of W. A., b. , mar. Dec. 14, 

1898, Virginia Hahn. No children. 

c. Leila d. u. 

d. Cora d., mar. Edward Thomas, d. s. p. 

e. Dr. Otis Mills Linthicum b. , mar. Ella Stonestreet. 

(1) William. Living in Rockville, Md. 

5 Children of Samuel Sweetser, of Wm. and Mary Ann (Walker) 

a. William d. u. at 19 yrs. of age, typhoid fever. 

b. Mary Talitha (Tithie) mar. Geo. Warren of Boston. 
( 1 ) George I^inthicum ^Varren. 

c. Alortimer d. u. killed in collapse of Hooper Bldg., Baltimore. 

6 Children of Henry H. and Eleanor (lyinthicum) Thomas. 
a. Samuel Thomas mar. Mary Hubbard. 

(1 ) Mabel Thomas. 

(2) Edna Thomas. 

(3) Roland Thomas. 

(4) William Thomas. J. ' ' 


b. Mary E. (Mollie) Thomas mar. James Smith Benson, son 
of Basil Smith and Mary Ann (Smith) Benson. 

(1) Lola Elane Benson mar. Richard Marcellus Thomas, 
' b. Oct. 12, 1884, son of B. Franklin Thomas. 

IX-1 James Madison Thomas. 
Basil Smith Benson and Joseph Benson, (pgs. 63, 64 and 67) 
were brothers, sons of Thomas and Nancy (Smith) Benson. 
See A. F. 

c. Charles E. Thomas mar. Annie Ross. 

d. Wm. L. Thomas mar. Lola B. Niles. 

( 1 ) C. Rodney Thomas mar. Marie Marsden. 

(2) Henry H. Thomas, of Wm. L. 

e. Elizabeth Thomas mar. Thomas Benson, brother of James 
Smith Benson (above) ; lived in Virginia at Ware Neck. 

( 1 ) Nellie Benson mar. Field of Va. 

(2) Leila Benson. 

(3) Mahlon Benson. 

F Children of Hezekiah and Matilda (Phillips) Linthicum, dau. of 
Paul and Henrietta (Maria Williams) Phillips of Magothy. 

1 Julian (dau.) Phillips b. July 5, 1826, d. 1827. 

2 Wesley b. Mar. 11, 1828, d. 1895, mar. Geargeanna Fishach, 
dau. of Geo. and Fannie (Herbert) Fishach. 

3 James Alexander b. June 27, 1832, d. , mar. (1) Fannie 

Davis; (2) Martha Slack (Mary). 

4 Ozelah Matilda (Maria) b. Mar. 13, 1836, d. Dec. 6, 1920, 
mar. Mar. 7, 1861, Charles W. Jones, son of John and Margaret 
(Dickson) Jones, b. Aug. 1, 1829, d. Dec. 12, 1888. John Jones 
was the son of Charles, Sr., and Elizabeth (Richards, nee Algire) 

5 Hezekiah B. b. Nov. 30, 1840, d, in infancy. 

6 Matilda b. Nov. 30, 1840, d. unmar. 1914. Hezekiah and Ma- 
tilda, twins. 

7 Abner b. Oct. 2, 1842, d. , mar. Amanda Davis, sister of 

Fannie above. 

8 Sarah Cornelia b. Oct. 10. 1845, d. unmar. 1882. 

9 Winfield Scott b. about 1848, d. in infancy. 

10 Eurith Frances b. Feb. 12, 1853, d. 1930, mar. Nov. 21, 1875, 

John Tellison Brown, b. Oct. 13, 1852, d. 192—. 
2 Children of Wesley L., of Hez. and Georgeanna (Fishach) Lin- 

a. Florence mar. (1) Theodore Hines; no children. Mar. (2) 
William Tillett. 

(1) Montford Tillett mar. Cora Silliaux. 

(2) Florence Tillett d. unmar. 

b. Kate mar. John Jubb. 

( 1 ) Annie mar. Frederick Otto. 

IX-1 Vernon Otto. 

IX-2 Myrtle mar. Earl Benson. 

X-1 Anetia Benson. 

X-2 Geraldine Benson. 


(2) Georjj;t*anna mar. ("larcnce Leister. 

(3) Roland mar. Stella Hartman. 
IX-1 Dorothy Jubb. 

IX-2 Liene Jubb. 

(4) Esther mar. Harvc\- Leister, brother of above. 
IX-1 Erma Leister. 

IX-2 Dcloris Leister, 
c. Herbert mar. (1) Cora Grobaker ; (2) Mrs. Elizabeth Braw- 
ner, who had son, Richard Stevenson, lawyer. No children 
by second wife. 
Children of Herbert and Cora. 

( 1 ) Bertha mar. Zachariah Wvatt, Sr. 
lX-1 Herbert Wvatt. 

IX-2 Zachariah Wvatt, Jr. 
IX-3 Nina Fay Wyatt. 

(2) Cora mar. William A. Sporrcr. 
IX-1 Marie Sporrer. 

IX-2 Dorothy Sporrcr mar. John Hergenroeder. 

IX-3 AV^illiam Sporrer. 

IX-4 Bertha Sporrer. 

IX-5 Margaret Sporrer. 

IX-6 Elizabeth Sporrer. 

IX-7 Thomas Sporrer. 

IX-8 Catherine Sporrer. 

(3) Wesley d. unmar. 

(4) John Charles L., of Herbert, mar. May Hartvvell. 
IX-1 Tane. 

IX-2 Agnes. 

IX-3 Shirley. Agnes and Shirley, twins. 

d. Wesley, Jr., mar. Annie Lawton. 

( 1 ) Lottie mar. Reginald Giddings. 
IX-1 Helen Giddings. 

IX-2 Charles Giddings. 

IX-3 Phyllis Giddings. 

(2) Irene mar. Ernest Ruth. 
IX-1 Ernest Ruth. Jr. 
IX-2 Carrol Ruth. 
IX-3 Anna Ruth. 
IX-4 Donald Ruth. 
IX-5 Irene Ruth. 

(3) Grace mar. Clifford Pregor. 
IX-1 William Pregor. 

(4) Wesle). TIL mar. Ethel Weber. 

(5) Herbert mar. ?]dna Arnold, dau. of Harry Arnold. 

e. Fannie mar. Landy Hales, son of Romaine (Romayne) and 

Rebecca (Linstid) Hales, dau. of Orlando and (Adams) 


(1) Hilda d. in infancy. 

(2) Foster d. in infancy. 



(3) Wesley mar. Elsie Pohl. 

IX-1 Raymond Linthicum Hales. 
IX-2 Donald Wesley Hales. 

(4) Romaine mar. Lenora McCuUy, 
IX-1 Elizabeth Hales. 

IX-2 Landy Romaine Hales. 
Children of James A. and (1) Fannie (Davis) Linthicum. 

a. Hezekiah, Sr., mar. Lavinia Hines, dau. of Edward H. who 
lived to be one hundred and four (104) years old. 

( 1 ) Rebecca Lavinia mar. Leonard Elliott Fowler, son of 
Leonard Foreman and Mary (Badger) Fowler. 

(2) Margaret Elizabeth mar. C. Albert Hodges. 

IX-1 Margaret Hodges mar. 1933, Clayton Albert 

IX-2 Albert Hodges. 

(3) Hezekiah, Jr., mar. Ellie Culbert Muldoon, dau. of 
Jerome and Addie (R. Springer) Muldoon. 

IX-1 Robert Culbert Linthicum b. June 20, 1917. 

IX-2 Herbert Hezekiah b. April 11. 1919. 

IX-3 Rebecca Springer Linthicum b. July 6, 1922. 

b. George Hoover L. mar. Emma Grobaker, sister of Cora. 
Page 68. 

( 1 ) Luther mar. Isabelle. 
IX-1 Amelia. 
IX-2 Boy. 

IX-3 Boy. 

(2) Harry d. 

(3) Herbert Randolph mar. . Has children. 

c. Harriet Matilda mar. Thomas Johnson. 

(1) Clarence Johnson mar. Lena Otterbein. 

(2) Annie Johnson. 

(3) Benton Johnson. 

(4) Edward Johnson. 

(5) Howard Johnson. 

(6) Margaret Johnson. 

d. Edward Wheat L. mar. Elizabeth Kraus, d. 

(1) Harriet mar. , d. Has children. 

(2) Elizabeth mar. . Has children. 

(3) Hezekiah b. 1891. 

Children of James A. and (2) wife, Martha Slack. 

e. Rose mar. William Ross Knapp. 

(1) Stella Knapp. 

(2) Evelyn Knapp. 

(3) Eula Knapp. 

(4) Roland Knapp, cornetist of Sun band. 

f. John d. June 25, 1934, mar. Minnie Boyce; no children. 

g. Abner d. unmar. 

h. Llewellyn mar. Mary Hollar; no children, 
j. Matilda mar. Robert Hartlove. 


( n John Hartlove. 
k. May mar. John Meadler. 

( 1 ) Edward Meadler. 

(2) Herbert Meadler. 

1. Herbert mar Annie Strickling. 
(1) Martha. 
4 Children of Ozelah Matilda (Maria) and Charles W. Jones, of J. 

a. Margaret Dickson Jones b. Dec. 12. 1861, d. Dec. 13, 1^21. 

b. Robert Linthicum fones b. Sept. 22, 1863, d. Sept. 27, 1885. 

c. Matilda Phillips Jones b. Oct. 5, 1865, mar. Oct. 13. 1886, Dr. 

Augustine Pennington Badger, dentist, b. Mar. 4, 1863, in 
Charleston, S. C. Besides two other sisters mentioned in this 
text, he has a sister Gcorgeanna Badger, who mar. Re\% Geo. 
W. Rice; have dau. (1) Fradelia Rice mar. E. L Terry; 
issue: IX-I Charlotte Crane Terry; IX-2 Georgene Terry; 
IX-3 Helen Adelia Terry. They are descended from Giles 
Badger who came to Newbury, Massachusetts, 1635, and from 
Pierre Lanoue (Lanneau), Huguenot, b. France 1647, living 
in Port Roval, Nova Scotia, 1671. 

(1) Robert Vernon Badger b. Aug. 12. 1888. d. April 2, 

1915, lawver. 

(2) Mollie Ozelah Badger, b. Aug. 26, 1893, mar. June 28, 

1916, John George Chappell, Jr. 

IX-1 'John Geo. Chappell III, (Tack) b. June 18. 1917. 
IX-2 Richard Badger Chappell b. Sept. 1, 1932. 

(3) Dr. Walter Lanneau Badger, dentist, b. Oct. 23, 1904, 
mar. June 15, 1926, Angeline Bard Skirven, dau. of 
Percy Granger, son of Wm. and Angeline (Sprague 
Bard) Skirven and Mary (Rasin Gemmill) Skirven. 
dau. of James Sutton and his wife, Margaret (Susan 
Rasin) Gemmill. 

IX-1 Daniel Graham Badger b. April 9, 1934. 

d. Camilla Ann Jones b. Oct. 11, 1868, mar. Jan. 28. 1905, Mil- 
ton Henkle, son of Jesse Milton and Margaret (Jones) Hen- 
kle. See A. F, By first wife, Milton had dau. Annie Lillian 
Henkle b. Dec. 5, 1893. mar. Marion A. Harrison. 

e. Charles Howard Jones b. May 5, 1872. mar. Sept. 1892. 
Minnie Marshall Gilbert. 

(1) Ozelah Elizabeth Jones b. June 28. 1893. d. Apr. 1912, 
mar. Rauen. d. . No children. 

(2) Jacob Gilbert Jones, Sr.. b. Jan. 19. 1895, mar. Eva 
Phillips, b. Sept. 4, 1899. 

IX-1 Ethel Tones b. Oct. 25. 1919. 

IX-2 Charles [ones b. Tan. 10, 1923. 

IX-3 Dorothy Jones b. Mar. 14. 1926. 

IX-4 Beverly Tones b. Dec. 23. 1928. 

IX-5 Jacob Gilbert Jones. Tr.. b. April 4. 1933. 

IX-6 Melvin Francis Jones b. July 10. 1924. d. Oct. 
26, 1924. 


(3) Robert Linthicum Jones b. June 27, 1897, mar. Cath- 
erine Dove. 
IX-1 Robert Louis Jones b. Dec. 22, 1921. 

IX-2 James Thomas Tones b. May 13, 1923. 

IX-3 Ozelah Elizabeth, of R., b.'May 13, 1923. 
James and Elizabeth, twins, 
f. Eli Henkle Jones b. Feb. 29, 1876, mar. Josephine Hendricks. 

(1) Elmira Elizabeth Jones mar. Edward Mj'ers, Sr. 
IX-1 Edward Myers, Jr. 

(2) Margaret Clarissa Jones mar. March 17, 1931, Frederick 
Graver Rau. 

7 Children of Abner and Amanda (Davis) Linthicum. 

a. Joshua S. b. 1864, mar. Bertha Hodges, sister of C. Albert 
Hodges (who married Margaret Elizabeth Linthicum, dau. 
of a. Hezekiah of James), descendant of Thomas Hodges, 
gentleman, who came to Maryland with the Ark and Dove, 
1634. Joshua S. d. April, 1933. 

(1) Abner Howell Linthicum b. Dec. 29, 1909. 

(2) Bertha (Nancy) b. Sept. 1916. 

b. Sarah Cornelia b. Oct., 1866, mar. Frank Burgess, Sr. 

( 1 ) Joshua LeRoy Burgess d., mar. Emma Frampton. 

(2) Cornelia Burgess. 

(3) Frank Burgess, Jr. 

c. Wesley d. unmar., b, April 15, 1872, d. April, 1887. 

d. Amanda Estelle b. Nov. 27, 1876, mar. Nov. 27, 1901, Arthur 
Stallings, son of William Vinton Stallings and (1st) wife, 

Hall. He also had a (2nd) wife Warfield. Wm. 

V. had brothers Elias, Henry, and sister Annie. 

(1) Amanda Louise Stallings mar. Arthur Griffith, Feb. 1931. 

(2) Sadie Elizabeth Stallings mar. April 5, 1931, Richard 
Hawkins Shiple\ . ( Pg. 73.) 

IX-1 Thomas Richard Shipley b. Feb. 26, 1934. 
10 Children of Eurith F. L. and John Tellison Brown, Sr. 

a. Ivan Brown d. unmar. 

b. Mary Delmah Brmvn b. Nov. 15, 1880, mar. April 11, 1900, 
Wade Hampton Linthicum, son of Sweetser L., Sr. See 
pg. 65. 

(1) Sweetser, of W. H., b. Feb. 27, 1906. 

(2) Matilda Phillips, of W. H.. b. Aug. 14, 1909, mar. , 

Lieutenant Luster Azil Vickrey. 

IX-1 Luster Azil Vickrey, Jr., b. Feb. 15, 1931. 

(3) Mary Delmah (Mary Del) b. June 30, 1912. 

c. Eurith Frances Brown b. June 20, 1883, mar. Sept. 4, 1907, 
John W. Lohmuller, lawyer, b. Sept. 18, 1881. 

(1) Delmah Loretta Lohmuller b. July 2, 1908, mar. April 
6, 1931, Raymond Sears. 

(2) Eurith Catherine Lohmuller b. April 14, 1912. 

(3) Mildred Bernice Lohmuller b. April 9, 1914. 

(4) Betty Ozelah Lohmuller b. March 24, 1923. 


(i. Tohn T. Brown, Jr.. b. Aug. 13, 1887, mar. Ethel Baker. 
'(1) John Brown. III. 

e. Lillian lola Brmvn b. Feb. 5. 1890, mar. Nov. 21, 1911, Geo. 
Foster Mavnard, b. Auc. 14, . 

(1) John Foster l\Ia\nard b. Aug. 21, . 

(2) Eurith Linthicum Mavnard b. Nov. 24, 1921. 

f. Guv B. Brown, lawver. b. May 7, 1895, mar. Dec. 27, 1923, 
Margaret Walker, b. March 30, 1898, dau. of John Wesley 
and (1st) wife. Annie (Bannnn) Walker, d. 
(1) Carolyn Adair Brown b. March 4, 1927. 

H Children of Sarah (Linthicum) and \Vm. Shipley. (From pg. 61.) 

1 Amanda Shipley mar. John Janney, of W. Va. 
a. Frank Janney. 

2 Marietta Linthicum Shipley mar. Nicholas Crisp. 

a. Wm. Crisp mar. Mary Clark. 

(1) Stella Crisp mar. Pitt, d. 

(2) Wm. Nicholas Crisp mar. Sarah Elizabeth Hopkins. 
IX-1 Elizabeth Hopkins Crisp. 

IX-2 Wm. Shipley Crisp. 

(3) Allen Bvron Crisp mar. Marv Brandon. 

lX-1 Mary Brandon Crisp b. Oct. 16, 1915. 
IX-2 Margaret Sydnor, b. Nov. 27, 1918. 

b. Robert Crisp mar. Mary Elizabeth Duvall. 

(1) Helen Kent Crisp mar. Wm. Norris Talbott. 

(2) Mary Kent Crisp mar. Benjamin Franklin Herman. 

3 Armanella Shipley mar. James Robinson, Sr. (See A. F.) 

a. Sarah Robinson d. unmar. 

b. Wm. Robinson mar. Elizabeth Hodges; has children. 

c. Armanella Robinson mar. Alton Arnold, Sr. 

(1) Alton Arnold, Jr.. d. unmar. 

(2) Camsadel Arnold mar. Frankenberry. 

(3) Helen Arnold d., mar. Herbert Read; has children. 

(4) Mary Arnold mar. Petty. 

(5) Clemena Arnold mar. Lieutenant Swanson. 

(6) Gertrude Arnold mar. Boyd Farinholt. 

d. Camsadel Robinson mar. Prof. Stephen F. Norris. 

( 1 ) Stewart Norris d. in infancy. 

(2) Allen Norris d. unmar. 

(3) Armanella Norris. 

(4) Margaret Norris mar. Charles Willis. Has children. 

(5) P'lizabeth Norris mar. Childs. 

(6) Mary Norris. 

(7) John R. Norris, graduate of Johns Hopkins \J . and Har- 
vard Law School, mar. 1933 or 34, Elizabeth Rife. 

e. James Robinson. Jr. 

f. Clemena Robinson. 

g. Helen Robinson. 




4 Alverda Shipley mar. Grafton Crisp. 

a. Benton Crisp mar. , d. 

b. Lieutenant Richard O. Crisp mar. Louise Rowland, sister of 
wife of Dr. Milton Linthicum. (Pg. 65.) 

c. Marietta Crisp. 

d. Herbert Grafton Crisp mar. Laura Patterson. 

e. Sarah Crisp mar. Sweetser Linthicum, Jr. 
Children — see under Linthicum. 

f. Annie mar. Sinton. Has children. 

5 Thomas Benton Shipley d. unmar. 

6 Sarah Eugenia Shipley d., mar. Thornton Robinson, d. 
a. Florence Robinson mar. Feister. 

7 Camsadel Lucinda mar. John Thomas Hammond, son of Rezin, 
Sr., and Ann C. (Thomas) Hammond. See A. F. 

a. Albert Hammond mar. . 

b. Howard Hammond mar. Greeneison. (1) Dau. 

c. William Hammond mar. Lillian Cromwell. 

d. Annie Hammond d. unmar. 

e. Sarah Hammond mar. John Geis. ( 1 ) Dau. 

f. John Hammond, Sr., mar. Marie Chairs. 

(1) John Hammond, Jr. 

g. Armanella Hammond mar. Herman Shriner. 

( 1 ) Louise Shriner. 

(2) Stella Shriner mar. Ivy. 

IX-1 (Girl). 

h. Herbert Hammond mar. Ri»-a Mewshaw. 

(1) Anna mar. Coe. 

j. Daisy Hammond mar. Rev. Edgar V. Read. (1) Dau. 

k. Stella Hammond mar. John Stoll. 

1. Camsadel Hammond d. in infancy. 

m. Clarence Hammond d. u. 

n. Richard Hammond mar. Mrs, Willis. 

( 1 ) John Hammond of R. 

8 Wm. Abner Shipley mar. Louise Steele. 

a. Benton Shipley. 

b. Margaret Shipley. 

9 Hezekiah Llewellyn Shipley d., mar. (1) Laura Gault d., mar. 
(2) Alice Numsen. No children. 

10 Richard Luther Shipley d., mar. Annie, dau. of Sweetser, Sr., 
and Laura (Smith) Linthicum. 

a. Irene Amanda Shipley. 

b. Richard Luther (Bub) Shipley, Jr., mar. Blanche Hawkins. 

(1) Richard Hawkins Shipley mar. April 5, 1931, Sadie Eliz- 
abeth Stallings, dau. of Arthur and A. Estelle Stallings. 
IX-1 Thomas Richard Shipley, b. Feb. 26, 1934. 

(2) Virginia Shipley. 

c. G. Cleveland Shipley mar. Amelia . 

d. Laura Linthicum Shipley mar. J. Clinton Roberts, Jr. 

11 Elbridge Franklin Shipley d. unmar. 



Amasa Linthicum 

Amasa Linthicum, Sr., son of Hczrkiah and wife, Sarah Batcman, 

h. 1765. d. 1823, mar. twice: (1) Sarah Cromwell, Jan. 10, 1792; (2) 

Racliel Johnson. Oct. 13, 17*^9, aunt of Ida Johnson, who mar. Rev, Cyrus 

N. Robinson, Sr. 

Issue of Amasa axd Sarah 
A Henrietta onl\ child b\- (Ist^ wife, h. Jan. 15, 1796. mar. March 5, 
1818, Thomas Norwood, Sr. 

1 Mary Norwood b. Dec. 25. 1818. 

2 Rev. Samuel D. Norwood b. March 1, 1820. 

3 Robert Norwood, b. Nov. 14, 1821. 

4 Thomas Norwood. Jr., b. Aug. 8. 1823, d. same day. 

5 Sarah Ann Norwood b. Oct. 6, 1824. 

6 Lucretia Linthicum Norwood b. Mar. 17, 1826, mar. Ger- 

a. Jonathan German mar. Calendar. 

7 Matthias Linthicum Norwood b. June 22, 1827. 

8 Camilla Elizabeth Norwood b. Mar. 30, 1830, mar. James M. 

a. Mrs. Henrietta Dell (perhaps others). 

9 Henrietta Norwood b. Oct. 15, 1835, mar. Henry Frederick, 
a. Rev. Frederick. 

Issue of Amasa axd Rachel 

B Mary Ann b. Dec. 8, 1801, mar. Dr. O'Brien. 

C Sarah Lucretia b. ]une 22, 1803, single. 

D Zachariah b. Jan. 'lO, 1805. 

E Matthias b. Mar. 6. 1806, mar. Ann Jacobs. 

1 Mary Leonard. 

2 Frank mar. Martha . 

a. Estelle d. at 16 years. 

3 Thomas mar. Delilah. 

4 Katharine mar. Elkins. 

a. Kate Elkins. 

b. Ann Elkins d. 

5 Ann mar. Eugene Biden. 

a. Eugenia Biden mar. J. Charles Linthicum (1) wife. 
I'' Adeline b. Aug. 11, 1808, mar. John Johnson. 

1 Six child) en. all died without issue — Johnson. 
G Amasa, Jr.. b. Aug. 29, 1810, mar. Mary Smarden (Smurden) and 

kept Sweetser's Bridge. 

1 Amasa. Ill, d. single. 
H Margaret b. Dec. 8, 1811, d. in infancv. 
] Slingsbury b. Aug. 11, 1814. 
k Joshua b. Dec. 6. 1816. 
L Elizabeth b. Mar. 8. 1819, mar. 1834, when aged 15 years, Barzillai 

Marriott, school-teacher. 

Issue: thirteen children all told; the names of 10 are here given. 


Only two of the thirteen children married — Noel Byron and Floren- 
tine Missouri. 

1 Stella Marriott d. single. 

2 Edwin Marriott d. unmar. 

3 Georgie Marriott d. u at 28 years. 

4 Charles Marriott. 

5 Noel Byron Marriott (Bud) d. 1918, mar. Katherine Rogers, 
a. Virginia Marriott mar. Nicholas A. Jeffers. 

(1) Virginia Marriott Tefters b. 1908. 

(2) Nicholas Bvron Jeffers b. 1909. 

(3) Wm. Edmund Jeffers b. 1914. 

(4) John Joseph Jeffers b. 1916, d. inf. 

6 Marcella Virginia Marriott d. single. 

7 Clarence L. Marriott d. at 19 years. 

8 Florentine Missouri Marriott mar. Dr. John D. Blake. 

a. Robert Lee Blake d. u. 

b. Dr. Herbert C. Blake Helen Meily. 

(1) Helen Elizabeth Blake. 

(2) John Herbert Blake. 

c. Everett Blake, Sr., mar. 

(1) Everett Blake, Jr. 

d. John Dalas Blake mar. Countess Vaughn of Virginia. 
\\) Tulia Marriott Blake. 

9 Norval May Marriott (Jack) d. u. 1930. 

10 Wilbur Marriott d. u. Killed in War with Indians at Walla 

Walla, Washington State. 
M Rev. Charles Garland Linthicum b. June 25, 1822, d. Oct. 15, 1903; 
mar. twice (1) 1850, Ann Louise Pearre, b. Aug. 29, 1830, d. April 
1, 1901; (2) Elizabeth Ann Beall, Nov., 1902. 

Ann Louise Pearre had two lawyer brothers : Judge George Alex- 
ander Pearre, and a 3'ounger one, Charles Baer Pearre ; also a sis- 
ter, who with herself, was raised by their aunt. Mrs. George Baer, 
Jr., and her husband, who was Representative from Maryland in 
Congress, lived in Frederick. These four children were the issue of 
Wm. Pearre, b. Nov. 13, 1791, and Catherine Maria Springer, b. 
July 10, 1795, who were mar. Nov. 12, 1816, by Rev. Helfenstine. 
For Springer, see A. F. 
Issue of Rev. Charles Garland Linthicum and Ann Louise: 

1 Lucretia Lavinia Linthicum b. April 1, 1851, d. June 8, 1929, 

mar. Aug. 4. 1880, Francis Kessler, b. June, 1853, son of Jacob 

and (Windsor) Kessler. 

a. Jacob Edgar Kessler b. Dec, 1882, mar. Mary Elizabeth 

(1) Windsor Garland Kessler b. 1909, mar. Alberta Dugan. 

(2) Edgar Pearre Kessler b. Feb., 1911, mar. Mildred Gar- 

(3) Althea Asbury Kessler b. Oct., 1913. 

b. Windsor Linthicum Kessler b. Mar., 1885, mar. . 

(1) (Son). Kessler. 


c. Francis Garland Kesslcr b. Feb. 1888, mar. Eva Wrightson. 

d. George Evans Kcssler b. Jan. 18^1, mar. Margaret Johnson. 

( 1 ) Charlotte Ewell Kessler. 

(2) D(7ris Kcssler. 

(3) Jane Kessler. 

2 AVilliam Pcarre Linthicum b. l'\'b. 1854, mar. twice; second 
wife was Katharine. 

a. 1st mar., Pcarre L. 

b. 2nd mar., ^Villiam. 

3 Katie Linthicum b. Nov. 6. 1856. d. Sept. 25, 1893, mar. twice; 
(1) Craven Pearson; (2) Aug. 4, 1880, Tames B. Fretwell, b. 
July 25, 1853. d. Dec. 1918. 

Issue of Katie and Craven Pearson : 

a. Craven Pcarre Pearson, Sr., b. Juh 26, 1876, mar. Mary 
Elizabeth Rauman. 

(1) Marv Elise Pearson b. Dec. 22, 1904, d. u. Tulv23, 1933. 

(2) Eleanor Louise Pearson b. Sept. 20, 1908. 

(3) Frances Katharine Pearson b. Sept. 22, 1910, mar. June 
21, 1931. Oscar Herbert Pulliam, Jr. 

IX-1 Judith Pulliam mar. . 

(4) Craven Pearre Pearson, Jr., b. April 23, 1915. 
Issue of Katie and James B. Fretwell : 

b. Annie Louise Fretwell b. Mav 24. 1881. mar. Mav 18, 1904, 
Clarence Morris Tavlor, b. Dec. 16, 1879. 

(1) Morris Fretwell Tavlor b. Feb. 16, 1906, mar. Julv 25, 
1927. Ruth Manie Mcintosh Worslev. b. Oct. 9, 1901. 

(2) John Hugh Tavlor b. June 13, 1909. 

c. Julia Fretwell b. Jan. 9, 1883, mar. Aug. 21, 1912, William 
McCaslan Barnwell, b. Dec. 26, 1888. 

(1) William McCaslan Barnwell, Jr., b. July 30, 1913, d. 
June 10, 1915. 

(2) Julia Fretwell Barnwell b. Aug. 22, 1916. 

(3) Beniamin Smith Barnwell b. Aug. 22, 1918. 

(4) Francis Edward Barnwell b. Nov. 10, 1921. 

d. Elizabeth Frances Fretwell b. Sept. 24, 1885, mar. April 26, 
1916, Robert Edward Caldwell, b. Jan. 5. 1883. 

e. Charles Burlington Fretwell b. Dec. 4, 1887, mar. Nov., 1917, 
Julia Cecilia Alexander, b. Mar. 22, 1893. 

(D Burlington Alexander Fretwell b. Nov. 7, 1918. 

(2) Alonza Alexander Fretwell b. June 11. 1921. 

(3) Francis Pearre Fretwell b. Mar. 10, 1926. 

f. Jesse Garland Fretwell b. Mar. 20, 1891. d. Mav, 1892. 

g. Thomas Simm Fretwell b. July 25, 1893, d. Feb.. 1894. 

4 Annie Linthicum b. Aug. 2. 1859, d. Feb. 9, 1934, mar. Dec. 24. 
1878. Benjamin Thrift, b. Dec. 28. 1848. 

a. Lillic Alav Thrift b. Oct. 31. 1879, mar. June. 1898. Ambrose 
R. Swan. 

(1) Gerald Ambrose Swan b. May 24, 1899, mar. . 

(2) Laurence Garland Swan b. May 8, 1904, mar. . 



b. Annie Dennv Thrift b. Oct. 28, 1881, d. Jan. 13. 1882. 

c. Lulan Linthicum Thrift b. Oct. 23, 1882, d. Dec, 1890. 

d. Nellie Pearre Thrift b. June 23. 1884, d. Aug. 23, 1884. 

e. Benjamin Thrift b. Au<?. 2, 1886, d. Dec, 1890. 

f. George Thrift b. Jul.v 31, 1891. d. Feb. 26, 1892. 

g. Samuel Matthias Thrift b. May 26, 1889, mar. Nellie Hud- 

h. Mary Sanderson Thrift b. July 24, 1893, mar. Albert Arnold 
Brand, Sr., b. Mar. 15. 

(1) Albert Arnold Brand, Jr., b. Dec. 10, 1918. 

(2) Elizabeth Carol Brand b. Dec 24, 1922. 

j. Vivian Eleanor Thrift b. Sept. 26, 1895, mar. Dec. 14, 1926, 
Leo Ravwid. 

(1) Marv Ann Ravwid b. Oct. 25, 1928. 

(2) (Son). Ravwid b. Aug. 9, 1930. 

k. Virginia Lee Thrift b. Nov. 26, 1902. 

Mary Ellen Linthicum b. Nov. 30, 1862, mar. Sept. 9, 1881, John 
William Beard, b. April 15, 1854. 

a. Mabel Linthicum Beard b. July. 1882. 

b. Vernon Pearre Beard b. May 27, 1885. 

c Marv Ellen Beard b. Dec 24, 1889, mar. Oct. 25, 1911, 
Llayd B. Robev b. May 14, 1889. 

(1) Vernon Pearre Robey b. Jan. 18. 1913. 

(2) Virginia Estelle Robey b. Nov. 24, 1915. 

d. John Williams Beard, Jr., b. Oct. 23, 1892, mar. April 28, 
1927, Ruth Livingston Davis. 

(1) Richard Garland Beard b. April 28, 1929. 

e. Charles Garland Beard b. Dec. 1, 1897. 

f. Dorothy Beard b. Oct. 16, 1902, mar. March 15, 1925, Gor- 
don M. Kline, b. Jan., 1903. 

(1) Ann Linthicum Kline b. Oct. 27, 1927. 

Charles Baer Linthicum. Sr., b. May 1864, d. , mar. Flora 

C. Mover. 

a. Charles Baer Linthicum, Jr. 

b. John Garland Linthicum mar. Elizabeth R. Jolliffe. 

(1) John b. Mar. 3. 1917. 

(2) Elizabeth b. Dec 28, 1918. 

c. Annie Louise Linthicum mar. Rev. Anthonv O. Lyons. 

(1) Wm. Anthony Lyons b. Sept. 4, 1921. 

(2) Gerald Ousley Lyons b. Sept. 10, 1923. 

(3) Chas. Richard Lyons b. Nov. 22, 1927. 

d. Katharine Linthicum mar. Edward R. Tucker, d. Sept. 30, 

(1) John Edward Tucker b. Aug. 30, 1915. 

(2) Thomas Tucker b. Mar. 30, 1930. Posthumous. 

e. Lillie V. b. May 25, 1897, mar. 1925, Adolph Franklin 

Matthias Amasa Linthicum b. 1866, d. May 30, 1921. 



Thomas Francis Lixthicum, Jr. 

Thomas Francis Lintliicum, Jr.. (from y)<^. 12), according!; Ui tra- 
dition, rccei\ecl a cool reception from his Tory wife upon his return from 
fig:htin{x in the RcNolutionary War; forthwith he took his three sons, 
Thomas, Daniel and Richard, and his three dau<:hters to North Carolina. 
These children were all horn in ^Maryland ; the daughters all married in 
North Carolina. 

A Thomas mar. , lived in Monroe Co., Ind. 

1 Elijah mar. Amanda Conder, lived in Laurence Co., Ind. Grave- 
yard with dates on tombstones near homestead. 

a. Thomas. 

b. Aroline A. mar. Pegsiy Brassfield or Brcssfield. 

c. David Milton Linthicum. 

(1. Ivizzie mar. MacWilson or Craig. 

e. Clementine mar. H. Brassfield or Bressfield ; a descendant is 
Austin Bressfield. 

2 Polly mar. James Farley, Mon.roe Co., Ind. 

a. Elizabeth Farley mar. Elijah Conder. 

b. John Farley. 

c. Thomas Farley. 

d. Esther Farley mar. Allan Proctor. 

e. Mary Farley mar. Clay. 

f. Alice Farley mar. Stephen Culmer. 

3 Jane (maid). 

4 Esther (maid). 

B Daniel, Sr., b. in Maryland; mar. ; children all born in N. C : 

1 Solomon b. 1796, in Stokes Co., N. C._, mar. Margaret Ires b. 
1798. Lived in Randolph Co., N. C. All children born there 
except Sarah. 

a. Zaccheus b. 1819, mar. three times, had eight daughters; lived 
in N. C. 

b. Richard Baxter b. 1820, d. young in N. C. 

c. Lovina b. 1821. d. young in N. C. 

d. Daniel b. 1822, d. young. 

e. Maxwell b. 1824, mar. Eliza T^mes, Monroe Co., Ind. 

f. Solomon, Jr., b. 1826, lived in N. C. 

g. Drusilla b. 1828, mar. Thomas Jackson. 

(1) Obidiah Jackson. 

(2) Robert Jackson and several others. 

h. Samuel b. 1830, mar. Mary Tysinger. Had six children. 
j. Meriam b. 1832, d. \oung. 

k. Jesse Ires Linthicum b. 1834, mar. Meriam Robbins, had five 
children ; three reached majority. 

(1) Tohn of Randleman, N. C. 

(2) Savana b. 1861. 

(3) Delitha b. 187L 


1. Margaret b. May 29, 1836, d. 1912, mar. Sept. 28. 1854, 
Alexander Jackson. Moved to Indiana, 1860. M. J. died 
at Harrodsburg, Ind. 

(1) Elwood Fremont Jackson b. 1856, Randolph N. C, mar. 
Martha Ann Lendley, Park Co., Ind. 

IX-l Jean Jackson b. 1888, at Sulvania, Park Co., Ind. 
IX-2 Grace Jackson b. 1890, at Sulvania, Park Co., Ind. 

(2) Wm. Solomon Jackson b. 1857, Randolph Co., N. C, 
mar. (1) Delilah Hobson ; (2) Clara Lendley. 

IX-l Infant d. 

IX-2 Leslie Jackson b. 1883, mar. George Allen. 

X-1 Millard Allen. 

X-2 Ruth Allen. 

X-3 Deward Allen. 

X-4 Myrtle Allen. 

X-5 Eva Allen. 

IX-3 Infant d. 

I X-4 Robert Jackson b. 1910. 

(3) Sarah Delphina Jackson b. 1859, Randolph Co., mar. 
Abraham Harvey. 

IX-l Clarence" Harvev b. 1880. 

IX-2 Elmer Harvev b. 1889. 

IX-3 Jessie Myrtle Harvey b. 1882. 

IX-4 Fred Logan Harvev mar. Cora Belle Rinber. 

X-1 Clovis Harvev b. 1907. 
IX-5 Cora Maude Harvey b. 1886. 

(4) Zachariah Jackson b. 1861, mar. Addie Brinnegar, Han- 
cock Co., Ind. 

IX-l Jewett Elmer Jackson. 

(5) Sylvannes Jackson, Monroe Co., Ind., mar. Emma John- 

IX-l Aldyce M. Jackson mar. Blanche Moore. 

X-1 Infant d. Jackson. 

X-2 Tivilla Faye Jackson. 

X-3 Josephine Jackson. 

X-4 Emma Jackson. 
IX-2 Opal Jackson. 
IX-3 Nettie Faye Jackson. 

(6) Lendle\' Jackson, Monroe Co., Ind., mar. Olive Beard. 
IX-l Phillis Jackson. 

(7) Infant d. Jackson. 

(8) Elmer O. Jackson mar. Fannie Thompson. 
IX-l Infant d. Jackson. 

(9) Jesse Otis Jackson mar. Anna Evans. 
IX-l Franklin A. Jackson. 

IX-2 Lucille Geraldine Jackson, 
m. Sarah b. 1838, Harrodsburg, Ind. 
n. Nancy d. young. 
o. John d. young.  , . . . 


p. Barsheba b. 1844, N. C, mar. 

(1) Lucreta Parker. May he wife instead of dau. 

2 Richard Linthicum, Kentucky. 

3 Daniel Linthicum. Jr.. d. younp. 

4 Christopher Linthicum went to Va. 

5 Elizabeth Linthicum. maid. 

6 John Linthicum. 

C Richard Linthicum of Guilford Co., N. C, mar. . Son b. 

after 1774 ace. to census of N. C, 1790. 
D Betsy Linthicum mar. Wilson, N. C. 

1 Daniel Wilson went to Kansas, mar. . 

a. Scott Wilson, Kansas. 

b. Eleanor Wilson mar. Samuel Jackson. 

(1) Rebecca Eleanor Jackson mar. Joseph Sanders. 
IX-1 Verne Sanders mar. Elizabeth Parks. 

X-1 Carl Sanders. 

X-2 Parks Sanders. 
IX-2 Virgil Sanders. 
IX-3 Calvin Sanders. 
IX-4 Faye Sanders. 
IX-5 Gaile Sanders. 

(2) Mary Jackson mar. Wm. Harvey. 

IX-1 Thaddeiis Harvey mar. Maude Ringer. 
X-1 Marjorie Harvey. 

IX-2 Clayton Harvey. 

IX-3 Grace Harvey. 

E Peggy Linthicum mar. Horn, Guilford Co., N. C. 

F Polly Linthicum mar. Lister, moved to Indiana. 


Ravenwood, Mo.  | 

(This being the only family that spells the name with an a.) 


A Thomas, Sr., who originally lived at or near Annapolis, Md., b. 
1800, d. at home of his son, Thomas. Jr., in Harrison Co., Mo., 1882. 
He left a story to his descendants of himself and brother being out 
on Chesapeake Bay with a large boy for companion when they were 
small. The boat upset; the large boy drowned; one of the small 
boys swam out and the other crawled out on the bottom. 

B Had a sister Sallie b. 1809, who lived with the first Thomas, he being 
a carpenter at Fairfield, 111. Berth came to live \vith Thomas, Jr., for 
several years before their deaths. She d. u. 1878. 

A Thomas, Sr., mar. . All sons were farmers. 

1 Thomas, Jr., b. in Kentucky, 1819. d. 1901, mar. 1825, Elizabeth 
Crews. Nine children given later. 

2 Henry lived in Harrison Co., Mo., b. 1823, d. Oct. 6, 1906, 



mar. 1852, Sarah B. Crews, b. 1833, d. Nov. 1, 1913, when liv- 
ing with her grandson. Jesse A., at Ridgeway, Mo. 

a. Charles Edwin b. May 3, 1853, d. May 3, 1885, mar. Ruth 
O. Wagoner. 

b. Ann b. , d. Nov., 1911, mar. J. Frank Milligan. 

c. Miriam d. in infancv. 

3 Augustus (or Gustave) mar. (1) Mary and (2) Rebekah 

. Both he and last wife d. at 82 years of age. No children. 

4 Dau. not named. 

(Above) This family all of Harrison Co., Mo. 

a. Children of Charles Edwin and Ruth. 

(1) Sarah Anna, b. Feb. 26, 1879, mar. E. M. Ragan, live 
at Warsaw, Mo. 

IX-1 Edwin Ragan b. 1904. 

IX-2 Marion Ragan b. 1906. 

IX-3 Olive Ragan b. 1908. 

IX-4 Delpha Ragan b. 1910. 

IX-5 Winston Ragan b. 1912. 

(2) Jesse A. Linthacum b. Nov. 29, 1881, mar. Lettie I. 
Aber; live at Ridgeway, Mo. 

IX-1 Helen b. 1909. 
IX-2 Howard b. 1911. 
IX-3 Ruth b. 1913. 

b. Children of Ann (Linthacum) and J. Frank Milligan. 

(1) Marv Milligan b. 1890. 

(2) Ruth Milligan b. 1892. mar. Brock. 

IX-1 Cleo Brock b. 1912. 

(3) Robert Milligan b. 1897. 

(4) H. Franklin Milligan b. 1904. 

1 Children of Thomas Linthacum, Jr., and Elizabeth; (nine, only 
eight named), 
a. John b. Feb. 8, 1847, in Wayne Co., 111. Father moved to 

Harrison Co., Mo., 1855. Mar. (1) 1868, Mary K. Bon- 

durant, d.; lived at Ravenwood, Mo. 

(1) Stella b. 1869. mar. 1887, Samuel Planck. 
IX-1 Elgin Planck b. 1902. 

(2) Charles E. b. 1871, was mar. 1893 to Rose Cunning, b. 

IX-1 Aral Linthacum b. 1894. 

IX-2 Lamark Linthacum b. 1897. 

IX-3 Cricket Linthacum (girl) b. 1899. 

IX-4 Arian Linthacum (boy) b. 1901. 

IX-5 Irma Linthacum b. 1906. 

IX-6 Voris Linthacum b. 1908. 

(3) Walter I. b. 1873, mar. 1904, Alace Rav. 
IX-1 Bera Linthacum (girl) b. 1896. 
IX-2 Larie Linthacum (girl) b. 1898. 
IX-3 Lester Linthacum b. 1900, d. 1912. 
IX-4 Leon Linthacum b. 1900. Lester and Leon, twins. 


IX-5 Cecil Linthacum b. 1902. 

IX-6 Rav Linthacum b. 1904. 

IX-7 Pearl Linthacum b. 1906, d. 1912. 

(4) Luther B. b. 1875, mar. 1896, Hillis Ross. 
IX-1 Son b. 1898. 

IX-2 Dau. b. 1900. 
IX-3 Eva b. 1902. 

(5) Ira b. 1877. mar. 1898. ; living in Montana. 

IX-1 Tcddv Linthacum b. 1900. 

IX-2 Son b. 1902. 
John Linthacum mar. (2) Oct. 5, 1897, Allie Litten. 

(6) Tulia Mav b. Dec. 18, 1898. 

(7) Fay b. Sept. 9, 1901. 

(8) Fern b. Sept. 9, 1901. Fay and Fern, twins. 

b. Marshal b. 1849, mar. 1869, Sarah Brown, living. 

(1) d. very young. 

(2) d. very voung. 

(3) Samuel b. 1877. 

(4) Clara b. 1880, mar. 1900, Wooderson. 

c. Francis b. 1851, mar. 1873, Etta Brown; living at Bethany, 

(1) Dau. b. 1880, d. 1908. 

d. Julia b. 1860, d. 1909, mar. 1879, James Taylor. 

(1) George Taylor b. 1882, mar. . 

IX-1 Child. Tavlor; lives in Colorado. 

(2) Edith Tavlor b. 1880', mar. 1910, , and lives in 


e. May b. 1859, d. 1897, mar. 1880, Robert Updyke. 

(1) Fred Updyke b. 1884, mar. , lives at Charlton, Iowa. 

(2) Maud Updyke b. 1886, single, living in Arizona. 

f. William b. about 1872. mar. about 1897, Mary Flint. 

(1) Bertha b. 1889, mar. Earl Burgess. 

(2) Florence b. about 1898. 

(3) Mark b. 1901. 

(4) Ruth b. 1903. 

g. Ida (Ida and William, twins), mar. Dr. Scott. 

(1) Lura Scott b. 1888, mar. 1910, Cook; lives in 

h. Libbv b. 1865, mar. 1885, Charles Low. 

(1) Bud Low b. 1891. 

(2) Beatrice Low b. 1895. This family lives in Nebraska. 


John Linthicum b. 1739, of Annapolis, Md., descendant of Thomas, 

Sr., mar. . 

A Aquila b. 1786, of Annapolis, Md., d. 1875, mar. Mary Orrack; 

moved to Napoleon, Henry Co., Ohio. 


1 Larkin I. b. 1831, living in 1914, mar. Sarah Leist, lived in 
Napoleon, Ohio. 

2 Sophia d. 1870. 

3 Carrie R. b. 1848. 

1 Children of Larkin I. and Sarah. 

a. Ida b. 1859, mar. W. W. Whitmer. 

b. Lewis A. b. 1861, mar. Eva Redfield. 

^ c. Ithamar G. b. 1866, mar. Fannie Murphy. 

d. Judson R. b. 1870, mar. Burel Musser. 

e. Carrie A. b. 1874, mar. Perry Woodard, living in Akron, Ohio. 

b. Children of Lewis and Eva. 

(1) Albert b. 1898. 

(2) Mary b. 1902. 

c. Children of Ithamar G. and Fannie, 

(1) Byron T, b. 1893, 

(2) Charles M. b. 1895, 

(3) John I. b. 1896, 

(4) Josephine b, 1897, 

(5) Mildred b. 1898. 

(6) Vivian R. b. 1904. 

d. Child of Judson and Burel. 
(1) Harold b. 1910. 

FROM Thomas Linthicum, Sr. 

Gen. I Thomas Linthicum, Sr., came from England or Wales prior 
to July 23, 1658, mar. Jane . 

Gen. II-B Mary Linthicum mar., prior to 1688, Richard Snowden, III. 

Gen. Ill-a Richard Snowden, IV, mar. 3rd mo. 19, 1709, Elizabeth Cole. 

Gen. IV-2 Mary Snowden mar. Samuel Thomas. Jr., son of Samuel 
Thomas Sr., and Mary (Hutchins) Thomas. 

B Elizabeth Thomas mar. (as third wife) Johns Hopkins, Sr., b. Oct. 
30, 1720, ninth and youngest child of Gerrard, Jr., and Margaret 
(Johns) Hopkins. 

3 Samuel Hopkins, Sr., b. Feb. 3, 1759, d. Feb. 9, 1814, mar. Aug, 
1792, Hannah, dau. of Joseph and Hannah (Jones) Janney. 

b. Johns Hopkins, philanthropist, b. May 19, 1795, d. u. 1873, 
left funds to establish University and Hospital to be called by 
his name. The University was opened October 3, 1876; the 
Hospital, May 7, 1889, 

-H^ -5e^ /3vV,i^ Ecie^r*^ '^- Cs>pp^/ S~Ui^ ^^H&U^ (^Av,t^v.O 


FROM Thomas LiMincrM, Sr. 
Gen. I-l Thomas Linthicum. Sr., mar. Jane. 

Gen. ll-I) Thomas Linthicum. Jr., mar. June 22, 1698, Deborah Waj'- 
man, dau. of Econard. Sr., and Dorcas Wayman. 

Gen. HLl Hezckiah, school-master, b. Nov. 7, 1723, mar. cir. 1750, 
Sarah liateman, b. 1713. dau. of IIenr\- and Sarah ( Powell > 

Gen. IV-6 Abner, Sr.. b. 1703, mar. 1791, Rachel Jacob, gv. dau. ot 
Richard, Sr., and Hannah (Howard) Jacob. 

D William, b. 1798, mar. 1823, Betsy Sweetscr, descendant of Ro^er 

1 Sweetser Linthicum b. 1824, mar. 1847, Laura E. Smith, h. 1829. 
h. Honorable John Charles Linthicum b. 1867, d. 1932. Ear 

twentv-two years represented his District in Congress. IVLir. 
(1) xNov. 28, 1893, Eugenia May Biden; mar. (2) Mar. 

9, 1898, Helen A. Clarke. No children. 



FROM Thomas Linthicum, Sr. 

Gen. I-l Thomas Linthicum, Sr., mar. Jane. 

Gen. II-D Thomas Linthicum, Jr., mar. Deborah Wayman. 
Gen. Ill-b Thomas Linthicum, III, b. Sept. 28, 1701, mar. April 28, 
1724, Sarah Burton, dau. of Joseph. 

Gen. IV-6 Zachariah, served in Revolutionary War, b. 1735, d. 1808, 
mar. (1) Sarah Prather. 

C Hezekiah b. 1773, mar. (2) Mary Oliver, and lived in Poolesville, 

2 Thomas Fletchall Linthicum, Sr., mar. Catherine Rhinecker. 
Raised family of twelve children in Powhatan, Md. 

a. John T. mar. Martina Haydn of Martinsburg, W. Va. 
(1) Jesse Haydn Linthicum mar. Roberta Clark. 

IX-1 Jesse Allison Linthicum, Sports Editor of the 
Baltimore Sun, mar. Edna Foster. 
X-1 Edna Marjorie Linthicum. 
IX-2 Wilmer Haddaway Linthicum, Sr., mar. Olga 

X-1 Wilmer Haddaway Linthicum, Jr. 
X-2 Barbara Allen Linthicum. 


FROM Thomas Linthicum^ Sr. 

Gen. I-l Thomas Linthicum, Sr., mar. Jane. 

Gen. n-B Gen. H-C 

Mary Linthicum mar. previous to Jane Linthicum mar. Jan. 13, 

1688, Richard Snowden, IIL 1695, Thomas Rutland, Sr. 

*Gen. in-a Gen. Ill-d 

Richard Snowden, IV, mar. (2) Thomas Rutland, Jr., b. 1703, 

Elizabeth Thomas, dau. of Sam- mar. Ann Dorsey. 

uel, Sr., and Mary (Hutchins) 

Gen. IV-5 

Thomas Snowden, of R., b. cir. 

1722, mar. Mary, dau. of Henry 

and Elizabeth (Sprigg) Wright. Gen. IV-2 

B Richard Snowden, of Thomas, mar. Eliza Rutland. 

* 1 Mary Snowden b. Aug. 28, 1770, mar. 1788, John Chew 
Thomas, Sr., b. 1764. 
a. John Chew Thomas, Jr., b. Sept. 22, 1803, mar. Mar. 2, 

1848, Jane Lawrence Buckley. 

( 1 ) Dr. Lawrence Buckley Thomas, author of Thomas Book. 

*John Chew Thomas from 

Gen. Ill-a Richard Snowden, IV, mar. 1709, (1) Elizabeth Cole. 

Gen. IV-2 Mary Snowden mar. Samuel Thomas, Jr. 

A Mary Thomas mar. Samuel Thomas of Philip. 

5 John Chew Thomas, Sr., b. 1764, mar. Mary Snowden, of 
Richard, b. 1770. 

a. John Chew Thomas, Jr., b. 1803, mar. 1848, Jane Lawrence 

(1) Dr. Lawrence Buckley Thomas, mar. 1882, Mary Berry 
McCobb, d. s. p. 1884. 


A further account of some Families that 

have intermarried with Descendants of 

Thomas Linthicum, Sr. 


ALL11:D i-AMILIKS— Thiktv-Three 

(Individual Names Not Listed) 

Allerton 89 Miillikin 121 

Benson 90 Pitcher 121 

Bii(1(l 92 Robinson 124 

Devereux 96 Sexsmith 125 

Horsey 98 Sherwood 126 

Duncan (\vi:h Henkle) 105 Shipley 127 

'^'l^^'^rds 100 Springer 130 

J^o"^'" '^^ Stewart 132 

Stockett 132 

Sweetser (with Roger Williams) .. 133 

Hammond 102 

llenkie 104 

U'Kgins 108 

Hodges 109 ^"'T 1" 

Hopkins 110 I'homas 134 

Howard Ill belles, Wells 138 

Jacob (Jacobs) 114 Williams, Roger (with Sweetser) 13? 

Lewis and Yewell 117 Yewell (with Lewis) 117 

Mayo 121 Ziegler (with Henkle) 105 



Isaac AUerton having been a passenger on the Mayflower. 

1 Isaac Allerton d. Feb. 22, 1659, mar. Mary Norris of Newbury, 

2 Sarah Allerton b. 1610, d. 1659, mar. Moses Maverick, b. 1610, 
d. Jan. 1686. 

3 Sarah Maverick mar. John Norman b, Aug. 1637. 

4 Sarah Norman mar. John Broughton. 

5 Nicholas Broughton b. Sept. 13. 1724, d. 1798, mar. Sarah 

6 Mary Broughton b. 1755, d. 1798, mar. John Devereux, b. 
1744 (8),d. 1788. 

7 Eleanor Devereux b. Nov. 12, 1787, d. June 1833, mar. Capt. 
Samuel Candler, b. 1781, d. July 1863. 

8 Mary Ellen Candler b. Aug. 3, 1804, d. Aug. 13, 1883, mar. 
Lazelle Elmes, b. July 17, 1805, d. Dec. 27, 1851. 

9 Sophia Harriet Elmes mar. Alfred T. Thomas, b. 1821, d. July 

10 Cornelia Kate Thomas b. May 13, 1861, d. Sept. 17, 1927, mar. 
J. Alfred Perkins, b. 1856, d. May 8, 1894. 

11 kary Matilda Perkins b. Feb. 2, 1889, mar. Nov. 22, 1910, Seth 
Hance Linthicum. 

12 Children: Dorothy Linthicum mar. Rev. Paul F. Warner, Laura, 
Seth, Jr., and Milton Linthicum. ( Pg. 65.) 

Another descendant of Isaac Allerton and of Thomas Cushraan, also 
of the Mayflower, is Katharine (Cushman) Hoke of Indianapolis, in text. 



Th orniS 

S aiTu it ^t - Benson mar. Avis Day. 

Richard Basil Benson mar. Nancy Cheney. 

1 Thomas b. May 10. 1775, d. Mar. 31. 1860, mar. Jan. 1806, 
Nancy (Anne) Smith, d. 1844. 

2 Rachel mar. 1801, Samuel Yealdhall. 

3 Margaret mar. 1800, Nicholas Sanks. 

4 Anne mar. 1809. Lancelot Forrest. 

5 Elizabeth mar. 1803, Thomas Stewart, (1st wife). 

6 Richard, Jr.. mar. 1812, Margaret Pumphrey. 

7 John mar. 1816, Harriett Pumphrey. 

8 Samuel mar. 1814, Mary Pumphrey. 

1 Children of Thomas Benson and Nancy (Smith) Benson. 

a. Elizabeth Benson b. Oct. 25, 1806, mar. John Smith. 

b. Basil Smitli Benson mar. (1st) IVIargaret Kelly, sister of 
wife of Jos.; (2nd) Mary Ann Smith, sister of Laura (Smith) 

c. Anne Smith Benson b. Jan. 19, 1812, mar. Charles Smith, 
brother of John (above). 

d. Joseph b. Jan. 23, 1814, d. Dec. 11, 1882. mar. Sept. 1840, 
Mary Susannah Kelly, b. July 22, 1823, d. June 11, 1893; 
sister of Margaret Kelly, mar. Basil S. Benson. 

Children of Basil Smith and (1st wife) Margaret (Kelly) Benson. 

1 Matilda Benson mar. John Henry Whalen. Son mar. and lived 
in Washington ; now d. 

2 Mahlon mar. Mary Elizabeth Hammond, dau. Edna mar. John 
O. Mitchell, funeral director. 

3 d. inf. 

Children of Basil Smith Benson by (2nd wife) Mary Ann (Smith) 

4 Milton. 

5 Basil Byron Benson mar. Leah Pumphrey, dau. of Thomas and 
Elizabeth (Cromwell) Pumphrey. Other children of Thomas 
and Elizabeth (C.) Pumphrey: Winter, Eliza, Nathan, Joseph, 
Bett}' and Rose. 

6 Lola mar. Robert Crisp (Tip). 

7 Richard (Dick) mar. Van Leel. 

8 Laura mar. John Cromwell d. s. p. 

9 Nannie Smith Benson d. at 19 years of age. 

10 James Smith Benson mar. Mary E. Thomas, dau., Lola Elane 
Benson mar. R. IVLircellus Thomas. (Pg. 67.) 

11 Thomas mar. Elizabeth Thomas. (Pg. 67.) 

12 Summerfield H. d. Mar. 24, 1934, mar. Laura Shipley. 


13 Joseph Jones Benson mar. Dora Gable. Children: Dorothy, Mil- 
. ton, and Gladys. Six children d. inf.; nineteen children total of 
Basil Smith Benson's children. 

5 Children of Basil B. Benson and Leah (Pumphrey) Benson. 

a. Dr. Thomas Pumphrey Benson mar. Lillian (Rider) Pum- 
phrey. No children. 

b. Robert Crisp Benson mar. Mary Anne Craggs Hopkins, sister 
of Sarah Elizabeth (pg. ?>!) also dau. of Rezin. 

(1) Harold Hopkins Benson b. Nov. 2, 1909. 

(2) Mary Kathryn Benson b. Sept. 6, 1913, mar. June 6, 
1934, Melvin Am.os Pittman. 

c. Mahlon Adolph Benson mar. Elma Kelly. 

( 1 ) Albert Leland Benson. 

(2) Edna May Benson. 

d. Eager Howard Benson mar. Lucy Lee from Indiana. 
( 1 ) Nathan Byron Benson. 

e. Grady Benson mar. Lina Gable. 

(1) Basil Byron Benson. 

f. Hamilton Benson mar. Cornelia Welham. No children. 

g. Elizabeth never mar. 

Children of Joseph and Mary (Susannah Kelly) Benson. 

1 Margaret Ann Benson d. u. 

2 George Thomas Benson d. inf. 

3 Joseph Kelly Benson mar. Elizabeth V. Linthicum. dau. of 
Sweetser. (Pg. 64.) 

4 Oliver Emory d. u. 

5 Oregon Randolph mar. Carvilla Brian, dau. of Joseph M. Brian, 
Sr. fPg. 63.) 

6 Elmlra Smith Benson mar. Basil Smith, 1st cousin, son of Chas. 
and Anne. 

7 Thomas Mordecai Benson mar. Mollie Pitcher Whittemore; 
mother was Mary Elizabeth Cromwell. 

8 Mary Susannah Rezin Washington Hammond, brother of 
John. (Pg. 73.) 

9 Elva Rebecca mar. Dr. Clarence Johnson. 

10 Solon Linthicum mar. Katie Disney. 

1 1 Gertrude Virginia mar. Charles Hodges, whose sister, Frances 
Cromwell Hodges, dau. of Chas. Hawkins Hodges, mar. James 
Richard Benson of Marley Creek, and had son, Charles Hodges 
Benson, one of twelve children, who mar. Marie S. Medinger, 
and has children. 

Catherine Anne Benson b. May 28, 1824. 
Charles Hodges Benson, Jr., b. June 7, 1930. 

12 Tola Geneva Benson mar. 1881, (1st) Asa Shinn Linthicum of 
S. ; mar. (2nd) Peter Stevens. (Pg. 64.) 



Gen. 1-1 R('\-. Thomas Bucld of the Parish of Martock, Somersetshire, 
England, a minister of the National Church, separated him- 
self from that Church and joined himself to the Quakers. 
In 1661, he was required to take the "oath of obedience" 
prescribed by Kinp: James the first. Although entirely loyal, 
he could not take an oath. He was indicted and sent to 
jail at Ilchester where he died June 22, 1670, firm in his 
faith. He was born in 1617. Matriculated at Merton Col- 
lege, Oxford, in 163.^, took his M. A. degree in 1636 and 
became Vicar of Ma'tock in 1639. He married Jcjhanna 
Knight, daughter of Giles Knight who came to America in 
the Welcome. His sons were Samuel, who remained in 
P'ngland, and Thomas, John, James and William Budd, 
who came to Burlington, N. J., in 1678. 

Gen. II-A Thomas Budd, Jr., was b. in 1646 and d. Feb. 1698. in 
Philadelphia. He married Susanna, dau. of William Rob- 
inson in 1667. He was a member of the Assembly and one of 
the early proprietors of N. J. He was the author of "Good 
Order in Pennsylvania and New Jersey," in which is a 
sketch of his family. His family consisted of eldest son, 

Gen. ni-a John Budd Sr., at one time sheriff of Philadelphia. He left 
Quaker Church and became active in First Presbyterian 
Church in Philadelphia. His wife. Sarah, and he removed 
to New Hanover, (Whippany) Hunterdon, now Morris 
Co., N. J., where he d. May 1757. (AVill recorded at Tren- 

Gen. TV-1 His eldest son, John Budd, Jr., mar. Rosanna Shivers, dau. 
of Samuel Shivers, Sept. 7, 1758. He was a physician and 
later moved to Charleston, S. C. where he d. 1791, leaving 
two daughters, Sarah Budd and Esther Budd. 

Gen. lV-2 Thomas Budd, second son of John, b. 1724, mar. Ann Hawk- 
hurst in 1778, blown up during war. Left son, 
A Samuel Budd who mar. Marie De La Rue. 

Gen. IV-3 William Budd d. 1779 in Morris Co. 

Gen. IV-4 Dr. Berne Budd mar. Phoebe . He d. 1778, leaving 

A John C. Budd. 
B David Budd. 
C Sarah Budd.^ 

Gen. I\'-5 Susanna Budd mar. a Stewart of Stewartsville, N. J. 
Gen. l\'-6 Catharine Budd mar. David Gould 1st, and 2nd, a Gilcrist of 

Gen. lll-h Thomas, HI. second son of Thomas, Jr., and Susanna Budd, 

mar. Martha , d. on Sept. 19, 1699. 

Gen. IV-1 Marv Budd. 


Gen. IV-2 George Budd. 

Gen. III-c Mary Budd, dau. of Thomas, mar. 1st, Dr. John Gosling, 
who d. in 1685. 

Gen. IV-1 John Gosling, Jr. 

She mar. 2nd, Dec. 21, 1686, in Burlington, N. J.. Francis 
Collins; she mar. 3rd, William Allen. She d. June 9, 1756. 

Gen. Ill-d Rose Budd b. Jan. 13. 1680, in Burlington, N. J., mar. 1st, 
Charles Plumley, who d..J708; she mar. 2nd, John Mc- 
Williams, and 3rd, Joseph Shippen, son of Edward Shippen 
of Philadelphia. 

These four children of Thomas Budd are menticmed in his 

Gen. II-B James Budd, second son of Rev. Thomas Budd of Mastock, 
was a member of Assembly in 1685. He was unmarried and 
was drowned in the Delaware River before Oct. 14, 1692. 

Gen. II-C John Budd, Sr., third son of Rev. Thomas Budd, Sr., mar. 
Mary before 1692, in the Quaker Church of Burling- 
ton. He is often confused with John the son of Thomas, Jr., 
and Susanna Budd. He removed to Philadelphia about 
1696, where he d. in 1704. 'His will, Vol. 9, Philadelphia 
Co., Pa. He left sons, 

Gen. Hl-a John Budd, Jr. 

Gen. ni-b Samuel Budd. 

Gen. ni-c George Budd. 

Gen. ni-d Sarah Budd who mar. John Morrey, Feb. 26, 1869, and had 
a son, 

Gen. IV-1 Humphrey Morrey. 

Cren. Hl-a His son, John Budd, Jr., mar. Rebecca Baynton, a sister 
of Peter Baynton. 

Gen. IV-1 Mary Budd became a 2nd wife of Peter Baynton, a grand- 
nephew of Peter Bavnton, I. 

A John Baynton b. Dec. 17, 1726, mar. Dec. 17, 1747, 
Elizabeth Chevalier and they had fifteen children. 

Gen. IV-2 Ann Budd mar. Wheeler. 

Gen. II-D William Budd, Sr.. b. 1649, the youngest son of Rev. 
Thomas Budd of Somersetshire. He mar. Ann Claypool 
(or Clapgut) shortly after his arrival. She was b. 1652. 
He was a Quaker preacher and lived in Northampton town- 
ship, Burlington Co., N. J., about four miles west of Mt. 
Holly. He became a member of St. Mary's Episcopal 
Church of Burlington in 1702. He d. in 1722 and his wife 
a few months later ; both of them are buried in middle of 
church yard at St. Mary's. His will made Mar. 1, 1707-8 
was probated Feb. 2, 1722-3. His children were: 

Gen. Ill-a William Budd, Jr., b. 1680, d. Nov. 11, 1727, mar. Eliza- 
beth Stockton (1683-1738) dau. of Richard and Abigail 


















Stockton of Springfield tvvp.. Burlington, N. T-> Dec. 2, 1703. 

Children : 

Gen. IV-1 Mar\- Budd bap. 1704. mar. Joseph Shinn. 

Cicu. lV-2 Susanna Budd hap. 1706, mar. Jacob Gaskill. 

Gen. lV-3 lliomas Budd of Wm., Jr., bap. 1708, mar. Jemima Leeds, 
dau. of Philo Leeds, in Jan. 5. 1735. 

Gen. lV-4 \Villiam Budd, III, bap. 1710, mar. Susanna Cole. dau. of 
Samuel and Mary (Kendal) Cole on Mar. 28, 1738. 
Abigail Budd bap. 1/16. mar. John Fisher. 
David Budd b. Julv 14. 1711. mar. Catherine Allen in 
Feb. 6, 1738. 

Ann Budd b. 1725. mar. Kendal Cole, son of Samuel. 
Rebecca Budd bap. 1714, mar. Joseph Lamb. Mar. 28. 1738. 
Elizabeth Budd, unmar. 

T(7hn Budd b. 1682. mar. Hannah V^ilson. He d. Mar. 5, 

John Budd. 

Thomas Budd of Wm., Sr.. b. Sept. 27. 1686. d. Apr. 1, 
1742. He was Secretary of Board of Lords' Proprietor in 
1728. He was a cooper of Burlington. N. J. He mar. 1st, 
Deborah Langstaff, dau. of John and Elizabeth (Collier) 
Langstaff of Springfield twp. She was mother of all his 
children. Mar. 2nd, Jan. 6, 1731-2. Mary, widow of John 
Evre; mar. 3rd. Margaret, widow of Louis Jolly, and dau. 
of Audre De Normandie. 
Gen. IV-1 Eldest son was John Budd of T, ("mv gr. gr. gr. grand- 
father"— Ora (Wilkins) Lesh.) b. about 1708-9. mar 1st. 
at Christ Church, Philadelphia, Sept. 10, 1702, Rosamond 
A Rosamond Budd mar. Solomon Gaskill. He mar. 2nd, 

Mary. dau. of Louis and Margaret Jolly and widow 

of John Beckett. She is buried at St. Andrew's, Mt. 

Holly. John Budd d. Apr. 30, 1789. 
B Deborah Budd mar. 1763, George Haywood, son of 

James and Charity (Halstead) Haywood. 
C Margaret Budd mar. Joseph McCullv (or McCul- 

lough) of Mt. Holly. N. J. 

Thomas Budd b. 1710, mar. Rebecca Atkinson. 

Ann Budd mar. Benjamin Springer. 

Elizabeth Budd mar. Samuel Bustell and 2nd. Job Ruston. 

Rachel Budd mar. William Bradford of Philadelphia. 

James Budd. 

Sarah Budd mar. John Gosling. 

George Budd. 

Levi Budd mar. Elizabeth Edge; mar. 2nd, Elizabeth Shield. 


















Gen. Ill-d Susanna Budd b. 1691, dau. of Wm. and Ann Budd, mar. 

Samuel Woolston. 

Gen. IV-1 John Woolston. 

Gen. IV-2 Samuel Woolston. 

Gen. IV-3 Margaret Woolston. 

Gen. IV-4 Susanna Woolston. 

Gen. IV-5 William Woolston. 

Gen. Ill-e Anne Budd mar. James Bingham. 

Gen. Ill-f James Budd, Sr., mar. Sarah Tyndal. 

Gen. IV-1 William Budd. 

Gen. IV-2 James Budd, Jr. 

Gen. IV-3 Joseph Budd. 

Gen. IV-4 Ann Budd. 

B Family of George and Deborah (Budd) Haywood. 

1 Budd Haywood b. about 1764, mar. Sarah and had son, 

a. Hon. George Haywood of Mt. Holly, N. J. 

2 Charlotte Hajnvood. 

3 Mary Ann Haywood mar. Henry Crank Nov. 4, 1794, Cul- 
peper, Va. 

4 Elizabeth Hayv.ood b. 1769, mar. Hon. Wm. Waddle, Dec. 20, 
1792, of Culpeper, Va. 

5 Marion Haywood b. Mar. 24, 1772. 

6 Martha Haywood b. Aug. 7, 1774, mar. Nov. 4, 1794, Ben- 
jamin King, son of Thomas and Sarah King of Louisa, Va. 
They were married at Culpeper, Va. 

a. Rev. James King mar. Labitha Sherwood in Washington 
Co., Indiana. ("Mv grand-father and grand-mother"' — Ora 
(Wilkins) Lesh.) 

7 Deborah Haywood, 

8 William Haywood. 

9 Nancy Haywood. 

10 James Haywood. 

11 Peggy Haywood. 

12 George Haywood. 

George and Deborah Budd Haywood moved to Culpeper, Va., about 
1774, and all these children are mentioned in the will of John Budd in 

In 1802, Benjamin King and family, together with George Hay- 
wood and family removed to Jefferson Co., Kentucky, where George 
HayAvood died about 1814. Rev. Benjamin King and family removed 
to Harrison Co., Indiana, in 1808 or 9, and lived 1 V2 miles south of 
Fredericksburg, where he built a grist mill and a Methodist Church. 
Martha (Haywood) King died in 1820 and Benjamin King in 1852. 



Basis J^'irtiitinii Cniistnntin 


1. Walter d'Evcreux, Count of Rosmar and Mantelake, sent two 
sons with William the Conqueror into England A. D. 1066, viz., 
Edward d'Evereux and Robert d'Evcreux. 

2. Edward d'Evereux. 

3. Maud d'Evereux, daughter of Edward, married Humphrey De 
Bohun and had 

4. Humphrey De Bahun married daughter of Milo, Earl of Here- 
ford, and had 

5. Humphrey De Bohun married Marg, sister of William, King of 
Scots, and had 

6. Henry Dc Bohun married Maud and had 

7. Humphrey De Bohun, called "le bone Count dc Hereford," 
God-father of Edward I, and had 

8. Humphrey De Bohun married daughter of William De Braose, 
Lord of Brecknock, and had 

9. Humphrey De Bohun married Elizabeth, daughter of King 
Edward I. Their grandson was 

10. William De Bohun, great, great, grandson of King Edward I, 
he had 

11. Humphrey De Bohun who left two daughters, viz.. 

Eleanor and Mary. The latter became Queen to Henry IV and 
mother of King Henry V of England. 

12. Eleanor De Bohun married Thomas Woodstock, Duke of 
Gloucester, son of Edward III. and had a daughter, viz., 

13. Anne Plantagenet who married William Bourchier, and had 

14. Henry Bourchier who married Isabel of York, daughter of Rich- 
ard Plantagenet, and had 

15. William Bourchier married Anne, daughter of Richard Wood- 
ville. Earl Rivers, and sister of the Queen to Edward III, and 
had Henry who died without issue and was succeeded by his 

16. Cecily Bourchier who married John Dcvereux, descendant of the 
Junior branch of Devereux, Robert, thus uniting after the lapse 
of generations the two branches in the line of Edward and 
Robert, the two sons of Walter, the Count of Rosmar and 
Mantelake. Sec descent from junior branch following. 




1. Walter Devereux, Count of Rosmar, etc., (as before) had 

2. Robert d'Evereux, younger son who came with the conqueror, had 

3. Reginal d'Evereux who had 

4. William d'Evereux married Halowyse and had 

5. Eustach d'Evereux, A. D. 1214, had 

6. Steven d'Evereux who had 

7. William d'Evereux married Maud , and had 

8. William d'Evereux who had 

9. Sir Walter d'Evereux, K. G., who had 

10. Sir Walter d'Evereux of Bodenham. second son, who had 

11. Sir Walter Devereux, K. G., married Agnes, daughter of Thos. 
Corphull, A. D. 1403, and had 

12. Sir Walter Devereux, K. G., married Elizabeth, daughter of Sir 
Thos. Bromwich, and had 

13. Sir William Devereux. K. G., who had 

14. Sir Walter Devereux, K. G., married Anne, heiress of Wm. 
Lord Ferreres of Chartley, fell at Bosworth Field and was suc- 
ceeded by his son 

15. Sir John Devereux, K. G.. who as before stated, married Cecily 
Bourchier, daughter of Wm. Bourchier, sister and heir of Henry 
Bourchier, great, great, grand-daughter of King Edward HI of 
England, thus uniting the two branches of the House of Devereux. 
From this point the descent follows, both in England and America. 
The son of this marriage was 

16. Walter Devereux, created Viscount Hereford in A. D. 1550, 
married Margaret, daughter of Robert Garnish and had two 
sons, viz.. Sir Richard Devereux and Edward Devereux. 

The descent of the three Earls of Essex was through the elder 
son, Sir Richard, and ended with Robert Devereux, the third 
Earl, who died without issue, whereupon the title of Hereford 
reverted to Sir Walter Devereux, Baronet of Castle Bromwich, 
son of Edward, son of Walter, the first Viscount Hereford, and 
from him through his eldest son to the present Viscount Hereford, 
Robert Devereux, Premier Viscount of England, now representa- 
tive of the family in the House of Lords. The Earldom of Essex 
became extinct from the younger branch (Edward) ; then came 
the present representative, also those in America, viz. : 

17. Edward Devereux, son of Walter, first Viscount (No. 16 before) 
who had 

18. Sir Walter Devereux, K. G., Baronet of Castle Bromwich, Vis- 
count Hereford, who had three sons: Leicester, from whom 
descended the present Viscount Hereford, Robert, before men- 
tioned ; Walter III ; and 


10. John Devereux who with his wife Anne settled A. D. 1630 at 
Salem Colony of Massachusetts Bay in America. His son was 

20. Rohert Devereux, who had 

21. John Devereux, who had 

22. Joseph Devereux married Lydia, and liad 

23. John Devereux married Mary Broughton of Major Nicholson 
Broughton. and had 

24. Eleanor Devereux, who married Captain Samuel Candler, and had 

25. Mary Ellen Candler, who married Lazellc Elme< of Philadel- 
phia, and had Eleanor Shaw, Wehster, Sophia Harriet. Louisa 
Devereux and Cornelia Wilmot. 

26. Sophia Harriet Elmes married Alfred Thomas of Kent County, 
Maryland, and had Cornelia Kate Thomas, who married James 
Alfred Perkins, and Ivid IVInr\ Matilda Perkins, who marri'.'d 
Sctli H. Linthicum. prominent Aftornc)' of Baltimore. Maryland. 


Edward Dorsey, "boatwright," and immigrant, was in Virginia as 
early as 1636; he was one of the first to leave Virginia and settle on the 
Severn in 1649, through the graces of Governor Stone. He was drowned 
off the Isle of Kent, in the summer of 1659. 

Children of Edward Dorsey (Darcey) and Anne . 

1 Joshua Darcy mar. Sarah . 

2 Col. Edward Darcy, Jr., d. 1705, mar. (1) Sarah Wyatt, dau. of 
Nicholas Wyatt, the pioneer surveyor of the Severn, and (2) 
Margaret Larkin, dau. of John Larkin, a wealthy land-owner of 
the Patapsco. 

3 John Darcy mar. Pleasance Ely. 

4 Sarah Darcy mar. Matthew Howard, Jr. 

Children of Col. Edward and Sarah (Wyatt) Dorsey. 

1 Edward, HI, d. y. 

2 Sarah Dirrscy mar. John Pctticoate (Pcddicord). 

3 F^annah Dorsc\' b. 1678, mar. Joseph Howard b. cii. U)7(). (Page 

4 Joshua Dorsey mar. Ann Ridgely. 

5 John Dorsey mar. Honor Elder. 

6 Samuel Dorsey mar. Jane . 

7 Nichf)las Dorsey mar. Frances Hughes. 

8 Benjamin Dorsey. ?- • . . 


Children of Col. Edward and Margaret (Larkin) Dorsey. 

9 Charles Dorsey b. 169 — , Will 1732, Baltimore County Deeds, 
mar. Ann . 

10 Lacon Dorsey b. 1700 (?) d. s. p. ante 21 years of age. 

11 Francis Dorsey b. 1701 (?) Will June 5, 1749-Feb. 17, 1750; 
mar. 172 — Elizabeth . 

12 Edward Dorsey b. 1703, mar. Phebe. 

13 Anne Dorsey. 

Col. Edward Dorsey, Gentleman, in 1679 was appointed Justice of 
the County, and following year, also in 1685. 

In 1698 Major Edward Dorsey was on the commission to settle the 
boundary between Baltimore and Anne Arundel Counties. He was among 
the promoters and first subscribers to a fund for the founding of a free 
school for the Province. He subscribed 2,000 lbs. of tobacco, and was 
made a trustee of the system in 1694. Will dated Oct. 26, 1704, proved 
Dec. 31, 1705, in Baltimore Co. Archives, Vol. 7, pg. 610, and Newman's 
A. A. Gentry. 

7 Children of Nicholas Dorsev, Sr., b. 1689. Will 1717— Feb. 13, 
1718, mar. Dec. 23, 1709, Frances Hughes. 
Thomas Dorsey. 

Nicholas Dorsey. Jr., b. 1712. d. 1780, mar. Sarah Griffith. 
Benjamin Dorsey b. 1714. 
Edward Dorsey of N., Sr., b. 1716. 

Children of Nicholas Dorsey, Jr., and Sarah (Griffith) Dorsey. 
Rachel Dorsey. 
Lydia Dorsey. 
Nicholas Dorsey, III. 
Charles Dorse}'. 
Katherine Dorsey. 
Sarah Dorsey. 

ry Dorsey. 

Vachel Dorsey. 

Lucretia Dorsey. 

Frances Dorsey. 

Orlando G. Dorsey. 

Achsah Dorsey. ^ 

Children of John Dorsey and Elizabeth (Stringer) Dorsey. who mar. 
Rev. Slingsb'y Linthiciim as her (2nd) husband. 

1 Anne Dorsey. 

2 Richard Dorsey. 

3 Samuel L. Dorsey. 

4 Elizabeth L. Dorsey. 

5 John Dorsey, Jr. 



Cadwalladcr Edwards b. cir. 1685. In 1705 he constructed the altar 
and font for St. Anne's Church in Annapolis, Md. Mar. April 12. 1710, 
Catherine Bourne, widow of Henry. 

1 Edward Edwards, b. June 7. 1711, niar. Jemina Welsh, bap. July 
8, 1711, at St. Anne's, dau. of Robert, d. 1762, and Catherine 
(Lewis) Welsh. 

2 Cadwallader Edwards mar. Anne . 

1 Edward Edwards (above) mar. Jan. 1734, at All Hallows 
Church, Jemina Welsh; mar. (2nd) Elizabeth Chilton (?) at 
St. Anne's. 

Only child of Edward and Jemina: 

Edward Edwards, Jr., mar. Anne b. cir. 1738, in St. Anne's Parish. 

This Anne is bclie\'ed to have been connected with the Linthicum 

famil\. Children: eleven. 

1 Catherine mar. Lusby. 

2 Elizabeth. 

3 Jemina mar. Evans. 

4 Mary mar. Ceplias Waters. 

5 Sarah mar. Wm. Anderson. 

6 Anne mar. John Linthicum. 

7 Margaret mar. John Fonderen. 

8 Aquilla d. s. p. 

9 Wm. mar. Ann Chambers; license, July 20, 1789. 

10 Cadwallader mar. Sarah ; license, 1786. 

1 1 Jonathan Edwards. 

In 1752 Edward Edwards, Thomas Linthicum, Sr., and Thomas, Jr., 
all figured in a land transaction ^vith Philip Hammond, in which Linthi- 
cum's Walks was involved. 

On May 16, 1778, Edward Edwards, of South River, purchased 
from Thomas Linthicum of Edmond, 65 acres of Linthicum Walks for 


Benjamin Fowler bclie\ed son of Samuel Fowler, b. 1708, presumably 
in A. A. Co. On Sept. 20, 1732, he mar. Helen, dau. of Daniel and Mar- 
garet (Neale) Bridgall, wid. of F!dward Mortimer. 

Benjamin and Helen and six children are recorded in Westminster 

Gen. Ill-a John Fowler. 
Gen. Ill-b Jubb Fowler. 
Gen. lll-c Benjamin Fowler, Jr., b. Apr. 16, 1737, mar. Hannutah 

(Stinchcomb) Boone. 
Gen. Ill-d Helen Fowler b. Apr. 28, 1740. 


Gen. Ill-e Samuel Fowler b. June 19, 1742, mar. cir. 1765 Susannah 
(Jacob) Boone, dau. of Richard and Hannah (Howard) 
Jacob, and wid. of Nicholas Boone. 

Gen. ni-f Elizabeth Fowler b. Oct. 11, 1744. 


Gen. IV-1 Rebecca Fowler b. Apr. 19, 1767, mar. Chas. L. Waters. 

Gen. IV-2 Lemuel Fowler, Sr., d. Dec. 21, 1769, mar. Ann Cavy Adams. 

A Susannah Fowler mar. Daniel Hall. 

B Benjamin Fowler b. 1798. 

C Rebecca Waters Fowler b. 1800, mar. Burley Griffith Boone. 

D Richard Jacob Fowler b. 1802, mar. his step-sister, Mary Foreman. 

E John Fowler b. 1804. 

F Lemuel Fowler, Jr., b. Oct. 10, 1805. 

Lemuel Fowler, Sr., d. and his widow, Ann Cavy (Adams) Fowler mar. 

(2) Thomas, and (3) Leonard Foreman, a widower with 

four children. 
A Elijah Foreman. 
B Mary Foreman. 
C Rachel Foreman. 
D Henry Foreman. 

Child of Leonard and Ann Cavy (Adams) Foreman. 
E Eleanor Foreman mar. Jas. Stansbury. 

In will, Leonard Foreman mentions his grandson, Henry Foreman 
Fowler, son of his dau., Mary (Foreman) Fowler. 

Ann Cavpy Foreman received by virtue of Warrant No. 26972, a 
tract of land consisting of 160 acres at Winona, in the then Territory of 
Minnesota, dated July 22, 1856, on account of the service performed by 
Leonard Foreman, as a private in the Revolutionary War. On Sept. 17, 
1856, she assigned the land to John O. Branum. She was granted a 
Revolutionary pension as of May 16, 1857. Her death occurred in 
Baltimore on Sept. 6, 1858. at 80 years. 

Henry Foreman Fowler mar. Ellen Rockhold, sister of Elijah, Jr., 

both being children of Elijah, Sr., and (Linstid) Rockhold. A son 

of Elijah, Jr., is Hal B. Rockhold of Baltimore. 

1 Children of Henry F. and Ellen (Rockhold) Fowler: 

a. Leonard Foreman Fowler mar. Mary Blaylock Badger, sister 
of Dr. A. P. Badger. 

(1) Leonard Elliott Fowler mar. Rebecca Lavinia Linthlcum. 
See pg. 69. 

b. Henry Fowler. 

c. Robert Fowler mar. . 

( 1) Robert Fowler, Jr., mar. Ina . 

d. Richard (Dick) Fowler. 

e. Dorsey Fowler. 

f. Susan Fowler James Williams of Magoth}^ 

(1) Susan (Susie) Williams. 

g. Virginia (Jennie) Fowler mar. Owings. 



Two of the earliest Hamons came into En^^land with their kinsman 
\Villiam tlu' Conqueror. The elder hrotlier, Sir Robert Fitzhamor, sev- 
enth Count of Earl of Coneile in Normand>', was a "mighty man of 
valor" ; later he became Lord Cardifi' of Wales, and Earl of Gloucester 
of England. The oldest direct line are the Hammonds of St. Alban's 
Court, County Kent, where this branch has been seated since the time of 
Henry VII 1. Sir \Vm. Hammond, who received the honor of knighthood 
in 16U8, mar. Elizabeth, dau. of Anthonj Auchor, Esq., of Bishopsbourne. 
He was succeeded by his son, Anthony, who mar. Anne, dau. of Sii 
Dudley Digges, Knight of Chilian Castle, Master of the Rolls to King 
Charles 1. and member of the Council of the Virginia Company in 1609. 
Through kinship, Ralph Hamor (Hammond) was one of the twelve gen- 
tlemen to w hom King James I, in 1624, granted a charter to proceed to 
Virginia to establish a colony, of which he appointed Sir Francis Wyatt, 
Governor, Sir George Yeardly, Knight, and the other ten gentlemen 
esquires to be his council. 

During the reigns of both Charles I and H, the Hammonds were 
high in office in England. Dr. John Hammond was Court Physician to 
King James I, and his son was Chaplain to Charles 1. Another son went 
to Virginia, and became a member of the House of Burgesses, from the 
Isle of Weight Co. (1535-1652). He came into Maryland, where he 
remained a few years, and, returning to England, wrote a book "Leah 
and Rachel," describing the colonies of Virginia and Maryland. 

The first of this family to remain in this country was Major General 
John Hammond, wiio was born on the Isle of Wight, 1643, mar. Mary 
Howard, dau. of Matthew. Sr., d. Nov. 24, 1707, now buried at Annap- 
olis, Md. He was judge of the Vice-Admiralt}-, member of the House of 
Burgesses, Justice of the Provincial Court, and member of their Majesties 
Council, 1698-1707, and commissioned by Gov. Sevmour Commander of 
the Western Shore of Md., July 17, 1707. 

Children: Thomas, d. 1724; Major Charles d. 1713, mar. Hannah 
Howard, issue later. Col. William d. 1711, was by Act of Assembly, 
Aug. 8, 1729, appointed one of the Commissioners to lay oft Baltimore 
Town, was High Sheriff of Baltimore County, and was Colonel of the 
Colonial Militia, and mar. Elizabeth Cockey, the aunt of Susanna Cockey, 
who mar. Col. Thos. Gist. 

Gen. John, fourth son, d. 1742, mar. Ann , left many sons and 


Children of Major Charles and Hannah (Howard) Hammond. 

Chas. d. 1772; Philip d. 1760, mar. Rachel Brice, dau. of John B.; 
Nathaniel d. 1762, mar. Mary Ann Welsh; Rczin d. 1739; John d. 
1753; Harriet; and Ruth mar. Wm. Best. 

Occurring in a line coming dcnvn from Nathaniel and Mary Ann 
( Welsh j of Major John, was Nathan who mar. Priscilla Worth- 



ington, and his son, Nathan, who mar. Mary Sim, and who were 
parents of Rev. Wm. S. Hammond, M. P. Minister, b. Aug. 5, 1832, 
d. May 14, 1905, mar. Elizabeth Ann Thomas — one child, Florence 
A. Hammond of Baltimore. 

Philip and Rachel (Brice) Hammond had nine children, Charles 
who mar. Rebecca Wright, being the eldest. Anne (Hannah) mar. 
Dr. Hopkins, and Matthias d. u., and built the Hammond House, 

5th Gen. of five children of Chas. and Rebecca (Wright) Hammond. 

Philip mar. Elizabeth Wright ; they had thirteen children ; and Rezin 
mar. Nancy Joyce, had child, x'Vndrew Hammond, who mar. Anna 
Rita Thomas, b. 1790, d. Aug. 24, 1827. 

Rezin Hammond, Sr., mar. Anne Catherine Thomas. 

1 John T. Hammond mar. Camsadel Shipley. Children in text. 

2 Mary Elizabeth Hammond mar. Mahlon Benson. A. F. 

3 Ella Hammond mar. Chas. Merryman. 

4 Rita Hammond mar. Independence (Pen) Kelly. 

5 Rezin Hammond, Jr., mar. Susanna Benson. A. F. 

Of the thirteen children of Philip and Elizabeth (Wright) Hammond, 
mention is here made of four. 

1 Denton had a son, Denton, Jr., whose dau., Isabelle, mar. Pere 
Wilmer of Eastern Shore of Md.; Ch.: 1. Katie Wilmer mar. 
Rev. Francis T. Little, dec. of the Meth. Prot. Ch.; 2. Mollie 
Wilmer, and 3. Isabelle Wilmer. 

2 Geo. Washington Hammond mar. Elizabeth Leah Harman, dau. 

of Ann ( , Shipley) and Geo. Harman, see under Shipley, 

A. F. 

Virginia Hammond, Rezin Alexander mar. Emma George; 
(son, Rezin A. Hammond, Jr.), Elizabeth Ann, Henry, 
Mary Augusta mar. Joshua Lackland Higgins, see Higgins, 
A. F.; Amelia Dallas, b. 1844, Rebecca, Geo. W., Jr. 

3 Thomas Hammond mar. Mary Ann Wesley; six children, one 
being Philip, mar. Norval Ann Kirby, who had seven children. 

Anne Hammond mar. Woodland C. Phillips. (Child: Mar- 
garet Phillips mar. James Duvall) ; Wm. Thomas Hammond 
mar. Gladys Higgins, dau. of Mary Augusta (Hammond) 
and J. L. Higgins, (See Higgins, A. F.), Zoe, Cora, Delia, 
Maude and Philip Hammond. 

4 Matilda Hammond, thirteenth child. Descendants are Mrs. Syd- 
ney Goldsmith and her son. 




The first of this name of wliom wc liave record is Count Conrad 
Ilenkel, the benefactor of Halle Institute, and through whose help Rev. 
H. I\I. IVIuhlenherg, his relative, was sent to this country in 1742. His 
son. Rev. John Henkel, of Leutchau, "friend of Erasmus," became Chap- 
lain to Queen Marie of Hungary, upon recommendation by Luther, as a 
man of "great learning and piety." His descendant and immigrant to this 
country in 1717, was Rev. Anthony Jacob Henkel, who was b. in Meren- 
burg, Germany, and matriculated at Giessen University: signature there — 
Henckel. He immediately occupied himself with establishing a church, St. 
Michael's Lutheran Church, Germantown, Pa.; in the adjoining grave- 
jard of which he is buried, dying in 1728; his wife, Maria Elizabeth, 
whom he mar. in Europe, d. sixteen years afterward, and was buried in 
the same grave. 

Gen. II -A Gerhart Anthony. 
Gen. II-B Geo. Rudolphus. 
Gen. II-C John Justus. 
Gen. II-D Anthony Jacob. 
Gen. II-E Johanna Fredrika (ca). 
Gen. II-F Maria Elizabeth. 
Gen. II-G Maria Catharine. 

Gen. II-C John Justus, third son of above, was b. cir. 1707. In 1750 
he moved to N. C. to Rockingham Co., a short time; thence 
to (now) Pendleton Co., Va., in 1760. He and sons ac- 
quired large tracts of land on the North Fork of the South 
Branch of the Potomac River. 
Gen. Ill-a Jacob, eldest son of above, made several moves, then in 
1761, he moved to Hampshire Co., Va. Here his family 
was forced to take refuge in stockade for safety. The In- 
dians made several attacks on the fort, in one of which little 
Hannah, dau. of Jacob, was burned to death. He moved 
to Mill Creek (now) Hardy County, where he d. in middle 
life. His wife remarried, and d. a widow in 1814. He mar. 
Mary (sometimes Barbara) dau. of George Teeter, Sr. 
All six sons of Jacob became Lutheran ministers, excepting 
Gen. IV-2 Re\'. Moses Henkle, second son of above, (the eldest son 
being Rev. Paul), was a justice, surveyor and Methodist 
minister; Hard\- and Pendleton Cos., Va. In 1788, Isaac 
Henkel and his nephew, Moses, (bro. of Rev. Paul) and 
Major Skidmorc, organized the county of Pendleton, within 
the bounds of which they also lived. Married Margaret 
dau. of Wm. S. of Hutzh Montgomer\-, b. Sept. 1761, near 
York, Pa. (Henkel Memorial, Vol.' 4, pg. 140.) Rev. 
Moses was one of the first Methodist ministers in the coun- 
try. Had seven ministerial sons. 


A Rev. Jesse, Meth. minister, b. 1780, d. 1821; had family. 

B Rev. Saul, Meth. minister and one of the founders of Meth. Prot. 
Church, d. Nov. 15, 1837. 

C Rev. Joel, Meth. Prot. minister. 

D Rev. Eli, one of the founders of Meth. Prat. Church. "He was the 
John Knox of his church" (Colhouer's Founders, pp. 238, 243); 
b. April 15, 1787, in Pendleton Co., Va., d. near Baltimore, Md., 
Aug. 24, 1867. 

E Rev. Silas, Meth. minister. 

F Mary, 

G Elisabeth. 

H Rev. Moses Montgomery, a prominent minister, author and editor 
in the M. E. Church South, b. 1798, and d. in Nashville, Tenn., 1864. 

I Sampson b. 1800, d. 1852. 

J Rev. Lemuel, Meth. Prot. minister, d. in 1834, in Louisville, Ky. 

K Benjamin. 

D Rev. EH Henlcle mar. (1st) April 21, 1812, by Rev. Caleb Reynolds, 
at Mt. Pleasant, Va., Catherine Priest Triplett, dau. of Col. Simon 
and Martha Triplett, b. Sept. 18, 1787, in the county of Loudon on 
Goose Creek, Mount Pleasant, Va., d. Jan. 27, 1816. Lived at one 
time at Aldea (Aldie) Va. Mar. (2nd) Nov. 25, 1817, in Balti- 
more County, Md., Elizabeth Robison (Roberson) Jones, dau. of 
Charles and Elizabeth (Richards, nee Algire) Jones, b. Feb. 28, 
1800, in Baltimore Co., Md., near Woodensburg, d. Oct. 25, 1868. 
Children by first wife. 

1 Ann Maria Henkle b. Oct. 27, 1813, at Mt. Pleasant, Loudoun, 
Va., mar. Lemuel Gardner, and d. Nov. 17, 1836; had two 

a. Eli Henkle Gardner mar. Caroline Matilda Thomas; 3 daus. 

(1) Nannie Gardner mar. Samuel F. Ziegler. 

IX-1 Eli Gardner Ziegler mar. Helen Beehler. 
X-1 Charlotte Gardner Ziegler. 
X-2 Helen Beehler Ziegler. 
IX-2 Caroline Louise Ziegler, grad. of Goucher Coll., 
attended Harvard 1 yr., Cornell 2 yrs., received 
A. M. at Hopkins, now teacher in Eastern High 
School, Baltimore. 

(2) Carrie Gardner d. u. 

(3) Julia Gardner d. u. 

b. Silas Henry Gardner d. u., June 16, 1843. 

2 Lucinda Catherine Henkle b. Mar. 6, 1815. d. Aug. 30, 1899, 
mar. Feb. 5, 1833, Charles Jones, Jr., b. Apr. 6, 1803, d. Feb. 
8, 1873, bro. of Elizabeth R. above. 

a. Catherine Elizabeth Jones b. Dec. 3, 1834, mar. Mar. 29, 

1854, John D. C. (Darius Christopher) Duncan, d. . 

(1) Judge Frank I. Duncan of Baltimore Co. Court, mar. 
Clara Everson of Altoona, Pa. 
IX-1 Dora Duncan mar. Ernest Hatch. 
X-1 Alice Hatch. 


lX-2 Frank I. Duncan, Jr., d. i. 

IX-3 John D. C. Duncan, of F. I., mar. Marguerite 

X-1 Frank T. d. i. 

X-2 Jean Duncan. 

X-3 Duncan. 

IX-4 Grace mar. Dr. Wm. Cornell. 

IX-5 Jcanctte Duncan. 

IX-6 [ennie Jones Duncan mar. — Tucker. 

X-1  (Bov.) 

X-2 (Girl.) 

(2) Dr. Edward Montfi;()mer\' Duncan of Govans, Balti- 
more, mar. (1st) Roberta Black; (2nd) Clara Owens. 
No children bv second mar. 

IX-1 Catherine Duncan d. i. 

I X-2 Roberta Duncan. 

IX-3 Belinda Duncan d. i. 

IX-4 Edward G. Duncan. 

IX-5 Janet Elizabeth mar. A. Douglas McComas, St., 
both concert and radio singers. 

X-1 A. Douglas McComas, Jr. 

X-2 Janet McComas. 

IX-6 Wm. Wallace Duncan. 

IX-7 Dorothy Duncan. 

IX-8 Eleanor Duncan d. at sixteen years. 

(3) George Duncan mar. Ella Shipley of Texas, Md. 
IX-1 Robert Duncan. 

IX-2 Richard Duncan. 

(4) Albert Duncan mar. Bessie Parks. 
IX-1 Inez Duncan. 

IX-2 Olive Duncan. 

IX-3 Joscelia Duncan. 

IX-4 Frances Duncan. 

IX-5 Dorothy Duncan. 

IX-6 Albert Duncan, Jr. 

IX-7 Duncan. 

IX-8 Duncan. 

(5) Nellie Duncan mar. Stephen Rawlings. 
IX-1 Catherine Rawlings. 

IX-2 Frederick Rawlings. 

(6) Betty (Elizabeth) Duncan mar. Charles N. Parrish. 
lX-1 Margaret Isabel Parrish, mar. Jackson Piatt 

X-1 Richard Piatt Ketcham, b. Aug. 4, 1033. 

b. Eli Montgomery Jones b. Dec. 12, 1837. d. June 15, 1872, 
d. s. p., mar. Oct. 19, 1861 (or 1867), Susie Burdett (Bair- 

c. Ann Maria Jane Jones b. Sept. 17, 1840, d. u. Sept. 21, 1903. 


d. Sarah Amanda Jones, b. Feb. 24, 1844, mar. Nov. 17, 1864, 
John Butler, d. Nov. 23, 1903. Left children among whom 

(1) Charles D. Butler 

(2) Jerome Butler. 

e. Georgianna Jones b. Sept. 17, 1847, d. u. Aug. 12, 1869. 
• f. John Weslev Tones b. Nov. 11, 1850. d. Aug. 12, 1851. 

g. Ella Jones b. Jan. 17, 1857, mar. June 1, 1880, Dr. J. W. S. 
Jordan, d. ; still living. 

Children by second wife. 

3 Moses Asburv b. July 9, 1819. in Abingdon, Harford Co., Md., 

d. Sept. 3, 1819. 

4 Jesse Milton Henkle b. Nov. 10, 1821, in Baltimore, Md.. 
d. May 5, 1869, mar. Jan. 25. 1857, in Baltimore Co., Md., Mar- 
garet Dickson Jones, dau. of John and Margaret G. (Dickson) 
Jones, b. 1834, d. Tan. 17, 19f5. 

a. John Wesley Henkle b. Oct. 26, 1857, mar. 1894, Laura 

(1) Luretta Henkle b. Nov. 19. J895, d. Feb. 1921, bur. in 
Mt. Gilead Cemetery, in the place formerly occupied 
by the Amen Corner of the 1st Mt. Gilead Church, the 
2nd one nmv being located in Woodensburg, several 
miles north of Reisterstown. Md. 

b. Benjamin Franklin Henkle b. Tulv 4, 1859, d. u. March 4, 

c. Anna Eliza Henkle. b. Dec. 10, 1860. d. u. Sept. 13, 1874. 

d. Jesse Rubv Henkle b. Mar. 10, 1862. d. u. April 14, 1903. 

e. Thomas Alfred Henkle b. Dec. 1. 1865, d. u. May 4, 1928. 

f. EH Montgomery Henkle b. Feb. 10, 1867, d. u. Nov. 10, 


g. Milton Henkle b. May 16, 1869, living, mar. (1st) Josephine, 
dau. of Oliver Cromwell; (2nd) Jan. 28, 1905, Camilla Ann 
Jones, dau. of Charles W. of John, of Chas., Sr., and Ozelah 
(M. Linthicum) Jones. 

(1) Anna Lillian Henkle. by 1st w., b. Dec. 5, 1893, mar. 
Marion A. Harrison. 

5 John Wesley Henkle b. Nov. 25, 1825, d. , mar. Georgianna 

Payne (Paine), who mar. (2nd) Mr. Markland. 

a. Alice Henkle d., Robert Ewing, Sr. 

(1) Gertrude Ewing mar. Harrv Miller, d. 
IX-1 Richard Miller b. cir. 1914. 

(2) Edith Ewing mar. Rolph. No children. 

(3) Robert Ewing. Jr., d., mar. from Washington, D. C. 

Had two children. He d., she mar. a 2nd time. 

b. Gertrude Henkle d. u. 

6 Dr. Eli Jones Henkle was for some years member of Congress, 

b. Nov. 24, 1828, d. , mar. Elizabeth Ann Thomas, dau. of 

Samuel and Harriet (Hammond) Thomas. Left issue. See 
Henkle Memorial. 



Children of Mary Aii;2;usta (Hammond) and * Joshua Lackland Higgins. 

A Gladys mar. ^Vm. Thomas Hammond. 
15 Elizabeth m:ir. Jos. Shepherd. 

1 Augusta mar. Jos. Collinson. 

a. Joseph Collinson. 

b. Kdward Collinson. 

c. Oliver Lee Collinson. 

C Lillian Higgins mar. Dr. Rezin A. Hammond. 

1 Donald fL'immond. 

2 Elizabeth Hammond. 

D Harriet mar. Frank H. Fields. 

1 Dorothy Fields, dec. 

2 Kenneth Fields, single. 

E Dallas, mar. Wm. Geo. Higgins. 
1 Richard Higgins. 

F Stanley Lackland Higgins mar. Rebecca Wright Matthews. 

1 Stanley Lackland Higgins, Jr. 

2 Mary Anne Higgins. 

G Temperance Higgins. 

H Henry Hammond Higgins d. in inf. 

*Will of Joseph Howard, pg. 62, Warfield's Founders, "give to 
grandson Jos. Higgins, 100 A of Second Discovery," an ancestor of above. 




rhamas Hodges, Gentleman, passenger on the Ark or Dove, to Md. 1634. 

Showing descent of Bertha Hodges who mar. Joshua S. Linthicum, 
of Linthicum Heights, Md. d., and also of Charles Hodges Benson. 

1 Thomas Hodges, Sr., Gentleman, b. in England, mar. Elizabeth 
, born and died in Baltimore Co., Md. 

2 Thomas Hodges, Jr., mar. Charity Rhamsey. 

3 Henry Hodges, Sr., of Baltimore Co., mar. Sarah Parker, 

4 Henry Hodges. Jr., b. 1708-9, mar. . 

5 William Hodges b. in Baltimore Co.. 1730, mar. . 

6 Joseph Hodges, Sr., mar. Elizabeth De Shields, dau. Rhoda 
Hodges mar. Chairs, dau. Chairs mar. Revell. 

7 Joseph Hodges, Jr., mar. Sarah Hawkins. 

8 Charles Hawkins Hodges, b. Feb. 12, 1820, d. Mar. 14, 1891, 
mar. Nov. 8, 1849, Sarah Ann Boone. 

9 Howell Cobb Hodges b. Aug. 16, 1850, d. Mar. 28, 1888, mar. 

Martha Gray Bond. After he died, Martha mar. (2nd) 


a. Bessie Boone mar. Joseph Brian, HI. ( Pg. 63.) 

10 Bertha Hodges mar. Joshua S. Linthicum, d. April 1933, (Pg. 

11 Abner Howell Linthicum b. 1909. 

11 Bertha Nancy Linthiciun b. 1916. (Sec pg. 71.) 

10 Fannie Hodges, dau. of Howell Cobb H. and Martha Gray Bond, 
mar. Luther Downs. 

11 Martha Downs mar. • — — . 
1 1 Emily Downs. 

Fannie d., Luther mar. (2nd) Flora Tunkins, niece of Amanda 
Davis. (Pg. 67.) 

8 Charles Hawkins and Sarah Ann (Boone) Hodges also had dau. 

9 Frances Cromwell Hodges mar. James Richard Benson. 

10 Charles Hodges Benson mar. Marie S. Medinger. 

11 Catherine Ann Benson b. May 28, 1924. 

11 Charles Hodges Benson, Jr., b. June 7, 1930. 



Lincap;e of Matilda Dare Hopkins and Sarah Elizabeth Hopkins from 
Gcrrard (Girard) Hopkins. Sr., also of Johns Hopkins from same. 

Gen. Ill-a Gtrard ilcpkin^. Sr.. AVill Oct. 12. K/M, pr.:h. between 
June 1692 and Feb. 2, 1693-4; Liber 2, Folio 253; mar. 
Thomasine . 

Cicu. WA Gerrard. Jr.. mar. 1700-1 Marj^aret, dau. of Richard and 
Fllizabeth (Kinsew widow of Thomas Sparrow) Johns, b. 
Oct. 8. 1683. and d. Jan. 1743-4. (Lib. D. D. No. 1, F. 302.) 
Richard Johns b. Mar. 29, 1649-50 at Bristol, England, re- 
moved to Md., settled at the Clifts, Calvert Co., in 1675; 
mar. Tulv 7, 1676, d. Dec. 16. 1717. His wife d. Feb. 1, 

A Margaret mar. Aquilla Johns. 

B P^lizabeth mar. Le\'in Hill. 

C Joseph mar. Ann. dau. of John and Eliza Chew. 

D Gerrard, IH, b. March 7, 1709, mar. May 7, 1730, Mary Hall, and 
lived on South River. 

D Children of Gerrard. HI, and Mary (Hall) Hopkins. 

1 Margaret b. Jan. 11. 1730-31, mar. John, Jr., son of John, Sr., 
and Elizabeth Thomas. 

2 Gerrard, IV. 

3 Mary mar. Philip Gover. 

4 Sarah b. Sept. 20, 1737, mar. John Cmvman. 

5 Richard d. inf. 

6 Elizabeth mar. Basil Brooke. 

7 Rachel mar. Evan Thcrmas. 

8 Joseph. 

9 Richard mar. Ann Snow den, dau. of Gen. lV-8, Samuel, Sr., 
of Richard, IV^, and Elizabeth (Thomas) of Philip and Ann 
Chew^ and who were ancestors of Samuel Snowdcn Hopkins 
who mar. Elizabeth Matilda Linthicum. ( Pgs. 29, 53 and below.) 

10 Hannah. 

11 Dr. Elisha b. Oct. 15, 1752, mar. (1st) June 27, 1777. Hannah 
Howell of Phila. ; (2nd) 1796, Sarah, dau. of Samuel, Sr., and 
Elizabeth ( Snowden, son of Richard. IV, and Eliza- 
beth (Thomas) Snowden, and d. Sept. 30, 1809. 

Issue (){ 1st wife : 

a. Isaac Howell Hopkins mar. Mary Watkins. 

(1) Matilda Ann Hopkins mar. James Lambert Hopkins, 
her cousin. 

b. Deborah. 

c. Patience Howell Hopkins mar. Gerard R. Hopkins. 

d. Elizabeth Howell Hopkins. 
Issue of 2nd w^ife: 


e. Samuel Snowden Hopkins b. Nov. 6, 1797. 

f. Basil Brooke Hopkins b. Nov. 6, 1799. 

g. Henrietta Ann Hopkins b. July 30, 1801. 

h. Thomas Snowden Hopkins b. June 18, 1803. 
j. John Snowden Hopkins b. May 16, 1805. 
k. Richard Snowden Hopkins b. Sept. 1, 1807. 

From e to k inclusive are descendants of Thomas Linthicum. Sr., 
through their mother, Sarah Snowden. (Pg. 29.) 

9 Children of Richard and Ann (Sncnvden) Hopkins above, 
a. Samuel Snowden Hopkins mar. Harriett Ann Nowland. 

(1) James Lambert Hopkins mar. Matilda Ann Hopkins, his 

IX-1 Samuel Snowden Hopkins, of J. L., mar. Eliza- 
beth Matilda Linthicum. 
X-1 Matilda Dare Hopkins. 
E Philip mar. Elizabeth Hall. 
F Samuel. 

G Richard mar. Katherine Todd. 
H William. 

J Johns, Sr., b. Oct. 30, 1720. 
J Johns Hopkins, Sr., b. Oct. 30, 1720, mar. (1st) Mary Gilliss. 

1 Ezekiel b. May 11, 1747. 

mar. (2nd) Nov. 14, 1749, Mary Crockett, nee Richardson, and 
widow of Col. John Crockett of the British Army, 

2 Johns, Jr., b. July 8, 1751. 

mar. (3rd) Feb. 16, 1758, Elizabeth, dau. of Samuel, Jr., and Mary 
(Snowden) Thomas. Children by third wife, see under Snowden 
in text. 

Hopkins Notes by J. Montgomery Seaver, gives the descent of the 
Families of Hopkins, Howard, Thomas and Rice from Sir Thomas de 
Mowbray, who is descended from the early Royal Families of France, 
Germany, Flanders, England and Scotland. The Thomas Book follows 
up these families. 


"The House of Howard ranks next to the English royal family, and 
its head, the Duke of Norfolk, is the hereditary Earl Marshal of England." 

— Newman's A. A. Gentry. 

Matthew, Sr., immigrant, and Ann Howard came to Virginia, 1635; 
the former to Severn River, Maryland, 1649-50, and patented lands. 

That descendants who mar. those in text might be of the same desig- 
nation of generation, Joseph Howard is marked Gen. I-l and the pre- 
ceding generation, P-1, P-2, etc., (for Pioneer 1). 

P-1 Samuel Howard mar. Catherine Warner, dau. of James and 

Elizabeth (Harris) Warner, one of the pioneers of the 
South River Hundred. 


P-2 John Howard mar. (1) Mrs. Susannah Stephens and (2) 

Mrs. Eleanor Maccubin. 

P-3 Cornelius Howard mar. Elizabeth . 

P-4 Matthew Howard, Jr., mar. Sarah Darcej', dau. of Edward, 

St., and Anne . 

P-5 Elizabeth Howard mar. Henry Ridp:ely from Devonshire, 

Eng., who settled in Md., upon a royal grant of 6,000 acres. 

She d. and he mar. (2) Sarah , who become mother of 

Gen. I-l Henry Ridgely, Jr., mar. Katherine Greenberry, dau. of 

Col. Nicholas Greenberry. "Keeper of the Great Seal", b. 

1627, d. 1697, and Anne . On death of Henry Ridgely, 

Jr., Katharine, mar. (2nd) John Howard. 

Ch. of Henry, Jr., and Katherine (Greenberry) Ridgely: 

Gen. H-A Elizabeth Ridgely. 

P-6 Anne Howard mar. James Greneffe. 

P-7 Philip Howard mar. Ruth Baldwin. 

P-8 Mary Howard mar. John Hammond. 

P-3 Capt. Cornelius Howard, first land grant from Lord Balti- 

more, was surveyed Jan. 26, 1662, and was issued in the 
name of Howard's Heirship consisting of 420 acres on the 
South side of Severn River. 

Before his death he was the lord of an estate in excess of 
2,000 acres. 

The names of lands he demised by will Oct. 15, 1680, to his 
eldest son, Joseph, are Howard's Hope and Howard's Heir- 
ship; to other children are Howard's Hills, Howard's and 
Porter's Range, and large tracts on Hockly Creek and Chop- 
tank River. 

For fourteen years, from 1661 to 1675, Captain Howard 
represented his county at the General Assembly which then 
met in the old capital at St. Mary's City. 
Children of Capt. Cornelius and Elizabeth ( ) Howard. 

Gen. I-l Joseph Howard mar. thrice; (1st) Hannah Dorsey, (2nd) 
Anne Burras, wid. of Jos., and (3rd) Marjorie Keith. 
He lived at Mulberry Hill, the oldest brick house in A. A. 
Co., and to this place he brought all three wives. 

Cornelius Howard, Jr., mar. Mary Hammond. 
Sarah Howard. 
Mary Howard. 

Elizabeth Howard mar. thrice; (1st) Andrew Norwood, 
(2nd) Andrew Wellsley. and (3rd) Charles Kilbourne. 
1661 Cornelius Howard demanded land for the transporta- 
tation of Elizabeth Hammond from Va. "Is is possible that 
this Elizabeth Hammond became his wife?" (Newman.) 
Gen. I-l Joseph Howard mar. (1st) Hannah Dorsey, dau. of Col. 










Gen. II-A Hannah Howard d. ante 1751, mar. Jan. 1, 1719, Richard 
Jacob, b. Jan. 30, 1697-8, d. about June 1779. Will, Aug. 
9, 1777; June 25, 1779. (See Jacob for descendants.) 

Gen. H-B Ruth Howard bap. March 28, 1708, mar. Mareen, III, son 
of Mareen, Jr., and Elizabeth (Jacob) Duvall, Oct. 1, 1724. 

Gen. ni-a Sarah Duvall mar. James Duvall, her first cousin, son of 
Samuel, bro. of Mareen, III, 

Gen. II-C Joseph Howard, bur. All Hallow's, Feb. 1, 1717. 

Gen. I-l Joseph Hmvard remained a widower for about a year, mar. 
(2nd) Oct. 2, 1706, Anne, wid. of Joseph Burras, a late 
planter of South River. Anne d. within a vear, and was 
bur. on Sept. 24, 1707, from All Hallows' Church. 

Gen. II-D Henry Howard b. 1707, mar. Sarah Dorsey. 

Gen. I-l The widower mar. (3rd) Margarev (Marjorie) Keith, on 
Sept. 28, 1708. St. Anne's. 

Gen. II-E Margarey Howard mar. Higgins. Joseph inherited 

from grand-father, Joseph Howard, 100 A of Second Dis- 

Gen. II-F Cornelius Howard of Jos., mar. Rachel Worthington, dau. 
of Gen. II-A Elizabeth (Ridgely, dau. of Henry, Jr.,) and 
Thomas Worthington, son of Capt. John Worthington b. 
1649, d. Apr. 9, 1701, and Sarah Howard. 

Gen. II-G Sarah Howard bap. June 20, 1722, mar. Edward Gaither. 

Gen. II-H Ephriam Howard b. Feb. 16, 1714, mar. Martha Sparrow. 

Gen. II-J Joseph Howard, Jr., mar. Margaret Williams. 

Gen. II-F Children of Cornelius (of Jos.) and Rachel (Worthington) 

Gen. Ill-a Sarah Howard mar. Jeremiah Ducker, Sr., b. Aug. 10, 1747, 
d. 1792. 

Gen. IV-1 Jeremiah Ducker, Jr., b. Oct. 10, 1787, mar. Oct. 3, 1822, d. 
Mar. 19, 1858, mar. Julia Ann Fisher, b. June 12, 1800, 
d. Mav 14, 1892. 

A Geo. Ephraim Ducker b. May 31, 1831, mar. May 25, 1858, d. 
July 20, 1895, mar. Anna Katharine Sanders, b. Jan. 1, 1832, d. 
April 7, 1892. 

1 Julia b. June 20, 1859, mar. Nov. 14, 1888, Dr. Thomas Edward 
Sears, b. Mar. 24, 1854, d. Dec. 21, 1927. 

a. Julian Ducker Sears b. June 3, 1891, mar. June 16, 1919, 
Elizabeth Torbert Lamdin, b. Nov. 27, 1895. 

(1) Wm. Brewster Sears b. April 29, 1920.. 

(2) Richard Sherwood Sears b. July 10, 1924. 

2 Harry Thomas Ducker mar. Alice Gilliss Campbell, wid. 

a. Caryl Harvey Ducker b. Jan. 5, 1902, mar. April 30, 1929, 
Ethel Florence Davis. 

b. Step-dau. Marian Elsa Campbell mar. H^nry B. Stryker. 

(1) Henry B. Stryker, Jr. 

(2) Dana Wesley Stryker. 

(3) Bruce Strj'ker. 



Gen. I-l 

Gen. 1 1 -A 




Gen. IV-1 

Gen. IV-2 


John Jacob, Sr., immigrated to U. S. in 1665, mar. Anne 

h. 1660. dau. of Richard and Charity (d. 1668) Cheyney 

(Cheney) . 

Richard Jacob, Sr., b. 1697-8, mar. Hannah, eldest dau. of 

Joseph and (1st \v.) Hannah (Dorsey) Howard. See 

Dorsey, A. F. 

Joseph Jacob b. 1720, d. 1773, mar. Hannah Wright. 

Sarah Jacob b. 1722, mar. Charles Robinson. 

Hannah Jacob mar. Jasser Hall. 

Richard Jacob. Jr., b. Aug. 22. 1730; will dated May 14, 

1802, prob. Annapolis, Md., Dec. 27, 1806; mar. Hannah 

Ashburnham ( ?). 

Rachel Jacob b. 1763, mar. Abner Linthicum, Sr. License 

Balto. Co.. Md., Dec. 

mar. Abner Linthicum, Sr. 
11, 1790. (See text.) 

license A 






Elizabeth Jacob mar. Thomas Robinson, Sr.. 
Co., Mar. 8, 1794. (See Robinson in A. F.) 

ni-e Samuel Jacob b. 1734, mar. Elizabeth Stewart. 

HLf Susannah Jacob b. 1736, mar. (1st) Nicholas Boone; (2nd) 

Lemuel Fowler and (3rd) Wm. Pumphrey. 
Ill-g Anne Jacob b. Dec. 3, 1738; spinster. 

HLh Rachel Jacob b. Oct. 18, 1740, d. Jan. 2, 1778, mar. Ben- 
jamin Fish. 

HLj John Jacob b. Nov. 29, 1742. 

IILk Zachary (Zachariah) b. Nov. 29, 1742, mar. Margaret Gam-, 

III-l Elizabeth Jacob b. April 11, 1745. 

Ill-m Dorsey Jacob b. May 19, 1746, mar. Aug. 29, 1773, Ruth 

Merriken, dau. of Hugh and Ruth Merriken, St. Margaret's. 

Children of Dorsey and Ruth (Merriken) Jacob. 

IV-1 Richard Jacob b. in Westminster Parish on Jan. 18, 1775, 
bur. from St. Paul's Church, Baltimore Co., June 3, 1806, 
mar. April 2, 1801, Ann Johnson. 
Rev. Dorsey Jacob, also school-master. Will Nov. 22, 1873, prob. 
1874, b. May 12, 1802, d. Oct. 11, 1874, mar. (1st) Sarah (Mariott, 
dau. of Jas. H. ?) ; mar. (2nd) Charlotte Rose. 
Two children by (1st) wife: 

1 John Doisey Jacobs b. 1832, d. Jan. 3, 1868, mar. (1st) Ham- 
utal (Hammie) E. Linstid, sister of Henry Clay Linstid. Four ch. 

a. Elmira L. Jacobs b. Feb. 18, 1855, d. Nov. 2, 1912, mar. 
Arthur L. Boone, b. Sept. 28, 1854, d. June 23, 1903. No 

b. Helen Salome Jacobs (living) mar. Herbert Williams, d. 
1933. Children: ten. 



c. Charles Gehring Jacobs, Sr., (living) b. Mar, 28, 1862, mar. 
Sallie Stevonson. Children: 4 sons, 6 daus. (one dec.) 

( 1 ) Charles G. Jacobs, Jr. 

d. Azalia I. Jacobs, d. aged 7 yrs. 

John Dorsey Jacobs mar. (2nd) Georgeanna Flashley. No children. 

2 Sarah, dau. of Rev. Dorsev and Sarah Jacob, b. 1838, d. Jan. 2, 
1863, mar. Stephen Gray,"b. 1818, d. Feb. 27, 1878 

Children of Rev. Dorsey Jacob and (2nd w.) Charlotte Rose, b. 1807, 
d. Dec. 24, 1876. 

3 Charlotte Rose Jacobs b. 1840, d. u. Feb. 23, 1916. 

4 Harriet A. Jacobs b. 1841, d. , mar. Benj. Gorsuch. No 


5 Thomas Stockton Jacobs, b. Nov. 1844, d. , mar. Dec. 15, 

1870, Catherine V. Tydings. 

a. Henrietta Rebecca Jacobs d. u. 1909. 

b. Horace Tydings Jacobs mar. Blanche Bleakley. 
( 1 ) Doris Augusta Jacobs. 

c. Samuel d. inf. 

d. Geo. Thomas Jacobs d. 1934, mar. Bertha Gailey. 
( 1 ) Catherine V. Jacobs. 

6 Emma L. Jacobs b. 1846, d. u. Nov. 30, 1914. 

7 Laura Virginia Jacobs b. May 28, 1850, d. Oct. 12, 1894, mar. 
Melvin S. Dunlap. Issue later. Melvin S. Dunlap mar. (2nd) 

8 George R. Jacobs mar. Dec. 15, 1875, Inez Williams. 

a. Mary Jacob mar. Whartman. No children. 

b. Myrtle Jacob mar. Gilmore. 

( 1 ) Betty Gilmore. 

7 Children of Laura V. (Jacobs) and Melvin S. Dunlap. 

a. Caroline (Carrie) Charlotte Dunlap, dec, mar. Charles Pum- 
phrey, son of Osborne. No children. 

b. Hattie Missouri Dunlap mar. Robert Gray. 
(1) Evelyn Gray mar. . 

IX-1 Child. . 

c. Dorsey Dunlap mar. lady from Chesapeake City, now at Glen 

d. Samuel Dunlap, Sr., mar. (1st) Laura Eliason (Ellison), 
from Gibson Island. 

(1) Samuel Dunlap, Jr. 

(2) Laura Dunlap. 

mar. (2nd) Sallie Eliason, sister of Laura (1st w.) 

(3) Child. . 

e. Emma Dunlap mar. Percy Williams. 

(1) Percy, Jr. 

(2) . 

(3) . 


f. Stewart Dunlap, single. 

g. Florence Dunlap, single. 

h. Rose Easter Dunlap b. May 21, 1892, d. May 19, 1904. 

Richard Jacob, Sr., b. Jan. .SO, 1697-8, in South River Hundred, 
received from \Vm. Cromwell 61 acres of land, known as Philip's Fancy 
lying at the mouth of Stony Creek for the consideration of rents. Richard 
Jacob was one of the early patriots of Md., asserting his principles in 
1778 when he took the Oath of Fidelity and Support to the State of 
Maryland. (D. A. R. Magazine, Vol. 51.) 

Although himself too aged to participate in battle, he gave several 
of his sons to the famous Maryland Line. 

Richard Jacob, Jr., received from his father a portion of "Jacob's 
Resurve\- Contrived,' where he established his homestead. 

On Dec. 18, 1794. Francis Cromwell sold to Nathan Williams, 
Henry Ridgely, John Cromwell, ^Vm. Maccubin, Zachariah Ashby, Rich- 
ard Boone, and Chas. Waters, one acre of land at the head of Rock Creek 
for the purpose of erecting a Methodist Meeting House. This was the 
beginning of the Magothy Meeting House, or the Magothy Methodist 
Church as it is called today. (Page 610, Newman's A. A. Gentry). 

Rev. Dorsey Jacob, b. May 12, 1802, (above) gave the land opposite 
the Church for the Community Hall and for the Cemetery. Some of the 
above names and dates are on the tombstones in this Cemetery. 




34 Hrolf, first Duke 
of the Normans, 
ruled 911 

33 William Longsward 

32 Richard the Fearless 

31 Richard the Good 

30 Robert the Hugh Capet 

Magnificent reigned 987 

29 William the Con- 
queror, 1027-1087 Robert II, 996 
Maud or Matilda 
of Flanders, dau. 
of Baldwin, fifth 
Count of Flanders 
Fifth in descent 
from Alfred the 
Great and tenth 
from Charlemagne Henry I, 1031 

28 King Henry I, 

Matilda of Scot- Philip I, 1060 
land, daughter of 
King Malcolm III 

27 Matilda d. 1167 Louis VI, 1108 
Geoffrey, Count 
of Anjou 

26 King Henry II, Louis VII, 1137 26 Saire De Quincy, 

1133-1189 1219 

Saire De Quincy 
was one of the 25 
barons chosen to 
compel the observ- 
ance of the Great 
Charter— 1215 
Eleanor, 1122- Margaret d. 1235, 

1294, Duchess dau. of Robert 

of Aquitaine Philip II, 1180 Early of Leicester 


25 King John 
Isabel of 

24 King of England, 
Henrv III, 1206- 

Eleanor of 

23 King of England, 
Edward I, 
Eleanor of Castile 

22 King of f^ngland, 
Edward II, b. 
1284, mar. 1327, 
Isabella of France, 
daughter of King 
of France 

21 King of England, 
Edward Plantag- 
enet, 1312-1377 
Lady Phillippa of 

20 Lionel, 1338-1368, 
Duke of Clarence 
Lady Elizabeth 
Burgh, daughter 
of William Burgh 

19 Lady Phillippa of 
Clarence and 
House of x'\ngevira 
Edmund Morti- 
mer, third Earl 
of Marsh 


Louis VIII, 1223 

Louis IX, 1226 

Philip 111, the Bold, 

Philip IV, the Fair, 

22 Thomas De Clare, 

25 Robert De 

Quincy, d. 1217 



24 Margaret De 

John De Lacie, 

23 Maud De Lacie 
Richard De Claire, 

21 Thomas De Clare 

20 Maud De Clare 
Robert De Clif- 
ford, 1273-1314. 
Fifth Baron Clif- 

19 Roger De Clifford, 
b. 1299, mar. 
Maud or Matilda 

18 Lady Elizabeth 
Mortimer, 1346- 

Sir Henry Percy 




Ralph— Lord De 



17 Henry, 1394-1455, 
Second Earl of 
Lady Eleanor 

16 Henry, 1421-1461, 
Third Earl of 
Lady Eleanor 

15 Lady Margaret 

Sir William 

14 Lady Elizabeth 
Sir George 
Talbair, d. 1467 

17 Maud De 


Eudo De Welles 

16 Sir Leo De Welles, 

Joan or Cecilia — 
daughter of Sir 

15 Margaret De 
Sir Thomas 

14 d. 1625, son of Sir 
Robert Dymoke 

13 Lady Ann Talbair 

13 Sir Edw. Dymoke 

12 Frances Dymoke 

12 Sir Thomas Win- 
debank, d. 1566 

Jane Sparrow 


bank, d. 



Robert Reade 


Robert Lewis 




George Reade 
Elizabeth Mar- 
tian, d. 1687 


Maj. John Lewis, 
b. 1635 
Isabella Warner 


Mildred Reade, 
Augustine War- 
ner, 1642-1681 


Col. John Lewis, 
Elizabeth Warner, 

Mildred Warner 
Lawerence Washington 


7 John Lewis, Augustine Washington 

1694-1754 Mary Ball 

Frances Fielding 

6 Brothers 

Fielding Lewis 

Hcnrv Lewis, Bettie Washington George Washington 

1735-1810 Fielding Lewis Martha Custis 

Ann Buford, 

b. 1738 

5 Thomas Lewis, 
Ann Rice, 

4 Henry Lewis, 
1789-'l864. Pg.30 
Volinda Clagget 

"S Sarah Eliza 

Lewis, 1820-1890 
Maj. Harrison 
Yewell, 1811-1884 

2 Joseph Henry 
Yewell, b. 1837 
Lucy Ellen Nail 

1 SalUe L. Yewell, 
Pg. 30 

Books used in research : 

Volumes Nos. 1, 3, 4 of "The Abridged Compendium of American 
Genealogy," Burke's "Genealogical and Heraldic Dictionary of Peerage 
and Baronetage," "Dictionary of National Biography," Thompson's 
"Magna Charta." Greene's "Short History of English People," and a 
few others. 

— Crude Genealogical Chart by Claudia Yewell Lindley. 





The daughters of the early Mayos of South River married into the 
families of Jonathan Waters, John Ridgely, John Wilmott and Francis 
Linthicum. Commodore Isaac Mayo, who distinguished himself in the 
Mexican War, descended from Joshua Mayo of South River, who in 
1707, married Hannah Learson. One son and four daughters were all 
baptized at All Hallows. 


Three children of Mullikin. 

1 Mortimer Mullikin mar. , and lived near St. Timothy's 

Church, Catonsville, Md. 

Elizabeth mar. VVm. A. Linthicum; children page 66, of 
text; and Beale Duvall Mullikin. 

2 Amanda d. u. 

3 Benjamin Oscar Mullikin mar. . 

Henry Clay Mullikin, Sr., mar. 

Matilda (Mattie) Sophia Mullikin d. u. c. 1929. 
Frank A. Mullikin mar. Bettie Slemons Johnson. 

Mary Slemons Mullikin. 

Benton Caruthers Mullikin, mar. Dorothy Evans. 
Richard O. Mullikin. 
Cora Mullikin mar. Frank White. 
Mary V. single. 

Henry Clay Mullikin, Jr., mar. Mary Beall. 
Florence Mullikin. 


Gen. ni-a Thomas Pitcher d. 1790, mar. Sarah , whose will was 

prob. June 9, 1806. 
Gen. IV-1 Nancy Ann Pitcher. 

Gen. IV-2 Mary Pitcher mar. 1790, James Treackle. 
Gen. IV-3 Hannah Pitcher mar. July 27, 1793, Samuel Church of 

Ontario Co., N. Y. 

Gen. lV-4 Sarah Pitcher, mar. Sept. 27, 1792, Cornelius McCarty. 
A Mary Ann McCarty. 


Gen. l\'-=^ Thomas Pitcher. Jr., h. May 17, 1784. (See te.xt, pg. 61.) 

Gen. IV-6 Mercy Pitcher b. 1785, d. Sept. 25, 1848, aged 63, mar. 

1790, George Cromwell, h. 1771. d. Aug. 6, 1838, aged 67 

years. Issue : 
A Thomas Pitcher Cromwell, b. 1808, d. Feb. 7, 1849. 

H Henrietta Hanna Cromwell b. 1810. d. Nov. 28, 1880. 
C James Cromwell. 
D Sally Cromwell. 

E Mercy Ann Cromwell b. 1821, d. 1896. 
F Mary Elizabeth Cromwell. 
Gen. IV-7 James Pitcher. 

B Henrietta Hanna Cromwell b. 1810, d. 1880, mar. May 10, 1832, 
James Treakle, b. 1808, d. April 6, 1881, aged 73 yrs. 

1 Edwin Thomas Treakle b. Oct. 8, 1835. 

2 Albert C. Treakle b. Feb. 9, 1838. 

3 Emmett Smith Treakle b. Mav 20, 1844. 

4 Henrietta Cromwell Treakle b. Sept. 9, 1851, d. Dec. 10, 1866. 
None of these children were married. Family resided in Howard 

E Mercv Ann Cromwell b. 1821, d. 1896, mar. Wm. Preston, Mar. 6, 

F Mary Elizabeth Cromwell d. Nov. 20, 1897, dau. of Mercy and Geo. 

Cromwell, mar. Chas. W. Whittemore, b. Baltimore, Nov. 13, 1818, 

d. May 5, 1895. 

1 Alice M. Whittemore b. Oct. 4, 1852, d. Aug. 2, 1853. 

2 Sallie A. J. Whittemore b. Julv 27, 1854, d. Mav 27, 1857. 

3 Mary (Mollie) Pitcher Wliittemore b. May 15, 1860, d. Dec. 
10, 1930, mar. Oct. 13, 1886, Thomas Mordica Benson. 

a. Charles Albert Benson b. Sept. 1, 1890, d. July 10, 1894. 

b. Ruth Whittemore Benson b. Aug. 1, 1893, mar. April 6, 1912, 
Reverdv B. DuVall. 

(1) Marv Elizabeth DuVall b. Julv 17. 1913. 

(2) Reverdv Benson DuVall. Jr.. b. March 26, 1920. 

(3) Wm. Douglas DuVall b. Oct. 18, 1921. 

(4) Thomas Bravshaw DuVall b. June 2, 1923. 

c. Guy Benson b. Aug. 1, 1897. 

4 Arthur Cromwell Whittemore. Sr., b. June 24, 1864. mar. (1st) 

June 11. 1893. Lucy Grey Hancock, d. 1915; (2nd) 1919, 

Anna C. Wright. 

Issue by Lucy Gre\- Hancock. 

a. Daisy Laura Whittemore b. Nov. 14, 1893, d. June 22, 1894. 

b. Ethel Louise Whittemore b. March 31, 1897, d. Oct. 23, 1918. 

c. Arthur Cromwell Whittemore. Jr., b. March 30, 1900. 

d. Martha Elizabeth Whittemore b. Feb. 25, 1903. 

e. Lucy Hancock Whittemore b. Jan. 19, 1905. 

f. Howard Vernon Whittemore d. at six mos. 

g. George Dobbin Whittemore d. inf. 


Gen. IV-7 James Pitcher, youngest child of Gen. Ill-a Thomas, Sr., d. 

1790, and Sarah . Will of James prob. Jan. 23, 1849; 

b. 1786, mar. (1st) Aug. 17, 18i6, Sarah Cromwell. 
A Sarah (Sallie) M. Pitcher b. 1821. d. Jan. 26, 1883, mar. Sept. 23, 
1845, John P. White, d. Sept. 30, 1883, aged 70 3'rs. 

1 Katie White. 

2 Katie W. White. 

3 Mollie White mar. Prof. Harry Deems. 

a. Harry Deems, Jr., in New York. 

b. Cyril Deems d. at age of ten yrs. 

c. Flora Belle Deems mar. Walter Robinson. 

d. Ethel Deems mar. Boughner of Pittsburgh. 

4 William White. 

James mar. (2nd) Aug. 14, 1821, Margaret E. Hodges, b. 1801, d. Jan. 

20, 1877; d. Jan. 7, 1849, in the 63rd year of his age. 
B Thomas J. Pitcher (Long Tom) h. Jan. 22. 1823. d. Nov. 7, 1893, 
mar. (1st) Oct. 22, 1851. Catherine Burnes. No, issue. Mar. (2nd) 

Sept. 21, 1863, Jennie Anne V. Morrow. No Issue. 
C Rev. Wm. Henry Pitcher, of the Pitcher Brick Co., manufacturer of 

bricks, across the street from ground whereon Montgomery, Ward & 

Co. now stands. Helped much in building Mt. Vernon M. E. 

Church. B. Nov. 25. 1824, d. Dec. 25, 1883, mar. license issued 

Feb. 19. 1850, mar. Marv Jane Reese, b. Sept. 12, 1825, d. Apr. 4, 


1 J. Reese Pitcher d. Mar. 19, 1931, mar. Sarah Ella Skinner, 
ship-building people. 

a. Wm. H. Pitcher b. June 5, 1878, d. at two years. 

b. Edwin Reese Pitcher b. 1881, d. 1924. 

c. Nellie Pitcher b. Nov. 10, 1878, d. Mar. 23, 1890, 

2 Mary Neale Pitcher. 

D Columbus Oscar Pitcher b. 1837, d. Oct. 8, 1870, mar. Sept. 15, 
1858, Charlotte Ann Ledley. Three children d. inf. 
4 Fourth child, Wm. Henrv Pitcher, Sr., b. July 11, 1865, mar. 
(1st) Oct. 19, 1886, Katie Hill Garrigues, b.'peb. 8, 1868, d. 
June 9, 1889, dau. of Hairy Hill Garrigues, hatter, came from 
Philadelphia to Baltimore; mar. (2nd) Oct. 26, 1904, Willie 
Belle Porter of Princess Anne, Md., b. Oct. 10, 1875, d. Jan. 
14, 1929, mar. at Crisfield, Md. 
a. Only child. Wm. Henry Pitcher, Jr., b. Jan. 28, 1906, single. 

E Frank Pitcher. 

F Charles Pitcher d. at age of 33 yrs. 

G Laura Pitcher. 

H Elizabeth Pitcher.^ 

J Martha Pitcher. 

K John Wesley Pitcher d. at ten yrs. of age. 



Gen. I\'-l Thomas Rcihinson, Sr., mar. (1st) Elizabeth Jacob, d.; mar. 
(2nd) Elizabeth Selby. By first wife: 

A Anne Robinson mar. Richard Linthicvim. b. 1793. (See text.) 
B Benjamin Robinson mar. (1st) Williams. 

1 Dr. Charles Robinson mar. Patience Haslipp, whose brother, Rev. 

Rezin Haslipp mar. Saddler, and was father of Charles 

Haslipp mar. (1> Alice Grace Adams; (2) Jane Alford, dau. of 
Rev. S. M. Alford of M. E. Church, and May Haslipp who mar. 
Alexander .A. Forman, A\ho ha\e son, A. Haslipp Foreman. 

B Benjamin Robinson mar. (2nd) Harriett Cromwell, dau. of Zach- 
ariah and Sarah (Hall) Cromwell. 

2 Frank d. u. 

3 Richard d. ii. 

4 Leanora Robinson mar. Osborne Pumphrey. 

a. Jennie Pumphrey d. u. 

b. Charles Pumphrey mar. Caroline (Carrie) Charlotte Dunlap. 

c. Lena Pumphrev, d. u. 

d. Robert Pumphrey (Bob) d. u., 1934. 

e. d. i. 

f. Asa Linthicum Pumphrey. 

g. James Pumphrey. 
h. Louis Pumphrey. 

C Only child of Thomas and Elizabeth (Selby) Robinson: 

Thomas. Jr., drowned on Severn while ducking, mar. Alethea Stewart. 

1 Rev. Cyrus N. Robinson, Sr., d., mar. Ida Johnson, d. 

a. Stewart Robinson. 

b. Rev. Cyrus N. Robinson, Jr. 

c. Belle Robinson. 

d. Olive Robinson. 

e. mar. Ross Anderson. 

f. Ernest Robinson. 

g. Jessie Robinson d. u. 

2 James Robinson mar. Armanella Shipley. (See text.) 

3 Charles Robinson mar. A. Hodges, sister of Elizabeth. (See text.) 

a. Alethea Robinson mar. 1901, Emory Lee Stinchcomb. who was 
Assistant State's Attorney from 1906 to 1912, under Judge 
Albert S. J. Owens. State's Attorney. 

(1) Alethea (Thea) Stinclicomb mar. P'dward Hodes of N. Y. 

(2) Emory L. Stinchcomb, Jr. 

(3) Charles J. Stinchcomb. 

b. Clara Robinson mar. Rev. Hand of M. E. Church. 

c. Mar\- Robinson, writer. 

d. Lee Robinson (girl) d. cir. 1931, mar. . 

4 Thomas Robinson III, disappeared. ; 

5 Laura Robinson mar. John Lewis Tydings. 

a. Laura Tydings mar. (as 2nd w.) Herbert Garcelon. 



A Rev. William Sexsmith was married four times, name of but one 
wife given. 
Mar. (1) . No children. Mar. (2) . 

1 Truman Sexsmith. onl\- child. 

Mar. cir. 1831 (3) Olivia Milvina Cromwell Pitclicr, stei">(Iau^';h' 
of Abner Linthicum, Sr. 

2 Rev. Matthew Sexsmith mar. Mary Conroy. 

a. Hazel Sexsmith mar. Bernard Wiss, 

( 1 ) Mary Frances Wiss. 

(2) Bernard Wiss, Jr. 

3 Olivia Sexsmith mar. Jacob Llewellyn, fifth child of John W ., 

b. cir. 1805, of Welsh origin, in Kentucky, and his wife, Jane 
E. Trabue of French stock, b. in Woodford Co., Kentucky, who 
was a cousin of Henry Clay. 

a. Mae Llewellyn mar. Dr. L. H. Harris. 

( 1 ) Llewellyn Harris. 

(2) Virginia Harris. 

b. Maude Llewellyn mar. Harry Lewis. No children. 

c. Jessie Llewellyn mar. ?Zlmer Matney. 

(1) Jeannette Matney. 

d. Edith Llewellyn dec, mar. Alva Johnson. 

(1) Cathryn Olivia Johnson, dec. 

(2) James Llewellyn Johnson. 
(Z) Betty Ann Johnson. 

e. Earl Llewellyn, d. i. 
Mar. (4) . 

4 Virginia Sexsmith mar. Bucher. 

a. Daughter mar. J. I\L Skinner. 

( 1 ) Son. 

5 Elizabeth Sexsmith. 

6 Nancy Sexsmith. 

7 Mary Sexsmith. 

B Rev. John Sexsmith, brother of Rev. William, mar. Mary Boyle 
Owings of Howard Co., Md. 

1 Rev. Edgar Adgate Sexsmith, Pres. of Md. An. Conference of 
M. P. Church, mar. (1) Fannie Lee Williams; mar. (2) Emma 

2 Matthew O. Sexsmith mar. (1) Cora Lee Overstreet. 

a. Lutie May Sexsmith mar. Winnie Allen, Gate R. 1, Okla. 

(1) Dau., mar. Lawrence Drake. (3) Lvnn Allen. 

(2) Wilbur Allen. (4) Marjoric Allen. 

b. Gertrude Sexsmith. 

c. Son, d. i. 

d. Elizabeth Leona Sexsmith mar. Paul E. Keedy. 
(1) Paul Edgar Keedy, b. 1929. 

Mar. (2) . Three- children. 



Gen. I Ilujih Sherwood h. in England 1632, came to Maryland 

in 1661 and "fettled on Eastern Shore in Talbot Co. He 

mar. Mary and belonged to St. Michaels Church and 

to the first court held in 16^7. He d. at his home. Hunt- 
ington, in Miles River Neck, in 1710. 

Gen. H-A His son, Daniel Sherwood, Sr., b. Mar. 20, 1668, mar. Dec. 
26. 1680, Mary Hopkins, b. Aug. 6, 1672, d. 1746, dau. 
Thomas and Elizabeth (Towc) Hopkins. Daniel Sher- 
wood ser\ed in General Assembly in 1728 and d. Aug. 15, 

Gen. HI -a His youngest son, Daniel Sherwood, Jr.. b. June 19, 1709, 
mar. Feb. 8. 1745, his cousin. P31izabeth Rice, dau. of Ralph 
and Catharine (Sherwood) Rice. He died Sept. 19, 1767, at 
Auctille in Talbot Co., Md. 

Gen. lV-1 His son. Daniel Sherwood III, b. May 20. 1749, d. Mar. 18, 
1838, Guilford Co., North Carolina, mar. about 1767 (Jan.) 
Frances, b. Nov. 30, 1749. d. May 4, 1806, dau. of Francis 
and Eleanor (AVilliams) Linthicum. 




The immigrant to U. S. was Adam Shipley in 1668, mar. Lois 
. Had seven children. The fifth child was John Shipley, Sr. Suc- 
ceeding him were several generations, John, Jr., and John, III, who had 
twenty-two children, one being Richard who mar. Ann . 

A Enas Shipley b. Aug. 1, 1796, mar. May 22, 1823, (1st) Harriet 
Rolls; (2nd) Disney. 

B William Shipley b. July 2, 1798, mar. Jan. 12, 1828, Sarah Linthi- 
cum, pages 61 and 72. 

C Larkin Shipley b. Dec. 10, 1800, mar. Nov. 1829, Alethea Edelin, of 
Montgomery Co., Md. 

D Sarah Mariah Shipley b. Feb. 28. 1803, mar. Adam A. ("Polk") 
Shipley who had a bro., John Dick (Richard) Shipley. 

E Maryanna Shipley b. Aug. 1. 1805, d. u. 

Richard d. 1806, Ann mar. (2nd) George Harman, b. Apr. 7, 1777, d. 
Jan. 23, 1833. 

F Elizabeth Leah Harman b. June 28, 1809, mar. Oct. 28, 1830, Geo. 
Washington Hammond. 

G Frederick Harman b. Sept. 22, 1811, mar. . 

H Peter A. Harman b. Jan. 8, 1813. d. Sept. 29, 1891, aged 81 years; 
mar. April 28, 1858, Ellenor Ship]2y, dau. of Jim Shipley of How- 
ard Co., who was a brother of the original Richard. 

J Louisa Harman b. May 8, 1815, mar. Disney. 

K Maranda Harman b. Nov. 26, 1817. d. u. Mar. 17, 1818. 

L Amelia Harman b. April 5, 1819, d. u. 

Children of Enos and (1st) Harriet (Rolls) Shipley. 

1 Richard Shipley mar. Agnes Quail. 

2 Theodore (Dory) mar. (1st) Susanna Rolls; (2nd) Celia Ship- 
ley, dau. of Larkin Shipley. 

a. Rev. Richard L. Shipley mar. Cora B. Roberts. 

b. Cora Shipley mar. Lang. 

c. Rosella B. Shipley d. u. 

3 Caroline Shipley mar. Jefifrey in A. A. Co. 

4 Henrietta Shipley mar. Larkin Shipley (Carroll Co.), cousin of 
James E. Phelps's second w. 

Children of Enos and (2nd w.) (Disney) Shipley. 

5 Roderick mar. (1st) Wilhelmina Parks, whose mother was 

Marriott; mar (2nd) . 

Children of first wife : 

a. Dr. Arthur M. Shipley, noted surgeon of Baltimore, mar. 
Julia Joynes of Accomac Co., Va. 
1 b. Edna Shipley mar. her cousin Edgar Shipley, son of Doll, 

c. Irma. 


6 Billy Shipley. (Saw-Mill Branch.) 

7 Henry Shipley mar. Disney. No children. 

8 Lemuel Shipley mar. Phelps, sister of James E. 

a. James Shipley, 

h. Grover Shipley. 

c. Florence Shipley. 

d. Lula Shipley. 

e. Beulah Shipley. 

f. Burton Shipley. 

9 Virginia Shipley mar. (1st) A. Johnson Harman ; mar. (2nd) 
Lint Tubbs, both of A. A. Co. 

10 Susannah mar. W. Warner Picket, Carroll Co. 

11 Mary Elizabeth Shipley mar. Stephen Francis Penn, Carroll Co. 

12 Louisa Shipley mar. (1st) Harman; (2nd) Kelbaugh. 

Children of Larlcin and Alethea (Edelin) Shipley. 

1 Elizabeth Shipley mar. Nelson Phelps. 

a. Thad Phelps. 

b. JefiF Phelps. 

c. Columbus Phelps. 

d. Walter Phelps. 

e. Annie Phelps mar. Jas. E. Phelps. 

(1) Nora Phelps mar. John Hawkins. 

(2) Vernon Phelps mar. . 

2 Celia Shipley mar. Theodore ("Dory") Shipley as (2nd) wife. 

3 John Bill Shipley mar. three times: (1st) Kirch; (2nd) 

Kirch; (3rd) Quail, sister of Richard's wife. Children of 

1st, 2nd, or 3rd wives. 

a. Fred mar. Mary Hawkins. 

b. Will. 

c. John mar. lantha Cromwell. 

d. Emma. 

4 George mar. Harman, sister of Prof. Henry H. Harman 

of Dickinson College. 

a. Rev. Wilbur Shipley. 

b. Laura Shipley mar. Summerfield Benson. 

5 Larkin Rodolphus Shipley ("Dol") mar. Isabelle Westley. 

a. Nora mar. Dr. John Le Cato. 
(1) Dr. John '(Jack) Le Cato. 

b. Evelyn mar. Bruner Anderson. 

c. Lillie mar. Gardner. 

d. Irvin mar. Gertie Shipley. 

e. Edgar mar. Edna, dau. of Rod Shipley. 

f. Charles mar. Harman. 

g. Marvin mar. . 

h. Clarence. 


Children of Sarah Mariah and Adam A. ("Polk") Shipley. 

1 John R. Shipley. 

2 Rudolph Shipley. 

3 Chester. Had dau. Margaret mar. Geo. Wm. Rittenhouse. 
Sarah M. d. and "Polk" Shipley mar. (2nd) . 

Children of Elizabeth Leah (Harman) and Geo. Washington Ham- 
mond. Given under Hammond. 

Children of Fred and Harman. 

1 Rebecca Harman mar. Ned Rider by Stony Run. 

2 Dau. Harman mar. Bealmear. 

3 Joshua single. 

Children of Peter A. Harman and Ellenor Shipley. 3 daus. 

1 Christina b. Jan. 24, . 

2 Margaret Emmah b. May 14, 1861, mar. Jas. Cromwell. 

3 Louisa Virginia Harman b. Mar. 30, , mar. Carter. 

2 Children of Margaret Emmah (Harman) and Jas. Cromwell, 
a. Willie Austin Cromwell b. July 7, 1893. 

Children of Louisa (Harman) b. May 8, 1815, mar. Disney. 

1 Peter Disney mar. Shipley, dau. of Richard and Quail. 

A Jim Shipley, of Howard Co., mar. (1st) . 

1 Margaret Shipley mar. James Phelps, 
a. James E. Phelps. 

2 Elizabeth Shipley mar. Hammond of Howard Co. 

3 Ellenor Shipley, mar. Peter A. Harman (above). 

Jim Shipley mar. (2nd) Linstid, from Howard Co. 

1 Polk Shipley. Polk and Dallas, twins. 

2 Dallas mar. Shipley. 

Adam Shipley settled near Annapolis, Md., in 1668. In 1661, a 
tract of 200 acres of land \\as surveyed for Adam Shipley. His son, 
Robert, secured other land in Maryland, and d. prior to 1767. Robert, 
Jr., b. Oct. 9, 1713, went to Lunenburg Co., Virginia, prior to 1750, 

at which time he was the head of a family; wife, Sarah . One dau., 

Lucy Shipley, mar. (1) James Hanks; dau., Nancy Hanks, (2) Henry 
Sparrow. Nancy Hanks mar. Thomas Lincoln. Son : Abraham Lincoln 
b. Feb. 12, 1809, in Hardin Co., Ky., became President of the LTnited 
States, mar. Nov. 4, 1842, Mary Todd. A son, "Tad", died in the 
beginning of the War, 1861. Another son, Robert Todd Lincoln, sur 
\ived. The President was killed April 15, 1865, by an assassin. 

— The Balthnore Sun, Standard and Brittannica Encys. 



Coat of Arms — Escutcheon. — To the first and fcjurth quarters sa, a 
stag springing forward counter passant (toward the sinister) or, sus- 
tained by a hill, vert. To the second and third (quarters) ar. to the 
harry, azure. The stag is of the kind called Springer or Spring-bok. and 
indicates courage, enterprise, and endurance, as well as the name of the 
person entitled to wear the arms. 

Helmet — Crowned, (with the crown of Lorraine). 

Crest — Stag issuing from between two wings expanded and conjoined, 
cut evenly off. 

Dexter (wing) sa on or (forming border of gold), sinister ar on 
azure (the blue forming border on outer edge of wing.) The two eagles' 
wings, one white, the other black, represent the family that ruled the 
Eastern and ^Vestern empires — the family of Charlemagne. The two 
wings unite in the crown of Lcirraine, showing that family to be in the 
line of succession. 


The members of the Springer family of America are descended from 
Charles, Duke of Lorraine, second son of the last Carolingian King of 
France. Louis IV. While Charles of Lorraine was due to r.uccecd at the 
death of his father, Hugh Capet took the throne. Charles had one son, 
Charles Louis, and two daughters. 

The son later visited the Emperor, who was now Conrad II. who 
Hked him so much, he gave him Thuringia. which had been left without 
an heir, with the title of Louis I, and made him Lieutenant in the army. 

His son, Louis II, Landgrave of Thuringia, received the sobriquet of 
Springer because of a wide leap he made from the roof of the castle across 
the moat, and landed uninjured. 

The American Springers are descended from the second son of 
Louis the Springer. Christopher Louis, b. 1091, who was given to the 
Emperor at the age of one year, immediately knighted, and brought up in 
the royal castle. He was given the title of Count of Waldenberg and 
three estates. The eldest son of Louis the Springer had died ; there were 
five sons. The third son became Bishop H. R. E., the fourth son inher- 
ited the estate and became Louis III, Landgrave of Thuringia; there was 

a fifth son, . The male line from Louis III became extinct, after a 

century or two, with Herman, whose daughter, Sophia, inherited the 
property, and married the Duke of Brabant. Their son carried on this 
title, and their descendants came into the reigning House of Belgium. 
The rulers of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha and Saxe-Wiemar are descended from 
Louis the Springer. 

The latter built Wartburg Castle in 1067; it was here Luther com- 
pleted his translation of the New Testament (Ency. Brit.), and the 
picture of this castle is reproduced on the curtain used in the production 
of Wagner's Tannhauser in this country. 


The father of the immigrant to this country was Christoph Springer, 
who married two wives in Germany, who died. Then he went to Sweden 
and married, 1654, Lady Beata Jacobine Hendrickson, fourth lady in 
waiting to the Queen of Charles Gustavus II. 

A child of first wife came to America and lived in Rhode Island. 

A child of Lady Beata — Carl (Charles) Springer, b. 1658, while 
studying law in London was transported to Virginia. Later he went to 
New Sweden (Delaware), where he attended to the legal affairs of the 
colony. The city of Wilmington now stands on the scene of his labors. 

Lineage of Ellie C. Muldoon mar. Hezekiah Linthicum, Jr. 

Gen. I Carl Springer was the immigrant to U. S., b. 1658, at 
Stockholm, Sweden, d. May 26, 1738, Wilmington, Del., 
mar. Maria Hendrickson, in U. S. 

Gen. II-A Christopher Springer b. May 12, 1696, d. 1753 or 1756, 
mar. Catharina . 

Gen. Ill-a John Springer b. 1724, d. Dec. 15, 1753, mar. Sarah Wal- 

Gen. IV-1 John Springer, Jr., b. Sept. 12, 1753, d. Oct. 6, 1823, mar. 

1778, Catherine Hanson. 

A Peter Springer b. Oct. 4, 1794, d. Nov. 1875, mar. Oct. 3, 1822, 
Elizabeth Heirold. 

1 John Marion Springer b. Aug. 14, 1823, d. April 12, 1873, mar. 
September 26, 1848, Rebecca Jane Stephens. 

a. Eugene Douglas Springer b. Nov. 28, 1858, d. Aug. 10, 
1919, mar. Nov. 15, 1882, Elvie Loretta Thomas. 

( 1 ) May Springer mar. Chas. L. Escavaille. 

(2) Eugene Ridgely Springer mar. Bertha Boswell. 

(3) George Edgar Springer mar. Alice Peck. 

(4) Edna Rebecca Springer, 

b. Addie R. Springer b. , d. , mar. Jerome Mul- 

(1) Ellie Culbert Muldoon mar. Hezekiah Linthicum, Jr. 
(Children page 69.) 



Stewart line from David Stewart h. in Sccitlniid, 1616, came to this 
country and d. 16'^5, to Rachel Stewart. 

David mar. Margaret . Ch.: Robert mar. Jan. 26, 1699, Sus- 
annah Watts; Ch.: David, will 1749, d. 1749; Ch.: David, will 1795; 
Ch.: Charles mar. Hannah Robinson, b. 1757, d. 1822, dau. of Chas. d., 
1795. and w. Sarah Jacob; Ch. : Rachel Stewart h. April 4. 1 8i)(), mar. 
Jan. ^, 182(J. Abner Linthicum. Jr. 

Children (jf Gen. II-B Robert and Susannah (Watts) Stewart. 

Gen. Ill-a Stephen, Sr. 

Gen. Ill-b David, Sr. 

Gen. III-c Vincent. 

Gen. Ill-d Charles bap. Alay 29, 1710. 

Gen. Ill-e John. 

Gen. Ill-f Robert, Jr. 

Gen. Ill-g Caleb. 

Gen. Ill-h Susannah. 

Gen. III-j Dinah. 


Capt. Thomas Stockett. who mar. Mary Wells, dau. of Richard, 
was the great-grandson of Lewis Stockett, an officer in the house- 
hold of Elizabeth of England : His son, Thomas, mar. , whose son, 

Thomas, mar. his cousin Frances Ayleworth. Of the children of the 
latter, Lewis b. 1623, Thomas, Henry and Francis emigrated to the 
Province of Md. in 1658, staying a few^ years in the vicinity of the 
Susquehanna River. During this period, among the members of the family 
of Capt. Thomas Stockett (so known), was George Alsop who wrote one 
of the earliest records of Md. known as "A Character of the Province 
of Md.." and several other papers. He speaks highly of his treatment, 
and of the abundance that reigned in the Stockett mansion. 

In 1668, the three last named brothers patented lands amounting to 
2,000 acres in A. A. Co, running from a short distance above the place 
on which Birdsville now stands, south-westerly along the public Ridge 
Road to the Patuxent River. Through this tract ran a stream soon 
known as Stockett's Run. 

At Assembly at St. Mary's, April 17, 1661. Capt. Thomas Stockett 
was one of the Delegates from Baltimore Co., and he continued to repre- 
sent that count\- until 1666. Capt. Thomas and Henry Stockett were 
also Judges of the County Court for that county until 1668, in which year 
Capt. Thomas was appointed High Sheriff for A. A. Co., which office 
he continued to hold until the latter part of April 1671, when he died. 
Will dated April 23, 1671, prob. IV Lay 4th, 1671. See pg. 12. 

—From Family of Stockett 1558-1892, by Frank H. Stockett. 

















Roger Williams b. in England in 1607, d. 1683, mar. Mary 
Barnard, and established Providence, Rhode Island. 

Mercy Williams mar. Resolved Waterman, b. 1638, d. 1670. 

Waite Waterman mar. John Rhodes. 

S. Rhodes mar. 

Mary Rhodes b. Mar. 4, 1727, d. Mar. 27, 1813, mar. 
Phineas Svveetser, b. 1718, d. 1764. 

Seth Svveetser b. 1762, d. 1828, mar. Ann Valiant. 
Elizabeth Sweetser, d. Dec. 22, 1875, mar. Nov. 20, 1823, 
William Linthicum. (See pages 61 and 63.) 

Maria Svveetser mar. Samuel Thomas as 2nd w. 


Name is probably from French, Terra, earth, and is spelled both 
Terrey and Terry. 

George Terry came from Rhode Island to a place in New York, two 
or three miles west of Coeyman's (pronounced Kweeman's) township, 
Albany County, New York. In the cemetery at fhis place, a monument 
is erected to members of five generations of his descendants, including 
himself, in which occur the names: George Terry, Philip Terry, and 
1 John Terry. Sons of the latter are: 

a. Daniel Webster Terry, Sr., lived at Coeyman's Hollow in which 
is located a hamlet with church, four miles west of Coeyman's 
township; and mar. Susannah Cordelia Idell, of Crosswicks, 
near Bordentown, New Jersey. 

(1) Daniel Webster Terry, Jr., Professor of Latin, Greek, and 
Bible in Cazenovia Seminary, Syracuse, New York. 

(2) Professor Elvvood Idell Terry of Winthrop College, Rock 
Hill, S. C, mar. Fradelia Rice. (See text.) 

b. Rev. Milton Terry, noted theologian. 

(1) Guy Terry, Professor of History at Northwestern Univer- 
sity, Evanston, Illinios. 

A relative of the first named George Terry was EH Terry, the first 
maker of clocks in this country, located at Terryville, Connecticut. The 
works were of wood. Seth Thomas was his apprentice. 



The immigrant to the Western Shore of Md. was Philip Thomas, 
son of Evan ot S\\ansea, Wales, in lb51, with his wife Sarah Harri- 
son and three children he came from Bristol, England, and obtained a 
grant of 500 acres of land, called Beclclev. on the west side of Chesapeake 
Bay. He died 1687. survived by his w. 

Their three children who came with them from Bristol, England, 
were : 

Gen. II-A Philip probably d. s. p. before 1688. 

Gen. II-B Sarah Thomas mar. in 1672, John, Son of Thomas and 
Elizabeth Mears, who d. in 1675. His w. d. in the same year. 

Gen. II-C Elizabeth Thomas. 

Gen. H-D Samuel Thomas, Sr., was b. 1655 in Md., d. before Feb. 

10, 1743, mar. May 15, 1688, at his own house in A. A. Co. 

Mary d. Tulv 1751, voungest dau, of Francis Hutchins of 

Calvert Co., Md. 
Gen. ni-a Elizabeth Thomas mar. (as 2nd w.) Richard Snowden, IV. 

Gen. Ill-b Philip Thomas b. in 1694 (eldest son) mar. 1721. (1st) 
Francis Holland. Home on West River before 1724. Mar. 
(2nd) Aug. 11, 1724, Ann, dau. of Samuel and Mary Chew. 
Additional children of Samuel, Sr., under Snowden. 

Gen. IV-1 William Thomas b. cir. 1722. 

Gen. IV-2 Samuel Thomas b. June 4, 1725, resided at Perry Point on 
Susquehanna River, was prtjprietor of Ferry rights on both 
sides of the river. Mar. Oct. 23, 1750, his cousin, Mary, 
dau. of Samuel, Jr., and Marv (Snowden) Thomas, who d. 
Mar. 4, 1770, and her husband d. July 17, 1784. 

Gen. IV-3 Richard Thomas b. July 17, 1736, mar. Deborah Hughes 
of Charlcstown, Cecil Co., IV'Id. 

A Philip Thfjmas of R., mar. Myers. 

B Elizabeth Thomas mar. before Nov. 28, 1777. Stephen, son of 
Stephen and (2nd w.) Elizabeth (Ward) Stewart, who was active 
in the Revolution, and devised an armour-plated vessel, which, how- 
ever, was not built. 

Philip Thomas, Sr., son of Samuel, Sr., and Mary (Hutchins) 
Thomas, made his will Nov. 29, 1760. Liber D. D. M. or (No.) 1760, 
Folio 1007. He divided Perry Point on Susquehanna River between his 
sons Samuel and Richard, and ga\e Lebanon on \Vest River to his son 
John 'Fhomas. He d. Nov. 23, 1762, leaving other issue, for whom he 
provided by name in his will. 


The immigrant to the Eastern Shore of Md. was Christopher 
Thomas, son of Trustram, who also came here; on Feb. 18, 1638, the 
former was one of two Burgesses in the Lower House of the Assembly 
from Kent Co., which then included all the Eastern Shore of Md. 

Both branches of the family claim descent from Sir Rhys ap Thomas, 
K. G., of the time of Henry Vtl and VHI. 

The marriage of three grandchildren of Philip are recorded under 
Snowden. Another descendant, Elizabeth Thomas, a great grand-daughter 
of Mary (Linthicum) and Richard Snowden, HI, mar. Johns Hopkins, 
b. 1720, who became the grand-parents of Johns Hopkins, the philanthro- 
pist, who made Baltimore famous. 

We begin the record of the Eastern Shore Branch with Joshua 
Thomas, who removed in 1772, from Dorchester Co. to Caroline Co., 

and married Elizabeth Caulk, dau. of Lawrence and Mary ( ) Caulk. 

In his will, he specifies certain property, which should his son, Samuel, 
die without issue, is to pass to his brother Samuel's son, Joshua. Perhaps 
it was this last named. 

Gen. Ill-a Joshua, who moved to Somerset Co., and was known as 
"Parson of the Isles," and from whom the following line 
descends : 
Gen. IV-1 Lyburn Thomas. 
A William John Thorn Thomas. 

1 William Seymour Thomas mar. Anderson, whose mother 

was Daniel. Had children, only one given: 

a. Ellen Frances Thomas mar. Wm. Trickett Giles. 

( 1 ) William Trickett Giles, Jr. 

(2) Ellen Giles. 

Gen. II-A Joshua Thomas mar. Elizabeth Caulk. 

Gen. Ill-a Samuel Thomas mar. Ann Richardson, dau. of John Rich- 
ardson of Talbot Co. Will Caroline Co., 1870. 

"Samuel Thomas was First Lieutenant in the American Revolution. 
Jan. 27, 1776, sick in hospital of the 4th Company, Thomas Ewing, 
Captain."— Vol. XXIII, pg. 12, Maryland Archives. 

"Among those making application from Capt. Richardson's Regiment 
for the Flying Camps was First Lieutenant Samuel Thomas, 1776." 

— Maryland Archives, Vol. XXVIII, pg. 74. 

Gen. IV-1 "Ellis Thomas, son of Samuel and Anne (Richardson) 

Thomas, entered the Revolution from Caroline Co., twenty 

years of age, Aug. 31, 1776, enlisted by Wm. Richardson." 

— Muster Rolls, F. 69, Maryland Archives. 

Ellis Thomas and Mary Harris of Talbot Co., mar. March 12, 1787. 
Marriage license issued by Wm. Richardson. Removed to A. A. Co. 

"Died in Anne Arundel County. Md., on the 13th instant, Mr. Ellis 
Thomas in the 84th years of his age" — From Baltimore Sun, Nov. 16, 


Issue of Ellis and Mary (Harris) Thomas. 

A Ellis, Jr.. in the War of 1812, d. unmar. Aug. 24, 1827. 

B John Richardxin Thomas h. Aug. 15, 1790. mar. Feb. 13, 1817, Anne 

Catherine Walker Pumphrcy, b. Dec. 13, 1787. 
C Samuel Thomas mar. (1st) Harriet Hammond; (2nd) Maria 

D Anna Rita Thomas mar. Andrew Hammond, son of Rezin (of Chas.) 

and Nancy (Joyce) Hammond. 

1 Rezin mar. Anne C. Thomas (1st cousin). 

E Hester Hammond Thomas mar. James Lucas. 

B Issue of John Richardson and Anne Catherine Thomas. 

1 Benjamin Franklin Thomas b. Nov. 16, 1817, d. 1886, mar. 
Julia Jane Chambers, of St. Louis, Mo. Have issue. 

2 Anne Catherine Thomas b. Sept. 1, 1819, d. Jan. 13, 1899, mar. 
Dec. 22, 1835, Rezin Hammond (1st cousin). 

3 John Richardson Thomas, Jr., mar. Isabella Callis. 

4 Caroline Matilda (Kate) Thomas b. Jan. 3, 1831. d. July 30, 
1911. mar. Oct. 24, 1854, Eli Henkle Gardner of Carroll Co., 
b. April 20, 1831. d. Jan. 21, 1904, son of Lemuel Gardner and 
Ann Maria Henkle, dau. of Rev. Eli Henkle and (1st w.) Cath- 
erine Priest Triplett of Aldea (Aldie) Va. 

2 Issue of Anne Catherine (Thomas) and Rezin Hammond. 

a. John Thomas Hammond mar. Camsadel Lucinda Shipley. 
Issue in text. 

b. Mary Elizabeth Hammond mar. Mahlon Benson. 

(1) Dau. Edna mar. John O. Mitchell. 

c. Eleanor Jane Hammond mar. Merryman. 

d. Rezin Washington Hammond mar. Mary Susannah Benson. 

e. Rita Caroline Hammond mar. Independence (Pen) Kelly. 
Have issue. 

3 Issue of John Richardson. Jr., and Isabella (Callis) Thomas. 

a. Elzene Thomas mar. Geo. Pumphrey. 

(1) Dau. Belle Pumphrey, 

b. Benj. Franklin Thomas b. Nov. 1, 1850, mar. Jan. 15, 1884, 
Elizabeth Eleanor Marcellus. Issue to follow. 

c. George Henry Thomas b. Dec. 1851, d. u. Oct. 25, 1920. 

d. John Richardson Thomas, III, d. u. 

e. Wm. Lewin Thomas b. Nov. 1, 1859, d. Nov. 8. 1915, mar. 
Maude Endow Cockrane, dau. of Richard and Mary Eliza- 
beth (Wood) Cockrane. Have issue. 

b. Issue of B. Franklin and Elizabeth (Marcellus) Thomas. 

(1) Richard Marcellus Thomas b. Oct. 12, 1884, mar. Lola 
Elane Benson. 

IX-1 James Madison Thomas. 

(2) Marian Virginia Thomas b. Jan. 15, 1887, mar. W. Les- 
lie Prout, lawver. 

(3) Elizabeth Franklin Thomas b. Nov. 28, 1891. mar. 
June 24, 1924, John Anderson. 


(4) Benj. Franklin Thomas, Jr., b. Sept. 12, 1894. 

(5) Julia Tane Thomas b. Aug. 12, 1897. 

(6) John Boland Thomas (Jack), b. Dec. 20, 1900. 

4 Issue of Caroline Matilda (Thomas) and EH Henkle Gardner. 

a. Nannie Gardner mar. Samuel F. Ziegler. 

(1) Eli Gardner Ziegler mar. Helen Beehler. 
IX-1 Charlotte Gardner Ziegler. 
IX-2 Helen Beehler Ziegler. 

(2) Caroline Louise Ziegler, grad. of Goucher Coll., attended 
Harvard, 1 yr., Cornell 2 yrs., received A. M. at Hop- 
kins; now teacher at Eastern High School, Baltimore. 

b. Carrie Gardner d. u. 

c. Julia Gardner d. u. 

C Issue of Samuel Thomas and (1st w. ) Harriet Hammond. 

1 Elizabeth Ann Thomas mar. Dr. Eli Jones Henkle. Have issue. 

2 Henry Hammond Thomas mar. Eleanor Linthicum. Children 
in text. 

3 Geo. Washington Thomas mar. , and d. s. p. 

Issue of Samuel Thomas and (2nd w.) Maria Sweetser, dau. of Seth. 

4 Mary Thomas mar. Medairy. Have issue. 

5 Annie Thomas mar. Rev. Chas. Baldwin, D.D. 
a. Maria Baldwin. 

6 Maria Thomas. 





Page Page 

Ailams 141 Jacob 149 

Arnold 141 Lee 149 

l^^'lgfr 142 Lceke 150 

'^^teman 142 odell 150 

'^^"^"" 1+3 Philipps 151 

^,^■^■^1^'" 1+3 Rice (Thomas) 151 

Chevne.v 144 

Clagett 144 

Crisp 145 

Robinson 152 

Shipley 152 

Dorsev 145 Skirven 153 

Edwards 146 Snowden 153 

Hammond 146 Springer 154 

Ilenkle 147 Stockett 154 

Hodges 147 Terry 155 

Hopkins 148 Thomas — Rice 155 

Howard 148 Welles, Wells 156 





Arms: Argent, on a cross gules, five 
mullets or. 

Crest: Out of a ducal coronet or, a 
lion rampant affrontee gules. 

Motto: Sub Cruce Stilus. 

Well-being (is) under the Cross. 

— Mackenzie's Colonial Families. 


Arms: Gu, a chevron engrailed arg, 
guttee-de poix,cotised or, between 
three pheons of the fourth. 

Crest: On a wreath of the colors, a 
demi-tiger regardant sa, bezantee, 
maned and holding between his 
paws a pheon or. 

Motto: Vt vivas vigila. 

That you may live valiantly. 

— Fox-Davies. 


I a: 



(."ambiidneshiic. (Gloucestershire, 
and Leistershire. 

Arms: Enii, on a bend gu, three eagles 

Crkst: a buck's head cabossed sa, be- 
tween the attires a greyhound 
current arg, collared gu. 

Motto: Srrnprr fidrlis. 
Always faithful. 

— Ency. Heraldu a, I'ol. 2, 

Berry; also Burke's. 



Arms: Or, on a chevron gules, between 
three escallops gu, an ostrich 
feather arg. 

Crest: A pheasant ppr. 

Motto: Nee pretio ncc prcce. 

Neither by bribery nor prayer. 

— Burke's Landed Gentry. 





Arms: Arg. three trefoils sa between two 
bendlets gu. 

Crest: Bear's head erased, arg muzzled 

Motto: In concuss a virtus. 
Unshaken virtue. 

— A descendant of the same name. 



Arms: Party per chevron or and azure, 
in chief a mullet of six points 
between two crosses patee of the 
last, and in the base the front 
elevation of a chapel arg. 

Crest: An arm vested . . . holding a 
viper ppr. passing through a cup 
of an orbicular figure. 

— Fox-Davies Armorial Families. 






Kent, Beds and Berks. 

Arms: Az, six lions rampant aig. a 
canton ermine. 

Crest: A bull's scalp argent. 

Motto: Fato prudentia major. 

Providence is greater than fate. 

— Burke's Landed Gentry. 


Kent and London. 

Arms: Ermine, on a fesse sa, three 
pheons or. 

Crest: An eagle's head erased erm. 
ducally crowned or, between two 
wings sa. 

— Burke's General Armory. 





Arms: Per pale aig and or, on a chevron 
invected plain, cotised sable, five 
horseshoes of the second. 

Crest: Upon a rock ppr, a camelopard 
statant sa, semee of annulets 
gorged with a collar with chains 
reflexed over the back, and hold- 
ing in the mouth a horseshoe all 

Motto: Dum ieinpus hahemus operemui 

While we have time we shall do 

— Fox-Davies. 


Arms: Azure, a semil de crosses, cross- 
let une, three cenquefoils arg. 

Crest: A bull sable, horns and hoofs or. 

Motto: Un Dieu, un Ro'i. 

One God, one King. 

— Colonial Families of U. S. 

by N. Osgood Rlioads. 






Arms: Paitj' per fcss sable and argent 
a lion rampant counter charged. 

Crfst: Within a wreath a lion as in the 

— T/ie Sun Papn. 


Arms: On a field azure, three demi-lions 
passant guardant or. 

Crest: Quarterly per fesse, indented or, 
a wolf's head erased. 

.Motto: Paratus et jidel'ts. 

Ready and faithful. 

— Burke's Aimony. 






Arms: Aut. coupe Au 1 de sa, au lion 
naiss, d'azur, arm et lamp de gu, 
mauve du coupe; au 2 de gu a 
trois doubles roses d'arg. Cq. 

Crest: Le lion iss., cour d'or. 
L. : a dextre d'arg et de gu, 
a sen. de sa et d'azur. 

— Reitstap's Armorial General. 



Arms: Or, three crescents sable; on a 
canton of the second, a ducal 
crown of the first. 

Crest: Out of a ducal coronet or, an 
heraldic antelope head argent, 
horned and tufted or. 

Motto. Darit lucem crescentibus art'i. 

They give light for increasing 

the arts. 

— Burke's Armory. 




Akms: Sable, on a chevron or, between 
three pistos or, as many roses gu. 

Cxkst: a tower sable, in flames ppr. 

Motto: f'i et ajt'imo. 

]iy strength and courage. 

— Burke's Landed Gentry, and 

Seni'er's Hopkins and 
Thomas Notes. 



Arms: Gu, a bend areent between six 
cross-crosslets fitchee. 

Crfst: Out of a ducal coronet, two 
wings addorsed gu, each with a 
bend between six crosslets fitched 

— Burke's .Armory and Neivman's 
A. /I. Gentry. 






Arms: Or, on a quarter gu, an eagle 
displayed of the field. 

Crest: A lion rampant or, supporting a 
cross botonee, fitched gu. 

Motto: Non nobis solum. 

Not for ourselves alone. 

— Burke's Armory. 



Arms: Gules, a fesse chequey azure and 
or, between ten billets argent, 
four in the chief, three, two and 
one in base. 

Crest: On a staff raguly, lying fesse- 
ways, a squirrel sejant proper 
cracking a nut; from the dexter 
end of the staff a hazel branch 
verted, fructed or. 

Motto: Non incautus futuri. 

Not heedless of the future. 

— Mackenzie's Colonial Families. 






Arms: Argen;, on a saltire engrailed 
sable, nine annulets or. 

t'Rrsr: A peacock's tail, erect, the pluine 
displayed proper, supported by 
two eagles with wings displayed. 

— Berry's Eiicycloprdln. 


Arms: Argent, three crescents gules. 

Crest: An eagle displayed gules. 

Motto: Fac et spera. 
Do and hope. 

— ff'ells Hook and 
Burke's Armory. 





Arms: Arg, a lion rampant sa, ducally 
gorged and chained or. 

Cki;st: A lion as in the arms. 

Motto: Duel/ mnor patriae. 

Love of country guides me. 

— Burke's Landed Gentry. 




Thomas and Rice similar. The Crest 
for Rice being a raven proper, close, as 
in the Arms. 

Motto: Same. 

— Burke's General Armory. 




Arms: \ert, on a chevmn or, l^etwecn 

three bucks trippant, of the last 

and pellettee, as many (juatre- 
foils gu. 

C'rkst: a buck as in the arms. 

Motto: Sohi in Deo Snlus. 

Welfare is in God alone. 

— Burke's I.nndrd Gentry of 

Irela/iJ, I'ol. 2. 



Of Twyford Moors, Hants. 

Arms: Lozeng}-, arg and sa, a bordure 
of the last. Our of an earl's coronet or, the 
bust of a Moorish Prince, habited 
of the first, wreathed about the 
temples argent and sa. 

.Motto: \ec placida contenta quiet e est. 
Placid content is not quiet. 

— Burke's Landed Gentry. 





Arms: Or, three palets gu ; on a chevron 
engr. azure, as many buckles of 
the first. 

Crest: A hand holding a buckle ppr. 

Motto: /•// inde firmior. 

Thence it becomes firmer. 

— Burke's Peerage. 



Arms: Arg. on a fesse az, between three 
escallops gu, as many mullets or. 

Crkst: a peacock in pride ppr. 

— Burke's General Armorv. 






Escutcheon: To the first and fourth 
quarters sa, a stag springing for- 
ward, couBter passant (toward 
the sinister) or, sustained by a 
hill, vert. 

To the second and third (luaners 
arg, to the barry azure. 
The stag is of the kind called 
Springer or Spring-hok and in- 
dicates courage, enterprise, and 
endurance as well as the name 
of the person entitled to wear 
the arms. 

Helmet: Crowned (with the crown of 

Crest: Stag issuing from between two 
wings expanded and conjoined, 
cut evenly off. 

Dexter (wing) sa on or (forming 
a border of gold), sinister arg 
on az (the blue forming border 
on outer edge of wing). The two 
eagle's wings, one white (silver) 
the other black, represent the 
family that ruled the Eastern and 
Western empires — the family of 
Charlemagne. The two wings 
unite in the crown of Lorraine, 
showing that family to be in the 
line of succession. 

— Reitstap's Armoriale Generate. 


.Arms: Or, a lion rampant sa, on a chief 
of the last, tower tripple-towred 
arg between two bezants. 

Crest: On a stump of a tree, coujic-d 
and eradicated arg, a lion segant 

—Burke's Armory and 

Frank H. Stockett't Pamphlet. 






Arms: Ermine, on a pile gu a leopard's 
head, jessant-de-lifi, or. 

Crist: A dragon's head erased, vomiting 
flames of fire proper, collared 
and lined or. 

Motto: Preseverantl dtihitur. 

It \\as given keeping power. 

— Ency. Heraldic a by Berry. 
— Motto front 

Burke's Landed Gentry. 



Arms: Arg, a chevron sa, between three 
ravens, close, of the last. 

Crest: (London) on a branch of a tree, 
lying fessways, at the dexter end, 
some sprigs vert, a raven, with 
wings expanded sa. 

Motto: Secret and hard'i. 
Secret and strong. 

—Givillm's Display of Heraldry. 
— Thomas Book. 




*"m.iu ^ 


Arms: Or, a lion rampant double q\ieiic<i 
sable, in dexter chief point a 

Cri-st: a deini-ostrich, wings disiilaye(J 
arg, diically gorged or, charged 
on the breast with an escallop sa, 
and holding in the mouth a horse- 
shoe of the second. 

—Burke's .1 1 









Ahell, Robert 39 

Aber, Lettie 81 

Adams, C. Wallace 16 

Adams, Eleanor J 16 

Adams, John 37 

Adams, John Q 37 

Adams. Margaret 37 

Adams, Zelma F 16 

Addison. Mrs 47 

Addison, CJeorge C 59 

Addison. George M 59 

Addison, George M., Jr 60 

Addison, Herbert 60 

Addison, Lewis 60 

Addison, Louis 60 

Addison, Margaret V 60 

Addison, Vera N 60 

Allair, Inez 26 

Aldred, Charles 40 

Aldrich, James R 48 

Aldricch, Refford 48 

Alexander, Emma S 62 

Alexander, Julia C 76 

Alford, 60 

Allen, 59 

Allen, Deward 48 

Allen, Dona 48 

Allen, Eva 79 

Allen, George 79 

Allen, Kenneth 48 

Allen, Lillian 48 

Allen, Margaret 48 

Allen, Millard 79 

Allen, Myrtle 79 

Allen, Olga 41 

Alien, Ruth 79 

Allen, Sarah J 48 

Allerton. Isaac 65 

Alrod, Sarah 20 

Anderson, David W 40 

Anderson, Grace 18 

Andrews, Alej' E. 20 

Andrews, Carmen L 40 

Andrews, Charles G 40 

Andrews, Charles G., Jr 40 

Andrews, George 20 

Andrews, George Wm 20 

Andrews, Lydia 

Andrews, Mary 

Andrews, Mary Lavinia 
Andrews, Marv Lou 

.. 34 
.. 40 
.. 40 
.. 40 

Andrews, Ruby 40 

Andrews. Sarah Jane 20 

Andre^vs, Thomas Lee 40 

Andrews, Wm. Lee 40 

Andrews, Willie Lee, Jr 40 

Anthony, Donald 32 

Anthony, Eli'/a 36 

Anthony, Margaret 32 

Anthony, Prof. Oscar 32 

Arnold, Alton, Sr 72 

Arnold, Alton, Jr 72 

Arnold, Edna 68 

.Arnold, Camsadel 72 

Arnold, Clemena 72 

Arnold, Gertrude 72 

Arnold, Harry 68 

Arnold, Helen 72 

Arnold, Mary 72 

Asplen, Charlotta 25 

Asplen, Grafton 25 

Asplen, Hamilton 25 

Asplen, Hamilton (wife) 25 

Asplen, Harold 25 

Asplen, Herbert 25 

Asplen, Laura 26 

Asplen, Muriel 26 

Asplen, Purnell 25 

Asplen, William 25 

Asten, Wm. B 41 


Badger, Dr. Augustine P 17, 70 

Badger, Daniel G 70 

Badger, Georgeanna 70 

l>;i(lc;er, Giles 70 

Badger. J. C 56 

l^ndger, Mollie Ozelah 70 

Badger, R. Vernon 70 

Badger, Dr. W. Lanneau 70 

Baer, Elizabeth 63 

Baer, Hon. George, Jr 75 

Baer, Mrs. George, Jr 75 

Baer, Mrs. John P 63 

Baker, Ethel 72 

Ball, Alfred 18 



Hall, Ella Lavania 14 

Ball, Greeley 17 

Ball, Irvin, 17 

Ball, Julian 18 

Ball, Mrs. Lucretia 16 

Ball, Mary 18 

Ball, Samuel 16 

Banks, 59 

Barber, Charlie 46 

Barkley, George Wm 15 

Barkley, J. W 15 

Barkley, James Woodrow 15 

Barkley, Malcom Clemens J 5 

Barnett, Benjamin Si") 

Barnwell, Benjamin Smith 76 

Barnwell, Francis Edward 76 

Barnwell, Julia Fretwell 76 

Barnwell, William McC. Sr 76 

Barnwell, William McC, Jr 76 

Bateman, Judge Alfred 51 

Bateman, Amzi 51 

Bateman, Catherine L 51 

Bateman, Elizabeth 51 

Bateman, Elizabeth (L.) 51 

Bateman, Elizabeth L 51 

Bateman, Henry 34, 50 

Bateman, Henry Evans 51 

Bateman, Hezeklah L 51 

Bateman, Julia 51 

Bateman, Margaret E. L 52 

Bateman, Sarah 34, 50 

Bateman, Sarah (P.) 34, 50 

Bateman, Wilfred 51 

Bateman, William, Sr 51 

Bateman, William, Jr 51 

Bauman, Mary E 76 

Bealer, Ernestine 48 

Bealer, Peire M 48 

Beall. Ann Rachel 42 

Beall, Charles 42 

Beall. Elizabeth 42 

Beall, Elizabeth Ann 75 

Beall, Frances 46 

Beall, Hannah 42 

Beall, James J 42 

Beall, Margaret E . 54 

Beall. Mary 42 

Beall, Samuel S "3 

Beall, William ^2 

Bealmear, Elizabeth A . "4 

Beard, Charles Garland 77 

Beard, Dorothy 77 

Beard, Elizabeth 13 

Beard, John William 77 



Beard, John William, Jr 77. 

beard, Mabel L 77 

Beard, Mary Ellen 77 

Beard, Olive 79 

Beard, Richard Garland 77 

Beard, Vernon Pearre 77 

Beardmore, Claj'ton A 69 

Beckman, Amelia 56 

Beckwirh, Anne 37 

Beckwith, Basil 37 

Beaumont, Ethel 1/ 

Bell. Alton 27 

Bell, Annette 27 

Bell, Elizabeth 27 

Bell, Eva 27 

Bell, Everett 27 

Bell, Herman 27 

Bell, James 27 

Bell, Jean 27 

Bell, Mary 27 

Bell. May 27 

Bell, Minnie 27 

Bell. Nettie 47 

Bell, Russel 27 

Bell, Samuel 27 

Bell. Spicer 27 

Bell, Winnie 27 

Benson, Anetia 67 

Benson, Basil B 32 

Benson, Basil S 67 

Benson, Carville 63 

Benson, Carvllle (wife) 63 

Benson, Dr. Charles Edgar 64 

Benson. Dr. Charles E. (wife) 64 

Benson, Earl 67 

Benson, Edith 63, 64 

Benson, George McGaw 64 

Benson, Geraldine 67 

Benson, Harold H 32 

Benson, Helen 64 

Benson, Tola G 64 

Benson, James S 67 

Benson, Joseph 63, 64, 67 

Benson, Joseph K 64 

Benson, Joseph M. L 64 

Benson, J. M. L. (wife) 64 

Benson, J. M. L. (three daus.) 64 

Benson, Leah (Pumphrey) 32 

Benson, Leila 67 

Benson, Lola Elane 67 

Benson, Lucille 64 

Benson, Mahlon 67 

Benson, Mary Ann (S.) 67 

Benson, Mary Kathryn 32 




Brnson, Mary (May) S 64 

Benson, Nancy (Smith) 67 

Benson, Nellie 67 

Benson, Oregon 63 

Benson, Robert 64 

Benson, Robert Crisp 32 

Benson, Susannah (K.) 63, 64 

Benson, Sweetscr L 64 

Benson, Thomas 67 

Berkley, Dr. Henry J 62 

Berkley, Margaret H. S 62 

Berkley, Marmaduke 39 

Derrel, Anna 57 

Besson, Capt. Thomas 51 

Best, Hazel M 47 

Biden, Eugene 74 

Biden, Eugenia 65, 74 

Bishop, 22 

Bishop, Ellen 38 

Bishop, Jess 38 

Bishop, Pauline 38 

Blake, Everett, Sr 75 

Blake, Everett, Sr. (wife) 75 

Blake, Everett, Jr 75 

Blake, Helen E 75 

Blake, Dr. Herbert C 75 

Blake, Dr. John D 75 

Blake, John Dalas 75 

Blake, John Herbert 75 

Blake, Julia M 75 

Blake, Robert Lee 75 

Blaylock, Lillie 56 

Blizzard, Mabel 45 

Bondurant, Mary K 81 

Boone, Bessie 63 

Boone, Isaiah 30 

Boone, Mary 30 

Borden, Sarah 49 

Bowen, Eleanor 45 

Bowerman, Mary 14 

Bowie, Carlton 63 

Bowie, Henry B 63 

Bowman, Wm. Upton 46 

Boyce, Minnie 69 

Boyd, Carvilla B 63 

Boyd. Solon L 63 

Boyd, Thales S., Lieut. Com., ret.... 63 

Boyd, Wm. Martinsby 63 

Boyle, 39 

Bncco, John _ 59 

Bradshaw, Dr. Clarence 52 

Brarlshaw, Tlelen A. 52 

Bradshaw, Col. John J 52 

Bradshaw, Reyburn B., Sr 52 


bridges, Howard (dau.) 18 

Bridges, John of Sam'l 18 

Bridges, Josephine 18 

Bridges, Lawrence H IS 

Bridges, Louise 18 

Bridges, Margaret Ann 16 

Bridges, Mary Virginia 18 

Bridges, Roland 18 

Bridges, Samuel 16, 18 

Bridges, Thomasine 18 

Brinkley, WiliiatB 20 

Brinnegar, Addie 79 

Broadwater, Thomas 49 

Brock, 81 

Brock, CIco 81 

Bromwell, 22 

Bromwell, Charlie, Jr 25 

Bromwell, Robert 25 

Brooke, Dorothy 30 32 

Brooke, James 23 

Brooke, Mary 30 

Brooke, Roger 30 

Brooks, Clara L 23 

Bradshaw, Reyburn B., Jr 52 

Brad}', Pearl 40 

Bramble, Benjamin H 24 

Bramble, Elizabeth 24 

Bramble, Harrison 24 

Bramble, John B 63 

Branch, P. A 40 

Brand, Albert A., Sr 77 

Brand, Albert A., Jr 77 

Brand, Elizabeth C 77 

Brandon, Mary 72 

Brannock, Olive 25 

Brassfield (Bressfieid), Austin 78 

Brassfield, H 78 

Brassfield, Peggy 78 

Brawner. Mrs. Elizabeth 68 

Brecrwood, Alafaire 23, 24 



an, Carvilla 

an, Joseph M., Sr. 
an, Joseph M., Jr. 


an, Joseph M., HI 63 

an, Joseph M., IV 63 

an, Margaret 63 

an, Maria 62 

an, M.^ry 61, 62 

an, William 63 

dges, Birdie 18 

dges, Gloria Ann 18 

dges, Crcra 18 

figes, Helen 16, 17 

dges, Howard 18 




Brooks, Ella 25 

Brooks, Velma 23 

Brosina, Lillie 62 

Brown, Carolyn Adair 72 

Brown, Etta 82 

Brown, Eurith F. (L.) 71 

Brown, Eurith Frances 71 

Brown, Guy Bernard 72 

Brown, Ivan 71 

Brown, John Tellison, Sr 67, 71 

Brown, John T., Jr 72 

Brown, John T., Ill 72 

Brown, Lillian lola 72 

Brown, Mary Delmah 65, 71 

Brown, Mercer 58 

Brown, Phillip 47 

Brown, Sarah 82 

Browning, 52 

Browning, (son, organist) 52 

Brummet, James 26 

Buchanan, President 51 

Buckingham, 52 

Buckley, Jane L 30 

Bugbee, 22 

Burdett, Richard 42 

Burgee, Elizabeth (L.) 47 

Burgee, Mile 47 

Burgee, Ossie 47 

Burgess, Cornelia 71 

Burgess, Earl 82 

Burgess, Frank, Sr 71 

Burgess, Frank, Jr 71 

Burgess, Joshua LeRoy 71 

Burgess, Neil 41 

Burgess, Vachel 57 

Burton, Elizabeth 34 

Burton, Sarah 33 

Burtcn. Joseph 33 

Bushell, Arthur 50 

Bushell, Florence (boy) 50 

Bushell, Gladys 50 

Bushell, Grace 50 

Bushell, Mabel 50 

Bushell, Walter 50 

Busick, Henrietta 23 

Butterwick, Ralph 46 

Butts, Louise A 43 

Caldwell, Robert E 76 

Calendar, 74 

Cameron, Colin 50 

Cameron, Stephen 39 

Cammon, Bertha 57 


Camper, Adam 16, 17 

Camper, Adam (two ch.) 17 

Camper, Clay 17 

Camper, Daisy 17 

Camper, Florence 17 

Camper, Julia 17 

Camper, Lou 17 

Camper, Marj- Frances 17 

Camper, Myrtle 17 

Camper, Nannie 17 

Camper, Nannie (Neavitt) 17 

Camper, Norris 17 

Camper, Samuel C. of A 17 

Camper, S. Clay 16 

Camper, Thomaslne 17 

Carlisle, Sophia 47 

Carr, Lula 62 

Carr, Sarah Clemena 6,2 

Carson, iZ 

Carter, IS 

Carter, Rawley W 49 

Carter, Susan Anne 49 

Cartwright, Lucy 55 

Cathcart John 19 

Cavey, Marj' Elizabeth 73 

Cecil, Lillie 46, 47 

Cecil, Louise 53 

Chairs, Marie . 73 

Chambers, Dr. Albert T. 5S 

Chappell, John George, Jr 70 

Chappell. j. G., Ill (Jack) 70 

Chappell, Richard Badger 70 

Chattin. James (?) 49 

Chew, Ann 

Chew, Edith A 14 

Childs. 72 

Childs, Pauline 38 

Church, Clara 42 

Clagett, Ann 35 

Clagett, Edward 37 

Clagett, Mary Ann 34 

Clagett, Capt. Thos., Gent 37 

Claggett, John 37 

Claggett, Volinda 37 

Clark. 56 

Clark. Ilezekiah L 11, 34 

Clark, Josie S 49 

Clark, Mary 34, 72 

Clark, Robert 32 

Clark, Roberta 32, 41 

Clark, Sadie 27 

Clark, Sarah 34 

Clark, Thomas 11, 34 

Clarke, 57 



Clarke, Helen A 65 

Clarke, Mary Louisa 59 

Clay, 78 

Clay, Phcobe 36 

Cleybournc, Patrick 36 

Clutter, Joseph 55 

Coates. Eliyabeth 32 

Coats, Elizabeth (Royer) 21 

' Coats, John 21 

Coats, Ora Elizabeh 21 

Coats, Royer K 21 

Coats, Royer K., Jr 21 

Coe, 73 

Coil, Phoeby 38 

Cole. Elizabeth 28 

Cole, Elizabeth (Sparrow) 28 

Cole, Wm 28 

Coleman, James M 58 

Collins, Charlotte 15 

Collins. Sarah Elizabeth 24 

Colson. Mary 26 

Compton, Frances 26 

Conder. Amanda 78 

Conder. Elijah 78 

Conoway, Ella 63 

Contee, Ann 28 

Contee, Elizabeth 28 

Contee, Jean 28 

Contee, John 28 

Contee, Richard 28 

Cook, 82 

Cook, Eva 24 

Cook, Francis 24 

Cook, Henry, Sr 24 

Cook, Henry, Jr 24 

Cook, Rvifus 24 

Cooper, Charlotte E 43 

Copeland, Delilah 20 

Corkran, Annie R 61 

Corkran, J. C 47 

Corkran, Louisiana V 61 

Corkran, Richard L (i\ 

Corkran, William 61 

Cosprove, Nellie 46 

Cowman, Elizabeth 29 

Cowman, John 29 

Cowman, Joseph 29 

Cowman, NTary 29 

Coyle. Jenny 42 

Crabh, Eli/abeth 28 

Crabb. Henry W 28 

Crabb. Jeremiah 28 

Crabb. Tohn 28 

Crabb, Ralph 28 



Ci abb, Richard 2S 

Craggs, Elizabeth A 32 

Craig, 78 

Craig, Robert M 63 

Crane, Nettie 63 

Crapp, Dr. L. H 64 

Crawford, Sarah E 44 

Crenshaw, Nathaniel 31 

Crews, Elizabeth 80, 8l 

Crews, Sarah B 81 

Crisp, A. Byron 72 

Crisp, Alverda (S.) 65 

Crisp, Annie 73 

Crisp, Benton 73 

Crisp, Benton (wife) 73 

Crisp, Elizabeth H 32, 72 

Crisp, Grafton 65, 73 

Crisp, Helen Kent 72 

Crisp, Herbert G 73 

Crisp, Margaret S 72 

Crisp, Marietta 73 

Crisp, Mary Brandon 72 

Crisp, Mary Kent 72 

Crisp, Nicholas 72 

Crisp, Lieut. Richard 73 

Crisp, Robert 72 

Crisp. Sarah 65, 73 

Crisp, Stella 72 

Crisp, William 72 

Crisp, William N 32, 72 

Crisp, William S 32, 72 

Crompton, Jane 55 

Cromwell, 27 

Cromwell, Edith 12 

Cromwell, Lillian 73 

Cromwell, Sarah 51, 74 

Crosby, Emily 21 

Crowley, Elizabeth 28 

Crowley, John 28 

Crowley, Miriam 28 

Crum, Jennie (L.) 56 

Culmer, Stephen 78 

Cunning, Rose 81 

Cupp, Carl C 16 

Cupp, Dimple 16 

Cupp, Eva M. V 16 

Cupp. Gail H 16 

Cupp, Cieorge E 16 


Dabney, Frances G 49 

Dabney, John 49 

Dare, Ann Matilda 53 

Dashield, Eleanor 25 




Davis, Amanda 67 

Davis, Carrie Eleanor 44 

Davis, Edgar 46 

Davis, Edith M 47 

Davis, Elizabeth 47 

Davis, Fannie 67 

Davis, Jane Harwick 56 

Davis, M. Genevieve 44 

Davis, Ruth Eleanor 47 

Davis, Ruth Livingstone 77 

Davis, Dr. Thomas S 44 

Davis, Verna Louise 47 

Davis, Verna Mae 47 

Davis, Warren Earle 47 

Davis, Warren George 47 

Davis, Wm. Kindley 47 

Dawson, Ethel 25 

Dawson, Woolman 16 

Day, Herman W 48 

Dayton, Jane 26 

Dayton, Nowbray 26 

Delaha, Harold 26 

Delahay, Dorothy 18 

Delahay, Jesse 18 

Delahay, Jessie 18 

Delehay, John 18 

Delehay, Wayman 18 

Delehay, Wayman (son) 18 

Dell, Mrs. Henrietta 74 

Divire, Thomas 20 

Dixon, Sarah 23 

Dobbs, James K 40 

Dobbs, James K., Jr 40 

Dobbs, Mary Louise 40 

Doer, Blanche 64 

Doer, Paul 64 

Donaldson, Joe 47 

Donaldson, Lillian A 47 

Dorsey, (widow) 57 

Dorsey, Mrs 51 

Dorsey, Ann 33, 60 

Dorsey, John 51 

Dors«y, Lenore 59 

Dorsey, Stephen Boone 59 

Dorsey, Wm. Claggett 58 

Dove, Catherine 71 

Drefus, 54 

Driver, 42 

Dronenberg, Gertrude 45 

Dugan, Alberta 75 

Duvall, Capt 59 

Duvall, Gladys 59 

Duvall, James D 53 

Duvall, Mary E 35, 72 


Duvall, Minnie 13 

Duvall, Osborne 53 

Duvall, Richard C 14 

Duvall, William 53 

Duvall, Zachariah 53. 


Edwards, Allie 66 

Edwards, Anne 51 

Edwards, Edward 51 

Eldridge, Elizabeth 22 

Elkins, 74 

Elkins, Ann 74 

Elkins, Kate 74 

Ellicott, Mary 30 

Ellington, 19 

Elliott, Charles M 45 

Elliott, Eugenia 45 

Elliott, Joseph 31 

Elliott, Richard L., Sr 45 

Elliott, Richard L., Jr 45 

Elrod, Keziah 20 

English, Mrs 47 

Estep, Richard 44 

Etchison, Dr. Carlton 53 

Evans, Anna 79 

Evans, Catherine S 51 

Evans, George H 54 

Evans, Capt. George L 54 

Evans, Margaret B 54 

Evans, Mary (P. L.) 54 

Evans, Mary E 54 

Farinholt, Boyd 72 

Farley, Alice 78 

Farley, Elizabeth 78 

Farley, Esther 78 

Farley, James 78 

Farley, John 78 

Farley, Mary 78 

Farley, Thomas 78 

Feister, 73 

Ferris, Maude 59 

Field, 67 

Field, Benjamin 19 

Field, Elizabeth 19 

Field, Jane 19 

Field, Jeremiah 19 

Field, John 19 

Field, Joseph 19 

Field, Lydia (Julian) .,. 20 

Field, Mary 19 

Field, Rachel .- 19 


Page Page 

Field, Rebecca 18, 2l» Fictucll, llionias S 76 

Field, Ruth 19 Frost, Mahala 58 

Field, Tabitha 19 

Field, William 19,20 ^• 

Finch, Laura 38 Ciaither, 60 

Finch, Mamie 38 Gaither, Ruth 58 

Finch. William 38 Gaither, Sallie 59 

Finch, Wm., Jr. (Billy) 38 (iaicher, Samuel 58 

Fishack, Fannie (Herbert) 67 Gaither, Capt. Vachel 52 

Fishaclc, George 67 Gaither, Washington 58, 59 

Fishack, Georgeanna 67 Galiiher, Sophronia 43 

Fiske, Dr. John 1) 24 Gallon, Edith (A. Chew) 14 

Fitzhugh, Sarah 26 CJallon, Edith L 14 

Fitzpatrick, Clara 58 Gallon, Elizabeth Chew 14 

Fitzpatrick, Edna 58 CJallon, Esther Chew 14 

Fitzpatrick, James 58 Gallon, Frances V 14 

Fleet, Calvin Lee 66 Gallon, John 14 

Fleet, Fuller 66 Gallon, John of W'm 14 

Fleet, Olivia 66 Gallon, John S. (Jack) 14 

Fleet, Thelma P 66 Gallon, Maude (Stricklen) 14 

Fleet, Walter H 66 tJallon, Maud Wilson 14 

Fleet. R. Walter 66 Gallon, Richard Wm 14 

Flint, Mary 82 Gallon, Richard Wm.. Jr 14 

Flynn, Dr. Frederick 53 Gallon. William 14 

Foot, Rev. 42 Gardner, Catherine D 44 

Ford, Jane (wid. of J.) 34 Gardner, Dorothy Gene 44 

Foreman. 39 (Jardner, Frank Allen, Sr 44 

Forrest. Charles M 58 (Gardner. Frank A., Jr 44 

Forrester, Benjamin 62 Gardner, Genevieve 44 

Forsythe, 59 Gardner. Roy 44 

Foster, Edna 41 Gardner, Thomas D 44 

Foster, Miss 56 Garrett, Edith 64 

Fowler, John 33 Garrison. Mildred 75 

I'owler, Leonard E 69 Garrott, Hannah 41 

Fowler, Leonard F 69 Garrott. Julia Ann 41, 44 

Fowler, Mary (Badger) 69 Gates, Lynsted 50 

Fowler, Mary 34 Gault, Laura 73 

Frampton, Emma 71 Gehb, Charles 45 

Francis, Milcah 11 Gehb, Phillip J 45 

Francis, Ruth 11 Geis, John 73 

Francis, Thomas 11 Geis. Dau 73 

Frankenberry. 72 Gemmill, James S 70 

Frederick, Henry 74 Gemmill, Margaret (S. R.) 70 

Frederick, Rev 74 German. 74 

Freeborn, Elizabeth 49 (ierman, Jonathan 74 

Fretweil, Alonza A 76 (Gibson, IS 

Fretwell, Anna Louise 76 Gibson, Lida 18 

Fretweil, Burlington A 76 Gibson, Myra 18 

Fretwell, Charles B 76 Cnddings, Charles 68 

Fretweil. Elizabeth F 76 (biddings, Helen 68 

Fretwell. Francis P 76 C.iddings, Phylis 68 

Fretwell, James B 76 (biddings, Reginald 68 

Fietwell. Jesse G 76 Gilbert, Minnie M 70 

Fretwell, Julia 76 (iillan, Adalaide _ 21 




Gillan, Emily 21 

Gillan, Jean 21 

Gillan, Lee Crosby 21 

Gillan, Margaret 21 

Gillan, Mary Jane 21 

Gillan, Paul 21 

Gillan, Robert 21 

Gillan, Silas Lee 21 

Gillan, Silas Y 21 

Glasscock, 66 

Glasscock, Battelle (girl) 66 

Glossos, Crawford 22 

Glover, Carrie 36 

Gohlinghorst, Herman 66 

Goubs, Rachel A. (L.) 56 

Grace, Lesley James 48 

Graham, Elizabeth G 24 

Graves, Anna Badger 17 

Graves, Dorothy J 17 

Graves, J. Frederick 17 

Gray, Arthur 44 

Gray, Arthur H 44 

Gray, Charles A 44 

Gray, Edrie 44 

Gray, Eleanor 44 

Gray, Harry Lamar 44 

Gray, Inez 44 

Gray, Gen'I J. W 39 

Gray, Mrs. J. W 39 

Gray, Kennedy 44 

Gray, Willie Vance 39 

Green, Allen 57 

Greene, Mary 23 

Greeneison, 73 

Grempler, Dr. G. J., Sr 24 

Grempler, Dr. G. J., Jr 24 

Griffith, Anne (D.) 57 

Griffith, Arthur 71 

Griffith, Charles 57 

Griffith, Elizabeth 28 

Griffith, Mary 51, 57 

Grimes, Ida May 46 

Grobaker, Cora 68, 69 

Grobaker, Emma 69 

Grosse, Roger 27 

Guttenberger, C. N 40 

Guttenberger, Mary K 40 


Haddaway, Albert 17 

Haddaway, Annabelle 16 

Haddaway, Charles 17 

Haddaway, Clarence 17 

Haddaway, son — Crow — bill 17 


Haddaway, Francis 17 

Haddaway, Franklin 17 

Haddaway, Helen W 17 

Haddaway, Ned 17 

Haddaway, Raymond 17 

Haddaway, Robert B 16 

Haddaway, Thomas 17 

Haddaway, Wayman 17 

Hahn, Virginia 66 

Hale, Emery 56 

Hales, Donald W 69 

Hales, Elizabeth 69 

Hales, Foster 68 

Hales, Hilda 68 

Hales, Landy 68 

Hales, Landy R 69 

Hales, Raymond L 69 

Hales, Rebecca (L.) 68 

Hales, Romaine (Romayne) 68, 69 

Hales, Wesley 69 

Hall, 71 

Hall, E 31 

Hall, John 51 

Hall, Mary 29 

Hammack, Sarah 56 

Hammock, Harriett 56 

Hammond, Albert 73 

Hammond, W. of Albert 73 

Hammond, Ann C. (T.) 73 

Hammond, Anna 73 

Hammond, Annie 73 

Hammond, Armanella 73 

Hammond, Camsadel 73 

Hammond, Clarence 73 

Hammond, Daisy 73 

Hammond, Gladys (H.) 53 

Hammond, Hannah 31 

Hammond, Herbert 73 

Hammond, Howard 73 

Hammond, Howard (dau.) 73 

Hammond, John, Sr 73 

Hammond, John, Jr 73 

Hammond, John of Rich 73 

Hammond, John T 73 

Hammond, Rczin, Sr 73 

Hammond, Richard 73 

Hammond, Stella 73 

Hammond, William 73 

Hann, Harriet 50 

Hanson, Elsie 45 

Hardesty, Francis 33 

Hardesty, John 33 

Hardesty, Robert 33 

Hardin, Abraham 19 




Hardin, Mary 60 

Harlan, Edgar 64 

Harlan, Enoch, Sr 64 

Harlan, Enoch, Jr 64 

Harlan, Helen 64 

Harlan, Josejih 64 

Harnian, George 61 

Harned, Lizzie 21 

Harned, Robert 21 

Harned, Wm 21 

Harrington, John, Sr 23, 24 

Harrington, John, Jr 24 

Harrington, Nancy 23, 24 

Harrington, Sarah 23 

Harrington, Sarah Ann 24 

Harrison, Anna L 18 

Harrison, Annabelle 18 

Harrison, Gladys 18 

Harrison, John W., Sr 16,18 

Harrison, John W., Jr 18 

Harrison, Lucretia 18 

Harrison, Marion A 70 

Harrison, Mary Joyce 18 

Harrison, Walter 23, 26 

Harry, Edward 47 

Harry, Edward B 47 

Harry, John B 48 

Harry, Mary E 47 

Hartlove, Frances 24 

Hartlove, John 70 

Hartlove, Robert 69 

Hartlove, ^^'iiiiaIn 24 

Hartman, Stella 68 

Hartsook, Catherine M 49 

Hartwell, May 68 

Harvey, Abraham 79 

Harvey, Clarence 79 

Harvey, Clayton 80 

Harvey, Clovis 79 

Harvey, Cora Maude 79 

Harvey, Elmer 79 

Harvey, Fred Logan 79 

Harvey, Grace 80 

Harvey, Jessie M 79 

Harvey, Marjorie 80 

Harvey, Thaddeus 80 

Harvey, William 80 

Harwood, Ann (W.) 12 

Harwood.Mary 12 

Harwood, Capt. Richard 12 

Harwood, Samuel 12 

Hawkins, Blanche 73 

Haydn, Nfartina 40 

Haywood. Rev. Benj. S 20 


i layNvood, Curtis Dunn 20 

Haywood, Enoch I'rancis 20 

Haywood, George P 20 

Haywood, Henry 19, 20 

Haywood, Isaac 20 

Haywood, Martha 20 

Haywood, Mary 20 

Haywood, Rufus 20 

Haywood, Sarah 19, 20 

Ha\'wood, Thomas 20 

Haywood, William 20 

Hedrick, John 19 

Heffner, Wm. Henry 1 + 

helfenstine, Rev 75 

Helfrich, 63 

Henderson, Dr. Georgia Ann 15 

Henderson, John T 15 

Hendricks, Josephine 71 

Hendry, Eleanor (B.) 47 

Hendry, Charles 47 

Hendry, Sarah 46 

Hendry, Sarah A 47 

Henkle, Annie Lillian 70 

Henkle, Jesse Milton 70 

Henkle, Margaret (Jones) 70 

Henkle, Milton 70 

Herford, 20 

Hergenroeder, John 68 

Herman, Benj. F 72 

Hibbs, Irvin 15 

Hibbs, William 15 

Hickman, Mary 35, 40 

Hieber, Albert J 45 

Higgins, Lucretia 53 

Hill, Mary C 40 

Hilliary, 41 

Hines, Edward H 69 

Hjnes, Lavinia ^9 

Hines, Theodore 67 

Hobson, Delilah 7*^ 

Hodges, Albert 69 

Hodges, Bertha 71 

Hodges, C. Albert 69, 71 

Hodges, Elizabeth . . 72 

Hodges, Lizzie 41 

Hodges, Margaret 69 

Hodges, Mrs. Margaret R 35 

Hodges, Thomas, Gen 71 

Hodgin, 20 

Hodgkin, Rachel 53 

Hoke, Katherine (C.) 21 

Hoke, J. Fred 21 

Hoke, Mary 21 

Holland, 26 




Hollar, Mary 69 

Holloway, Mrs. Reuben R 65 

Holmes, 22 

Hooper, Mary (wid. of R.) 37 

Hoover, Ann Maria 50 

Hoover, Carrie Chattin 50 

Hoover, Elizabeth 50 

Hoover, Ellen (Ella) 50 

Hoover, George SO 

Hoover, Grace 50 

Hoover, Pres., Herbert 65 

Hoover, Jacob 50 

Hoover, Jane Kincaid 50 

Hoover, Joseph 50 

Hoover, Meribah 50 

Hoover, Rachel E 50 

Hopkins, 29 

Hopkins, Alice McP 53 

Hopkins, Amelia L 53 

Hopkins, Ann 31 

Hopkins, Annie 32 

Hopkins, Arianne 51 

Hopkins, Dr. Arundel 31 

Hopkins, Aubrey (boy) '. 32 

Hopkins, Basil Brooke A. F. 

Hopkins, Bessie 32 

Hopkins, Bettie Lou 32 

Hopkins, Blanche 31 

Hopkins, Cadwalader E 53 

Hopkins, Charles R 32 

Hopkins, Cordela 32 

Hopkins, Dr. Elisha 29 

Hopkins, Eliza 31 

Hopkins, Elizabeth 30, 31 

Hopkins, Ella 31 

Hopkins, Emily S 53 

Hopkins, Eva ( ) 32 

Hopkins, Evan 31 

Hopkins, Ezekiel 30 

Hopkins, Florence ( ) 32 

Hopkins, Frances 32 

Hopkins, Frank N 32 

Hopkins, George C 32 

Hopkins, George C, Jr 32 

Hopkins, Gerard 29, 31, 32 

Hopkins, Gerard T 30 

Hopkins, Gerard T., Sr 32 

Hopkins, Gerard T., Jr 32 

Hopkins, Gerrard, Jr 30 

Hopkins, Gerrard, HI 29 

Hopkins, Hannah (J.) 31 

Hopkins, Henrietta Ann, A. F. 

Hopkins, Irene 32 

Hopkins, James E 32 


Hopkins, James L 29 

Hopkins, James S 53 

Hopkins, Janet 32 

Hopkins, John 31, 54 

Hopkins, John, Sr A. F. 

Hopkins, Johns, Sr 30 

Hopkins, Johns, Jr 30 

Hopkins, Johns, phil 30, Z\,^^3 

Hopkins, Johns 32 

Hopkins, Joseph 29 

Hopkins, Jos. R 29 

Hopkins, Joiseph 31 

Hopkins, Joseph H 32 

Hopkins, Joseph J 31 

Hopkins, Josephine E 32 

Hopkins, Laura 32 

Hopkins, Louis N 31 

Hopkins, Mahlon 31 

Hopkins, Margaret (J.) 30 

Hopkins, Margaret 31, 32 

Hopkins, Margrit 30 

Hopkins, Mary 30, 32 

Hopkins, Mary ( ) 32 

Hopkins, Mary (Hyde) 54 

Hopkins, Mary A. C 32 

Hopkins, Mary Cecil 54 

Hopkins, Matilda Ann 29 

Hopkins, Matilda Dare 29, 53 

Hopkins, Nancy Parran 53 

Hopkins, Patience 29 

Hopkins, Philip 30, 31 

Hopkins, Phyllis 32 

Hopkins, Rachel 29, 31 

Hopkins, Rezin 32 

Hopkins, Richard 2<» 

Hopkins, Richard S A. F. 

Hopkins, Dr. Richard S 30, 31 

Hopkins, Roger B 32 

Hopkins, Samuel, Sr 30, 31 

Hopkins, Samuel, Jr 31 

Hopkins, Samuel 31 

Hopkins, Samuel S 29 

Hopkins, Samuel S. of Dr. Elisha ..A.F . 

Hopkins, Samuel S. of J. L 29, 53 

Hopkins, Sarah 3! 

Hopkins, Sarah E 32, 72 

Hopkins, Septimus 31, 32 

Hopkins, Thomas S A. F. 

Hopkins, William 19, 31 

Hopper, Louise 62 

Hopwood,, George 52 

Horn, ?0 

Hough, Robert 31 

Housekeeper, Scott 22 



Howard, Capt. Cornelius 51 

Howard, Oliver 3*) 

Howard, Thomas 15, 57 

Howard, Thomas W 57 

Honeli, Ann 49 

Flowland, Louise 73 

Howland, Lillian N 65 

Hoyle, Mary Jane 57 

Hubbard, Louise 25 

Hubbard, Mary 66 

Hubbard, Sarah 24 

Hudson. Nellie 77 

Hull, Marion S 39 

Hull, Nancy Gray 39 

Hull, Thomas Cobb 39 

Hull, Thomas Cobb, Jr 39 

Hunt, Artie E 44 

Hunt, (}eorge Jas 44 

Hunt, Geraldine 43 

Hunt, James 44 

Hunt, Tom 57 

Hyatt, Zulu Lee 32 

Hyder, Elizabeth 56 


Iglehart, 46 

Iredale, Mercer 48 

Ireland, Mary E 54 

Ires, Margaret 78 

Irvin, Joseph IS 

Irvin, Joseph (dau.) 15 

Ives, Ruby 39 

Ivy, 73 

Ivy, (dau.) 73 


Jackson, Aldyce M 79 

Jackson, Aldyce M. (Inf.) 79 

Jackson, Alexander 79 

Jackson, Alexander (Inf.) 79 

Jackson, Ella 66 

Jackson, Elmer 79 

Jackson, Elmer O. (Inf.) 79 

Jackson, Elwood F 79 

Jackson, Emma 79 

Jackson, Franklin A 79 

Jackson, Ciracc 79 

Jackson, Jean 79 

Jackson, Jesse 79 

Jackson, Jewett E 79 

Jackson, Josephine 79 

Jackson, Lendley 79 

Jackson, Leslie 79 

Jackson, Lucille G 79 



ackson, Mary 80 

ackson, Mary Ann 41 

ackson, Nettie F 79 

ackson, Obidiah 78 

ackson. Opal 79 

ackson, Phillis 79 

ackson, Rebecca E 80 

ackson, Robert 78, 79 

ackson, Samuel 80 

ackson, Sarah D 79 

ackson, Sylvannes 79 

ackson, Thomas 78 

ackson, Tivilla F 79 

ackson, Wm. Solomon 79 

ackson, Wm. S. (2 ch.) 79 

ackson, Zachariah 79 

acob, (Jacobs) Ann 74 

acob, Hannah (A.) 51 

acobs, Hannah (H.) 51 

acobs, Rachel 51, 60 

acobs, Richard, Sr 51 

acobs, Richard, Jr 51 

acobson, Delma 21 

acobson, Elizabeth 21 

acobson, Harry 21 

acobson, Richard 21 

acobson, Robert 21 

acobson, Wallace 21 

ames, Eliza 78 

anney, Hannah 30, 31 

anney, Hannah (J.) 30 

anney, Jane 31 

anney, Frank 72 

anney, John 30, 72 

anney, John H. and w 31 

anney, Johns 31 

anney, Johns of S 31 

anney, Joseph 5l- 

aimey, Lena 3! 

anney, Margaret 31 

a^ney, Mary 31 

anney, Richard 31 

anney, Richard M 31 

;inncy, Samuel M 31 

anney, Sarah 31 

effers, John Joseph 75 

effers, Nicholas A 75 

( ffers, Nicholas B 75 

effers, Virginia M 75 

effers, Wm. Edmund 75 

ohnson, Alice 38 

ohnson, Anlna 38 

ohnson, Annie 69 

ohnson, Benton 69 




Johnson, Carrie (G.) 36 

Johnson, Clarence 69 

Johnson, Clay 38 

Johnson, Edward 69 

Johnson, Emma 79 

Johnson, George 38 

Johnson, Henry 38 

Johnson, Howard 69 

Johnson, Ida 74 

Johnson, John 57, 74 

Johnson, (six children) 74 

Johnson, Lillie 38 

Johnson, Margaret 69, 76 

Johnson, Pascal 36 

Johnson, Phoebe Clay 36 

Johnson, Rachel 51, 74 

Johnson, Robert 38 

Johnson, Thomas 69 

Johnson, William 13 

Jolliffe, (dau.) 32 

Joiliffe, Elizabeth R 77 

Jolliffe, Lavinia 31 

Jolliffe, Meredith 32 

Jolliffe, Thomas 32 

Jones, 23 

Jones, 41 

Jones, Alice 34 

Jones, Ann (Waters) 57 

Jones, Annie 26 

Jones, Aquilla 57 

Jones, Beverly 70 

Jones, C 23 

Jones, Camilla Ann "7-0 '^ 

Jones, Charles, Sr 67 

Junes, Charles 70 

Jones, Charles of J. G 70 

Jones, Charles Howard 70 

Jones, Charles W. of J 67, 70 

Jones, Daisy 26 

Jones, Dorothy 70 

Jones, Edith 27 

Jones, Edwin 17 

Jones, Edwin Earle 17 

Jones, EH Henkle 71 

Jones, Elizabeth 24, 27 

Jones, Elizabeth (R.) 67 

Jones, Ellen 57 

Jones, Elmira E 71 

Jones, Ethel 70 

Jones, Florence 25 

Jones, Habbert 17 

Jones, Hanford 26 

Jones, Howard 26 

Jones, Howard, Jr 26 


Jones, Jacob Gilbert, Sr 70 

Jones, Jacob Gilbert, Jr 70 

Jones, James Thomas 71 

Jones, John 26, 34, 57, 67 

Jones, Katie 26 

Jones, Lee 26 

Jones, Leon 26 

Jones, Lillian 26 

Jones, Lois 26 

Jones, Malissa 26 

Jones, Margaret C 71 

Jones, Margaret (D.) G7 

Jones, Margaret D 70 

Jones, Mary Virginia 18 

Jones, Matilda 24 

Jones, Matilda P 70 

Jones, Melvin Francis 70 

Jones, Mildred 27 

Jones, Ozelah E 70 

Jones, Ozelah E. of R 71 

Jones, Ozelah M 70 

Jones, Robert L 70, 71 

Jones, Robert Louis 71 

Jones, Ruth 27 ' 

Jones, Samuel 26 

Jones, Sarah 26 

Jones, Thomas 26 

Jones, Thomas, Jr 27 

Jones, William 34 

Jones, Wm. E., Jr 18 

Jones, Woodrow 27 

Joy, Eleanor 44 

Joy, Jack Gardner 44 

Joy, John 44 

Joy, Mary Katheryn 44 

Joy, Oscar 44 

Joy, Thomas E 44 

Jubb, Annie 67 

Jubb, Dorothy 68 

Jubb, Esther 68 

Jubb, Georgeanna 68 

Jubb, John 67 

Jubb, Liene 68 

Jubb, Roland 68 

Jurney, Wm. Hall 13 

Kahler, Agnes V 64 

Kay, M 37 

Keene, Sadie 66 

Keith, James 28 

Kendrick, William 39 

Kenney, Edmund J 61 

Keaney, Edmund T 62 




Kciincy, \Vm. Corkran 62 

Kerns, Frances Ann 43 

Kerns, Leo W 43 

Kessler, Althca Aslniry 75 

Kcssler, Charlotte E 76 

Kessler, Doris 76 

Kessler, E(1gar Pearre 75 

Kessler, Francis 75 

Kessler, Francis G 76 

Kessler, Cjeorge E 76 

Kessler, Jacob 75 

Kessler, Mrs. Jacob (W.) 45, 75 

Kessler, Jacob Edgar 75 

Kessler, Jane 76 

Ke>sler, Windsor G 75 

Kessler, Windsor L 75 

Kessler, (son of W. L.) 75 

Kessler, (wife of W. L.) 75 

Kester, Polly 19 

Keys, Margaret 66 

Kilmain, Wm. P 47 

Kincaid, Ellen 50 

Kincaid, Lieut. George Wm 49 

Kincaid, Jason 49 

Kincaid, Thomas 49 

King, Alice L 22 

King, Benjamin 22 

King, Rev. Benjamin 21 

King, Caroline 22 

King, Carrie Fr 46 

King, Elizabeth 32 

King, Emily 22 

King, Frances 21 

King, Frank 46 

King, George 22 

King, James .,. 22 

King, Rev. James 21, 22 

King, James H 22 

King, John E. 11 46 

King, Julia H 46 

King, Labitha 21, 22 

King, Lavinia 21 

King, Luther G 46 

King, Lydia .. 21 

King, Martha 21, 22 

King, .Martha (H.) 1\ 

King, Mary 22 

King, Mary Lorena 46 

King, Maude Edna 46 

King, .Myrtle E 46 

King, Rebecca 21, 22 

King, Reginald W 46 

King, Sarah 22 

King, Wesley 22 


King, Wesley, Jr 21 

King, William 21 

Kline, Anne Linthicum 77 

Kline, (jordon .M 77 

Knapp, Eula 69 

Knapp, Evelyn 69 

Knapp, Roland 69 

Knapp, Stella 69 

Knapp, William Ross 69 

Knell, Henry 14 

Knell, Susanah J 14 

Knight, Adele 64 

Kraus, I'li/aheth 69 



Laiiibdin, Mary 




Lane, Rev. Nicholas 13 

Lane, Rebecca 15 

Lanoue, (Lanneau) Pierre 70 

Larrimore, Sallie 76 

Lathbury, Evalyn 50 

Lautenbaugh, Eudora 64 

Lawton, Annie 68 

Layton, Francis M 42 

Layton, Frank 42 

Layton, Grace L 42 

Layton, Raymond R 42 

Lebo, Sue (Linthicum) 56 

LeBouf, Louise 53 

LeCompte, Rebecca 23 

Lee, James A., Sr 52 

Lee, James A., Jr 52 

Lee, Margaret B 52 

Lee, Margaret Johns 13 

Lee, Mary 13 

Lee, Otho Scott 52 

Lee, Robert B 52 

Leeke, (Leek or Lake) Nancy.. 51, 55 

Leist, Sarah 83 

Leister, Clarence 68 

Leister, Delores 68 

Leister, Erma : 68 

Leister, Harvey 68 

Lemnion, Jack 18 

Lemmon, Lucille 18 

Lendley, Clara 79 

Lcndley, Martha .Ann 79 

Leonard,, Haddaway 16 

Lesh, Charlotte 21 

Lesh, Charlotte (Perry) 21 

Lesh, Charles P 21 

Lesh, Chas. P. of P. W 21 




Lesh, Dr. Daniel 21 

Lesh, Fred Hoke 22 

Lesh, Helen Lavinia 22 

Lesh, Perry Wilkens 21 

Levering, Louise 59 

Levin, Catherine 50 

Lewis, Henry 39 

Lewis, Sarah Eliza 39 

LewiS, William 25 

Lincoln, President 36 

Linstid, (Adams) 68 

Linstid, Orlando 68 

Linthacum, Ann 81 

Linthaciim, Aral 81 

Linthacum, Arian (boy) 81 

Linthacum, Augustus (Gustave) .. SI 

Linthacum, Bera (girl) 81 

Linthacum, Bertha 82 

Linthacum, Cecil 82 

Linthacum,Charles E. of H. 81 

Linthacum, Charles E. of J 81 

Linthacum, Clara 82 

Linthacum, Cricket (girl) 81 

Linthacum, Elizabeth (C.) 81 

Linthacum, Eva - 82 

Linthacum, Fay - JT 

Linthacum, Fern . 82 

Lintb icum, Florence ^2 

Linthacum, Francis 82 

Linthacum, (dau. of Francis) 82 

Linthacum, Helen 81 

Li'nthacum, Henry 80 

Linthacum, Howard - . 81 

Linthacum, Ida 82 

Linthacum, Ira . 82 

Linthacum, (wife of Ira) 82 

Linthacum, (son of Ira) 82 

Linthacum, Irma 81 

Linthacum, Jesse A 81 

Linthacum, John of Thos., Jr. 81, 82 

Linthacum, Julia 82 

Linthacum, Julia May 82 

Linthacum, Lamark 81 

Linthacum, Leon 81 

Linthacum, Lester 81 

Linthacum, Libby 82 

Linthacum, Lorie 81 

Linthacum, Luther B 82 

Linthacum, (of son, Luther) 82 

Linthacum, (dau. Luther) 82 

Linthacum, Mark 82 

Linthacum., Marshall 82 

Linthacum, Marshall (2 ch.) 82 

Linthacum, Mary ( ) 81 


Linthacum, May 82 

Linthacum, Miriam 81 

Linthacum, Pearl 82 

Linthacum, Ray 82 

Linthacum, Rebekah ( ) 81 

Linthacum, Ruth 81, 82 

Linthacum, Sallie 80 

Linthacum, Samuel 82 

Linthacum, Sarah Anna 81 

Linthacum, Stella 81 

Linthacum, Teddy 82 

Linthacum, Thomas, Sr 80 

Linthacum, Thomas, Sr. (wife) .... 80 

Linthacum, Thos., Sr. (dau.) 81 

Linthacum, Thomas, Jr 80, 81 

Linthacum, Voris 81 

Linthacum, Walter J 81 

Linthacum, William 82 

Linthicum, Abe Jr 56 

Linthicum, Abner, Sr. ...51, 60, 61, 62 

Linthicum, Abner, Jr 61, 62 

LinthJcuni, Abner 67, 71 

Linthicum, Abner of Jas. A 69 

Linthicum, A. Howell 71 

Linthicum, Adelfa 39 

Linthicum, Adeline 1\- 

Linthicum, Agnes 68 

Linthicum, Albert 45, 83 

Linthicum, Albert H 62 

Linthicum, Albert H., Jr 62 

Linthicum, Alexander 62 

Linthicum, Alfred 41 

Linthicum, Alice 24 

Linthicum, Alice Minnie 14 ' 

Linthicum, Allan 24 

Linthicum, Alvin 25 

Linthicum, Alwyn 46 

Linthicum, Alwyn (wife) 46 

Linthicum, Amanda of Wes 59 

Linthicum, Armanda (D.) 71 

Linthicum, Amanda of G. W 59 

Linthicum, A. Estelle 71 

Linthicum, Amasa 51, 60 

Linthicum, Amasa, Sr 74 

Linthicum, Amasa, Jr 74 

Linthicum, Amasa III 74 

Linthicum, Amelia .. 13, 52, 54, 55, 69 

Linthicum, Andrew A 60 

Linthicum, Angelina 39 

Linthicum, Ann .... 34,39,42,49, 56. 74 

Linthicum, Ann Kent 54 

Linthicum, Ann Louise 75 

Linthicum, Ann Matilda (D.) .. 54, 55 
L-nthicum, Ann Swectser 63 




Linthicum, Anna 38 

Linthiciim, Anna Amelia 55 

y.inthiciiin, Anna Belle 56 

Liiithiciiin, Anna Elizabeth 46 

i.inthiciim, Anna Louise 62 

I.infhiciiiii, Anna Robinson 62 

Linthirum. Anne 13 

Linthicum, Anne (Edwards) 52 

I-inthicum, Anne 11 14 

Linthicum, Annie .. 53,59,60,64,73,76 

Linthicum, Annie ( ) 55 

i.inthirum, Annie Elizabeth 44 

Linthicum, Annie Liz7ie 41 

Linthicum, Annie Louise 77 

Linthicum, Annie Mary 46, 47 

Linthicum, Annie Sweetser 64 

Lin-.hicum, Aquila 82 

Linthicum, Archibald .... 51, 55, 56, 57 

Linthicum, Archibald of A 61 

Linthicum, Archibald of Hez 55 

Linthicum, Archibald of Jos 57 

Linthicum, Arrnanelia R 63 

Linthicum, Aroline A 78 

Linthicum, Dr. Asa Shinn 63 

Linthicum, Asa Shinn, Sr 64 

Linthicum, Asa Shinn, Jr 65 

Linthicum, A';acl 34 

Linthicum, Augusta 63 

Linthicum, Barbara A 41 

Linthicum, Barsheba and W 80 

Linthicum, Bealmere Dare 55 

Linthicum, Benjamin 53 

Linhicum, Benj. F. 43, 56 

Linthicum, B. J 23 

Linthicum, Benj. James 23 

Linthicum, Benj. Josiah 23 

Linthicum, Bernard 42, 58 

Linthicum, Bertha 68 

IJnthicum, Bertha (Nancy) 71 

Linthicum, Betsy 41, 61, 80 

Linthicum, Betty 36 

Linthicum. Blanche 36 

Linthicum, Blanche McC 64 

Linthicum, Bradley 41, 59 

Linthicum, Brooks S 25 

Linthicum, Burton 34 

Linthicum, Burwell (Burrel) 47 

Linthicum, Burwell (B.) (wife) ...47 

Linthicum, Byrd 48 

Linthicum, Byron T 83 

Linthicum, Cademus Benj 38 

Linthicum, Cadwalader E. 54 

Linthicum, Carrie 23 

Linthicum, Carrie A 83 


Linttiicum, Carrie Belle 42, 44 

Linthicum, Carrie R 83 

Linthicum, Catherine 43, 58 

Linrliicum, Catherine F 59 

Linthicum, Catherine H 54 

Linthicum, Catherine Keyser 59 

Lin-.hicum, Charles 38, 42, 56, 58 

Linthicum, Charles (wife) 58 

Linthicum, Charles, Jr 58 

Linthicum, Charles Baer, Sr 77 

Linthicum, Charles Baer, Jr 77 

Linthicum, Charles Clarence 55 

Linthicum, Charles Fred 45, 46 

Linthicum, Rev. Charles Garland .. 75 

Linthicum, Dr. Charles Govans 58 

Linthicum, Charles Grif 58 

Linthicum, Charles G., Sr 62 

Linthicum, Charles G., Jr 62 

Linthicum, Charles G., Ill 62 

LInthicinn, Charles Grif. of W 59 

Linthicum, Charles Hamilton, Sr. .. 47 

Linthicum, Charles PL, Jr 47 

Linthicum, Charles fL, Jr. (ch.) .... 47 

Linthicum, Charles Miller 59 

Linthicum, Charles M. 83 

Linthicum, Charles Millard 54 

Linthicum, Chas. M. (ch.) 54 

Linthicum, Charles P 39 

Linthicum, Charles Waters 41 

Linthicum, Charles W 41, 56, 59 

Linthicum, Charles Wms 37, 38 

Linthicum, Charlie 23 

Linthicum, Charlotte (Seward) .... 23 

Linthicum, Christopher 80 

Linthicum, Clara 58 

Linthicum, Clarence 24 

Linthicum, Clarence A 41 

Linthicum, Clarke 59 

Linthicum, Clarke (wife) 59 

Linthicum, Claude F 57 

Linthicum, Clementine 78 

Linthicum, Clifford 37 

Linthicum, Clyde 57 

Linthicum, Cora 58, 66, ^>8 

Linthicum, Cora K 43. 44 

Linthicum, Cora Kent 5 i- 

Linthicum, Cornelius 49 

Linthicum, Cynthia 23 

Lin'.hicum, Daniel, Sr 78 

Linthicum, Daniel, Jr 80 

Linthicum, Daniel 24, 78 

Linthicum, Dr. Daniel A 36 

Linthicum. Daniel A. of T. C 37 

Linthicum, L")avid 57 




Linthicum, David F 43 

Linthicum, David M 78 

Linthicum, Dawson 25 

Linthicum, Deborah 34, 48 

Linthicum, Dtborah (W.) 33 

Linthicum, Delilah ( ) 74 

Linthicum, Delitha 78 

LintJiicum, Diana Slcipwith 49 

Linthicum, Dora 56 

Linthicum, Dorcas 33 

Linthicum, Dorothy P 65 

Linthicum, Dorsey 60 

Linthicum, Douglas 54 

Linthicum, Drusiila 78 

Linthicum, Earl Bradley 43 

Linthicum, Edgar 60 

Linthicum, Edith 59 

Linthicum, Edmond 49 

Linthicum, Edmund, Sr 34. 48 

Linthicum, Edmund, Jr 34, 48 

Linthicum, Edmund 34, 38 

Linthicum, Edna M 41 

Linthicum, Edward 36, 42, 48 

Linthicum, Dr. Edward 36 

Linthicum, Edward of Edmund 48 

Linthicum, Edward Dale 49 

Linthicum. Edward Garrott 45 

Linthicum, Edward Wheat 69 

Linthicum, Edwin 26, 43, 59 

Linthicum, Edwin (wife) 59 

Linthicum, Edwin Ernest 44 

Linthicum, Edwin Ernest, Inf. 44 

Linthicum, Elaine 45 

Linthicum, Eleanor 12, 13, 41 

43, 63, 64, 65 

Linthicum, Eleanor McE 42 

Linthicum, Eleanor E.(Nellie) 43 

Linthicum, Elijah 78 

Linthicum, Elijah Craven 56 

Linthicum, Elisha 60 

Linthicum, Eliza 58 

Linthicum, Eliza (Heelen) 42 

Linthicum, Eliza Beall 60 

Linthicum, Elizabeth 23,25,34,35 

39, 42, 48, 49, 51, 57, 60, 69, 74, 77, 80 
Linthicum, Elizabeth (w. of Edm., 

Sr.) 34, 48 

Linthicum, Elizabeth (Betty) 60 

Linthicum, Elizabeth (Lizzie) 60 

Linthicum, Elizabeth (Beard) 52 

Linthicum, Elizabeth (M.) 66 

Linthicum, Elizabeth (Sweetser) .... 63 

Linthicum, Elizabeth of Fred. 42 

Linthicum, Elizabeth of Rev. H 60 


Linthicum, Elizabeth of C. W 39 

Lin hicum, Elizabeth Ann 13, 54 

Linthicum, Elizabeth Ann Bell 62 

I inthicum, Elizabeth H 54 

Linthicum, Elizabeth M 29, 53 

Linthicum, Elizabeth V 64 

Lirthicum. Elizabeth (B.) White .... 53 

Linthicum, Ella 41, 53, 62 

Linthicum, Ella ( ) 24 

Linthicum, Ella M 41 

Linthicum, Ella Minerva 14 

Linthicum, Ella 62 

Linthicum, Ellen S 60 

Lin hicum. Elsie 38, 42 

I infhicum, Emeline R 55 

Linthicum, Emily Bird 54 

Linthicum. Emma 53, 58 

Linthicum, Emma Z 25 

Linthicum, Erie 45 

Linthicum, Estelle 53, 74 

Linthicum, Esther 78 

Linthicum, Eugene 57 

Linthicum, Eugenia 45 60 

Linthicum, Eugenia S 61 

Linthicum, Eurith F 67 

Linthicum, Fannie 42, 68 

Linthicum, Fannie (Davis) 69 

Linthicum, Fesse 56 

Linthicum, Florence 60, 67 

Linthicum, Florence Bettie 42 

Linthicum, Florence E 49 

Linthicum, Frances 13, 18, 41, 59 

Linthicum, Francis, Sr 12 

Linthicum, Francis, Jr 12, 13, 15 

Linthicum, Francis of R 23 

Linthicum, Francis of Thos 23 

Linthicum, Frank .... 41, 42, 56, 57, 74 

Linthicum, Frank Corkran 62 

Linthicum, Frank Harman 41 

Linthicum, Frederick 35, 41, 44 

Linthicum, Frederick, Jr 41 

Linthicum. Dr. Fred. H 45 

Linthicum, Fred., of Dr. F. H 45 

Linthicum, Garland 59 

Linthicum, Garrott D 41 

Linthicum, Gassaway W 58 

Linthicum, Genevieve 43 

Linthicum, George 58 

Linthicum, George Emorj' 58 

Linthicum, George Fred 41 

Linthicum, George Hoover 69 

Linthicum, Dr. George Milton . 65, 73 

Linthicum, George Shepherd 59 

Linthicum, George Thomas 54 



I.iiitliicum, George W. of Ph. .. 42, 43 

Linthicum, Geo. Wash, of Wes 59 

Linthiciim, Geo. Williamson 49 

Linthicum, Cieorgeanna (F.) 67 

Lin;fiicum, (Gertrude 59 

Linthicum, Gideon 34 

Linthicum. Gladys 45 

Linthicum. Grace 24, 60. 68 

Linthicum. Hamilton Fr 46 

Linthicum, TLnmilton Smith, Sr. ..42,43 

Linthicum, Hamilton Smith, Jr 43 

Linthicum, Hannah M. S 63 

Linthicum. Harman Reck 40, 41 

Linthicum, Harold 83 

Linthicum, Harriet 58 

Linthicum, Harriet of E 69 

Liirhicum, I^Tarriet M 69 

Linthicum, Harry 69 

Linthicum, Harry Jurney 14 

Linthicutn, Hattie 41 

Linthicum, Hattie F 39 

Linthicum, Helen 25, 58 

Linthicum, Helen Mae 44 

Linthicum, Helen May 14 

Linthicum, Henrietta (Busick) 24 

Linthicum. Henrietta Polk 26 

Linthicum, Henrietta of Amasa 74 

Linthicum, Henrietta of Wes 58 

Linthicum, Henry 38, 49 

Linthicum, Henry Colvin 49 

Linthicum, Henry D., Sr 23 

Linthicum, Henry D., Jr 23 

Linthicum, Henry T 49 

Linthicum, Henry Wise 49 

Linthicum, Henry Wise (wife) .... 49 

Linthicum, Herbert 68 

Linthicum, Herbert of J- A 70 

Linthicum, Herbert of Wes 68 

Lin'hicum, Hczekiah 69 

Linthicum, Herbert Ran. of G 69 

Linthicum, Herbert R. (wife) 69 

f.inthicuin, Herbert R. (ch.) 69 

Linthicum, Herbert W 46 

Linthicum, Herman 36 

Linthicum, Hester Ann 24 

Linthicum Hezekiah 11,12, 34 

35,40, 50, 52, 55, 57,61,67, 74 

Linthicum, Dr. Llezekiah 59 

I-inthicum. Rc\-. Hezekiah 60 

r,inthicum, Hezekiah, Sr. of J. A. 69, 71 

Linthicum, Hezckiah, Jr 69 

Linthicum, TTezekiah of Abner, Sr. 61 

Linthicum, Hezekiah of Arch 5.5 

Linthicum, Hezekiah of E. W 69 

Linthicum, Hezekiah of Ens. John, 

Sr 52 

Linthicum, Hczekiah of Joseph 57 

Linthicum, Hezekiah of Thos. HL 34 

Linthicum, Hezekiah of T. Flet 41 

Linthicum, Hezekiah of Zach 35, 40 

Linthicum, Hezekiah B 67 

Linthicum, Hill Carter 49 

Linthicum, Howard M 46 

Linthicum, Howard M. (wife) 46 

Linthicum, Howland 65 

Linthicum, Howland (wife) 65 

Linthicum. Hugh J 41 

Linthicum, Ida 83 

Linthicum, Ida Susan 49 

Linthicum, lola (Benson) 65 

Linthicum, Irene 68 

Linthicum, Isabelle ( ) 69 

Linthicum, Isaac 57 

Linthicum, Ithmar G 83 

Linthicum, James 25, 57 

Linthicum, James Alex 67, 69, 71 

Linthicum, James Emory 14 

Linthicum, James G 46, 47 

Linthicum, James H 60 

Linthicum, James S 64 

Linthicum, J. Solon S 62 

Linthicum, James W 25, 45 

Linthicum, James Wes 56 

Linthicum, James Wes. (wife) 56 

Linthicum, Jane 11, 13, 14, 33 

34, 49, 68, 78 

Linthicum, Jean 23 

Linthicum, Jennie Mary 41 

Linthicum, Jeremiah 25 

Linthicum, Jesse A 41^^ijl- 

Linthicum, Jesse H 41 

Linthicum, Jesse Ires 78 

Linthicum, Joel 56 

Linthicum, Joel S 56 

Linthicum, John 13, 23, 35 

36, 38, 39, 40, 42, 43, 55, 57, 69, 77, 79 
Linthicum, Ensign John, Sr. 29, 51, 52 

Linthicum, John, Jr 13, 52 

Linthicum John, Jr. (wife) 55 

Linthicum, John, III 53, 54, 55 

I inthicum. Dr. Jack (John) 53 

Linthicum, John of Annan 82 

Linthicum, John of Annap. (wife) 82 

Linthicum, John of Dan., Sr 80 

Linthicum, John of Hezek 40 

I.intliiciim, John of Jesse 1 78 

Linthicum, John of Sr)l 79 

Linthicum, John of T. P., Sr 39 



























































































































































John of Zach 35 

Hon. J. Charles 65, 74 

John C. of J. I) 55 

John C. of Herb. 68 

John D. 55 

John Edw 49 

John Floyd .; 49 

John Garland 77 

John H. S. 4L 44 

John Henry 14 

John 1 83 

John Jones 57 

John Presley 56 

John T 40, 41 

John Terrell 48, 49 

John Warren 46, 47 

John Warren, Inf 47 

Dr. John Webster 46 

John Wesley 55, 60 

John Wesley (2nd wife) 55 

Johnnie Etta 40 

Joseph 13, 34, 49 

55. 56, 64 

Joseph of Arch 55 

Joseph of J. B : 64 

Joseph of John 43 

Joseph of Thos. HI 34 

Joseph Benson 64 

Joseph H 42 

Joseph Morgan ..; 56 

Josephine 37, 83 

Joshua 13, 52, 58, 74 

Joshua, Jr 59 

Joshua of W 59 

Joshua S 71 

Josiah 23 

Josiah F. ....' 23 

Judson R 83 

Julia y\nn 46 

Julia G 47 

Julian (girl) Phil 67 

Juliet 25 

Kate 38, 41, 67 

Katherine 74, 76, 77 

Katherlne 44 

Katherine ( ) 76 

Kathryn 56 

Katie 58, 76 

Larkln 1 83 

Laura 60, 65 

Laura E. (Smith) .. 64, 73 

Laura E 64 

Laura of S 60 

Laurie K 39 


Linthicum, Lee 24, 60 

Linthicum, Leila 66 

Linthicum, Lelia May 43 

Linthicum, Leonard 34, 42 

Linthicum, Leonard (wife) 34 

Linthicum, Leonidas 54 

Linthicum, Leroy 46 

Linthicum, Leroy (wife) 46 

Linthicum, Leroy F 49 

Linthicum, Levin Lee 24 

Linthicum, Lewis A 83 

Linrhicum, Lillian 65 

Linthicum, Lillie 62 

Linthicum, Lillie V 77 

Linthicum, Lizzie 78 

Linthicum, Lizzie F 41 

Linthicum, Llewellyn 69 

Linthicum, Lloyd W. 57 

Linthicum, Lois 39 

Linthicum, Lois E. 43 

Linthicum, Lot 57 

Linthicum, Lottfie 68 

Linthicum, Louetta 25 

Linthicum, Louise 25, 59, 65 

LInfhicum, Louise E. 43 

Linthicum, Lotta (actress) 40 

Linthicum, Louise Levering 59 

Linthicum, Lotiise W 62 

Linthicum, Louisiana C 59, 62 

Linthicum, Lovina 78 

Linthicum, Lucreta P 80 

Linthicum, Lucretia L 75 

Linthicum, Luther 69 

Linthicum, Luther (2 sons) 69 

Linthicum, Lydia 41 

Linthicum, M. C 56 

Linthicum, Madeline 42 

Linthicum, Mamie 38, 60 

Linthicum, Margaret 38, 45, 51 

55, 58, 59, 62, 64, 74, 79 

Linthicum, Margaret (Lee) 13 

Linthicum, Margaret E '. 69, 71 

Linthicum, Jane 14 

Linthicum, Margaret Lulu 23 

Linthicum, Margaret M 56 

Linthicum, Marguerite 55 

Linthicum, Marian Jane 43 

Linthicum, Martha 70 

Linthicum, Martha ( ) 74 

Linthicum, Martha E 46 

Linthicum, Martha S. 45 

Linthicum, Martina (H.) 41 

Linthicum, Mary .. 11,12,13,15,23,25 
27, 33, 36, 39, 42, 47, 58, 60, 63, 64, 83 



Linthicuni, Mary (Greene) 23 

Linthicum, Mary (Hill) 41 

Linthicum, Mary (Lee) 22 

Linthicum, Mary (Mayo) 13 

Linthicum, Mary (Oliver) 40 

Linthicum, Ntary Ann 49, 74 

Linthicum, Mary Delmah 65, 71 

Linthicum, Mary Eleanor 47 

Linthicum, Mary Eliza (P.) 39 

Linthicum, Mary E 24, 59, 63 

Linthicum, Mary A. (Walker) 63, 66 

Linthicum, Mary Ellen 77 

Linthicum, Mary Etta 27 

Linthicum, Mary Greene 23 

Linthicum, Mary Hyde 54 

Linthicum, Mary Ida 53 

Linthicum, Mary Jane 56 

Linthicum, Mary L. (Mollie) 40 

Linthicum, Mary Leonard 74 

Linthicum, Mary Louise 58 

Linthicum, Mary Lucinda 60 

Linthicum, Mary Rachel 27 

Linthicum, Mary Taylor 38 

Linthicum, Mary V 63 

Linthicum, Mathias 54, 55 

Linthicum, Matilda 60, 67 

Linthicum, Matilda (Phillips) 67 

Linthicum, Matilda of Hezek 67 

Linthicum, Matilda of Jas. A 69 

Linthicum, Matilda Dare 53 

Linthicum, Matilda Fulton 55 

Linthicum, Matilda Ph. of W. H. 

65, 71 

Linthicum, Matthias 74 

Linthicum, Matthias Amasa 77 

Linthicum, Mattie 38 

Linthicum, Maude 59 

Linthicum, Maxwell 78 

Linthicum, May 70 

Linthicum, May Belle 49 

Linthicum, Mayonia 59 

Linthicum, Meriam 78 

Linthicum, Meribah (Reeves) 49 

Linthicum, Merle 45 

Linthicum, Milcah 12, 34 

Linthicum, Mildred 83 

Linthicum, Milton 65 

Linthicum, Missouri 39 

Linthicum, Mollie C 41 

Linthicum, Mortimer 66 

Linthicum, Muriel E 24 

Linthicum, Myrtle E 24 

Linthicum, Nan 38 

Linthicum, Nancy 55, 79 



Linthicum, Nancy (H.) 23 

Linthicum, Nancy (L.) 57 

Linthicum, Nancy Ann 15 

Linthicum, Nancy E 39 

Linthicum, Nannie B. P 53 

Linthicum, Natalie 25 

Linthicum, Neil E 42 

Linthicum, Nellie 44 

Linthicum, Nicholas 46 

Linthicum, Noah 54, 57 

Linthicum, Noah T 55 

Linthicum, Nobbie (girl) 38 

Linthicum, Nova 36 

Linthicum, Ode 38 

Linthicum, Ollie D 45 

Linthicum, Otho 36 

Linthicum, Otho of R 36 

Linthicum, Otho Lee 42 

Linthicum, Otho Norris 41 

Linthicum, Dr. 0:is Mills 66 

Linthicum, Ozelah M 67 

Linthicum, Pearl 23, 57 

Linthicum, Pearre 76 

Linthicum, Peggy 80 

Linthicum^ Percy 23 

Linthicum, Philip 23, 41, 42 

Linthicum, Phillip, Jr. 42 

Linthicum, Phoebe (C. J.) 36 

Linthicum, Polly 15, 78, 80 

Linthicum, Priscilla 39 

Linthicum, Priscilla (M.) 36 

Linthicum, Rachel 23, 51, 53, 62 

Linthicum, Rachel E 42 

Linthicum, Rachel Jacob 61 

Linthicum, Rachel (McElfresh) .... 

Linthicum, Rachel V 63 

Linthicum, Miss Randa 55 

Linthicum, Rawley D 49 

Linthicum, Rebecca 15 

Linthicum, Rebecca C 24 

Linthicum, Rebecca L 69 

Linthicum, Rebecca S 69 

Linthicum, Richard 11, 12, 13 

16, 22, 24, 43, 61, 78, 80 

Linthicum, Richard (wife) 80 

linthicum, Richtrd (son) 80 

Linthicum, Richard of Abncr . 59, 61 
Linthicum, Rich, of Abner (2 ch.) .. 62 

Linthicum, Richard, Jr 22, 23 

Linthicum, Richard \U. (and w.).... 23 
Linthicum, Richard, IH. (dau.) .... 23 

Lin-hicum, Dr. Richard, IV 23 

Linthicum, Richard of B. J 23 

Linthicum, Richard of Dan., Sr 80 


Page Page 

Linthicum, Richard Baxter 78 Linthicum, Slingsby of W 59 

Linthicuni, Richard B 13, 52 Linthicum, Solomon 78 

Linthicum, Robert 45, 49 Linthicum, Solomon, Jr 78 

Linthicum, Robert (wife) 45 Linthicum, Sophia 83 

Linthicum, Robert C 69 Linthicum, Stannic F 47 

Linthicum, Robert H 41 Linthicum, Stephen 13 

Linthicum, Rosa G 41 Linthicum, Stephen J 14 

Linthicum, Rosa W 53 Linthicum, Stephen L 14 

Linthicum, Rose 59, 69 Linthicum, Steven 45 

Linthicum, Ro}' 42 Linthicum, Stewart B 62 

Linthicum, Rufus, Sr 36 Linthicum, Stewart B. (wife) 62 

Linthicum, Rufus, Jr 36 Linthicum, Susan 36, 38 

Linthicum, Ruth 34, 39 Linthicum, Susan ( ) 49 

Linthicum, Ruth Ann 58 Linthicum, Susan A 24 

Linthicum, Ruth M 43 Linthicum, Susan Anne 49 

Linthicum, Sada 64 Linthicum, Susan Anne (husband) 49 

Linthicum, Sallie 36, 38, 55 Linthicum, Susie 24 

Linthicum, Sallie J 25 Linthicum, Sweetser, Sr. 63,64,71, 73 

Linthicum, Samuel 23. 24, 78 Linthicum, Sweetser, Jr 65, 73 

Linthicum, Samuel of Z. \V 24 Linthicum, Sweetser of W. H. 65, 71 

Linthicum, Samuel A 56 Linthicum, Talitha (Tithie) 66 

Linthicum, S. A. (wife) Foster .... 56 Linthicum, (Terrell) 48 

Linthicum, Samuel A. (son) 56 Linthicum, Thales A., Sr 62 

Linthicum, Alex. ( son) 56 Linthicum, Thales A., Jr 62 

Linthicum, Samuel of Sol. (6 ch.).. 78 Linthicum, Dr. Theodore 53 

Linthicum, Samuel S. of Wm. 63, 66 Linthicum, Dr. Theodore (2 ch.) .... 53 

Linthicum, Samuel S. of Wm. A. 66 Linthicum, Theodore 53 

Linthicum, Samuel W 25 Linthicum, Dr. Theodore 54, 55 

Linthicum, Sarah 13,23,24,25,35 Linthicum, T. Olin 55 

36,37,39,40,41,60,61,78,79 Linthicum, Dr. Theodric Clay 37 

Linthicum, Sarah (Bateman) 74 Linthicum, Theodric Clay of D. A. 37 

Linthicum, Sarah (Burton) 34 Linthicum, Theresa B 39 

Linthicum, Sarah (IL) 47 Linthicum, Thomas 12, 13, 23 

Linthicum, Sarah (P.) 35 48, 54, 57, 59, 60, 61, 64, 74. 78 

Linthicum, Sarah Ann 13, 56 Linthicum, Thomas, Sr 11, 15, 82 

Linthicum, Sarah C 67, 71 Linthicum, Thomas, Jr. 11, 15, 33, 48 

Linthicum. Sarah E. 42 Linthicum, Thomas, III 33, 34 

Linthicum, Sarah Eliz 14, 26 Linthicum, Thomas, IV 34 

Linthicum, Sarah Frances 40 Linthicum, Dr. Thomas 59 

Linthicum, Sarah G 60 Linthicum, Thomas of Abner, Sr. .. 61 

Linthicum, Sarah Lucretia 74 Linthicum, Thomas of Andrew A... 60 

Linthicum, Sarah L 64 Linthicum, Thomas of Edm 34, 48 

Linthicum, Sarah Rebecca 58 Linthicum, Thomas of Elijah 78 

Linthicum, Saunders 36 Linthicum, Thomas of Fra 24 

Linthicum, Savana, 78 Linthicum, Thomas of Fred 42 

Linthicum, Seth of Wm 64 Linthicum, Thomas, Sr. of F., Jr. .. 15 

linthicum, Seth H 65 Linthicum, Thomas of John, Jr. .. 54 

Linthicum, Seth H., Jr 65 Linthicum, Thomas of Matt 74 

Linthicum, Shirley 68 Linthicum, Thomas Fl., Sr 40 

Linthicum, Shirley Jean 23 Linthicum, Thomas Fl., Sr. Dau. .. 41 

Linthicum, Slaughter of C. W 38 Linthicum, Thomas Fl., Jr 41 

Linthicum, Slaughter of T. P 39 Linthicum, Thomas Fr., Sr 12 

Linthicum, Slingsbury 74 Linthicum, Thomas Fr., Jr 12, 78 

Linthicum, Rev. Slingsby 51, 57 Linthicum, Thomas Fr. of Thos 54 


Page Po'jc 

rum, Thomas Gray 39 I.inthiciim, Zaccheiis, (3 wives) .. 78 

cum, Thomas P.. Sr 35, 37 Linthicum, Zaccheus (8 daus.) 78 

ciim, Thomas P.. Jr 37 Linthicum, Zachariah 23, 24, 34 

cum, Thomas P. of C. W. 38, 39 35, 45, 74 

cum, Thomas S 47 Linthicum, Zachariah W 24 

cum, Thomas T. R 63 Linthicum, Zacharias 46 

cum, Vachcl W. 57 Linthicum, Zipporah 24 

cum, Vachel W., (Dau.) 57 Lister, 80 

cum, Vergil ( ) 43 Lister, Jerome 17 

cum, Victoria 64, 65 Litchfield, Geo 52 

cum, Virginia 54, 60, 65 Litten, Allie 82 

cum, Vivian R 83 Llewellyn, Jacob 61 

cum, Volinda C 39 Llewellyn, Jacob (3 or 4 daus.) ... 61 

cum, Wade H 65, 71 Lloyd, Morris 11 

cum, Wallace 38 Lockerman, S. C 61 

cum, Walter 58. 64 Lohmuller, Betty 71 

cum, Walter N 14 Lohmuller, Delmah L 71 

cum, Walter Reese 41 Lohmuller, E. Catherine 71 

cum, Walter, U. S. Consul . 64 Lohmuller, John W 71 

cum, Warren 46 Lohmuller, M. Bernice 71 

cum, Wesley .. 58, 60, 62, 67, 71 Long, James 21 

cum, Wesley, Jr 68 Longstrerh, F. H 50 

cum, Wesley, III 68 Longstreth, Wm. C 50 

cum, Wesley of Herb 68 Longstreth, Wm. T 50 

cum, Wesley of S 60 Low, Beatrice 82 

cum, Wilba C 45 Low, Bud 82 

cum, Wilbur of E 45 Low, Charles 82 

cum, Wilbur of E. G 45 Luhn, Esther 46 

cum, Wilbur S 45 Lutz, O. L. and Ch 25 

cum, Willard 25 Lyons, Rev. Anthony 77 

cum, William 22, 23, 36, 42 Lyons, Charles R 77 

48, 49, 55, 57, 58. 61, 63, 64, 66 Lyons, Elijah 55 

cum, William of Wm. P 76 Lyons, Gerald 77 

cum, William Ab 63, 66 Lyons, Wm. A 77 

cum, Wm. Alvin 25 

cum, Wm. Alvin, Inf 25 ^' 

cum, William C 64 McCaffrey, Helen 64 

cum, William Edw 49 McClelland, Sarah (Sailie) 64 

cum, William Evret 56 McCobb, Mary B 30 

cum, Wm. H 49 McCulley, George T 50 

cum, Wm. M 41 McCully, Lenora 69 

cum, William 40 McElfresh, (Mackelfresh) Betsy 35, 41 

cum. William P. fist wife) .. 76 McElfresh, (Mackelfresh) Eleanor 41 

cum, William Slingsby 60 McElfresh, (Mackelfresh) Rachel 

cum, Wm. Thomas 44 3 5, 41 

cum, Wm. Wood 24 ^TcElfresh, (Mackelfresh) William 36 

cum, Willard 25 McMillan, John 19 

cum, Willie V. S 40 McNew, 60 

cum. Wllmcr H 41 McNew, Alverda 60 

cum, Wilmer H., Jr 41 .McNew, Marietta 60 

rum. Winfield S 67 McQuay, Matilda 17 

cum, Winston 47 MacWIlson. 78 

cum, Wynnna 57 Mackelfresh, see McElfresh 

cum, Zaccheus 78 Magruder, Dennis 28 














































































































Magruder, James 36 

Magruder, John 35 

Magruder, Priscilla 35 

Maguena, Dr 66 

Malone, Elizabeth 37 

Maloney, Frank 56 

Marriott, Barzillai 74 

Marriott, Charles 75 

Marriott, Clarence L 75 

Marriott, Edwin 75 

Marriott, F. Missouri 75 

Marriott, Georgie 75 

Marriott, Marcella V 75 

Marriott, Noel B. (Bud) 75 

Marriott, Norval M. (Jack) 75 

Marriott, Stella 75 

Marriott, Virginia 75 

Marriott, Wilbur 75 

Marsden, Marie 67 

Marshall, Albert A 63 

Marshall, William Edward 63 

Marshall, Wm. Grubb 63 

Martin, Lillian 63 

Martin, Loulie 37 

Martin, Thomas B 37 

Masters, Dr. Howard 55 

May, Alexander 19 

Maynard, Eurith L 72 

Maynard, Geo. Foster 72 

Maynard, John F 72 

Mayo, Mary 12 

Meade, Brook 53 

Meadler, Edward 70 

Meadler, Herbert 70 

Meadler, John 70 

Meily, Helen 75 

Melia, Ella W 62 

Mercer, Ellen V 61 

Meriwether, Louisa 58 

Meriwether, Mary 58 

Meriwether, Nicholas 57 

Meriwether, Reuben 58 

Meriwether, Sarah (D.) 58 

Merwin, Dale 57 

Merwin, J. N 57 

Merwin, Layman 57 

Merwin, Wilda 57 

Mewshaw, Rita 73 

Mifflin, Mary 30 

Miller, Edwin S 15 

Miller, Elizabeth 22 

Miller, Elizabeth 1 15 

Miller, Eva 15 


Miller, Birdie 15 

Miller, George C - 15 

Miller, George E .■... 15 

Miller, George W 15 

Miller, Hattie '-.. 42 

Miller, Jas. Thos 15 

Miller, Lovenia 36 

Miller, Mary J 15, 58 

Miller, Mary L 36 

Miller, R. M 15 

Miller, Robert 66 

Miller, Virginia 36 

Miller, Wm. Robert 15 

Milligan, H. Franklin 81 

Milligan, J. Frank 81 

Milligan, Mary - 81 

Milligan, Robert 81 

Milligan, Ruth , -. 81 

iMills, Herbert 25 

Mills, Marie 25 

Mills, Thomas 25 

Mitchell, Georgeanna 53 

Moore, Benj. P 32 

Moore, Blanche 79 

Moore, Frances 32 

Moore, Margaret 60 

Moran, Gertrude 42 

Morris, Adolph F 77 

Mortimer, Caroline 17 

Moyer, Flora C 77 

Moylan, Judge Chas. E 45 

Moylan, Charles E., Jr. and Inf 45 

Moylan, Rev. Daniel E 45 

Moylan, Mabel M • 45 

Muldoon, Addie R. (S.) ■-. 69 

Muldoon, Ellie C 69 

Muldoon, Jerome bV 

Mullikin, Arthur 54 

Mulliken, Benj. 63 

Mullikin, Carrie 54 

Mullikin, Elizabeth 63 

Mullikin, Lillian 54 

Mullikin, Mortimer 63 

Mullikin, Thomas L 5+ 

Mullinix, 46 

Murphy, Fannie S3 

Musser, Burel 83 

Myers, Edward, Sr = 71 

Myers, Edward, Jr 71 

Myers, June 45 

Myers, Nelson 45 

Myers, Nelson, Jr 45 

Myers, Nelson, Sr., Inf 45 


Page Page 

N. Norris, Stewart 72 

Nail, F'rancis 39 Norwood, Camilla E 74 

Nail, (Nallc) Lucy E 39 Norwood, Henrietta 74 

NeavLtt, Edward, Jr 18 Norwood, Lucretia L 74 

Neavitt, Josephine 17 Norwood, Mary 74 

Neavitt, Julia Ann (Juju) 16 Norwood, Mathias L 74 

Neavitt, Louise 17 Norwood, Robert 74 

Neavitt, Nannie (Ninnie) 16 Norwood, Rev. Samuel U 74 

Neavitt, Samuel Wall, Sr 16 Norwood, Sarah Ann 74 

Neavitt, Samuel Wall, Jr 17 Norwood, Thomas, Sr 74 

Neavitt, Thomas (Buck) 17 Norwood, Thomas, Jr 74 

Nelson, James 64 Nowland, Harriet Ann 29 

Neunam,, Edith 17 Numsen, Alice 73 

Neunam, Emma 17 Nuthall, Eleanor 12 

Neunam, Frant 17 Nutter, James R 46, 48 

Neunam, Geo. C 17 Nutter, James W 48 

Neunam, William 17 Nutter, Mary M 4S 

Ncvitt, Charles W 56 

Nevitt, Ruth Virginia 56 O. 

Newberry, Demetrius W 26 O'Brien, Dr 74 

Newberry, Edith 26 O'Connor, Michael 25 

Newberry, Eliza 26 Odell, (Odele) Rachel 35 

Newberry, Elmer 26 Oliver, Mary 35, 40 

Newberry, Frances 27 Orme, 28 

Newberry, Gertrude ( ) 26 Orrack, Mary 82 

Newberry, Guy 27 Orrick, 34 

Newberry, Maud 27 Otterbein, Lena 69 

Newberry, Maud Hunter 27 Otto, Frederick 67 

Newberry, Mildred 27 Oito. Myrtle 67 

Newberry, Nora 26 Otto, Vernon 67 

Newbury, Collcy 25 Owings, Richard 59 

Nichols, Wm 58 

Nield, Arthur 26 ^* 

Nield, Belle 26 Parcell, Lavinia 57 

Nield, Evelyn W 26 Pardee, Brown IS 

Nield, Katherinc „ 26 Pardee, Brown (2 sons) 18 

Nield, Thelma N 26 Parker, Sidney 51 

Nield, Virginia 26 Parker, William 28 

Nield, William 26 Parks, Elizabeth 80 

Nield, Wm. Hugh, Sr 26 Parsons, Samuel N 20 

Nield, Wm. Hugh, Jr 26 Patterson, Laura 73 

Niles, Lola B 67 Pattison, William 23 

Noble, Elizabeth 12 Peach, Samuel 30 

Noble, Joseph 12 Pearre, Ann Louise 75 

Noble, Joseph 12 Pearre, Charles B 75 

Noble, Mary 12 Pearre, Judge George A 75 

Norris, Allen 72 Pearre, William 75 

Norris, Alta 44 Pearson, Craven 76 

Norris, Armanella 72 Pearson, Craven P.,Sr 76 

Norris, Elizabeth 72 Pearson, Craven P., Jr 76 

Norris, John R 72 Pearson, Eleanor 1 76 

Norris, Nfargaret 72 Pearson, Frances K 76 

Norris, Mary 72 Pearson, Mary 55 

Norris, Prof. Stephen F 72 Pearson, Mary Elise 76 




Peckhisser, Peggy 19 

Penn, Ditzler 40 

Penn, S. B 40 

Perkins, Mary M 65 

Peterson, Annie Fr 49 

Peterson, Lillian F 52 

Petty, 72 

Pfarr, Anna Louise 43 

Pfarr, Eliz. May 43 

Pfarr, Frances B 43 

Pfarr, Genevieve C 43 

Pfarr, Gertrude T 43 

Pfarr, Lelia K 43 

Pfarr, Mary Eliza 43 

Pfarr, William 43 

Phelps, Joseph 49 

Phillips, Eva 70 

Phillips, Henrietta (M. W.) .... 61, 67 

Phillips, Matilda 61 

Phillips, Paul 61, 67 

Pitcher, Ann Sweetser (L.) 66 

Pitcher, Annie W 66 

Pitcher, Beulah 66 

Pitcher, Blanche 66 

Pitcher, Elizabeth (Mrs.) 62 

Pitcher, Eliz. (S.) Mrs 51, 60 

Pitcher, Elma E 66 

Pitcher, Ethel 66 

Pitcher, Hayes 66 

Pitcher, Henry (Harry) 66 

Pitcher, James M 66 

Pitcher, Jeams 61 

Pitcher, Lillian 66 

Pitcher, Martha Ann 61 

Pitoher, Martha Olivia 66 

Pitcher, Maud 66 

Pitcher, Nathan P 66 

Pitcher, Olivia M. C 61 

Pitcher, Philip Porus 66 

Pitcher, Raymond 66 

Pitcher, Thomas, Jr 61 

Pitcher, Thomas of J. M 66 

Pitcher, Thomas Church 63, 66 

Pitcher, Thomas C. of P. P. 61, 63, 66 

Pitcher, Viola 66 

Pitcher, William 66 

Pitcher, William (son) 66 

Pitcher, William S 61 

Pitkin, James 20 

Pitt, 72 

Pittman, Melvin A 32 

Pitzer, Louise 66 

Planck, Elgin 81 

Planck, Samuel 81 


Pohl, Elsie 69 

Poland, Rebecca 56 

Poling, Joseph 56 

Pollett, Cecil 18 

Pollett, David 18 

Pollett, Jessie 18 

Pollock, Anna Ora 15 

Pollock, Mary E 38 

Poultney, Evan 32 

Prather, John 35 

Prather, Sarah 34, 35 

Prather, Thomas 35 

Pregor, CliflFord 68 

Pregor, William 68 

Pritchett,(^Belle 18 

Pritchett, David 18 

Pritchett, Frances 38 

Proctor, Allan 78 

Pulliam, Judith 76 

Pulliam, Oscar H., Jr 76 

Pumphrey, Mary Ann 66 

Pumphrey, Nathan 66 

Pumphrey, Thomas 32 

Purdum, Feverdy M 46 

Quigle, Henry 20 

Quinn, Cora 57 


Ragan, Delpha 81 

Ragan, E. M 81 

Ragan, Edvyin „ 81 

Ragan, Marion 81 

Ragan, Olive 81 

Ragan, Winston 81 

Rau, Frederick Grover 71 

Rauen, 70 

Ray, Alace 81 

Raywid.Leo 77 

Raywid, Mary Ann 77 

Raywid, (son) 77 

Read, Rev. Edgar T 73 

Read, Rev. Edgar T. (dau.) 73 

Read, Herbert 72 

Read, Martha 52 

Redfield, Eva 83 

Reese, D. Meredith 63 

Reese, Rev. Eli Yates 63 

Reese, Eli Yates, Jr 63 

Reese, Florence 63 

Reese, Mary 63 

Reese, Tamsie 63 

Reeves, Jane 49 

Reeves, Joseph 49 

Reeves, Meribah 48, 49 




Reeves, Walter 49 

Reeves, William .49 

Reilly, William 50 

Rhinecker, Catherine 40 

Rice, Fradelia 70 

Rice, Rev. George W 70 

Rice, Nettie 41 

Richardson, Charlie 26 

Richardson, Elizabeth 23 

Richardson, Fred 26 

Richardson, Fred (ch.) 26 

Richardson, (Holland) 26. 

Richardson, Ira 20 

Richardson, Irene E 24 

Richardson, James 24 

Richordson, John 26 

Richardson, Nellie ( ) 26 

Richardson, A'esta 26 

Ridgely, Ann 28 

Ridgely, Ann (Dorsey) 28 

Ridgely, Col. Henry 28 

Ridgely, William of Wm 57 

Rife, Elizabeth 72 

Rigby, Francis 17 

Rigby. Frank 17 

Rigby, Mary 17 

Rinber, Cora Helle 79 

Ringer, Maude 80 

Robbins, Meriam 78 

Roberts, Doctor in Mo 58 

Roberts, J. Clinton, Jr 73 

Robertson, Samuel „ 28 

Robertson, William 28 

Robey, 60 

Robey, Lloyd B 77 

Robey, Vernon P 77 

Robey, Virginia E 77  

Robinson, Ann 61 

Robinson, Armanella 72 

Robinson, Bessie 26 

Robinson, Camsadcl 72 

Robinson, Charles 62 

Robinson, Clemena 72 

Robinson, Rev. Cyrus N 74 

Robinson, Florence 73 . 

Robinson, Helen 72 

Robinson, James, Sr 72 

Robinson, James, Jr 72 

Rrtbinson, Sarah 72 

Robinson, Stewart 13 

Robinson, Thornton 73 . 

Robinson, William 72 , 

Robson, Rose (L.) 56 

Rogers, Catherine „. 75 


Ross, Annie 67 

R.)ss, Hillis 82 

ixudolph, C. M 39 

Russell, Thomas 30 

Ruth, Anna 68 

Ruth, Carrol 68 

Kuth, Donald 68 

Ruth, Ernest 68 

Ruth, Ernest, Jr 68 

Ruth, Irene 68 

Rutland, Ann .' „ 28, 33 

Rutland, Ann ( ) 33 

Rutland, Eliza 28, 33 

Rutland, Elizabeth 33 

Rutland, Jane (Linthicum) 30 

Rutland, Mary 33 

Rutland, Thomas, Sr II, 33 

Rutland, Thomas, Jr 28, 33 

Rutland, Thomas, HI 33 

Ryan, William R 66 


Saffold, Dr. J. P 42 

Sanders, Calvin 80 . 

Sanders, Carl 80 

Sanders, Elizabeth 28 

Sanders, Faye 80 

Sanders, Gaile 80 

Sanders, Joseph 80 

Sanders, Parks 80 

Sanders, Verne 80 

Sanders, Virgil 80 

Sanderson, Elizabeth 61 

Sappington, Francis B 44 

Sappington, Thomas, Sr  33 

Sappington, Thomas, Jr 33 

Saunders, Betty 55 

Saurhoff, Emerson 26 

Saurhoff, John E 26 

Saurhoff, Robert 26 

Saxten, Frances 44 

Schaeffer, Nettie .- 60 

Scharf, 63 

Schlendorf, Minna 58 

Schoficid, E 31 

Schroeder, William 47 

Scott, Dr 82 

. Scott, Lura 82 

Sears, Raymond 71 

. Seeders, Anne 35, 36 

. .S.elby, Capt. Edward 11 

.Setser, Jacob 19 

Seward, Charlotte 22 

Seward, Kate 24 




Sexsmith, Rev. William 61 

Sexsmith, Olivia , 61 . 

Shaw, Sadie 58. 

Sheppard, Charles 43 

Shenton, Lulu 23 

Shenton, Threasa 25 

Sherbert, Sarah E 14 

Sherwood, Anna 22 

Sherwood, Anna N 19 

Sherwood, Becca ( ) 20 

Sherwood, Benjamin 19 

Sherwood, Dr. Benjamin F 19 

Sherwood, Caroline 20 

Sherwood, Daniel, Jr 13 

Sherwood, Daniel, III 13, 18, 20 

Sherwood, Daniel, IV 19 

Sherwood, Daniel, V 19 

Sherwood, Daniel of B 19 

Sherwood, Daniel of Hugh 20 

Sherwood, Daniel of John 20 

Sherwood, Eleanor 19 

Sherwood, Elizabeth 18, 19, 22 

Sherwood, Elizabeth (Rice) 13 

Sherwood, Enoch R 20 

Sherwood, Fanny 19 

Sherwood, Frances (L.) 18, 20 

Sherwood, Frances S 19 

Sherwood, Francis 20 

Sherwood, Hugh 18, 20, 22 

Sherwood, Jeremiah 20 

Sherwood, Rev. Jeremiah F 20 

Sherwood, Jesse 19 

Sherwood, Joe Benj 20 

Sherwood, John 19, 20, 22 

Sherwood, John W 20 

Sherwood, Jonathan 20 

Sherwood, Kissey 19 

Sherwood, Labitha 21 

Sherwood, Laura 19 

Sherwood, Lydia 22 

Sherwood, Martha 20 

Sherwood, Martha W 19 

Sherwood, Mary 19, 20, 22 

Sherwood, Mary Lyndon 19 

Sherwood, Mary P 19 

Sherwood, Michael 19 

Sherwood, Michael, Jr 19 

Sherwood, Nancy 19 

Sherwood, Prlscilla 20 

Sherwood, Rachel 19, 22 

Sherwood, Rachel ( ) 13 

Sherwood, Rebecca 20, 22 

Sherwood, Sallie , 19 

Sherwood, Thomas 18, 19, 22 


Sherwood, Rev. Thomas ,.20 

Sherwood, Thompson 19 

Sherwood, William , .20 

Sherwood, William H 20 

Sherwood, Wm. Lynthycum 20 . 

Sherwood, Wilma , 20 . 

Shipley, 58 . 

Shipley, Mrs. 47 

Shipley, Alverda 73 

Shipley, Amanda 72 

Shipley, Amelia ( ) , 73 ,. 

Shipley, Ann 61 

Shipley, Armanella 72 , 

Shipley, Benton 73 

Shipley, Beulah 25 

Shipley, Camsadel L 73 

Shipley, Elbridge F '. 73. 

Shipley, G. Cleveland 73 

Shipley, Hezekiah L 73 

Shipley, Irene A 73 

Shipley, Laura L 73 

Shipley, Louise 26 

Shipley, Margaret 73 

Shipley, Marietta L 72 

Shipley, Richard 61 

Shipley, Richard H 71, 73 

Shipley, Richard L., Sr 64, 73 

Shipley, Richard L., Jr 73 

Shipley, Sarah (L.) 64,72 

Shiplej', Sarah E 73 

Shipley, Thomas B 73 

Shipley, Thomas R ,. 71, 73 

. Shipley, Virginia 73 

Shipley, William 60, 61, 64, 72 

Shipley, Wm. Abner 73 

Showalter, Kate 57 

Shrieves, Thomas 31 

Shriner, Herman 73 

Shrlner, Louise 73 

Shriner, Stella 73 

Sibbin, Mary 60 

Sidwell, Rev. I. D 15 

Silliaux, Cora 67 

Sinklear, William 16 

Sinton, 73 

Skirven, Mary (R. G.) 70 

Skirven, Percy G : 70 

Skirven, William , 70 

Skirven, Angeline B 70 

Skirven, A. S. (B.) 70 

Slack, Martha (M.) 67, 69 

Slacum, Frances 27 

Slaughter, Mary E ..v 37 

Sraarden, (Smurden) Mary 74 


Pagt Page 

Smith, Ann 19 Spencer, Pauline 26 

Smith, David P 14 Spicer. Mattie 27 

Smith, David Porter, Jr 14 Sporrer, Bertha 68 

Smith, E. L 49 Sporrer, Catherine 68 

Smith, Eleanor K 14 Sporrer, Dorothy 68 

Smith, Elizabeth 19 Sporrer, Elizabeth 68 

Smith, Herbert 46 Sporrer, Margaret 68 

Smith, Ciov. John W 51 Sporrer, Marie 68 

Smith, Laura E 63 Sporrer, Thomas 68 

Smi'.h, Martha 31 Sporrer, William 68 

Smith, Mordecai 63 Sporrer, William A 68 

Smith, Salley 26 Sprigg, Col. Edward 28 

Smith, Wilson P 14 Sprigg, Elizabeth 28 

Snead, Charles D 55 Sprigg, Mary 12 

Snowden, Ann 28, 29 Sprigg, Thomas 12 

Snowden, Anna M 29 Springer, Catherine M 75 

Snowden, Deborah 28 Staffraegen, Clara Mae 4+ 

Snowden, Eliza (R.) 30 Stallings, (Hall) 71 

Snowden, Elizabeth 28, 29 Stallings, (Warfield) 71 

Snowden, Elizabeth (Grosse) 27 Stallings, A. Estelle 73 

Snowden, Elizabeth (Thomas) 29 Stallings, Amanda L 71 

Snowden, Emily R 31 Stallings, Annie 71 

Snowden, Gerard H 29 Stallings, Arthur 71, 73 

Snowden, Gerard H. (wife) 29 Stallings, Ellas 71 

Snowden, Henrietta 29 Stallings, Henry 71 

Snowden, Henry 28 Stallings, Sadie E 71, 73 

Snowden, John 29 Stallings, William V 71 

Snowden, John T 29 Stanley, Edward 37 

Snowden, Margaret 28,29 Stanley, Thomas 37 

Snowden, Mary 28,29 Stanley, William 37 

Snowden, Mary of R 30 Steele, Louise 73 

Snowden, Mary (Linthicum) 28 Steen, John Z2 

Snowden, Philip 29 Steligman, Annie 18 

Snowden, Rachel 29 Stephens, James M 74 

Snowden, Rezin H 29 Steunenburg, 15 

Snowden, Richard, Sr 27 Stevens, Peter 65 

Snowden, Major R 27 Stevenson, Erna 27 

Snowden, Richard, Jr 27, 28 Stevenson, Ernest 27 

Snowden, Richard, III 11, 27, 28 Stevenson, Eva 27 

Snowden, Richard, IV 28 Stevenson, Georgia 27 

Snowden, Richard, V 28 Stevenson, Howard 27 

Snowden, Richard of S., Sr 29 Stevenson, Richard 68 

Snowden, Richard of T 28 Stewart, Charles 33, 62 

Snowden, Richard P 29 Stewart, David 62 

Snowden, Richard 30, 33 Stewart, David, Sr 33 

Snowden, Samuel, Sr 29 Stewart, David, Jr 33 

Snowden, Samuel, Jr 29 Stewart, Edward 33 

Snowden, Sarah 29 Stewart, Hannah (R.) 62 

Snowden, Major Thomas, Jr 28 Stewart, James 3J 

Snowden, Thomas of R., IV 28 Stewart, Joseph 23 

Snyder, Sara 45 Stewart, Rachel 61, 62 

Soilars, Volinda 37 Stewart, Robert 33 

Soulsby, Earle 17 Stewart, Stephen, Sr 33 

Spears, Caroline V 59 Stewart, Stephen, Jr 33 




Stewart, Stephen 33 

Stewart, Susan (W.) 33 

Stewart, William 26 

Stine, Bessie 63 

Stirling, Louisa B 37 

Stockett, Eleanor 12 

Stockett, Joseph N 12 

Stockett, Mary (H.) 12 

Stockett, Mary E 12 

Stockett, Capt. Thomas, Sr 12 

Stockett, Thomas, Jr 12 

Stockett, Thomas, III 12 

Stockett, Thomas, IV 12 

Stockett, Thomas N 12 

Stoll, John 73 

Stone, Corder 22 

Stonestreet, Ella 66 

Storey, Anne Elizabeta 24 

Stricklen, Maud L 14 

Stricklen, Rev. Wiltz R 14 

Strickling, Annie 70 

Strobel, Elizabeth 25 

Strobel, Robert 25 

Stroebel, Edgar 65 

Stroebel, Lillian 65 

Sudler, Morling B 26 

Swaim, Michael .,. 19, 20 

Swaim, Sallie (VV.) 19 

Swaim, Sally 19 

Swaim, William 18 

Swan, Ambrose R 76 

Swan, Gerald A 76 

Swan, Gerald A. (wife) 76 

Swan, Laurence G 76 

Swan, Laurence G. (wife) 76 

Swanson, Lieutenant 72 

Sweetser, Elizabeth 61 

Tabler, 41 

Talbott, Dorothy 59 

Talbott, Edward 59 

Talbott, William E 59 

Talbott, Wm. Gaither 59 

Talbott, William N 72 

Taylor, Clarence M 76 

Taylor, Edith 82 

Taylor, George 82 

Taylor, George (ch.) 82 

Taylor, George (wife) 82 

Taylor, James 82 

Taylor, John Hugh 76 

Taylor, Morris F 76 

Terrell, 48 

Terry, Charlotte C 

Terry, Prof. Elwood I 

Terry, Georgene 

Terry, Georgene 

Terry, Helen A 

Thacher, Catherine W 

Thacher, Frances 

Thacher, Franklin Wm., Sr. 
Thacher, Franklin Wm., Jr. 

Thacher, George H 

Thacher, Helen 

Thacher, John Hoover 

Thacher, John Wilkins, Sr. . 
Thacher, John Wilkins, Jr. 
Thacher, Margaret 


.. 70 
. 70 
.. 70 
.. 70 
.. 70 
.. 50 
.. 50 
.. 50 
.. 50 
- 50 
.. 50 
.. 50 
.. 50 
.. 50 
... 50 

Thacher, Nella 50 

Thacher, William F 50 

Thomas, Ann 30 

Thomas, Ann (Chew) 29 

Thomas, B. Franklin 67 

Thomas, Bessie 62 

Thomas, Charles E 67 

Thomas, C. Rodney 67 

Thomas, Edna 66 

Thomas, Edward 66 

Thomas, Eleanor (L.) 66 

Thomas, Elizabeth .... 26, 28, 29, 30, 67 

Thomas, Henry H 63, 66 

Thomas, Henry H. of Wm. L 67 

Thomas, James M 67 

Thomas, Jennie 37 

Thomas, John 28 

Thomas, John Chew 28, 30 

Thomas, John Chew, Jr 30 

Thomas, Julia 30 

Thomas, Dr. Lawrence B 30 

Thomas, Mabel 66 

Thomas, Mary 30, 37 

Thomas, Mary (Hutchins) 28, 30 

Thomas, Mary (Snowden) 30 

Thomas, Mary (Mollie) E 67 

Thomas, Miriah 19 

Thomas, Norwood 38 

Thomas, Philip 29, 30 

Thomas, Quint, Sr 37 

Thomas, Quint, Jr 37 

Thomas, Richard M 67 

Thomas, Richard S 30 

Thomas, Roland 66 

Thomas, Samuel 66 

Thomas, Samuel, Sr 28 

Thomas, Samuel, Jr 28, 30 

Thomas, Samuel of Ph. of Sam. Sr. 30 
Thomas, Walter W 30 



Thomas, William 26 

Thomas, William of Sam 66 

Thomas, William A 26 

Thomas, William L 67 

Thompson, Fannie 79 

Thompson, Mary 19 

Thompson,, Millie 55 

Thrift, Anna D 77 

Thrift, Benjamin 76, 77 

Thrift, George 77 

Thrift, Lillie M 76 

Thrift, Lulan L 77 

Thrift, Mary S 77 

Thrift, Nellie P 77 

Thrift, Samuel M 77 

Thrift, Virginia Lee 77 

Thrift, \'ivian E 77 

Tiers, Claire 45 

Tillett, Florence 67 

Tillett, Montford 67 

Tillett, William 67 

Tomlinson, Amzi B 52 

Tomlinson, Annie 52 

Tomlinson, Arianne 52 

Tomlinson, Benjamin P 52 

Tomlinson, Benj. P. of R. B. 52 

Tomlinson, Elizabeth 52 

Tomlinson, Frederick 52 

Tomlinson, Helen A 52 

Tomlinson, Henry (Harry) B 52 

Tomlinson, John H 52 

Tomlinson, Margaret 52 

Tomlinson, Mattie 52 

Tomlinson, Mollie 52 

Tomlinson, Robert B 52 

Tomlinson, R. B. (dau.) 52 

Tomlinson, R. B. (4 ch.) 52 

Tomlinson, Virginia 52 

Trimmier, Katherine C 44 

Trimmier, Mark H 44 

Tucker, Edward R 77 

Tucker, John Edw 77 

Tucker, Rebecca 15 

Tucker, Thomas 77 

Tull, 18 

Turk, La\ inia 38 

Turner, 54 

Tyler, Agnes 23 

Tyler, Rev. Frank 59 

Tysinger, \Iary 78 

Tyson, Jesse 30 

Tyson, Judge John S 29 



Tpdykc, Fred - 82 

Updyke, Fred, (wife) 82 

Updyke, Maud 82 

Updyke, Robert 82 


^■an de Venter, Mary A 43 

\'an Uusen, Walter 22 

Vaughn, Countess of Va 75 

\'ermillion, Mrs. Sarah 36 

Vestal, Effie 15 

Vestal, William 15 

Vickers, Frank 26 

Vickers, Lily 26 

Vickers, Reba 26 

Vickers, Riland 26 

Vickers, Rue 26 

Vickrey, Lieut. Luster A., Sr 65, 71 

\'ickrey, Luster Azil, Jr 65, 71 

\'inson, Laura 46 


Wade, Edward 14 

Waggoner, Raymond 54 

Waggoner, Raymond (ch.) 54 

Wagner, Edgar 30 

Wagner, Effingham B. 30 

Wagner, James V 30 

Wagner, Julian T 30 

Wagoner, Ruth 81 

Walker, Annie (Bannon) 72 

Walker, Annie M 48 

Walker, Aquilla R •.. 46, 48 

Walker, Hamilton 63 

Walker, Helen M 48 

Walker, John W 72 

Walker. Lucille 66 

Walker, Margaret 72 

Walker. Margaret R 48 

Walker, Mai-y E 63 

Walker, Nannie 63 

Walker, Noah 52 

Walker, Richard 47 

Walker, Robert 47 

Walker, Robert Custis 47 

Walker, Samuel H 47 

Walsh, John B 42 

Walsh, Reginald 42 

Walters, George : 43 

Ward, Elizabeth 33 

Ward, Marian 21 

Warfield, (2nd wife of Wm. 

V. S.) 71 




Warfield, Benjamin 57 

Warfield, Catherine 57, 58 

Warfield, Charles 58 

Warfield, Harry 58 

Warfield, Helen 58 

Warfield, Hiram 58 

Warfield, Ida 58 

Warfield, Lawrence 58 

Warfield, Leroy 58 

Warfield, Marshall 58 

Warfield, Mary 58 

Warfield, Nicholas B 57 

Warfield, Rebekah 57 

Warfield, Vachel 57 

Warfield, Vera 58 

Warner, Rev. Luther F. 65 

Warner, Rev. Paul F. 65 

Warner, Susan (Gardner) 44, 65 

Warren, George 66 

Warren, George Linthicum 66 

Waters, Ignatius 58 

Waters, Mayonia 59 

Waters, Nace 58 

Waters, Richard 57 


ns, Col 58 

ns, Ann 12, 58 

ns, Arthur L 46 

ns, Bessie 46 

ns, Clinton C. 46 

ns, Frances M 47 

ns, Garrott W 46 

ns, Grace L. 46 

ns, Herbert H 46 

ns, John L. C 46 

ns, J. L. C. (wife) 46 

ns, Hon. John S. 59 

ns, Hon. j. S. (2 dau.) 59 

ns, Leah J 46 

ns, Mary Ara 46 

ns, Maude E 46 

ns, Noah 46 

ns, Nora 46 

ns, Raymond R 46 

ns, Sophia 12 

ns, Wm. Ernest 46 




- 16, 18 

VVayman, Ann li, 18 

Wayman, Annie 16, 18 

Wayman, Blanche 17 

Wayman, Deborah 11 

Wayman, r.>orcas 11 

Wayman, Edmond, Sr 11 

Wayman, Edmond, Jr 11 


Wayman, Edmond 16 

Wayman, Eleanor 16 

Wayman, Francis 16 

Wayman, Helen 18 

Wayman, Hezekiah 11 

Wayman, Ida 17 

Wayman, John, Sr 16, 17 

Wayman, John 12 

Wayman, John, Jr. (Bud) 17 

Wayman, John, III 17 

Wayman, Julian 18 

Wayman, Leonard, Sr 11 

Wayman, Leonard, Jr. 33 

Wayman, Lillian 17 

Wayman, Margaret Ann (B.) 18 

Wayman, Mary 11 

Wayman. Milcah F 16 

Wayman, Milcah (Linthicum) 16 

Wayman, Perry 18 

Wayman, Robert 17 

Wayman, Susan (Sudie) 16 

Wayman, Susan 18 

Wayman, Thomas 12, 16 

Wayman, Thomas L., Sr 16 

Wayman, Thomas L., Jr 16 

Wayman, Thomas L., Ill 16 

Wearn, Wm. H., Jr 45 

Wearn, Wm. H. III. (Billy) 45 

Webb, Catherine Tacy 43 

Weber, Ethel 68 

Weber, John 26 

Wells, Frances ( ) 12 

Wells, Mary 12 

Wells, Richard 12 

West, John 64 

West, Olive 64 

Weyman, (see Wayman) 11 

Wheatly, Emma 26 

Wheeler, Dr. Arthur 24 

Wheeler, Henry 24 

Wheeler, Mildred 45 

Whipple, Dr. A. A 55 

Whitaker, Margaret 58 

White, Dr. Elias 31 

White, Elizabeth 52 

White, Francis 31 

White, Judge (dau.) 59 

White, Miles 31 

White, Richard 31 

White, Sarah 31 

Whitmer, W. W 83 

Whittington, Annie 20 

Wichall, Rachel 33 

Wilkins, Albert 22 



\Vilkins, Clara 50 

Wilkins. Edgar 22 

Wilkins, Eleanor 22 

\\'ilkins, Eleanor (Brouse) 21 

Wilkins. Harley 22 

\\'ilkins. Harry 22 

Wilkins, John 21 

Wilkins, John A 21 

Wilkins, Ora 21 

Wilkins. Paul 22 

Wilkins, Wilma 22 

Williams, Mrs. 47 

Williams, Anne (B.) 37 

^^'illiams, Anne (Nancy) 36 

^^'illiams, Anna 25 

\A'illiams, Bertha 53 

Williams, Bessie 53 

Williams, Caroline 53 

Williams, Charles 37 

Williams, Dorothy 25 

W^illiams, Eleanor 12 

Williams. Eleanor (S.) 12 

Williams, Elizabeth 12, 53 

Williams, Evelyn 25 

Williams, Hanna 25 

Williams, Joseph 12, 37 

Williams, Lillian 25 

Williams, Mary (Barnard) 61 

Williams, Mildred 25 

Williams, Miriam 25 

W^illiams, Nancy 35, 37 

Williams, Prudence 37 

Williams, Purnell 25 

Williams, Raymond 25 

Williams, Reese 25 

Williams, Richard Sr 12 

Williams, Roger 61 

Williams, Thomas 25 

Williams, William 53 

Williams, Wm. (2 ch.) 53 

Williams, Dr. Wm. Cover 53 

Willis, Mrs _ 73 

Willis, Charles 72 

Willoughhy, 13 

Wilson, 80 

Wilson, Daniel 80 

Wilson, Daniel (wife) 80 

Wilson, Eleanor 80 

Wilson, Mary 46 

Wilson, Nancy 20 

\Vilson, Nannie 24 

Wilson, Scott 80 

Windsor, Mrs 45 



Winpenny, 63 

Winterbottom, Daniel 16 

^^^nterbc)ttom, Thomas 16 

Wolfe, Cecil 48 

Wolfe, Charles L 48 

Wolfe, Ethel 1 47 

Wolfe, Garrott D 46, 47 

Wolfe, Garrott W 48 

\\'olfe, George 46 

Wolfe, Geo. Maurice 46, 48 

Wolfe, Jas. Newton 48 

Wolfe, Janie 47 

Wolfe, Joel H 46, 47 

Wolfe, John K 47 

Wolfe. John L 47 

Wolfe, Lillian G 47 

W^olfe, Margaret B 48 

W^olfe, Mary F. (Beall) 48 

Wolfe, Mary Frances 46, 48 

Wolfe, Myra Estell 47 

Wolfe, Myra Hanna 46. 48 

Wolfe, Myrtle M 46, 48 

Wolfe, Pauline 48 

Wolfe, Polly Ann (O.) 46 

W^olfe, Ralph Elmer 47 

Wood, John 19 

Woodard, Perry 83 

W^ooderson, 82 

W'oodrufF. Lieutenant 65 

Woolford, Agnes 27 

Woolford, Annetta 27 

Woolford, Earl 27 

Woolford, Hazel 23 

Woolford, Hooper 27 

Woolford, Julian 27 

Woolford, Mabel 27 

Woolford, Rosalie 23 

Woolford, Sarah J 25 

Woolford, Capt. Thomas 24 

Woolry, H. E 57 

Woolry, Max 57 

Worsley, Ruth Manie McI 76 

Worthington, Walter 57 

Wright, 58, 60 

Wright, Henry 28 

Wright, Mary 28 

Wright, Sarah 41 

Wrlghtson, Eva 76 

Wyatt. Herbert 68 

Wyatt. Nina Fay 68 

Wyatt, Zachariah, Sr 68 

Wyatt, Zachariah, Jr 68 


Page Pofff 

Y. Young, Robert L 53 

^o Youtz, Lottie 43 

Yate, George Z» 

Yewell, Major Harrison 39 '2 

Yewell, Joseph Henry 39 Zerfas, Bertha (Maish) 22 

Yewell, Sallie Lavinia 39 Zerfas, Charles P 22 

Young, 39 Zerfas, Eleanor 22 

Young, Rachel Dare 53 Zerfas, Dr. Leon G 22 

Young, Robert A 53 Zerfas, William 22